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Rokland Technologies is giving away a Synchrobit Helium Miner. Check it out. They’re giving away a Synchro bit helium minor. The competition to get your hands on theseHelium miners is intense. The competition to get your business for theseaccessories is likewise fierce, and nobody is out there fighting harder for your businessthan Rokland. What are they doing? They’re stockpiling their shelves with themost important products that you are going to need, and they are incentivizing peopleto join their community by giving away a free Synchro bit miner. So, without further ado, let’s get into it. What’s up guys, welcome back to Planet cryptowhere I literally wake up every single day and try and think of cool ways to help youguys make money in cryptocurrency.Today we are going to talk about Helium MiningHNT, which constitutes one of my favorite new things to think about, talk about, do, build-out, you specified it. Ive got a ton of Helium miners, I’ve gota whole install plan in front of me, you’re going to need supplements. If you bought these devices straight-shooting fromthe manufacturers youve got yourself some high-quality products to begin with, but youneed to know the ins-and-outs of how to manage these devices are highly technical, the waythat the cables are managed, DBi losings, omni-directional antennas, there’s all kinds of technological detailsthat you need to be ready to fold your forearms around, and listen, for me when it comes tosolving problems that’s what I’m all about.I adoration that material, so I’m diving into thisHelium thing headfirst. Now, the competition to get your hands onthese Helium miners is ferociou. The competition to get your business for theseaccessories is too fierce, and nobody is out there fighting harder for your businessthan Rokland. What are they doing? They’re stockpiling their shelves with themost important produces that you are going to need, and they are incentivizing peopleto join their community by giving away a free Synchro bit miner. As always these videos are for educationalpurposes exclusively and this is not to be considered business advice. If you’re new now, satisfy make sure you hitthat agree button, and if you find this video valuable, make sure you reached the likebutton as well. In the description of the video you’re goingto find all of the links that youll need to get started.Whether you’re looking to buy a new heliumminor, looking to buy some supplementaries for your helium adolescent, looking to learn more abouthelium mining, or just looking to stay connected with the canal, everything there is a requirement to is belowin the description of the video. Let’s get into it. Alright, so right out of the barriers werejust here at the Rokland website, and I’m taking you straight there going to be a linkto this page in the description of this video, going to take you straight-out to the page whereyou can enter to win the Synchro bit miner miner. So you are eligible to exactly skip from right to it. I’m likewise going to share the link to a videothat they posted on YouTube, its formidable and it’s about the top 5 do’s and don’ts ofhelium quarrying. Im telling you these people have really donea nice job of enabling everybody with some gratuities around where to put your antennas whatkind of antenna to get, every kind of tips will vary depending on your neighborhood, the characteristics of defectivesignal coverage that you’ll need, what kind of DBis you should be dealing with…andthe world of helium quarrying is all about DBi’s and Raspberry Pis…as our good friendTech Hustler once said .# raspberrypi So here we have they’re showing you the hotspotRFits very cool side of the link in the specific characteristics at this video for that as well. But the real juicy part of this video, andthe stuff that I want to waste a little of meter on, above and beyond really the awesomecontest that they’re having, is this concept of shielding grades on your cables so I’mstill understand better these things all right, but I’ll tell you what I learned is that thereis an expected dbi loss based on the cable that “youre using”, so just assume a certain amountof loss or cheapening, decline of your signal. You wanted to go signal to be strong, you don’twant it to degrade apparently. So as you can imagine, 200 you got a lot ofloss, 400 less loss, and 600 the least. If you go to, I don’t know, Home Depot orsomething, Im sure you could probably figure out how to make one of these cables on yourown, but Rokland has made you know the adapters, connected them in all the right ways, so thatyou can time buy these cables off the shelf.I inspected and equated actually on #amazon and the pricing on a the pricing on Amazon for simply a cable with the adapter thatRNMA adapter # R-NMA whatever it is adapter…I don’t have it in front of me right now butyou know what I’m talking about…that particular cable…it had the adapter you need, but itdidnt have the 400… it was just like a 200 #RG58 or whatever, and it was around thesame price.So perhaps you can find it for cheaper, Imnot saying that Rokland is neccessarily the cheapest rates, Im just saying that theyare a splendid aid. And they do have good prices on their concoctions. So, have a look. The only reason I say I dont know if theyhave the cheapest expenditures or whatever is because Im not the panel of experts on pricing these thingsout yet. Ims till learning as I extend. But Ill tell you what, byt the end of this, Im going to be a Helium mogul baby. You are well aware. So, moving along in the video, mortal, so theseare ones…they support this calculator, and somebody it gets ugly. If youre trying to take your Helium miningseriously, you should be looking at upgrading your cables, your antennas…if youre puttingthese makes outside…if youre planning on putting them outisde…be aware of whereyou are putting them outside…what the temperature is going to be, what type of outdoor enclosureyou might need. And of course, well have links for allof these things in the description of the video.Man, Helium mining is going to be one of thosethings. I recollect a long time ago, I was on a golfcourse in Massachusetts with a guy who was retired, and he seemed a little youngerthan you would expect to be retired. I asked him what he did before he retired, and he explained to me that he hired feelers. Im like what is he talking about? He told you see that Antenna right there? And he timed a this huge antenna right thereon the golf course, right there that I probably lost a few golf lumps because of…whateverit’s not my best sport. So he tells me you can make money rentingantennas. So his firm bought some acre and some antennasin some surfacing business and some developing countries. My prediction is that that’s what’s goingto happen with the helium structure. You’re going to find the people that are theselittle dark-green dots on this map, the people that are setting up these hotspots now andthe people that insure a large amount of hot spots…they’re going to be the proudowners of valuable businesses.These arent simply little designs when you’retalking about having 5, 10, 20 of these things, oure leading a business. And thats exactly what we are doing hereat Planet Crypto. And listen if you want to get involved, Idbe down to dicsuss some amount buys or whatever. Im not sure if any of the merchants wouldgo for it, it seems like these guys pretty much had their practice with the customers rightnow. At any proportion we are building the community, by subscribing you are doing everything you can to support the community and I appreciatethat.And yeah we are just trying to do some excitingstuff to make money in cryptocurrency. If you’re not familiar parties are making alot of coin in Helium Mining and with the Helium token. Real quick now I do want to get to the partthat might be the reason why you clicked on the video: Rokland technologies is givingaway a Synchrob.iT #synchrobit Synchro Bit Helium miner. Check it out. What she said you know what I’m saying? Head over to Rokland Technologies and thereyou have it. All you really have to do to participate inthe contest is subscribe to their YouTube Channel. You can also enter your email address belowif you don’t want to subscribe. My guess is perhaps they’ll look at you twiceif you do it twice, but most importantly, you can increase your chances of winning bysharing one of the miner relevant videos so that’s what I precisely did. I’m hoping I simply increased my occasions fourtimes to win by just making this video. And you know what, I’d be super evoked andI’d be super grateful.Yeah, I’m over here, I have a YouTube channel, but that doesn’t represent me a little better than you guys, everyone wants to get their handson one of these things, they are awesome. Come on and send one my method Rokland Technologies! All freedom, so that day guys again thanks fortuning in make sure you hit subscribe button below, and well told you in the next video. Peace ..

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