Will Thor Financial survive after today??? 7500% APY Yield Farming

let me ask you something am i an idiot yarp i.
mean you put on'' t need to be mean about it like honestly like am i a moron yarp so you don'' t. believe i made an excellent move no way so what you'' re stating is i possibly must adhere to what.
i'' m efficient as well as to kiss my money bye-bye yea unpopular dude things for those of you maintaining track at.
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Thanks to you guys pink what'' s taking place everyone welcome back to.
one more video about cryptocurrency if this is your first time on the channel please take a.
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that like switch definitely hit such button due to the fact that every person informs me it aids out with the.
formula or something so i wear'' t recognize however anywho just do all that things now of course we were originally.
going to not be doing a video today however i recognized i had to do a video today since we want we are.
mosting likely to be standing up right into our attic room and also not our attic yet our buddies attic room right here after we complete.
this and we are going to be repairing our mile site miner which is presently in offline relay standing.
so we'' re going to be going to deal with that as well as hopefully obtain you individuals some video yet today.
is a wedding day for thor which we just delved into type of resting below regretting it possibly i'' ve got. purchaser ' s sorrow you know i did some research study to try to ease my mind and everything yet as i kind.
of see some stuff and also saw some info uploaded in my discord regarding some previous tasks.
that several of these individuals were component of got me back to that pit of my tummy sensation.
once more and so we'' ve got about 2 800 to recover in thor from the financial investment that we took into.
it however we simply got back at dumber and also doubled down so today is a large day for thor to see if the.
platform will certainly last or if there will be anything that you understand pulls out from underneath.
or the carpet or something like that as well as it'' s what i ' m informed is when the task very first introduced. today is the very first day that all individuals that have the odin nodes which are the big mac daddies. the 78.5 thor ' s they have actually obtained to factor of roi to make sure that suggests they'' ve had their nodes wherefore.
would it be 35 36 days thus far and afterwards they have the alternative to take it out and also sell it or substance.
as well as reinvest and if they take it out and offer we could see a massive dump in the rate but i believe.
that thor went with as well as did a whole like over-the-counter buying contract system with them.
on the back end and as of today as of today from the factor of recording this video clip the cost.
really hasn'' t tanked versus the information that came out the various other day concerning the incentives and after that.
they launched uh some lp staking which i given liquidity for and also leapt into that because the apy.
looked really well so um yeah with all that stated let'' s consider the computer screen and also just you.
people can tear me apart in the remarks or whatever possibly i ought to just go straight back to.
equipment mining not try end of this defy and you know nodes as well as things like that however.
i'' m likewise ready to bite my tongue off due to the fact that i am trying the uh the chateau as well as the animal ranch.
thanks to mind of tron for obtaining me right into that i do have two pre-sale symbols waiting to obtain some.
pigs as well as we'' ll be doing material on that too as well as possibly i could also explore doing drip.
because i'' m a glutton for punishment and these are non-hardware gadgets so let'' s take a look at the. computer screen so thor is hanging out at 180 which is wonderful because earlier when i jumped into.
the lp laying and the the blah blah blah it was at like 170 so i'' m type of happy to see that and.
likewise with all the sell-offs and all the odin nodes being released this is still a healthy rate.
yeah it draws that i entered at like 215 as well as we'' re to 181 yet we'' re really wishing that.
this job doesn'' t rug pull and whatever ' s great and positive and they ' re discussing their.
agreements are concerning to be launched as well as they'' re going to get them audited as well as stuff so we'' ll see. where that goes specifically with the um the lp and also the you recognize the liquidity taking place currently to see.
where that rate will certainly go so allow'' s take a look at that once again this is not a how-to video clip i'' m
not. truly in the state of mind to do how-to'' s just due to the fact that this is my trip and also if you wear'' t recognize how. to get right into this then maybe that ' s the much better because allow me you know either well i imply i.
wear'' t wish to state let me get rich as well as you can'' t nah but um if currently'i ' m up to what. like 3 500 purchased the platform so if i lose my 3 500 there'' s no factor.
for you to so i'' m not truly doing how-to but what you do require to do is you need to make.
sure that you have a meta mask with avalanche on it you go to investor joe xyz below get yourself.
some thor symbols if you'' re doing liquidity pools and you'' re getting the lp tokens wear ' t max out on. your avac so if you have 100 avax in below put on'' t spend 100 avax on thor that'' s a lot of cash.
though wear'' t invest a hundred avax on for thor you sort of wish to go to a 50 50.

If you'' ve done. lp as well as'you ' ve done liquidity supplying things like that which is lp after that you recognize exactly how to do this yet.
if you'' ve never done lp prior to you need to make sure that you have liquidity in avax liquidity in.
thor or liquidity in whatever mixes that you'' re doing to make certain you could provide. that and also sufficient in avax to cover the costs then you'' re going to visit the liquidity pool. and after that you ' re mosting likely to put i don'' t recognize i have actually removed there you'' re mosting likely to place in you know if.
you have you'' re going to place in i generally simply struck mac store and afterwards it'' s mosting likely to take as much avax. called for to supply liquidity for that mac shop this is why you wear'' t put all your avax in or all.
your liquidity giving symbols in uh when you do the swap since you need to have that liquidity.
offered in both of them as of today there'' s about 16 million liquidity when they simply started.
this 12 million entered immediately with 31 000 heading out in charges as well as they'' re claiming the ap pool.
right here is b as well as this is on investor joe is at 71.34 where we are actually betting over below on the.
thor system you can see right below we'' ve obtained 2.834 avax liquidity offering symbols or lp symbols.
in there that is staked that'' s at a worth of 837 we'' re checking out currently because we ' ve started being.
able to insurance claim point zero three thor and also right now the apy goes to seven thousand percent uh when i did.
jump in it went to eleven thousand percent so i'' ve been watching this decrease reduced what my preliminary.
objective was here was to enter while the ap was high possibly obtain a thor or more if we'' re fortunate and.
after that jump out i type of intend to do that simply on the off chance that this project does.
have some great longevity it'' s mosting likely to assist me get my roi back from my previous investment.
due to the fact that i sort of just wish to recover cost i'' m not checking out roi in my 800 right here or my 830 which.
i assume it resembled 820 when um i actually jumped in so i'' m not really aiming to roi 830 due to the fact that.
with the liquidity pool i can enter and jump out to make sure that'' s what i'' m doing i ' m jumping in i ' m. visiting offer it concerning 24 hr or till this apy drops wonderful like lower now i wear'' t. intend to say nice as well as low i desire it nice and high so i'' m entering allowing to see where we can.
go within 24 hr to see how much we can obtain um other upgrading concerns i'' m reviewing the updates.
currently in case there'' s anything i need to do on video clip but we put the 830 or you understand we'' ll just say. 800 we ' re just going to state oh no we placed 800 in we let it sit for a day or two we declare as much.
thor symbols as we perhaps can in the two days as well as after that we pull our 800 back out we'' ve obtained extra
. tokens as well as additional earnings that we can either a make use of in holding to proceed and also risk for.
an additional node as long as this platform keeps going or kind of use that towards the revenue that.
we would be obtaining from below to begin recovering our reasonably our 2700.

So my objective now.
is to return to 2700 i intend to make myself whole somehow specifically considering that the thor.
rewards are going to be altering on february 14th as well as we'' re going to be reducing from 0.33.
to 0.144 per thor node so i require to recoup my 2700 as fast as possible if i do that with.
the lp staking i'' m perfectly fine i obtained my i'' m whole once again as well as i can just leave.
my stuff right here to whether i intend to restake half of it or take out fifty percent of.
it or go on so on etc to make sure that'' s actually my mind i'' m wishing this is a
. positive i don'' t understand if like ring or the other platforms did this when they'' re on their final.
breath or before a large carpet draw to ensure that'' s sort of where i'' m at if this is them attempting to construct. right into their very own agreements in their own system and not simply attempt to be a fork off of ring after that much more.
power to them so i'' m very very delighted on this one'i don ' t understand if stating really really fired up was. the appropriate terms there i ' m simply enthusiastic i'' m remaining favorable i'' m playing around and.
i'' m simply going from there as well as i really wish that i wear ' t have 3 500 on the line this is no. so let ' s see if we can at the very least keep this choosing an evening or 2 to make sure that ' s really what i ' m. wishing we are mosting likely to enjoy the apy loss down and also when i really feel that i indicate i actually ultimately.
would certainly like to obtain perhaps one considered of this entirely because if we'' re looking at apy and also. my mathematics is most likely going to be silly and wrong and also every person suches as to knock me from my mathematics yet.
if we'' re checking out that it would certainly have to do with 69.7 wonderful the yearly yield would certainly have to do with 50 so if.
they if it was flat and i was getting that much i'' d be making fifty eight thousand 4 hundred.
and also five dollars a year simply on that particular apy alone but uh what i'' m kind of taking a look at for.
a day or 2 so if we do this for 2 days we might possibly be and also it'' s at what 180. separated by 180 we ' d be taking a look at probably 1.77 thor which isn'' t also poor which is about 320 so.
with any luck that 837 could net us something along those lines so we can start chunking away at that.
2700 anywho that'' s gon na do it for me today men if you have any kind of questions remarks or issues.
do not hesitate to connect to me on twitter or disharmony web links for that things is in the description of.
this video i am taking a wager i'' m taking a risk and i wish it pays out nicely if not then we.
know better hopefully following time most likely not this is crypto we never learn it is what it is yet.
we'' ll adhere to equipment mining so we'' ll see however yeah anywho uh thank you extremely a lot for.
enjoying like comment subscribe turn on the bell notice all that good stuff i'' m. old rate as well as we'' ll see you guys next time oh yeah i totally failed to remember i indicated to reveal.
this on display that we are really going to be delving into the animal farm uh when i think.
it'' s going to be what february 1st or the 10th whatever mind of tron told me yet i think it'' s. going to be february 10th that this is going to go live we currently take part in the pre-sale.
with we did two rev well worth therefore currently we'' re mosting likely to be looking at obtaining some pigs and i.
believe they told me i desire some doggies so this will be an additional job that we'' ll be looking at.
from the designers of drip and things like that so if you men intend to do leap as well as take.
a look or obtain something going link for this is going to remain in the summary of.
the video clip as well as search for more web content there.

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