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In today’s video we’ll look at the following.What is more profitable, buying an m2 pro miner, venturing your mxc coins or mine dhx? And how muchyou will earn per day from these three different investments. To start off i just want to mentionthat i am no financial advisor and anything i say should not be taken as monetary advice. I mainlydo these videos for my personal interests. And if you’re in a hurry and only want to answer right away iwould say that the m2 pro miner will get you the highest daily earnings as of now if you wereto compare an equal speculation on these three different investments.And if that answer is enoughfor you and you want to buy an m2 pro miner you can save 60 dollars per miner when you buy your m2 pro minersby applying my referral tie-in here in the description. Alright, let’s get into the video. To compare thesethree different investments we must first clarify the outlines of this similarity. I will use thesame investment amount for all three financings and that is the same amount as for one m2 prominer. 2500 euro or about 2898 dollars. The time period i’m lookingto compare these three investments on is twelve months. I elected twelve months since that is what iwould say is the minimum extent of era someone would own an M2 pro miner before selling anything.And one year is also featured in MXC staking and dhx mining as staking lock-up periods.Using alock-up reporting period 1 year wreaks some benefits of more earnings comparing with lower time lock-upsof course. I will play-act my forecasts based on the prices from 1st of october and i will nottake into account any price waverings. I will not either take into account any rewards regardingtransportation, system rewards, energy etc. Alright, we’re all set to get started. Let’s startwith the first one, with the speculation of the m2 pro miner. You buy one m2 pro miner for 2 898 dollar. Yourdaily earnings will be approximately between 10 to 15 dollars per day. And that quantity will differ dependingon what mxc cost you’re using “when youre doing” your estimates and what your miner health will beduring that time. But let’s say on average you make 12 dollars a day. That would equal an amountof 4380 dollars per year. All right moving on to the second investment which is MXC staking. If you were to stakemxc coins worth 2898 dollars you were to have 72462 mxc clues since the current price of one mxctoken is 0.04. When choosing to stake for 1 year you receive a staking rate of 0.625 per monthwhich equals 7.5% APY in total for a year. That would signify i would have earned an additional 5434 MXCtokens which is currently worth about 217 dollars and therefore constituted my daily earnings 0.6 dollarsper daytime. Moving on to the third and last investment which is dhx mining in the data dash app. In orderto mine dhx tokens you need to lock in mxc clues and bail dhx tokens. This mining is a littlebit knotty at first to understand so you need to do some research before you start mining. But inthis video i’ll principally talk to you about the current earnings from the dhx mining. Alright if you wereto put in the perfect symmetry between MXC tokens and dhx clues for total cost of 2898 dollarsyou would currently end up with something like buying 71 000 mxc tokens and about 15 dhx tokens.Take notice though that this balance relationship is constantly changing, but you can get a simpleoverview in the simulate are working in the data dash app.So all in all with my now locked up mxc tokensand my ligament dhx tokens i’m able to earn 0.21 dhx signs per era which is about 1.47 dollars perday. So by simply looking at the earnings per daylight extents we can see that the m2 pro miner is, on the first of october, have way better earnings than the other speculations. Nonetheless as we knowdhx have hurtled in cost recently and is now worth about seven dollars each. Back in early mayone dhx token was more than a hundred dollars each. And so giving 0.21 dhx tokens per period thenwould be a completely different thing but then again when we start acquiring things we cannotcompletely rely on the data since the mxc premium could then be completely different and the balanceratio between the mxc clue and the dhx token would also be different.And so the only things wecan say is that these crowds now show the real earnings from the 1st of october. Another thing totake into account is that these investments are very different kinds of investments. In the stakingand dhx mining you will get back your initial investment. Not the amountof dollars but the same amount of signs you’ve throw in. But when you buy the m2 pro miner youget actual hardware instead. You are then not able to get back your initial investment inthose coins unless you return your miner or sell it second hand. The route you have to get back yourinvestment is by mining with it and then selling your mined earnings. But that also comes with thefact that selling your mined MXC tokens lowers your mining’s quarrying productivity. This i speak about alot in another video which i will link to now. But as you can see it is quite more flexibleto either venture MXC or mine dhx, that too of course depends on your lock up stages, but all in allthese two speculations are more flexible investments.But if you do believe in the projects long term and planon holding for a number of years the m2 pro miner gazes to outperform the other financings earningsby far. Alright thank you so much for watching i’ll see you soon hopefully with the m2 probitcoin mining video alright remain adjusted bye.

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