Where to buy Helium hotspots for India and Europe?

in this video i am going to answer oneof the most frequently asked questions which is how to buy helium hotspots in indiatoday i will share with you further details of several marketers from whom purchasers in india andother european countries will be able to place order in a good future hey kinfolks this isroy and welcome back to my path eigentech i know that i have taken some time to prepare thisvideo but i was focusing on giving you the right information so the first one in my register is nebrato check it go to your browser and form nebra.com they have two types of miners the first one isthe indoor miner and this one is the outdoor miner click on view the miners and here you cansee both of them are sold out but i am going to give you two important information so if youclick on this one for example the indoor one you can see here there are three accounts firstone is for europe india russia second one is forChina( not Canada) and third one is for us australia korea andother asian countries so what is important here is that uh the ones manufactured for europe india and russiaare the same model so if you buy one it can work in any of these countries okay i have attested forthat from the official vendor as you can see here i asked them if i obtained one in the europeplace it there and then raising it in india whether that will work after locale reassession or notand they confirm that it will work so surely you can purchase one hot spot one from nimra butcurrently as you can see everything is sold out um you can enter your email address for there to getthe stock notification this is the second piece of information that what i learned is that we aregoing to open the pre-order in this month which is june but please note that once you arrange thereorder there’s a lot a lot of backlogs so if they will probably take five to six months to deliveryour order and one nice thing about nebraska that you will be able to pay expending standard recognition ordebit cards like a mastercard visa card american express uh and amazon wage paypal and even usingbitcoin the second one is cal chipping connect the government has both positive and negative points so let’scheck out their website character galchipconnect.com and they sell the rag helium miner ifyou click on order rack hotspot miner you will see here the details of the minerthey have various frequencies available but again the delightful thing about them is that i haveconfirmed from the official vendor that the us 915 frequency copy works in australia andsimilarly the european version 868 megahertz also can be changed to india india’s 865 megahertzso that’s the delightful thing about the cal microchip proportion microchips rack helium miner but the problem is solet’s if you check on the shipping countries here they only ship to northamerica europe and australia so my european friends will be able to orderalso there is a catch i will talk about that in a minute but for india there is still hopewhat you can do you can if you scroll down now you can see that if you don’t see your countrylisted please click here and fill out the use to express your interest so i would suggest thatyou can you should fill in this form and if they receive enough number of applications from indiathey will probably start also sending to india but for even for european uh friends there’sstill a cash if you go back here you’ll see that you cannot directly sit the prescribe what you cando you can participate in a lottery mostly what they are doing because there is a unprecedenteddemand for this product they have started this lottery where they are allowing um sothey are limiting the number of measurements that can be purchased to 250 gangs per era across all veryvariants so mostly what you have to do you have to enter your name address city as another detailsand at the end of the day um 250 beings from the lotion employments will be selected and theywill be notified through email and you will have one day to manufacture the to situate the lineup butafter situating the order again you have to wait probably for five to six months before thehotspot is delivered to you so other options for my indian friends would be to utilize someeuropean connection since the same model which works in europe will too work in india so ifyou know someone in europe you can ask him or her to place an degree on behalf of you formerly he orshe is selected in the gamble and then when the produce is delivered you can personally bringit to india or probably post it to india as well cancer connect also has a lot of payment optionsfor example all standard recognition debit cards along with amazon pay google pay etc third alternative islinks scattered so go to your browser and sort links.com so this is how their helium miner will looklike but note that they are still developing the miner and it is not approved yet but if youscroll down and go to the specification section then in under the radio frequency sectionyou can see that they have uh the european india and russian version which will workat the 865 megahertz frequency so what you can do you can click on the connect the wait listand enter your name and email and once their certification is approved youwill be able to place the lineup and the last one is bobcat miner so actuallythey are the only dealer who are currently taking dictates ordinarily but you have to be carefulwhile placing the prescribe and as far as i could learn they have a backlog of about 160 000 unitsso go to your browser and type bobcatminer.com this is how their miner looks like click onorder now and the government has two editions one for north america and other for europe now i could notobtain any information from the official vendor whether this european version will work in indiaor not so as of a few eras back “theyre not” even carrying to india but even if they have startedshipping to india be confirmed from the marketer whether it will work in india before arranging theorder for my european friends they can of course place the dictate but there is a cash you have tothey do not accept any fiat money or credit cards you have to pay through cryptocurrencylike usdt and usdc so on their website there is a video uh illustrate clear instructions on howto realize the remittance so delight follow that and and too note that they will too takefive to six months to deliver the make hope this information was useful to youi’ll post another video if any of the dealers starts admitting tells or providesa time on which they will start making tells that’s all for today thanks forwatching guys and get kryptonized

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