is it gets ingrained oh on a screen these expectations they keepweighing me down my feeling is epoch oh uh messing with my foreman again why do i baby why do i baby all right let’s get this going shall we we’llpull that up in a second let’s turn the music down there you go hopefully you guys still hear alittle bit of the music it’s not too loud turn it down for me as well there we go all right what’sgoing on everyone welcome to a surprise surprise friday series how’s our lighting watch lightinglooks good cool glances awesome all right what’s going on everyone welcome to a friday creek ifthis is your first time finding the direct delight take a moment to consider hitting that subscribebutton and turn on the buzzer notification because i ultimately have my minor in its list so you cancheck it still deliberation yeah we’ll check it love your channel and i’m going to get you to reviewmy miners if they ever is an indication utterly i can do that for you uh made that bell notification todayis a perfect example because we had some free time so we’re going to be doing some streaming i wasgoing to do a video today about povc 11 but i just wasn’t in the mood to like record i was like inthe mood to talk and so i figured i’ll do this for the next like hour so we’re going to pace somesetups we’re going to talk about some things and go over some substance and i’m going to make a fewannouncements so turn on the bell notification there’s really no beverage of the day becauseyou guys hate it when i booze grey cloth so don’t examination um but that’s about it have you noticedmore than half less reinforces in the last three days i am i’ve had some issues boo so uh bigannouncement though in the link for this stream and pretty much every video going forward i haveofficially secreted some t-shirts uh we have three we have three patterns and we also have stickersand magnets so we have three patterns we have a classic well you can actually go into my shopthe link is in the description and scheme which t-shirt you demand but we’ve got the small logo onthe left breast then we have the large logo in the middle and then we have our old retro originalnerdy dude trash when we were a video game channel t-shirt available for sale as well did you watchthe video the chap who disclosed rack wireless no i didn’t i haven’t done anything todayhave you noticed more than blah blah blah so yeah so if you guys want any t-shirts orif you want to let’s take a look at some of the products real quick really impede shaming itwhite clams so that’s the uh that’s the badge that you can get on t-shirts baseball tees ireally like the baseball three-quarter sleeve uh hoodies tank transcends for the boobies uh stickersand magnets so if you guys want some cool and nerdy buster merch go there get some nonsense iam excuse me i am also going to be getting a koozie designed so i want to do what’s goingon from joisie i wished to do uh beer koozies because you know we drink brews so anywhothat’s just the major proclamation you’ll investigate these in more videos so become get a t-shirtand i’m waiting on one to come in the mail all right so talking about payoffs in the lastfew dates i’ve actually had some really really really really actually crap week um simply becausewe had some issues with sour walnut and that just pretty much went down for a while and it’sfunny a duet people were constituting jokes what i was saying i should get one of those smart-alecky smell likesmart um superpower plugs so that direction i can just like portable and do it for my phone but it’s over at myin-laws house and they’re pretty much dwelling 24 7. so if they need to go reboot it or anything likethat they’re there to do it but this went down after the new ota and it’s been it was down forlike four days it came back up uh yesterday thank god uh on the seventh you can see i only madelike detail one helium i always get sticker compress from corporations and no notion what to do with them imight get a magnet from my brand-new truck uh me more mur hello from florida hello fromflorida as well hopefully well we’re gonna get some sprinkle so hopefully inyour place of florida you’re not gonna get any rain my wife’s going out tonight to halloween horrornights and she’s worried it’s going to rain on her because she’s hanging out with a couple offriends that she hasn’t seen in a while but yeah so my reinforces have sucked on uh turned i meanyou see in the last seven days this thing’s only formed 40.43 helium not even half of helium in thelast 30 dates it’s only shaped 3.034 so we do need to go over there and fiddle around with it definitelybut this one’s been surviving it’s been contain on um look at it it exactly pings everything which ilove going 13 eyewitness which is pretty solid um of course we’re getting a little bit of lagthere yep there we go a little bit of slow but we’re getting some serious onlookers on that onewhich i totally adore this one’s been doing considerably better in the past week it’s drew in um 2.4 over here in the uk what’s going on hey billy um so yeah so in the past 24 or seven days we’vehad some solid periods here so when our other one went down we did have a day of simply moment onesix object two two so you could see the day that those dates that that one was down we had some crapbut at least in the past 24 hours we’re at 0.28 and with a 30 daytime could you look at gorgeousberry pelican my earnings are crazy low-toned absolutely but you you know that we too had thisreally bad week of turd with the original ota that came out in september so formerly that clears on our3 0 days we could probably get going from there so let’s have a look would you would like youropinion on the homestead florida country where my miners will be residence if they ever show up yo yoback to see what’s back to see what’s up what’s going on santa barbara vapor with your monsternetwork all right we’re gonna take a look at one gor really very pelican let’s take a peek heythere hey castada catzado all right let’s see so yeah you’re saying your payoffs have dropped inthe past like yeah so well they are going down a little bit probably with some of the where you’rerocking a sense cover uh had eight witnesses now at to four last-place four daylights zero y uh i don’t knowmine my the new ota that came out like three days ago has really screwed up my nonsense as well umand so it might be screwing up your evidences too so that could be a big you know make thatinto consideration uh your rewards are going down i don’t know why wages are going downi mean your transmit scale is perfectly fine that shouldn’t have anything to do with ituh looks pretty like continuous it’s just really how everything is at the moment i was gettingnearly one hnt a daytime and now just two oh and this was all after the having and everything you’reprobably likewise having the same issues that i have um with the network being stupid in the past likei mean september was just a really stupid month for the network which was the problem take a lookat my it’s still sinking yeah we can take a look so yeah you might be having issues with the sameissues with uh beings around you that are usually you get good evidences or legitimate onlookers havingissues with the otas that come out like it just really sucks like bobcat was a really reallystrong way to go uh because it came in quick and muggle pay wasn’t as hard-bitten and they came in alot quicker than they were back in the day but um get yourself a 5 point you emphatically require the5. 8 now 5.8 or the 8.0 which will do you solid so either this one uh but yeah so the bobcatsi find that they’re down more than they’re up connections for the antennas are in the descriptionof course uh yeah but i feel that they’re like down more than they actually out miningwhich kind of suctions uh where is this bad boy this uh this one right here so just for one it’s 70 horses youcan give that a whirl on that area um bundle one that’s just one of them bundlebundle two is two of them for 120 bale one is the antenna the mag cornerstone and the mountsas well you don’t need to use a mag cornerstone can you look at ripe cloth pony what are yourthoughts sure utterly and my dreams are i want to sip with my refreshment so yeah onceyou have that in all sync you’ll be good to go oh yeah obviously do the the attic start soi’ve been most successful with mine in my attic i wouldn’t be surprised brian if you get similarresults to me and i really hope that the people around “youve had” optimal placement and optimalsetup as well uh do you think you’ll spawn more heat from helium mining or youtube in the nextfive years youtube uh felipe vast what’s going on brother i’ll be also okay i gotta look up one realquick um i honestly argued that i are most likely like the potential to earn on youtube is justgonna be insane um so i just in the next five years if i’m still working and i’m still youtubingand i’m still working i’m doing something wrong on youtube because i want to be retired by that pointall right right cloth pony what we got can you look at meyers what are your thoughts so you gota bobcat 4 dbi i would i would also jump up into the 5.8 region and i would get that out and upinto your attic i don’t know where your placement is right now and excuse me and then of coursedon’t forget you likewise want to go on to usacoax.com oh i also have bad news i’m not going to begetting a brand-new computer this month because i bought a truck yesterday so my excellence on thestream might still be shitty uh excuse me yeah if you’re gonna upgrade to those antennas don’tforget to go on to usacoax.com and improve your oh yeah homestead florida i gotta figure outwhat it is um and improve your um your coax cable as well to make sure everything’s good but you’vebeen mining for just like two weeks now and you’re already at seven helium give yourself the nicefull out 30 dates and you’re pluck you know you merely hit one helium yesterday which is awesomeyeah let’s get some likes guys let’s get it 25 likes okay do some more parties in here i can’tthis can’t be my slowest flow ever it’s a friday all right homestead where exactly is homesteadlet’s see how painful my geography knowledge are there we go uh when farting aware well didthe other day so uh homestead if you’re up closer to miami um you’re going to want to get like ifyou’re in this area you’re going to want to get a directional cable you require a directional antennaand aim that bad boy towards miami yeah i can look at it in a second um but yeah if i have to fart ona stream i’ll fart in the aware it didn’t really do anything i don’t know if the uh if it’s stillgetting give me any learns but i will utterly fart in it on breeze okay so i’m getting readingsi’m just not going notifications all right so now we gotta look at overt yeah y’all hitthat like button maintain thumping that like button like like clink like it’s good for the algorithmwe want to get a hundred people watching again um i’m chilling on a fridayafternoon i got a 12 multitude of grey claw and so we’re just gonna hang out welli can’t really go crazy because i have to watch my children at 5 30. Oh 30 daylights not more but you’rei mean you got the 5.8 you got it out and up um you should be able to start touching some ofthese around here so did you simply swap it out what do you what else are you rocking now umcould you take a look at blah blah blah like it’s good you’ve gotten the line of sight here soi’m assuming you’ve got really good visuals of these three antennae uh but you should be ableto get everything there casado is that a fart is that a fart a pyramid planned yeah right uhbut yeah so you got the 5.8 you got everything rock in there um maybe time a little bithigher to get wise out over there i don’t know all right what’s next what’s nextuh can you look at big clear puma oh puma that reminds me of uh red versus blue-blooded whenthey got the warthog he’s like it was like a puma it’s like oh it’s a mythological creaturehello hope you didn’t forget about me when you get a chance communicate me oh[ __] okay i did forget ihave to do some job real quick uh looking at you um you want a 5.8 yeah your four is not gonna doyou much now well you you too want that 5.8 so that way you can start getting around the palmbeach area what’s the word on never batch four so disappointed nope i just have weird earnings ihave 16 on order and demand them oh my god i haven’t received my adolescent hitherto but can you remembered myneighbor for the best setup fast carrot uh fast carrot kangaroo hey alsoreal quick sound off in the um in the comments who managed to getthemselves one of the brand-new um minted uh who managed to get themselves one of theminted um racks that came out the other day i know a cluster of parties inmy dissension were talking um and territory castle grandiose pines whateverpaste gate code 8901 i did forget all right we’re back jeff what a assemble f it’sbeen all right so let’s go back got two amber you how do you like the gold they come in pleaselook at dancing rest your leader i gotta catch up so you want me to look at fast kangaroo yeah sowe’re looking at fast carrot kangaroo you’re just gonna be fine if that’s your neighbor and you’rea neighboring hex you might also be looking at a lower move flake which isn’t the worst thingin the world but get yours up and uh a 5.8 get the 5.8 or a 5.0 either one works for me i like thatmuch one cent per fart and 25 pennies of the cent from each of your referrals yeah right i’llhave one good day and then mayo daytimes it’s on second storey now perhaps yeah is moving forward to yourattic then surely move it to your attic if you haven’t yet uh “wheres” we at now who’snext dancing rust-brown fox dancing rusty[ __] dancing rusty fox all right we’re gonna pull thisup and while we have a few more parties that exist in delight take a moment to consider hitting thatsubscribe button turn on the buzzer notification so that direction you can be up to date on when ipost videos weekly and do flows i normally do a river every monday around 2 p.m butsince i had some free time today i decided to do a surprise brook and sounds on now uh and sothat’s why we’re here and also we are now selling t-shirts stickers and magnets so if you wantto go and buy yourself a t-shirt or a sticker join for that is in the description a littlebit gets is a kickback towards the channel but otherwise get my name out there and i reallyreally appreciate the recognition so get nerdy’s buster substance going so when people are like heythat’s a cool shirt and you need stuff what does it mean you’re like it’s this fatty brew drinkingcrypto guy on youtube go check out his path then i get a subscriber and “i m giving” a thumbsup so too annie and all super chats are greatly recognized because i now have a monster truckpayment so uh yeah so um probably try yourself a 5.8 well i mean you’re getting a lot hereit’s just really various kinds of your area but um i would try a 5.8 perhap just to touch a littlebit more so try that out all right what’s next um we’re on dancing rust-brown fox right that’s whati have subside and have three more to set up at relatives and friends house i got three ahso wary i was literally 10 instants late i was 10 minutes late from getting one i was gonnaget two how does rack carry new miners while back seeks wait yeah but maybe it’s like another proanother development that they only doing i don’t know but yeah you’re absolutely right i don’tunderstand they have so many order backorders for their original representation yet they’re now pulling outthese like if they only release the gold poses i would get it but if that induced like thoselimited edition examples i completely understand but if that compelled backup and more issues withthe original um with the original rack prescribes that’s just a little fishy in my view theydon’t arrive until monday but stoked to get them 16 bobcats synced now yeah that hotspot wason the top of that metropolitan pole lol brief fleece i did fast carrot kangaroothat was the last one i did when you get it you want to threw it up with a 5.0 uh i changed the feeler to 5.8 lostall witnesses and now they’re worse than the original feeler how long does ittake for new observers fast tortilla gerbil we’ll accompany why you’re bad oh yeah man bla briefyeah you got some monster stuff so you don’t need anything for me that’s cool i don’t give you anyadvice magnificent does the inside antenna is essential to by a opening and you do not want it near a windowyou perfectly do not want it near a opening can you cure diagnose my miner i’m getting i’m notgetting any onlookers yeah hang on um i already did fast kangaroo so now we’re going to look atfast that name’s familiar fast expedition dia durble and hurry ceiling rack wireless replenished the quotafor cal chipping this month okay cool uh all right so i changed you i imply i don’t know why the fivepoint like where is it when did you learn about helium i learned about helium back in marching umand then i was looking at buying my miners on april like third when i was driving i iwasn’t driving my father-in-law was driving um i don’t know why you’re not getting anythingoh five dollar super chat thank you very much vr and solar tech i sought the bobcat 300 the guymaking 600 per month has stuff was on uh 600 cavity his stuff was on the city pole only three hotspots near me crazy uh yeah breathtaking expressed appreciation for very much for the super chat actually appreciate ituh if you have a minor let me look up perfectly threw that down i’ll take a look at that foryou they weren’t selling direct customers and i heard a rumor that the distributor was isprioritizing the free child company orders like ihop emirates since they are sought hundreds that’scrazy that’s absolutely crazy uh bubbly violet bubbly violet oh my paws i’m not even i don’teven finish my video california all right i’m gonna get lost here a time brieflysheep is in a window briefly sheep is in a window that’s great that’s crazy to me like thewindows only don’t do well unless it’s like super duper high up and they envision each otherbut it shouldn’t be it shouldn’t be at all um all right so you just got started miningbut your compensations are ass it’s only because not even because of your move flake whereis your where’s your antenna it needs to be it needs to be out and up like you’ve gotthe feeler and you’ve got the area for it you should be getting more than this i don’t knowwhy you’re not only coming 0.15 a daytime what’s up with that what’s your opinion on kotex minersuh nothing i don’t have one i didn’t look into them so i don’t really have an ruling onit affected the like y’all yeah let’s get uh let’s get some more likes croaking uh four four bensuspended what am i looking at crazy current b uh second storey window yeah space like i i intend santa barbara vapor like what kind ofwindow is it a double pane or is it single pane um because it shouldn’t be it should be refractingthe signal crazy current b’s not too bad looks like this is your first month miningif your percentages are up that high-pitched light lavender kitten that’s near my house allright cool i’m gonna take a look at that for you peculiarly since you did that superchat um seven meters in the air for um you’re getting the stuff around you which issolid and you’ve got i wouldn’t really change anything it’s just a matter of people around youlook at that maybe if you’re just in a window if there’s a line of trees or anything maybe youcan position it a smidge higher you could try the 5.0 you could try it one of the omni directionalsbut you’re getting some good stuff with your transmit scale and everything in that area what’sgoing on captain jay greybeard uh bright lavender since you did that five dollar super chat you’regoing to get this looking up right now uh kitten going to texas yeah your 4.0 is not going gonna do anything sookay so this guy if he’s gonna be your neighbor um this is a this is an ideal situation for a 5.8 as well um one of my i’m gonna share this one of my um here’s here’s here’s the here’s the idealsetup and this was from one of my customers who messaged me and i’m gonna pull it up here onscreen and this is amazing so if you guys can see this look at this setup this is awesome so i don’tknow if you can see it let’s see if we can zoom in all right so i gotta zoom thatback out here in simply a minute but if you see here oh shoot[ __] where is it there we go all right so 100 zoom in okay there we goall right so if you find his setup this is on a homemade like a setup this is a nice bigextension pole that he put up it’s above his roof he’s got his support fastens to keep thatthing tier and he’s got an 8.0 sitting up right now so this is a really really goodsetup you see it’s on the side of the house it’s over by his electric box so that’s wherehe can foot it so his set is probably right here as well and this is a beautiful setupso if you guys have this kind of opportunity um get your get your antenna out and up as high-pitched aspossible i really like that he’s got a two-story house and it’s already over his two-story houseuh a chimney’s not bad as either the chimney isn’t bad at all so if you got a chimney that’s agood that’s a good place to put it and we’re gonna move this back over here just so we can keeptrack of our dissension while we’re chit chatting all right so let’s go back what am i missingnow all right so we got bright lavender uh affected the like button y’all yeah hit thelike button we need one more like to 30 and then i miss 20 more to get to 50. Littlefossilized just out little fossilized giselle uh you everything i just showedyou with that setup it is required to do arizona is relatively flat where you are youdo have all your mountain mountainous terrain over you know um and so genuinely the best bet thatyou’re gonna have is getting yourself either a 5.8 and putting it out and up you need a five footcopper rod to slam into the ground i’m doing do do do do in your opinion what’s the bestminor to buy thank you for your time um either you know i want to say bobcat the only reasonwhy i like bobcat the most is because it’s wi-fi and you really don’t have i don’thave many issues at all with wi-fi uh so yeah little prehistoric giselle you want toget a 5.8 you want to duplicate actually try an 8.0 try an 8.0 and facsimile that be pointed out that i gave you sojump in the link in the specific characteristics and buy one of the following options bad boys yeah it’s going to be 70 bucks buti would get that positioned it up on a poll like you witnessed um i’m really interested to see the rackwireless like rack i think was pretty solid uh but i’m really interested to seethe new minted ones and how they do so especially with the upgraded reminiscence that’s inthem which is pretty solid i am only getting one witness refurbished everything um so yeahuh i did okay so likewise make sure you um everything is updated in the app as well uh butyeah you’re getting the one witness here you should be able to affected some stuff here i guaranteethere’s people in there so maybe precisely a little bit higher particularly with how flat arizona is i’mdoing the f in your opinion what’s the best adolescent blah blah blah blah blah i haven’t been get muchrewards even after refurbishing feeler and cable and putting it higher up and the three minersaround i’m confident they are spoofs and i don’t even witness them yeah if they’re just talking toeach other if they’re just talking to each other then yeah they’re probably just spoofing whichsucks the best miner is the one you can get the fastest that’s not bad uh do you know when theprofit helium will be lower i don’t think so and i actually i am forecasting i was going todo a video on this today why do you prefer rack antennae over rocklin exactly because they’re thefirst ones that i concluded and have the experience with and i know people obstructed keep tellingme i need to look at rocklin antennas which maybe i should scoop one or two up just so i cangive it a whirl and do some material on them um but that’s about it what’s the rockland priceslet me pull it up over here brooklyn antennas i’m gonna do a 5.8 and on a paw helium antennas there we go heliumhotspot miner 5.8 indoor feeler likewise they have some stuff that’s sold out fivedbi omni outdoor nine wait 8.0 is still good and they’re about the same price 6.6.0 low profile that’s 63 high plastic moose in san diego i’m going to do it thankyou you’re welcome aha hi plastic moose they have a 4.0 for 38. They have a well theyhave an outdoor that’s a 4.0 for 40 horses when you merely buy a 5.8 for 40 bucks and 5.8 you atleast have like reasonable um signal loss and so on yeah but oh i like that feeler bracket thoughbut of course that’s sold out i do need to get something like that for my in-laws housejust to keep this bad boy straight up so i do need to look into that butthey’re sold out over here a lot of this substance is sold out that i would get 16 dbi advantage oh that’s not helium never mind but yeah they have a few things that are sold outthere which is just interesting but the best place in florida for fightings is vero beach and cape coralyeah um what was i looking at high-pitched plastic moon exactly what we we opening there we go this song suctions generally when you have more than 10 helium in a 30 date expected time frame i don’t really make any large-scale recommendations my earnings down 20 thelast pair eras ever since witnessing increase from 10 to 18 max well would it travel from 25 to10 to 18 um and san diego yeah i mean you have you’re making 10. Uh make sure if you’ve doneany conversions go and update your antenna summit your antenna raising and your feeler gainbecause when povc 11 comes out this is going to be a big crackdown so that’s another thingbefore we were saying it doesn’t really matter if you have that substance modernized but now it’s goingto problem precisely because a great deal of the spoofers just go in there and really rectified it up and so you’llsee the spoofers will leave it at that 1.2 now if you are still only sitting on 1.2 then you’reperfectly fine otherwise um update what you have and if not you know grab a grab either a 4.0 or a 5.0 will be pretty solid in this area that’s something to consider mining downto yeah i entail mine high-pitched plastic moon yeah your mining is definitely downso obviously update your antenna and watch maybe try a 5.0 unless you’re alreadyusing something like that entertaining clear kitten what’s going on everyone if you’re joining thestream again you’re over 10 thanks i haven’t revised it yeah make sure you update it you’reover 10 uh you’ve got a 4.0 your channel flake is just the issue here so if you had a bettertransmit scale you’d be making almost i would say 30 helium a month but in four in that spot butunfortunately thanks i have to i’m at five yeah okay good yeah but regrettably in your hex aloneyou’ve got three other you’ve got three miners so you’re still doing pretty solid with the rewardseven with that hex being you know your area being loaded so i wouldn’t change the damn thingyou’re getting so many witness so good on you uh i’m going to get a tape measureand measure from the top of the chimney to the bottom make sureuh that i set the stature rectify um hang on one second one of mybosses are texting me not a sound um initial sync is taking forever yeah thethe settles do take forever uh especially once you get up to like 99.91 and then it just takesforever from there uh but what was i saying oh so vr solartech what you could also do if youhave an iphone there’s a virtual measuring stick on there and it’s really really cool becauseyou just like kept the top level is the um the top item would be your chimney and then you canput it all the way down to the uh the ground and get a good initial distance from there umyeah alex 438 4310 and if you guys are new to the channel delight take a moment to considerhitting that agree button turn on the buzzer notifications as we post videos weekly and we doa creek every single monday in matters relating to helium um hang on one second hang on one second everybody um yeah so allright so we’re looking at this one um 8 dbi oh why aren’t you going anythingwhatever you’re overshooting material perhaps maybe eight dbi might be a little too muchfor you you likewise might be in an area where people are all really really actually shitty um tryout a 5.8 certainly try a 5.8 or a 6. That that seems to be a sweet recognize especially inthese areas hang on i’m just sending out um exactly sending out some uh textbook meanings to my boss and two seconds because technicallyi am working yeah so um wow good content here we’re justgonna watch this overweight person text all day nothing now my other boss time texted me all right we’ll deal with that yeah all right solet’s go back to this there’s nothing i love is parties that lie so one of my um societies thati oversee is saying that they’ve been reaching out to me and i’m not responding they haven’t theyhaven’t messaged me in a week they haven’t called or anything so i was taking a picture of my uhcall record taking a whole screenshot of my see log proving my boss that they have not contacted out tome we figured out how to install the repeater in a densely area populated by helium miners to capturebeacons and retransmit over the gateway near a miner’s video to come soon a repeater so that’sone thing i’ve been looking at that’s how the spoofers are doing it they’re lay repeaters oncan you make a step-by-step video on connecting an ethernet cable to bobcat miner expending the correctport is that a joke like if i don’t mean to definitely sounds like an[ __] if you actually don’t know how toconnect the ethernet cable but uh you i necessitate it’s like i’ll just leave it at that uh perhaps i canjust testify the back of it i approximate i don’t know um is my miner just set up yesterday third floorapartment building got an outdoor five point because i don’t have the ability for anoutdoor more do you recommend window or wall i recommend wall the window’s gonna refract yoursignal but it looks like that once you plugged it in you started getting stuff going i willinstall a 5 dbi later yeah you emphatically don’t want to do windows i mean i know one of the guyswatching that’s kind of funny why does your boss send you text meanings and ask what you’re doingbecause you can just look at your live stream actually it really is but no they’re not sayinguh that like what am i doing um they’re just saying that one of their local communities that i servicehas been trying to reach me and they haven’t so i was like here’s my ask enter you know i havenothing to hide um so yeah you clearly want to get yourself away from a window it’s goingto be refracting it they too need cans that they can keep in the power yeahi can do that what time is it all right with the flow i’m gonna tryto creek for another 25 times all right because i have to too do some errandsand i want to go drive my new truck what do you got the 5.83 up uh modern high-pitched swanbad earnings i used switched to the 5.8 yesterday to see if that would help yeah all right so giveit a few weeks so yeah once you prepare the switch make sure you too power round yawn fin thank youvery much for the 2 super chat thank you so much i appreciate it let’s see what we’re workingwith here in just a hour i’ll invest yeah so when you guys install your 5.8 make sure whathappens when a miner is moved i believe immense violet swift and the miner next to it left willthe network take the the hexes out i will have a hot spot on in these hexes and i’m worried aboutrewards yeah so i can give you an example of that um we’re gonna leave hawaii that was a nice littletrip um so i’m gonna give you an example of that now uh could you look up bumpy iris crow fromcalifornia bay expanse stock 4 dbi or 5.8 dbi i’m in sofia city bulgaria 5.8 dbi and then get it outand up it’s just a much better antenna all right where am i okay so uh exceedingly very interesting so ifyou move a adolescent first off you have one time where you can make it and it’s free and if you move aminor it’s going to cost you 10.99 you exactly buy a helium framed it in your purse and make love from thereif you have to adjust the data and information on your feelers as such it expenditure 55 pennies so whenyou move it takes about um maybe like six six up to like six hours or so for it to start so thisminor i’m gonna do this drawing style i have to all right so okay so this minor right here used to bein this hex right here wow art magnitudes are great so it used to be here and then i guessthey sentiment it and relocated it either their miner was in like this neighborhoodright here but after about three hours or so they moved it there what about building 22 who didn’t like no one has been delivered over um so yeah so so that’s what happens whenyou move it there could you look at bumpy iris crow in california sure i absolutely canhopefully answer your question there young finn uh i’m gonna get a 5.8 when mine comes in yeahand the 5.8 do carried really really quick bumpy iris crow why are you being stupid computer all right let’s take a look uh i don’t need togive you any advice everyone on this canal um if you see this guy right here just copyhim he’s got 44 in the past 30 eras let’s looking i’m gonna look at your account altogether he’sgot a 2.3 dbi antenna 10 rhythms in the air um making a killing so i don’t think i haveto tell you anything somebody you know exactly what you’re doing so rutted iris crow this is thegold mine right here look at all those onlookers that is insane that is fantastic yeah alberti don’t i don’t think there’s anything you’re gonna have any advice or any appreciate that i can giveyou i dictated my bobcat 6 30 and i’m sure it’s not going to get here till next year said my m2 prominer and it came in a week last-minute build 600 little over a month have you looked into getting one isthat the miner it’s like 1800 or 2200 or something discovery mode should help you if antenna changehelped rapid crepe dry or rabbit crepe whisker super interactive oh my pleasure thank you so muchi appreciate it um it showed that the miner went offline could you look at immense violet swiftit wasn’t deserving much and i don’t know if it is isp or a place reform but the hex is stillthere and both children are offline so if they’re still there um they might not absolutely be offline i’mjust saying that because there’s really not much you’re gonna be able to do in roswell except merger and merely articulated a cluster of miners out there and yeah if you get them and since it’s all neat andflat out there then you can precisely uh get a bunch of 5.8 and do good there i’m next to the one upnorth up here yeah you’re not gonna get a lot and time because you don’t have a lot going on inthat area you can try a directional aiming down now up there but you’re really not going to getmuch just because there’s not a lot out there so these are the ones that are showing offline ohmy god these areas are scampy it is therefore might still be there uh what is it that one’s still there andthis one’s still gave at some item let’s see i don’t think this is truly offlinei think it’s still plugged in it’s probably just not uh there’s no activityon it so that’s probably why it’s not moving are you able also take a look at uh bermudai don’t i want to get started over here but don’t see parties paying much i think if iset mine up near the hex with two i should be okay yeah so it was still active two days ago so i don’t think those are truly offline i thinkthere is a bobcat and i did have this issue with my um turned walnut goat where it was saying itwas offline but i just had it reboot it was fine my hot spot you’re welcome uh theother one is offline two one off first uh i have to respond back with more thanjust able to handle it even though i know you will it’s not over my brain pleasejust give them my contact information jesus christ monday me and an hour monday what about the no observations boom like i i[ __] production like 14 hours per day so it’slike “i m just trying to” got a few off and it’s just like no you know i work a divide shifting and i prettymuch have been working since like nine so then around two o’clock i’m like okaycool well 1 30 it’s like i’m gonna have lunch and then i’m gonna go stream for anhour when i’m really merely supposed to work for four hours in the morning and like four atnight but it’s just 24 7 24 7 24 7. Ah god so and that is gonna mean i have to thankyou my dude just trying to get you out okay person give me like a monstroussuper chat so that direction i don’t have to ever toil again that’d be awesome uh both areoffline n kind female to rp sma male sma male 20 hoof rg 58 low-toned loss propagation cable for ohyeah that feeler is bullshit yeah that feeler is absolute crap and i know exactly whatyou’re talking about “i probably shouldve” one of those you need to go to usa coax like simply bitethe bullet usa coax.com and build a cable um that’s exactly what you need to do and howlong is that cable um because that’s really bad could you check out low-pitched gam nam stylesure let’s take a look low-toned gingham beaver that’s offline no okay synced uh well actuallythat’s what 24 hours um you’re over 10 genuinely really remain doing what you’re doing and anyreally anyone that’s over 10 uh can i get eight more likes let’s do that any they aren’twitnessing each other anymore uh damn i got it yeah anytime i see someone truly over 10 um ithere’s really i would like you’re doing fine in my opinion you’re doing fine yeah that’s a crapcrap wire that’s why you’re not getting anything uh don’t you think the voc 18 inform will decreaseprofits since watches are restricted to 10 per daytime uh it will but i want evidences are great butyou miss more challenge and beacons you want to get them out as possible to get witness soif you got everything good there then you’re perfectly fine we’re going to take a lookat bermuda here um but also i think when they start getting rid of all the spoofers andall the people that are performing like like 450 helium a date oh god um oh yeah there’s so this one’s not shaping like in this area you’regonna be at the boon of those that are around you so you could have the most optimal setup that youcould possibly imagine and it’s going to be really really truly oh immense i gotta spam one oh thankyou very much for the five dollar super chat hope this helps a little i hate my heads lol yeah iappreciate it albert thank you so much it does it hoists my moods at least um so yeah unfortunatelyyou’re gonna be at the pity of all these other people’s setups because you could have the mostperfect setup and then if they don’t excellent if they do good good good job solid dave if they don’thave good setups and you’re not witnessing hey thanks for the 51 likes appreciate it um if theyou’re at their forbearance in order to be allowed to have excellent it’s gonna be line of vision but if they’ve got thesecrappy cables and they’ve got these behind windows and their triple pane windows behind trees and youjust can’t see them you’re at their kindnes i reached 10 hmt in two weeks not bad oh yeah you’re perfecton 10 hmt i’ll be between hot foggy iguana and let me participate oh it’s two over there okay so you’re gonnabe over here oh five dollars super chat super chat because work is ass yeah and the dream is toretire on youtube thank you very much uncle damn uh davin and the dream is to retire on youtube andto uh retire on crypto so thank you so much that truly necessitates a lot because i have to go and pickup trash here in a few minutes and i need to make sure i’m there and back before my partner needles[ __] i have to make sure i know what time she leaves all right i’m gonna stream for three moreminutes uh merely because now my whole daytime is ruined so if you guys have any other questionscomments or concerns i can’t even open my second white overhead damn it i still have to go atmilk anyway i think she’s working till four i think i might be okay i average about sevenh t a epoch with 16 miners that’s incredible that’s 140 a daylight i bid i have been able to do that sevenseven days a week damn i don’t want to end the series but i have to go work so don’t getfired yeah that’s awesome that’s incredible but yeah so i hope that answered your bermudaquestion uh really because of which phone is it okay excuse me i’m not able to port forward due toliving in a dormitory am i okay with simply being relayed uh some vox vos coin is relayed on one of hisminers and he’s freaking okay and it doesn’t make any sense to me uh but frankly you’reyou’re gonna be restrain yourself on a lot of pleasure you’re gonna be pumping out a lotof invalid evidences uh you’re really not going to be all right on relayed so frame antenna behindit glass space is not good no communicate is fine only three or four members of my 16 are port forwardedyeah but you’ll still get some spurious stuff any box intended recommendations for me in bermudayeah if uh what what do you what do you have what um what child is it gonna be because if you go tothe link in the description for um this torrent you can go to this site which also has the 5.8 anduh ooh rack form two coming soon you can get these outdoor containers which is awesome so you got abobcat um a bobcat outdoor excavation um enclosing and you have a rack outdoor enclosure you havea bunch of options here which is excellent i should get that mounting antennae that might bebetter to set it up i don’t know but yeah you’ve got a lot of cool alternatives now so definitelyclick on that tie and make yourself there learn what you can find thank you so much for your helpby the way yeah my pleasure utterly forwarding facilitates but not a huge amount i just got some goodnews that my air queeno will be ready for purchase send in quarter four which i theorize we areyep we are in the fourth quarter of 2021 now this is why we obviously are in our algorithm governancewhich is outstanding damn it i’m at 92 witness i want to made like 100 but i gotta go work sowell everyone that’s going to do it for me unfortunately i have to end this creek early uhi wishing i didn’t have to because i do have to go do some office nonsense big immense question real fasthow do you get the money out to finance if you live in the united states bobcat enclosurewas reviewed on the bobcat website not good can you check maggie misty um so yeah so how doi get the money out to finance like what do you convey like how do i get it out of my um heliumapp or like money it out oh how do you oh uh you i i use a vpn uh binance how does that work in theunited states so there is us.Binance but i have an original old-school binance account that i’mnot supposed to in the us but i use a vpn so um all right i’m gonna check one more justbecause unless there’s a super chat that pops up but i’m gonna check one morebecause i do have to go and it was misty croc uh lmr 400 i had the party laboratories 200 lmr at 15 hoofs do you yeah it is necessary to a 400 you obviously need the 400 um lmr4 00 cableyeah see you monday if i didn’t get to your um miner which i’m not experiencing this one um if ididn’t get to your miner don’t forget i will be is it misty yeah magic misty crocodile all right sothis is going to be uh good for pocv 11. where are you what do you got yeah you shouldbe good for a pov yeah you don’t even change a thing you’re already over 10. so i wouldn’tchange the thing at all man i wouldn’t mutate the thing rack is a coupon antennas implementation welcomeback 10 ticket code at checkout glees awesome i like that welcome back 10. Um see you next onei’ll give 25 and tell me if orientation is good okay this is the last one unless there’s anysuper chats this is the last one tangy scarlet phone’s blowing up that’s why it’s the last one geez louise all right so i am looking at tangycrimson bobcat magic misty you’re very welcome um no not a good location sadly it’s not uh becauseagain you’re now at the forbearance of these “if youre having” good setups they gape spoofy though thisone unquestionably appears spoofy looks like you’re on the outskirts of spoofers um but for yourlocation getting two in the past 30 days is better than getting nothing so that’s the only thingis that you just have a crappy location so anywho expressed appreciation for very much for meeting chaps i reallyappreciate it if you like you know like the creek subscribe turn on the buzzer notificationst-shirts and stickers and magnets for sale in the shop in the description ofthis video we do have this cool little uh small nerdy buster substance badge t-shirt and thenwe have the large-hearted nerdy buster nerdy buster material layout um we’re gonna drag it up here i didn’t i meanyou could buy thermoses if you require it’s oh it’s a sticker ha so we want to shop all products andyou can see that this is the logo and these are the t-shirt designs that you can choose from soif you guys want to get yourself in there to do substance t-shirt super appreciate it otherwiselike comment subscribe we’ll probably post a video tomorrow and then we’ll see you on a mondaystream i’m a price we’ll see you guys next time

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