What to do while you wait for your Helium Miner? – Earn Crypto while you wait!

are you sitting around waitingfor your helium miner to come in tired of precisely sucking brew while you wait around well you shouldn’t be because beer is deliciousand don’t you worry we’ve got only the thing that can occupy your time be profitable and help youwait while you wait for your miner stay tuned nerdy dude trash today’s brew of the day isa maple bacon pumpkin spiced red ale this is brought to you by oh fallon brewery out ofmaryland summits missouri this bad boy is 5.9 booze by volume and oh it’s a good oneit’s made with real pumpkin mashed into the malt but genuinely we’re looking at the smokedmalts that really bring out that bacon flavor i could virtually remove the pumpkin spice out ofthis and just say this is a bacon ale praises to you guys what’s going on everyone welcome back toanother video about bitcoin cryptocurrency and all that good trash if this is your first time on thechannel satisfy take a moment to consider hitting that subscribe button and turning on the bellnotification as we post videos weekly although it kind of seems like we’re doing daily right nowwhich is awesome because my work schedule strings up anyway large-hearted announcement for the direct we haveset and secured a date for our little orlando meetup we are looking at september the 22 nd that’sa wednesday at 8 00 p.m at paddy’s wagons irish saloon information and address in the descriptionbelow hopefully we can see you guys there if you plan to attend or you’re going to make it pleaseleave me a comment below that you will i might have a sign up sheet uh in a future video justto make sure that i’ve got a good head count on everyone but we will have a featured beer thatif you go up to our bartenders and say i would like a nerdy buster brew or a nerdy brew you willget one of the giraffe beers that i have selected at a rebate so hope to see everyone there solast night we were perusing reddit and we found something that really really piqued our interestright now we have been doing some solid numerals with helium mining with simply our two helium minersand we’ve been strongly envisaging going a third and a fourth miner for two other locationsthe only hindrance to that being is that we have a 20 week wait time bobcat says between 12 to 20 but right now a lot of substance is going to be a 20 week wait time i am looking for something thati can continue mining and continuing bringing material for and to continue passive income that’llhit us a little quicker and i located this article that i’ll show on the screen shortly inthe algorand subreddit which was awesome so let’s have a look and i too al goran pumpso let’s take a look at that price as well let’s climb to the monitor last-place nighttime algorandgot to a dollar eighty i was up until two in the morning watching this gush and i was superstatic i bought a nice few at a dollar twenty and formerly we rushed up i cashed out a littlebit exactly of profit to do what i am going to show you today so i’m unusually very excited for that weare currently sitting at a dollar 67 this is what we’ve been waiting for and we’re super excitedto see this price move before the government program starting at the end of this month startof september regardles let’s talk about why you guys are all now we’re all waiting for our heliumminers so in the interim i would learn some other styles that you could potentially originate some profitwhile mining in a same setup as a helium miner without needing to set up any antenna or anythinglike that you just have to set up a point at different spots if you plan on havingmulti cells like this we discovered this algorand subreddit post the other night saying algorandbased campaign planet watch approves brand-new low-cost 150 dollar breath excellence data miner will payfour dollars per day at the current token price before we jump into detail there the currenttoken price on planet watches token planets is is 17 cents really reticent of eighteen cents so if we goback to the article now they just had a big ama and they’re having another one todayseptember the 8th planet watch announcing that they are going to start allowing the awair aspect little temper or air aura sensor uh start mining and making the planet’s token now atthe current moment the planet’s token really isn’t work isn’t doing a whole lot you can go on to theplanet watch site and use it for like you know exchange it for goods and purchase permissions andwe’ll talk about that here in really a few moments and it currently isn’t technically allowed to be tradedin the u.s because it’s only listed on bitfinex but by the end of the month we will have a u.sexchange that we can actually trade the clue on or you are eligible to really use the vpn and you know trade itfrom there on and so forth because you do actually need some of the planet token for somethingwe’re going to talk about here in a moment so what exactly is planetwatch let’s go righthere planetwatch is uh an aura aspect observe and it’s a little tiny device and we can look at acouple of them here where the project is looking to help improve life and help improve the airquality around because it’s more of a ground level air sensor and it’s same to the helium networkwhere you get a couple of these sensors out into specific locations you get more coverage andyou’re going to be collecting this data and you’re going to be sending it off to planet watch andthen they are going to be rewarding you with countries around the world token they did government in their ama thateach uh each one of those air miners that i’m a minor i should say minor each one of the airsensor even though we are mining that they are putting out there will pay a daily frequency of 23 planet watch tokens so if we look at that we get 23 planet watch signs a daytime at the currentrate of 17 pennies and you’re looking at 3.91 pennies even if we want to be a little technological at thecurrent 17.5 that settles us over that four dollar a day range so right now these little minersand what i did i’m gonna demo you my screen “thats how i” bought this is the air or the awair constituent indoor air quality be taken to ensure that at the end of this month september will be available tomine or get rewarded those signs for smelling the quality of breath around it i purchased four of themyesterday i’m gonna put one at my home one of my in-laws house one at my father’s house and oneof my very close friends house to monitor the breeze character there you don’t need to set up an antennayou don’t need to do anything about placement all you need to do is set this little guy up with somewi-fi contacts well have two that are i was expecting to be here by now they said between2 and 6 p.m today and i was hoping to show it on video but when we get them we’ll do another videowith an actual unboxing and then i have another two coming in friday and i kind of got a littlei was able to cheat the system a little bit so they are right now currently available onamazon for 150 when i got obtained mine last-place darknes at some intellect didn’t qualify for next day shippingeven though i acquired the same exact two but when i got purchased two more this morning it was ableto qualify for shipping today between two and six so not exceedingly worried i’m getting two now and itdoesn’t matter because right now they aren’t going to be earning reinforces till the end of septemberso genuinely no surge but the most important thing is you don’t have to wait 20 weeks for one of thesebad boys and they are only 150 now i got four of mine and i various kinds of bought three got one forfree the nature i i did it earlier was i had a i was transferring some crypto i was transferringthe algo to my crypto.com card and it was taking some time to do that and so i discontinued up hopping onamazon on my portable machine while i was waiting for that transaction to go through and i looked upjust buying two flat out with fiat currency and then i saw that if i obtained two on the amazonprime reward credit card i was going to earn 150 knack poster on the spot to use so i was likeabsolutely my ascribe value is great i have no problem getting the amazon credit card i’ll justget it pay it and tell that thing be staying with like a five dollar offset on it or something or compensate mynetflix what not netflix that’s on credible.com wage my hulu on it or something justso i can have a good line of credit so i bought two of them with my amazon primerewards uh credit card i got 150 endow card on the spot i used bought two for 150 dollars and thenas soon as my crypto.com transaction went through i sold my algorithm profit over into the fiatwhich i topped up my crypto.com debit card with and i bought two more and i got ten dollarsin cro token money back now four for 450 dollars now if we’re looking at four dollars a dayfour dollars and 25 pennies if you were to buy four and not do the credit cards like i did then youwould be looking at you know a six hundred dollar investment part that by four times whatever fourtimes four would be sixteen so “youve had” four components reaching four dollars per day well 16. Dividethat by 16 you’re looking at a 38 -day break even point and then after that it is sheer profit andyou’re still waiting for helium miner but i will say that what the hell are you is first necessary to do because that’snot 100 accurate crowds right there on the screen formerly you get your sensors in and the government has othersensors on the planet watch site and everything and you can go to the air get aw air.com link aswell exactly to purchase these same thing i don’t know if these are coming in faster but amazon’sgot the same damn thing with two day shipping and they’re getting they’re in stock right now i knowin canada these are out of stock at the moment but whether you want to buy it on the official siteor amazon is completely up to you i like doing it on amazon because you could see it’s hereis the aw air store and amazon’s got some good backing if you don’t subsidize amazon or anythinglike that totally understandable but any who what we were looking at is when you actually getthe unit i have to go to the actual planet watch site when you actually get the unit you do needto get a license to go ahead and start paying those um those wages and have your sensor setup and you need to buy a license type four and this is where i believe you need either paypal orthe planet tokens which is more likely to do uh the planet tokens a one-year license you would haveto renew it each year is about forty dollars uh a two-year license is about i don’t know likesixty dollars or so in three years that countless so you do need to do this so i’d probably do atwo year so let’s just say it we do a one year and it’s 40 privilege we’ve got four cells we haveto buy four licenses so that’s 40 goes four which would contribute us 160 plus the 450 that wespent we’re gonna do another 150 just so it’s more accurate for you guys so right now for fourunits you guys if you do this again not fiscal advice or anything like that this is what i wantedto do to set this up it’s passive income 16 a daylight potentially with that token price potentiallygoing up on the algorand blockchain which is awesome i even forgot to i don’t think i showedthat if we go back to about us in the company and you read through their 60 page white paperthey have built this on the algorand system so with me talking about algorand and helium miningthis is something very similar to helium mining so why it’s just it really offsets impression for meto do this so anyway let’s jump back into our price stations now we’ll exactly pull up amazon so atthis moment technically if i didn’t have that 150 amazon endowment poster uh from putting it on myamazon remuneration primary credit card blah blah blah i would be in a 760 speculation for four members of theseunits they are currently attaining 16 a daylight or this is gonna be performing 60 a date unless that sign pricegoes up even more so we’re just going to be republican and say 16 a period we are now lookingat a 48 -day break-even point and anything after 48 dates is going to be pure 100 profit with theexception of once a year you’d have to spend forty dollars per permission unless you buy the two-yearlicense which i’ll probably end up doing that you’d be 160 divided among 16 again so it’d onlytake you a few weeks and three days to recover the permission rate every year that that expires so thatmeans you would have 47 so 48 365 divided among 48 365 minus 48 is going to equal 317 dates a year ofpure profit minus we’re going to say minus 10 to no no we’re right we’re right we’re right we’regonna just leave it that that then and we’re gonna multiply that by 16. So you’re looking atfive thousand seventy two dollars in pure advantage a year and that’s already that’s your net profitnot your gross that is your net with everything made out so i can leave a couple of linksin the description for you guys to go check these out there’s no affiliate or anythinglike that so unfortunately i don’t have a discount if you go on to the reddit or you goto planet watch i believe there is an actual 10 dismis that you can get if youpurchase it instantly from the awair locate getawair.com and you could get a 10 discounti could find that and berth in the description i don’t know but this is i’m particularly very excitedfor this i’m going to have four i’m gonna have them set up at late september they connectto wi-fi all you need is your algorithm wallet which you know we’ve got an algorithmwallet on our machine here i’ve already set up the planets uh token on my algorithm ohwe have a notification from the zone where is my oh it’s five stops away so we’ll remain tunedfor an unboxing video probably tomorrow uh but yeah so i already have the planets tokenadded to my algorithm purse now so as soon as everything comes fired up and i’m ready to goi’m going to direct my four miners to drop the planet’s clue wages into my algorithm minerhere on my phone and then we can look at moving that to one of the exchanges to take profit so i’mvery very excited if you guys have any questions notes or concerns this is a learning experiencefor me so i’ll be researching and learning and we’ll be going from there although you can leavea comment telegram discord twitter all that stuff and we are able to like do this and you know enjoy thisadventure together otherwise expressed appreciation for very much for watching delight like comment subscribe turn onthe bell notification hopefully we’ll see you guys at the orlando meetup in two weeks and besidesthat i’m opry’s we’ll see you guys next time you

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