WE’RE MAKING SO MUCH HELIUM!!! – HNT, Awair Element, & Deeper Network Mining Live!

so wow let’s get going let’s see make surenothing’s too loud here so that way doesn’t go too crazy get a littlebit of noise there for myself my goal is to dominate my area as well i likeit all right what’s going on everyone let me make sure that the camera angle is good herebecause every now and then based on when i film my videos the software is a little different sothat way we’re not too and then of course when i play diablo 2 resurrected sitting here atmy desk i always kick my camera so let’s nope that’s good all right i like that better allright let’s make sure we get the chat up we got the stream up my goal is to dominate my areanew firmware update this morning is messing up my earnings there’s no one really in my immediatearea so i’m putting a one at my place and another friend’s house who is just over 350 yards away nottoo bad hey from denmark what’s going on auto mr pisghettis i see you’re there thanks for the likejoker yup we got another witness all right if you guys were joining welcome welcome we stream everymonday so make sure you turn on that subscribe button and turn on the bell notifications tostay up to date i try to be what’s going on from germany i try to uh be around 2pm on mondaysi’m living for monday afternoon these days diablo 2 resurrected baby i got it for my switch andmy ps5 my computer out they can handle it so i just play classic d2 with lord of destructionon my computer here um i really wanted to carry my character over that’s not what you’re herefor also for those of you keeping track at home today’s beverage of the day it’s from resiliencethe american ale project of shilling beer company this i think is also based out yep this is basedbrood bottled in littleton new hampshire this is the comb over india pale ale seven percent alcoholby volume obviously we don’t need to comb over because we’ve got luscious baby beautiful lockssanta barbara back so here we go what’s going on santa barbara santa barbara vapor ah cheers toyou guys let’s just crack this bad boy open um yeah also in the link description in the link inthe in the description there’s a link to beer drop which is where we get most of our deliciousand tasty beers if you’re not here for the beer content i totally understand but it’s mything so if you want a beer drop like i do and get some good beers once a month subscription boxlink in the description check it out i officially downgraded my antennas finally all right would weuh would we um oh of course my sister sends me a flight itinerary when i start streaming whatdid we set it up from hi from switzerland man we’re going international maybe when we get up tolike 100 000 subscribers we could start doing some international meetup events uh oh yeah we hadthe meetup event last week which was a really really good time uh 10 people showed up we sataround at the paddy wagon irish pub i did about an hour i i did about an hour and 45 minute showuh where i just talked to everyone and we had some questions going in but we brought a laptopwe did a bunch of uh questionnaires we talked about the deeper network we talked about ourwear elements we talked about helium mining and from amsterdam there we go i got all three ofthose miners what’s the next one to get uh we are actually potentially a little sneak peek heregoing to be looking at mining mining i’m going to say that in quotes um mysterium just i want to seeif i could set it up on my gp my computer with the subpar gpus just to see what we’re lookingat it’s also one of those bandwidth sharing type things so we’re going to throttle backsome of our deeper network and then look at uh mysterium maybe get a raspberry pi to go fromthere i saw a video about it this morning which kind of had me interested but i don’t know howmuch i feel about sharing more bandwidth uh for 5.8 to 4 dbi as distance is low yeah i ivaguely remember your setup looking at so um welcome to the welcome to the streameveryone hit that like button um let’s see if we can get over 100 likes and 100 viewersonce again that really made my monday last week any and all super chat’s greatly appreciated we’regoing to get some miners going so if you guys if i haven’t looked at your miners before i know somepeople usually post comments a little bit later uh for me to look up their miners i told themmake sure you’re here hello from south florida thank you keep it up absolutely awesomei definitely will um i know that i i can’t really i don’t do a lot of minor look-ups uh during myoff-air time i try to save that for the stream and i want to entice people to come on to the streamto um to get going so a minor just went online near how long does it take for my transmit skillto update uh i have a feeling it will drop well how close were you so let’s look at mine here realquick because uh very very happy i popped on here after everything started coming back into umstarted coming back and you can cross reference these notes in previous streams but we got thislittle minor right here that popped up and i have a slight feeling that this minor right heremight be a viewer of the channel just because literally the day they popped up brandon a fewdays to a week is average yeah tart ash borer um a miner just okay yeah we’ll look at that herein just a second so yeah so this miner watching from new jersey ugh then you probably if you’re agiants fan you’re probably not happy with the hat as well so yeah this miner just popped up um it’svery interesting in the area that he popped up in because that’s a that’s a walmart up there and iknow that they’re building new construction and new housings back there so it’s really interestingto see that that is there now because i don’t think there’s any actual houses but this guyjust popped up and you can see already that we’ve already made the connection back and forth he’sonly been mining for about that september 22nd is when he got it it looks like everything’ssynced up and he got his first rewards on the 23rd so he’s been mining for about what’s going onmilan from vancouver he’s been mining for four days and already he has just been bouncingoff of me so just getting his placement in his setup he’s got an 8 dbi 43 meters inthe air i don’t know if 43 meters is um just nowhere it’s anymore i have no moreexpectations except daniel jones is not the answer and i really feel bad that saquon barkleyis going to be ruining his career with the giants uh but yeah so this is just a prime example ofhow setting up your miner is a fantastic uh it’s something you need to high prioritize because he’sgot if if this is true where he’s got his 8 dbi 43 meters in the air i’m sure it’s going to takeabout a week for him to start pinging off of other locations but pretty much since day one he hasbeen pinging off of me and we’ve been witnessing each other and it just really goes to show thatthe witnesses around him he’s only got me because we have optimal antenna placement here in theattic of my house so i really don’t need to move my antenna outside anymore where he is not hittinganyone up here just like i’m not hitting anyone up there so it’s really optimal to have that goodantenna placement now if we look at my antenna or if we look at my helium miner here since we’vebeen back online look at what we’re hitting we are hitting everything now we are really really happywith our attic placement we’ve got 29 kilometers 37 kilometers we’re still hitting across the lakehere which is 43 kilometers i’m really glad that me and this person keep talking pretty much withevery uh witness and every beacon that we sent out dtla checking in over here down yeah therewe go all right so we got a minor to look at um tart ash borer let’s take a peekbefore we go back to ours tart ash borer and this is kind of what the show is all aboutyou guys post your reminders in the yeah right you guys post your miners in the chat and we’llpull them up as much as possible now i talked to my wife yesterday and she was asking me whatthe next potential meetup event is going to be and if we get to um i think if we get to 25 000subscribers i might actually do a meetup event um in california just because most of the timewhen i’m streaming i get a lot of people in the california area requesting me to especially outon the coast like santa monica i know we had a bunch la we had a bunch so we might do a tripout to la that way my wife and i can go to disney anaheim and then we can also go to uh universaland um we haven’t been to california adventure in a while so we want to go there so wemight do another meetup event when we hit 25 000 subscribers out in california now iwill be a super youtube beggar and say hey help with super chats and help with settingeverything oh you just got started yeah this guy just got started two days ago and he’s startingto ping off really well uh 2.65 meters in a year absolutely so yeah if we come to la we mightlook at some crowd funding on the airfare and uh don’t worry about the hotel because my wife hassuper cheap discounts and i actually have super cheap discounts with my company as well so wemight do the next meetup event in california we’ll just go like freaking east coast to west coastman and then um i’ll have to find a location so probably rent a little meeting space at a hotel umall right so we got some miners to start looking at now if i fall behind remember super chats getyou to the front of the line all right i’m just gonna put that there make sure if you super chatyou put your minor name in the super chat that way i can see it i will stop all that i’m doing andi will go and look at your miner just so that way i can keep track of that as well again we aretwo for we got two first here in la so you’ve got yours going for in 30 days i don’t know ifyou maybe had any issues last week or if you’ve been up for much longer but you’ve got sinceseptember 3rd you’ve got uh six helium 110 not too bad what’s going on united kingdom how are you uh5.8 good placement you’re just in a very saturated area so your transmit scale is down also maxwitnesses max 10 witnesses down from 25 yeah it’s like but if you’re hitting them at least you’regoing to still get all the numbers so that’s yeah the witnessing does kind of suck but it’salso maybe to reevaluate with their tokenomics especially after they having so that way we’re notgoing to be running out of helium anytime soon i think we have what a 223 million helium market capso that’s not too bad he’s not too bad all right silly myrtle goose we’ll keep that up thereso give us a second um you making 24 helium in the past 30 days you have a 0.82 transmitscale you’re rocking 8 dbi 6 meters above the air i wouldn’t do a thing man you’re gettingsome good signal you’re getting some good touches looks like you might have had a little bit ofthe brain fart that we all did with our helium or our bobcats but for your return of 3.56at the current price that’s not too bad i wouldn’t change a thing there just keepkeep rocking what you’re doing there yeah quality over quantity is honestly the wayto go so if you if you’re only getting 10 witnesses and they’re good witnesses i wouldbe happy with them absolutely calm tweed eagle eagle all right we’re going to pa bounce all theway back now keep track of the listing here hey if you’re new to the channel please take a momentconsider hitting that subscribe button also uh hit the like on the stream let’s see if we canget the stream up to 100 likes again that just made my week last week uh brother with the calmtweet eagle you were doing the best that you can you were in a primo spot you’ve got a four dbisix meters up i wouldn’t change a thing just because of your surrounding area you’re lookingat 25 helium in one month i can’t somehow fix my transmit scale transmit scale is really nothingthat you’re gonna be able to fix um calm tweet eagle i do you need to get off of relayed if youget off relay i’m sure you would see more numbers because i’m sure there’s some traffic that’sgetting stopped at the door we’ll just use easier terms so that way you can get a little bitmore and you get some more pinging and incoming activity as well so all right what are we on calmtweet eagle up next tangy teal boa tangy teal boa i gotta stop hit enter teal boa there wego we’re going to the netherlands boom the netherlands sinks all rightyou getting some good hits too i mean you guys are rocking it way betterthan me so i wouldn’t even worry about it cal chip connected device 1.2 uhmaybe update your antenna information didn’t you say that one um can’t somehow fixthem no no no no no netherlands sync yep there you go so yeah make sure you get your um yourantenna it’s not that it’s going to affect you too much but based on your antenna if you’vegot a 5.8 um probably get yourself stuff in a little bit more in the area but you’re making someseriously good money you’re making some seriously good helium um what’s next silly myrtle goosesilly myrtle goose let’s take a look going to dc going to dc sub optimal transmit scaleyeah looking at the area i checked out hot spotty but one miner is too close yeahso your transmit scale is gonna be bad here with um silly myrtle goose because even thoughyou potentially have one miner in your area like i don’t know what hot spot what it’s saying oneminor is too close also it might be too close within the the grand scale of things too um idon’t know what hotspot he said but remember sometimes grids like this are broken down soif you do this area right here it might say 27 miners or you know the the maximum they want ifthey do like this area surround this area as well and then they might say um 70 miners is sub iswhat they want you already need to subtract 27 from that 70 and then you’ve got these big honkersthat are also going to bring that transmit scale and then you can potentially zoom out a littlebit more and you start seeing these other 12 these other 12s so it looks like you got a lotof high rises with a bunch inside so really to improve it yeah it’s just going to tell you on hotspotty and where you’re going to want to move it that’s just what i’m seeing here you cankind of start seeing the grids and stuff yeah that’s what you’re seeing with all theseminers so you’ve got this one little grid right here based on how you start zooming out and thatgrid let’s see if it’s going to give us a number yeah see this is a separate grid which thisisn’t too bad for this grid but it looks like the larger grid is really what’s going to starthurting you so maybe this grid right here where you’re located is saying that one two three fourfive six seven eight nine ten like they’re good for 15 but then the one out here is only sayingwe’re good for like 50.You know we’ve already got 15 down then you got to start counting allthe other ones in that area there so that’s the only issue you’re going to have there um but withyour 30 day and with all that congested traffic and you’re still bringing in 135 i mean 135 amonth isn’t too bad at all and that’s just your first starting 30 day because you haven’t evendone a true full 30 days if you just started and got your first rewards on september 4th nottoo bad um i checked out this brief fleece wait sheep going back to cali yeahprobably do a meet-up event cali i don’t know what advice you want from me i thinkit’s supposed to be max 9 dbi according to helium website yeah they’re going to start looking at maxof the 9 dbi just to go into coordinates like us like air traffic laws and all that shenanigansand blah blah blah um so you can get some like eight directionals and stuff and point themout at places briefly ship witness 140 yeah look at that witness all the way down into laman that’s awesome that is awesome 102 viewers guys thank you very much if you haven’t hitthat like button please consider hitting that like button let’s see if we can get a nice bigjump to 50 likes here in the next minute or two that’d be really really appreciated let’s geta couple of subscribers out of it because we do the stream every monday what do you guysthink about 8 dbi indoors if your 8 dbi is indoors it’s not terrible as long as you have itas high as you possibly can and away from windows the only time that you would be okay to leave itnear a window is if that’s a direction that you really don’t care if your signal is bouncingback into your house all right we’re going to germany going to have ourselves some heffavisons uh hot spotty show and nine witness only however helium explorer showing 25which one is accurate i would go with the um it might be just showing the witnesseson hot spotty that are giving you the rewards cause i’ve gotten some good witnesseson um thanks alfred soto i appreciate it um all right so what are we looking at here fivein the past 30 days you’re you got great placement considering all this stuff is around you soyou’ve got a nice easy 1.0 transmit scale um 5 dbi 15 meters up you have a nice setup you’reif you’re 15 meters up and you have everything out there you should be doing pretty solid all myminers do almost the same rewards daily regardless of witness yeah if all your miners are makingwhat two three helium a day come on man would you recommend 5.8 or 8.0 dbi antenna for ruralarea mostly flat some tree line in the way and barely any high rise uh what’s going on daily mintexplorer tells total yeah the explorer will tell your total all right so we are on small tortillawhat’s after small tortilla um tart lavender tart lavender horse tart lavender horse if you guys have gotten like if youwatching the [ __ ] if you watch the show and you guys haven’t got your minor in do you kindof feel like you’re about to crack open a fresh pack of like pokemon or magic gathering tradingcards to see what kind of name you get like if you get something like really cool like you knowfuzzy hairy beaver like you’re like oh man i gotta i got a foil that’s awesome um get yourself offa relay that’s a big issue so you’ve got some optimal transmit scale it’s not not the worst at.65 at least your rewards aren’t being halved out but get yourself off a relay open those damn portsyou’re looking at a 1.2 dbi i would get yourself a 5.8 dbi and put that sucker up as high as youpossibly can maybe in an attic like i am because you don’t want to nuke out your device and thenyou should be able to start clearing all this stuff around you and maybe even a couple up hereand down here would surprise you so tart lavender get yourself up a little bit i think it’s supposedto be my blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah way to go man nice woolant eater nice wool farts nice wool ant nice woollien trying to keep i’m trying to keep uptrying to give you guys at least like 30 seconds of time instead of like you know going too crazyyes can’t wait for my miner to get the name yeah right isn’t that cool uh mine are all coming onfebruary 22nd february 2022 jealous of you guys i have 16 bobcats plugged in waiting on 17 on 17nebras batch 4.Hey if you want to donate a couple of those to your friendly neighborhood nerdy dudei’d be more than happy to accept some uh 5.8 up high in the air uh why aren’t you getting anythingwhat’s going on with you like 5.8 20 up you should i would get yourself a directional get yourselfa smaller directional and aim it out this way go over here that might help you justget it away from windows get it going um do we got orbital golden rat orbiting goldenrat golden that’s like a holographic shiny name that’s not a bad one all right going to virginiahey buddy fellow youtuber here love your content on algorand please do some more would love tocollab with you someday yeah crypto frazier i actually will be doing a lot of algorithm contentcoming in the next four days that’s not bad just today alone you’re making one your make1.143 let’s take a look at your seven days 165 in a week and it looks like you just gotstarted so um orbiting gold and rat not too bad man good hits definitely some good hits umhey buddy yeah so crypto fraser we’ll be doing some algorithm content here in the nextfew days uh if you guys haven’t hit that like button we’re at 46 likes let’s get to 50.let’s get to 50 and then get the [ __ ] to five come on get schwifty yeah it’s 50 hollow cloudrhino hollow cloud rhino going to denmark nerdy dude stuff question should you overestimatethe dbi like if you’re antenna 7dbi but the cable eats 2dbi would you tell the app 9dbi now iwould leave it as it is oh you’re good don’t even listen to anything i have to say to you justget yourself out of relay your rewards will go up when you making that much yeah chan boughtthem all in april did well with safe moon and cashed out spent almost 20k heliumminers yeah and that 20k is paying you back that 20k is definitely paying you back uhwhat happened with rough rainbow camel you know what happened with rough rainbow campbellis i probably lost track of it you guys can see how they’re starting to fly a little bithey we got the 50 likes thank you very much yeah you can see i’m losing track of themso if you guys plop it in the holy crap what did you do you just went bonkers on a day didyou get like a consensus group that we don’t even know about anymore look at that one day in oneweek you’ve gotten 75 helium so if you just got started you’re just showing off at this point manget yourself out of relay but eat that transmit scale eat it that’s awesome i can’t get my routerto get off relayed work internet and no access no idea yeah i mean the best is to try to getin there with the ip address and open up ports four four one five eight uh spartan tartansparkly tartan monkey gotta few check the wallet sparkly chart and monkey going to united kingdom yeah hit that thumbs up button thank you thankyou thank you thank you come on load it load it right do i already start doing sparkly tartanmonkey now there we go okay 1.2 in a day in a week 22 in 30 days just got yourselfstarted back on about september 7th to get your first rewards on september 8th and you got1.91 in your first day that is fantastic man cool infrared poodle we’llkeep going cool infrared poodle well we’ll stick over here inthe uk oh you guys like neighbors if you guys are like neighbors it’s awesome gohave a drink together meet at the local pub um yeah everyone’s just gotta get off a relay it’sa slow day for you so far that’s a slow day slow week all right are you next to a windowhow’s your internet is dropping out your relay status is hurting you so camelis the fishy minor the wallet has a few more fishy miners uh what was it it wasthe fishy one you said uh rough rainbow rainbow camel let’s see minneapolisminnesota oh yeah especially when you’re sitting there looking at atransmit scale 0.7 and they’re getting a thousand yeah oh yeah we already looked atthis one all right so let’s go look at the uh the wallet sheesh if i was making those kind of numbers that is super fishy just to jump up to 107 in oneday come on man you ain’t fooling anyone with that wow yeah those are a little funky what a jumpon all these i mean that’s kind of like if he’s hacking bad on you but if he’s not hacking thenuh man hey man i meant tart lavender horse from utah not cali thanks again uh yeah i heard aboutthe spoofers yeah the spoofers are gonna ruin it for everybody tart lavender oh my god i’mlosing it where’d it go start lavender horse telling you man you want to get to the topof the line send out those super chats with your miner name 0.06 transit scale 0.65 5days 30 days ouch that hurts a little bit that hurts a little bit whatare you rocking on that one still not in the right areaam i tart lavender horse tart live horse from utah not cali thanks againtart lavender there’s gotta be is there more tart lavender horses there are look atthat oh [ __ ] okay yay uh well if you just got started uh mine is trash what can ido calm state beaver tricky cream barbell um careful pineapple halibut please check i have12 dbi directional but still not good uh your 12 dbis are probably gonna be really throttlednow cool infrared poodle message me i’ll help you i live five minutes away uh check out uh myplane lace newt all right so yeah if you just got um give yours about a week though butmake sure you get it off a rally your transmit scales pretty well four dvi sixup yeah if if that’s if those numbers up there are definitely accurate give yourself aweek to really get the numbers that you need uh mary mary red gibbon let’s see abu dhabiabu dhabi baby oh you’re good don’t even bother you don’t even need any advice for me and allof them with no witnesses just a lot of beacons yeah the the 12s right now they’re probablygonna start saying invalid look glorious carol pecan pio yeah might change the way cheatersdo their thing double the i wouldn’t have it don’t have one miner going to two antennasyeah mary red gibbon don’t do a thing man you’re you’re good you’re golden yougolden beautiful transmit scale all right perfect uh the next one i see is a trickycream barbell we’re going to scotland again you’ve got some solid numbers you’re gettingall these witnesses 10 is going to be the max 267 you got 40.I’m doing it please id appreciate ifyou could look at mine i’m looking at it right now yeah i you’re you’re golden man um because you’regetting some solid numbers if you only have one one of these do do hickey thingamabobs you’vealready pretty much gonna be breaking even and within two months within 60days so that’s stellar good job good job uh one hnt a day oblong hemp beetle glorious gara pelican you’re welcome scott 1.22 today 6.795 in a week16.422 in 30 days you’re good i wouldn’t change the thing 8 dbi 8 meters up you’re hittingeverything you want to hit you’re definitely clearing across the water that’d be awesome ifyou get hit right here like what is that is that like albatross is that the rock sit right therethat’d be cool waiting on my three bobcats dude by november november it’s not too bad it’s rightaround the corner i can think of some worse things that you could be waiting for for novemberall right next we’ve got square chili hornet square chili all right go to ohio glorious caribou uhanyone in the uk needing help message me and i’ll help with anything i can relate installson the roof anything blah blah blah blah yeah that looks legit one hnt a day is pretty good buddyone ht is glorious a day um any tips thankful for another handful um synced you’re getting5.5 a month not too bad get yourself out of relay and you’ll do better so square chili hornetget yourself out of uh relay uh skinny cloth yeti should i relocate west palm beach no wouldthat transmit scale no anything under like if i mean if you can get i i’d be okay did you say tonot play sent yeah don’t place your antenna near your window don’t listen to vos coin when he saysput your antenna up in an attic and near a window even though he’s making 15 a week it’s 100[ __ ] those signals getting refracted back into the house he’s definitely got somekind of connection where helium’s got his addresses and they’re pumping helium tohim to get him to sell more units and stuff don’t do it um yeah your relay’s fine eightpoint point eight three is okay you’re only losing 17 of the potential rewards but look at therewards that you’re getting per day 0.26 0.1 0.24 you got one minor i’m happy with two miners ifi can get .5 a day so that makes me very happy uh let’s see do you think height matters on apiyes height absolutely matters because remember these are line of sight type devices so theywant to make sure they see each other uh sorry from i am falling behind here guys um skinnycloth yeti we got that one suave myrtle waters walrus walrus suave split threat suave myrtlewalrus hit that late guys let’s see if we get to 100 likes now we got the 50 which iappreciate your transmit scale sucks but that’s just the area that you’re in uhyou’re still sinking or you are sinking um probably because they push some stuff throughyou haven’t got anything the past 24 hours maybe try you’ve been singing for the last 17hours unplug your device let it sit for about 20 minutes and plug it back in that’s what i wouldprobably say with that one hopefully that was your question oh well moving on got a lot calm stalebeaver i’ll definitely always look up a beaver shambolic lipstick shellnow we spell beaver er herp come on com steal beaver uh so where doyou put your antenna if not by window as high as you can in your house and up so my house my my personal house i have two ihave two miners and we’re not loading so we’ll try that later um i have two personal minersso we’ll talk about mine here and before we start going back to advice because i lost trackand we’ll just start at the bottom of the list and i’ll keep going from there and tell someoneentices me wink wink nudge nudge um where am i all right so this miner right here which is doingreally really are all minor rewards down about 50 no actually my miner today has been up i’m reallyhappy with mine today so normally my miner let’s look at the past seven days in the past seven daysit’s been sitting at like .39 i mean we all also went to the bobcat shenanigans but like the 22nd0.13 then we had only 0.07 and then we got .30 and then this guy right here put his miner up uh checkmy place and then i recently put a 10 outside doing horrible um and then we started jumping sonow that we’ve got home dude right above us and we’re pinging off of him because these thank youdefinitely so this guy this guy i think i don’t know about this guy right here but he obviouslylistened to my advice and watched some of my videos this guy i know watched my videos he lefta comment about it unless it’s one of my buddies trolling me but he left a comment about it andhe’s been getting all the witnesses and then of course this one is me so my miner right here thisis up in my attic and it’s about um eight meters high because i have 19 foot vaulted ceilingsand then on top of that i have about another four feet up until my roof so i put it up ashigh as i could on a little beam and a banister and it’s been like popping everything out so ohi’ve seen careful pineapple halibut a few times i’ll go ahead and look um my other miner downhere is outside external but i think that one’s not doing as well because it’s slightly tilted soi think the signal’s going like so we do have to readjust that one unfortunately the antenna that ihave for or the antenna amount that i have for it doesn’t adjust any doesn’t adjust any better andthat’s just unfortunately the way that it is so we are working on getting that one better 2.6 ina week what’s going on emil how are you brother i you’re just in a shitty area i mean the onlything you need is just to get some more miners in your area um so you could have the best placementand you’re hitting everyone so maybe these people have good line of sights because you’re sickyou’re 13 meters in the air with a 6 dbi so that tells me all these miners that you’rehitting for your witnesses have good line of sight directly to your miner unfortunately the onesthat you’re not hitting are just dingleberries that leave their miners plugged in next to awindow because they watch vosscoin and don’t watch him put antennas up and out or you know he justsays put it in a window and they go from there unfortunately you’re just not going to hit themno matter what you do you’re just not going to hit these people unless you have before but if youhaven’t it’s because they don’t have a good line of sight to your minor even though their minormight be right here it’s probably sitting behind a window behind a wall behind a tree which then it’sjust not going to do its thing so unfortunately that’s the problem there uh all right what’snext okay thank you experiment can you look at my minor please because they are not doing numbersi was expecting please look at droll zinc shark interesting thing about zinc itry to take that as a supplement it makes me nauseous for like an hour and a half you’re rallied um but you’regetting some good witnesses your transmit skills kind of actuallynot rally it’s just your transmit scale uh let’s see what you’ve done in the pastseven days not too much last 24 hours do you have more is it that’s just the one youjust have the one so i mean it’s not terrible it could be worse you’re making 3.7 in a day justgrab it hold it grab it hold it grab it hold it all right what’s next thankful vanillahamster thankful vanilla hamster on the netherlands gotta take zinc with food brahyeah helps build that natural testosterone bruh i do i do it just makes me so nauseous usuallyi would take it with uh my protein shakes um back when my wife and i were doing likeprotein shakes i don’t do protein shakes anymore i should since i’ve been working out you knowfor the past year but um it looks like you just have to work out some kinks and kind of getgoing like you have good days man you’ve got good days you’re almost making one a day that’sawesome back to calm slate beaver thank you comms i knew i was i need i needed to do one morethat just wasn’t loading back to com slate beaver 70 likes 30 more to go so if not a window anywherein the house it’s clear line of sight through the windows yes technically you’re right it’s clearline of sight but the windows will refract the signal so your signal is just going to be bouncingoff and it’s great they could see each other but unfortunately the the antennas don’t work withlike cameras or anything they only work with uh like low-raw signals and those low-res signalsare bounced back from glass so if you’ve got double pane it’s gonna it’s gonna bite you in thebutt if you’ve got triple pane don’t even bother i would just unplug her and don’t do this butunplug your antenna at that point so beaver you’re getting some good stuff you’re getting somegood pingage 5.86 meters up no you’re all right you just might be in a shitty area i mean it’s notno fault of your own it might be bad line of sight it might be a few dingleberries let’s see if thesedingleberries around you are getting anything well they’re getting a little bit funny smokedterrier i thought you’re laughing at a joke so they’re getting each other and they’re rockinga 2.3 but if you look at his if you look at this dude’s witnesses he’s not getting anything behindhim so you’re behind him and that means that he’s got his placement here and he’s got maybe maybehis sitting in a window and it’s refracting all the signals do you think a miner with 32g and 4ddrram will affect the mining capabilities no the only what that will do for you um which is alsowhy i like bobcats is it increases the speed time of the blockchain updates and the um otas theyput out white height and db antenna can reach 30 plus miles uh honestly um a 5.8 mine is like isaid mine is a 5.8 meters in the air and we’re reaching some serious distance uh otherwiseyou’d want like a directional a completely flat obedient ivory haddock please i bought 8db antenna for electric zinc and chinchilla and a 12 db antenna for my other miner the antennashaven’t arrived yet would you buy them on rack we got to sit up my neck is killing me so lookat my minor here and let’s look at witnesses when it loads funny smoked terrier caught my eyes i’m gonnalook at that well if you’re not gonna load there you go look at those that i’m hittingthis guy out here i hit him consistently and he’s at 43 kilometers away from me let’s goto the witness list 29 kilometers 43 kilometers 900 meters which is keen daffodil right next tome uh 20 kilometers 37 kilometers and i have a 5.8 rack which you can purchase in the descriptionof this video or the stream up eight meters in the air and you also want to make sure that you havea good quality uh cable which i have an lmr400 brought to you by usacoax.com all rightwe’re looking at funny smoke terrier funny smick turrier great spot you got a lot around you you making8.8 wouldn’t do a thing i wouldn’t change a thing um you might i don’t know you know becauseit doesn’t show like anything recent but you might be having it in a weird placement to whereyou’re not getting anything behind you so like you know well that’s not what i wanted to do iwas going to draw another wiener um so let’s go here so if this is like let’s just say this isyour house and like your your antenna sitting right here and there’s like you know frenchdoors and double glass window it’s refracting a good chunk of your signal so it looks like somestuff is squeaking out which is why you have like these lines here squeaking out to get there butlook at all this that you’re not getting out versus the other side sorry if you guys are ondiscord i see the notifications going off i’m just i haven’t looked at it yet um but look at all ofthese like this is like you just grab a handful of dry spaghetti before you throw it into a pot andget it boiling so that’s that’s pretty attractive right there hey we made a jellyfish all rightcool what’s next uh funny magnificent crimson bird any advice make sure your internet’s goodand you leave power on at your house magnificent crimson blackbird that’s a good questioni don’t know what the frequency is sierra what do you think about celticminor any idea i haven’t really seen much with it um if you just got setup and this is within the past 30 days give yourself like a fulllike month before you really you have 4 dbi 11 meters upyeah you’re good uh maybe where are we at okay maybe consider jumping into the 5.0with a 5.8 by rack and getting that outside we’re gonna buy a h and t minor in eu youthink plant watch is better alternative for helium i absolutely do at the momentthe reason why is because you plug it in direct it and make sure the internet’s goodyou’re making 23 planet watch tokens a day and if they’re sitting at i don’t know if they’reat today but uh we can see what they’re at we’re gonna take a brief moment to look at planettokens we’re gonna branch away from the helium all right so that 29 cents right now yeah it’s becausethe cool thing about the deeper network not deeper the cool thing about planetwatch and the um awareelements is that you can just set it and forget it you don’t have to do all this like antennaplacement and making sure that you know you’re in like primo locations so on and so forth whatdo you think about healthy commander already did that kind oh this is carib did you thank youvery much for the super chat brother did you have a five dollar super chat first one ofthe day do you have a minor did you send me a minor let me make sure you didn’t this is karibestrong i knew i had to find it i knew it i knew it if you could super chat with the name of yourminer in the super chat that would help me a lot so i don’t have to go flying through i’m getting0.01 a day with da da da don’t understand why okay so that’s your question yeah so i reallyreally do appreciate the super chat there um so you’re getting 0.1 a day when you’vebeen getting 0.2 0.17 you’ve got some witnesses yep i got you exactly baby set it and forget iti’m down for planet watcher yeah i’ve got four locations for it i’ve got friends and familythat’ll keep an eye on it um all right so sorry first time ever super chat no noabsolutely man i definitely appreciate it it just it really helps like flag it so i could seeit and then of course you know you’re tipping for a service wow look at the congestionof this like i imagine this is not what they ideally wanted when they put out thisnetwork like look at some of these like 30 20 28 um really your only issue is your transmitscale just because of how congested what are you on the island yeah yep it’s just you’re supercongested just because of all the stuff around you um let’s see how many are in your actual hex youonly have three in your hex which isn’t too bad um but you’re just like super congested man uh iwouldn’t change what you have for your antenna uh if you have if you got a sense cap 1.2maybe look at getting like a 4.0 would do you well just put it smack dab in the middleof your you know flat or whatever you’ve got uh when can i hook up my aware with planet watchso they’re not doing it yet but probably within the next four or five days we should have itup and going so i really really i’m gonna be very excited for that i’m a ham radio operatori ask because frequency matters for some reason wow that’s such a mess right isn’t that crazylike let’s see where that 31 is where’d it go oh my god it’s like fine 48 let’s look at 48.48miners in this here you’ve got in a 30-day scale you’re very welcome and uh if zinc is making younauseous make sure you eat a meal 20 minutes okay that’s my problem thanks max so that’s my problemi usually take my zinc when i would have a protein shake and it’s at the same time but i have neverdone it 20 minutes before i ate um i’ve never done it 20 minutes after i ate so i should absolutelydo that because i do i do want to start taking some zinc supplements again because i want tobulk up a little bit more um now that i work out pretty much five days a week but even with thistransfer scale on this guy at 48 there’s still 7.33 in 30 days let’s look at what you got can youcheck out itchy denim raccoon yeah i guess i could thank you for the feedbacks my pleasure point zerosix transmute scale yeah but this dude’s got one minor seven that’s not bad for being so congestedall right what’s next itchy denim raccoon raccoon i’m adding raccoon like dragonball z in there whoops can you force denim let’s learn to spell nerdydude where am i i’m lost denim i am raccoon all right guys hit that like button weare 20 away from 100 likes hit it touch it hit it oh you’re just like alone i’m so rory insideand around nothing much you can do down there in the keys just stay safe during hurricanes you’regetting everything just that’s your area sorry man such a waste of miners up there someonehas a hop and a few of those open spaces yeah this is interesting to see you don’t havethe witnesses behind you but it could be that you have like windows refracting and then people backthere but just you know stay safe in hurricanes uh i order mine in when is it comingi don’t know i’m not a distributor and i’m not sure and i don’t know whereyou ordered it or anything starfish going cali got a where to yeah where will behere like i got mine same day um okay you’re honest you’re in an area that’s a little similarto mine you’re getting that nice distance there in the past 30 days uh look at london where there are90 plus miners in a hexagon why are there so many you’re aware is coming in may holy balls myfriend or that’s when you ordered was in may would you order nebra yeah you’re just ina situation for your last 30 days where oh 14 more likes guys hit that like button umyou’re probably just in a situation i would get a directional aim down look at deeper networkwhat do you want me to look at deeper network for um the only reason if i switch over to the deepernetwork while i’m streaming it’ll cut out the internet feed just because i have to switch overto my other router i can look it up on my work computer if you guys want to hear the numbers ordo you just want to know what the token price is at the moment let me know what that is it betterto place your miner outside in an outdoor exposure or is it inside just as effective so the realthe common answer there would be um the shorter like cable that you can run the shorter lmr 400 or600 cable that you can run to um your antenna the better so if you’re in a situation where you’renot too hot outside and you do have an external enclosure for it and you can run a longer ethernetcord out to your miner and then run like a three foot like cord to your antenna and your antennais going to be placed like 25 feet in the air to where like thieving you know mofos can’t grabit or anything like that absolutely but like here in florida i really don’t want to put my mineranywhere on the outside because it’s gonna get a it’s gonna be beamed on and b um porch pirates area thing and now with all this stuff popping up hey can you please check my bobcat ruff mojave wombati’m in the netherlands yeah give me a second um you know i don’t want like porchpirates then be come like you know mast flyers and go up on my roof and uhtake my device especially since you know as i start growing on youtube people mightdrive around the general vicinity of my complex and be like oh there’s an antenna that’sobviously where nerdy dude lives so anonymity and anonymity whatever that word is is key um yourlocation that’s about it uh 5 6.0 11 meters in the air you’re doing what you can that’s not bad adamgrizzly with the five dollar super chat all right hold the phone let’s see if he sent me in the pastfew minutes a adam grizzly where is your miner or are you gonna send there we go so no windowtime to move antenna um i think i already looked up your miner then if i answer that question rightlet’s see if you sent me a question not yet adam grizzly baby five dollar super chat thank you verymuch i appreciate it nine more likes to go as well okay so if you don’t know the frequency ofhelium transceiver what is the length of antenna the length my 5.8 length antennais um about three feet long not like so this is uh the claimed shambolic lipstick shellthere you go drop and everything for adam grizzly shimbolic shambhala reminds me of uncharted 2.Uh what’s good way to find directional antennafor a sense cap um just go on rack so the link in the description of the stream eight morelikes come on guys um all those antennas just look at what the connections are and makesure that you get a uh coax cable to meet that so we are going to let this load move while wewait because we’re looking up atom grizzlies so this claimed that it was a 10 dbi omnidirectionalantenna and it’s very clearly not this is about a 3 dbi really really cheap shitty made one nowit’s just a fancy back scratch so i can like play around with it on video this one’s like a footlike maybe 15 to 18 inches i don’t know is it definitely more than a foot i will give it thatuh have you heard of threefold token mining not yet have you tried the new five dbi rack antennai have not hello deventer netherlands hello emil uh what do you think of ambitious all rightso we are looking at adam grizzly here adam grizzly 30 days 7.6 not to buy it my friendnot too bad for dbi antenna 6 meters up this is hey nerdy dude bro i’m in cancun mexico what doyou think tequila um maybe get yourself a 5.8 so that way you can get all this get your 5.8 put itup in your attic and make sure that wherever it is in your attic it’s like you know so for example inmy attic my um make sure i can see this on camera in my attic you know i’ve got the supportbeing here and then i’ve got my antenna um pretty much supported on the support beam so ireally don’t expect a lot of signal to be bouncing back off this way so everything’s going out thisway so if you want to really make sure you hit i don’t know why i’m putting it at the screenyou’re not going to see that that’s stupid of me so if you want to make sure that youhit we’ll just draw a pretty picture so you put your support beam up and you putyour antenna right here let’s change colors just so you can see it black pen so this isyour antenna right here that way you can go just like that that’s what you want to do sothank you very much adam grizzy for the super chat oh 101 likes thank you everyone thank you veryvery much if you haven’t subscribed to the channel please consider hitting that subscribe buttonwe’re gonna go from there so all right and then you guys saw that if i’m missing your um ifi am missing your handsome caramel zebra i live in an apartment ground floor just got mybobcat what’s the best way to set it up well plug it into your wall and then you get a paperclip and you turn it onto pairing mode and then you download the helium miner app on your phoneand then you sync it and then you want to make sure that your let’s say you have a bookshelffrom the very middle on like a wall put it at the top of that bookshelf with the antenna ashigh as you can on top of that bookshelf away from windows and let it hang out that’s probablythe best way you’re gonna be able to do it um i was gonna look at him yeah there we gohandsome caramel zebra guttenberg new jersey if that’s your numbers in the first30 days since you’ve gotten your setup just sucks at your transmit scale the way it isbut you’re in that congested area man look at that we still have the 48 highlighted right beneath usyeah you’re in that congested area my suggestion to you personally is if you have friends or familyoutside of jersey or a little bit farther away um get it over there like it’s easy in cancunmexico i’m going to be kind of lonely wolfer lol yeah unfortunately what directional antennado you recommend um i have to reevaluate that especially with the uh the povc 11 or whatever itis just because the 12d the 12 directional antenna on rack i was going to recommend and try thatyeah away from windows yes you’re very welcome don’t listen to uh vos coin get them away fromwindows uh i want to reach boston yeah dunkin donuts let’s get some lobster tom brady wentto goat and he went to tampa to [ __ ] that guy let’s go mac jones um what are we looking at yeahso you get your get out get out from the city man um and jesus new jersey is crazyright that is insane yeah 5.8 is pr is pretty much the best because that’sthe one i’ve had the most experience with um so i’m very happy with my 5.8 would 1550used for bobcat be a lot to have it today um uh so are you buying it like on ebay becausethe problem with this if you buy that on ebay um and if this is your first one the only problem isyou want to real yes they’re waterproof it’s their externals and they’re indoor indoor outdoor butyeah they’re externals just don’t get them with the magnetic base um ambitious umber mule don’tchange the thing you’re doing awesome man um yeah you might be the same with me oh i wantedto go to boston that’s what i was waiting for um yeah i wouldn’t change the thing on this onenumbers are great yeah it’s a lot they also go for a lot more but the problem is if you buy themfrom someone on ebay even if they’re like saying they’re you know sealed all that stuff it’sreally easy to reseal one of those packages they have to unlink the um the miner from theirlike mobile device otherwise when you set it up you’re just gonna be mining to their walletso it’s really really really hard to trust it um so i’d be very very careful i’m on acidicgraphite manatee right now can you look at acidic ginger meerkat i could i absolutely could um 1.2dbi take a look at lively coral frog alright so you need you need a bigger antenna try an 8dbi for here i would try an 8 dbi um put it um if you have an opportunity put it in yourattic i would i would put it in the attic i wouldn’t be hesitant to run a 25 foot cord to itjust because an 8 dbi will be able to get you down to cambridge and you then with that little bitof dbi loss and with the dvi loss of being inside your attic you have a great shot at getting theseas well so you don’t want to overshoot this little area here but you also want to have an opportunityto get it there so definitely look at potentially doing 8 dbi for acidic graphite manatee um canyou look at acidic ginger meerkat i sure can oh two of my call of duty squad guys livenear you all right you 12 dbi 7 meters i don’t know why i just clickedthat get yourself off a relay first that’s what you want to make sure you doum you you really don’t need your 12 dbi 12 to 20 weeks i would buy a new one that is yourbest chance yeah i would buy a new one and wait so if you want to spend 1550 with the 50 50 chance ofgetting scammed by all means like that’s just like you know it’s no different than going to thecasino and putting 50 you know 1550 on black and roulette and hoping you get the best i wouldjust wait you know patience is indeed a virtue so i i just don’t like the opportunitypotentially getting scammed um acidic try either making sure that your 12 dbi is levelor jump yourself up to a 6 to 8 dbi just so that way you get the stuff around you and you canget up here into chicago all right make sure no one on discord is going crazy for me yeahi got some people yup tagging me i see it when’s the new app gonna drop so i could startputting this element to work i’m not sure right now jump on the stream streaming let me ask thatshould be within a week or so um lively coral frog lively coral frog going togermany oktoberfest baby oh unfortunately it just looks like your area isgoing to be shitty um 8.0 8.0 up and high yup 8.0 up and high four is not going to do you much youwant the 8.0 up and high that’s an easy one that’s an easy one let’s see what else could you checkmine out for me main ivory peacock don’t forget guys you throwing a super chat with the name ofyour miner gets jumped to the front of the list don’t risk being skipped because i’m gonna haveanother beer and i’m gonna forget where i’m at uh i wouldn’t change a thing just your location [__ ] because we’ve been here a few times already but you are making some very very good you’remaking some good returns i like the fact that you’re right out in the edge there uhwhat was i looking at um pica i wanna yeah so if you’re making point threeseven and one a day that’s not bad um you’re in a super congested area whichisn’t bad so you can go and look at mine pink look at this little man pull thisone up either this one’s at 3.38 in the past 30 days so we’ve had a lot of issuesbut in the past 24 hours only making 0.10 in the past um this one i really think i need toreadjust the antenna because it’s not level and that’s my problem i thought it’d be doing muchbetter but at the end of the day the only reason i wanted to put it here could you please checkbig bone starfish please i’m not fat i’m just big bone i’ve been two months improving my setupum can you check young graphite mousse uh striped sable chipmunk i’ve been two months improvingmy setup placing antenna outdoors but still nothing alright so let’s see whatyour issue is big bone chipmunk you try buying codex from fast minersthat’s where i got my deeper from uh you’re relayed it’s your relay andyou’re i’m looking at the right one right no stripes not joyous right no what did i dodid i hit the wrong buttons striped sable chip shut up copper there we go uh point that 12dbi directional down to boston yeah probably can you look at hexagon hollow gaze blah blahblah all right so seven days four days um four dbi one meter up uh get yourself a 5.8 linkin the description 5.8 get that up nice and high and you will get more that’s just your 4.0and that’s just unfortunately area with your 5.8 you’ll start having chances of hitting down herein washington then up in baltimore so you know you really want to make sure that you get that66 yard field goal and you want to get it up to baltimore and that’s exactly what you want to doi don’t do addresses i do the helium minor so send me the name and if you’re lucky i can get downto it uh could you check mine zany yellow skunk striped sable chipmunk can’t get out ofrelay even with the ports open with dmz um get a new router zany yellow right uhyeah please check young graphite moose bnb price is five percent down now 342.can you look at hexagon hello guys goose uh i wouldn’t change a thing if youjust got started on and september 11th was like your first day of rewards andyou’re looking at days of rewards at 1.61 i wouldn’t change the thing great job thisis fantastic zany yellow skunk absolutely i’m not joking my hot spot is big bone starfishdude spain ha ha no i know you’re not joking some of these names are incredible i wish it waslike big bone fever or something it’d be like a fat chick oh well now i’m fat shaming uh bigbone beavers not big bone rewards oh you just suck where you are nothing you’re gonna be ableto do man you can try your directionals you could try the 12 dbis but you just don’t have anythingnear you like you’re lucky that your lone wolf territory what you might want to do is just buya whole buttload more and take over the area yeah you only have the five around you are these guysgetting anything point four five point six nine well orbiting uh boysenberry frog did prettywell if that’s your other one the point one yeah yeah that’s just the area for thatone let’s see where this this area is is it wait so you have two there you have bigbone and this one wow they’re bouncing off each other um oh that was the next one i wanted tolook at i didn’t want to look at this one hollow gauze goose would atpi benefit more gigantic oh god we’re going to like a 48er aren’t we oh man your area is just yeah it’s not thisis not you you need to get out of this area uh yeah you need to get this out let’s go into this hex you have 97 inyour hex get it out of there holy [ __ ] yeah get it out of there lovethe content style i bought a 6.9 dibs antenna and i made i hope i made theright choice could you check refined khaki what are you wearing jake from state farm khakissidewinder yeah get at it oh five dollar super chat so no windows but far from them are closeto them is okay should i use a stock antenna or something else near petite charcoal petitethank you very much abundant avery for the five dollar super chat we are going to look up yourminer high priority los angeles cal california i’m spicy peach gazelle 97 don’t waste your timeyeah 97 get out of there move find a friend or family member yeah yeah that’s insane um getout of relay uh 5.8 10 meters up not to buy it and you’re making 14 a month you had thatlull with your bobcat just like i did um and then it looks like you finally came back tobeing synced and you’re making 0.68 you know an average of 0.5 or more a day you’re solidman i wouldn’t change a thing like look at your numbers before that ota screw up and then lookafter you’re still really really really solid so don’t run the risk of throttling anythingdown leave it unless you remove but leave it beverly hills yeah i seriously should do themeetup when we get to 25 000 subscribers i’m going to do a meetup in california what’sup i’m going to crypto bones how are you man crypto bones in the house thank you very muchfor the likes subscribes and the super chats everyone if you guys want your miner to get tothe top of the list and i don’t forget about it consider a super chat otherwise i might missit all right somebody has more than 90.That is insane there i can’t i still can’t believethat 97. that’s insane spicy peach gazelle isn’t this song like this is a knock off of thatsong like remedy right i don’t know if you guys can hear it or not all right so we are lookingat 30 days in a nice little secluded area 5.85 meters up you’re just in that area um if you’remaking 146 in this tiny little area this might be a great area to capitalize and get a few moreminers and put them around you to get everything god discord’s blowing up using 950 megahertz at 15watts not the best needs height plus no obstacles near the antenna yeah that’s really you want tomake sure that obstacles are out of the way thank you sierra golf i appreciate the extra feedbacksilly opal dinosaur is my hot spot name the first the second is not synced well since it’sa dinosaur and you know we like dinosaurs i don’t know if you guys can see that i willdefinitely look that up it caught my attention dinosaur jeremy two pound super chat from thecontroller x actually there’s uh halloween horror nights uh reward dropped by 60we’ll take a look at that here in just a second um not too bad with your first 30 daysso you’re only mining for the past 12 days and you’re already at 100 that’s notbad at all so halloween horror nights down in orlando they’ve got this stupid scare zone calledseek and destroy and it’s all like you know the controller is watching and fear the controllerit’s one of their stupidest scare zones if you guys are halloween horror nights fans sound offin the comments but also that scares on sucks this year it looks like the hunger games with somestupid like tron so like i love tron don’t get me wrong but that mcp looking face [ __ ] thing theyhave is so stupid all right so we are looking at kind tin shetland with the two pound super chatthank you very much i really appreciate that um you are 30 days 212 12 bobcat i’m goingto order my bobcat 300 in like three days it once you order it’s gonna take you likesix months to get it you made two in a week though all right so where’s our draw hereoh so your rewards drop by sixty percent uh 5.8 dbi maybe i don’t know if anyone poppedanything up near you to drop your rewards that’s what we’re looking at uh i am having a balboaisland facing window but low rewards and blah what breaking news in the last 15 minutes the mindthat i ordered from codex from fast miners well dewey mock has just suspended them from gamingissues damn that sucks uh but yeah controller i don’t know you’re getting some goodstuff i don’t i don’t know why your rewards will drop let’s maybe let’sall right let’s look at the activity tangy mahogany koala mahogany reminds me of dragonball z team uh abridged with um home dude’s desk all right let’s look at your beacons andyou’re witnessing let’s go to all your activity oh my god discord sorry guys i’mstreaming right now i just don’t do discord while i’m streaming that’s why i’mglad i do have a few people in discord that can answer all these questions for me when i’mout in a boot all right thought they saved 20 weeks that’s something said 20 weeks that’sthree months 20 weeks 20 weeks would be a lot three months would be 12 weeks right 12 to20.All right um you’re still getting some not witnessing a lot getting some beacons witnessed i would work on getting somemore witnessing witnessing is uh yeah you’re not getting a lot of witnessingthat’s concerning see if we can get to a point where you’ve started seeing some more let’s seewhere your rewards actually started dipping down why aren’t you witnessing anything everything’switnessing you but you’re not witnessing anything yeah you gotta work on getting something witnessedi don’t know 5.8 maybe put that like another meter up higher i don’t know but thank you verymuch for the super chat controller uh if you guys want extra time like that consider superchats or should military style make an antenna uh breaking news blah blah hot lipstick cougarooh that’s a catchy name hot lipstick cougar of course i need to spell lipstickcorrect there we go going to germany past 24 hours point six six not through by ed allright i mean that’s the area that you’re in that’s just where you’re at uh to almost three in a weekeight yeah i mean it’s just your area a bridge is funny as heck i love abridged dragon ball abridgedi’ve watched that so many times it’s funny because my best friend is replaying kakarot actually he’dnever finished kakarot so he keeps sending me the scenes like one of my favorite scenes in thebridge is when trunks is just like sitting on the ground he’s like he’s been standing out therefor three days without moving and it cuts the trunk he’s like notice me and vegeta is like nothat nah oh i play call of duty with my boys and we’re playing war zone i’m always putting armoron and uh it’s like when bulma’s like you got me pregnant you [ __ ] and he’s like you said you’rewearing protections like i was wearing my armor love that uh sparkly vinyl armadillo so yeah justyour area i mean you’ve got a good setup you’re making 150 in 30 days i really can’t i i can’tknock this kind of return like i just can’t like if your return said like three or four days thenyeah like let’s get down to the the problem but with just having one miner and you’re making 8.8like that’s still solid numbers especially when this price might go appreciate it man just seemstrange yeah it’s really strange that you’re not witnessing anything that’s what’s strange tome uh controller x uh help me out bro refined khaki didn’t i look at refined kiaki i did i justnot get into it refined khaki uh sidewinder and um one of my favorite things too i have this nowrunning joke with my best friend is when um when we’re like playing stuff or if like you know we’relike driving somewhere like you know i’m mowing the lawn to like 80s pop music like george michaelalways comes on and i’m like he’s so handsome and i love the scene where like goku goes to checkout cell and they’re like ah like did you get a good look at him and he’s like boy did i and likehow is power i don’t know but he sure is handsome if this was a battle of good looks he might haveme beat like i just love that whole thing where goku’s got like this little crush on himself it’sjust hilarious i really wish they would get their heads out of their asses and come back and douh the boo saga just because i’m not a huge fan of the buu saga and i would love to see them doit on force on team you know team four star i just think they’re terrible content creatorsand they really put the hand that fed them so what they can’t monetize certain things goahead and sell your t-shirts you’re making tons of money stop biting the hand that fed you allright there’s alright so what am i looking at here all right we’re looking at refined khakisidewinder didn’t i look at some khakis earlier 1.2 in a week 22 in a week you’re rocking aone point what are you what’s your dbi like get yourself a 5.8 and put that bad boy threemeters in the air like put it in your attic and you’re gonna get all the stuff around you likeyour 1.2 see i don’t like it when i see stuff like this like hey your transmit scale andyour relay is really bad so fix your relay your transmit scale nothing you can do about itunless you can move out of this area but you’re in a really solid area for a 5.8 to make sure you’regetting out there shambolic marigold starfish i’m in oc rooftop five point db8 was 1.5 now a thirdall right shambolic oh i’m so glad you agree with me i actually got into an argument on twitter withkaisernecko and i really couldn’t stand like when i really knew that they were biting the hands thatfed them is when they did uh dragon ball abridged kai 2.9 and they cut to the middle of it and theypretend they’re all like doing cocaine and going crazy and stuff i was like no um shambolicmarigold starfish you are rocking and you’re still rocking more than me um 5.8 11 meters upin the air you’re doing the best that you can do i’m not sure why things drop down um but it’sstill pretty solid especially since you’re still bringing in 0.7 you know a day like thisis great numbers i’d love to have these numbers narrow hot pink elk narrow hot pink elk nero hotpink elk nero hot pink elk narrow hot pink elk original antenna on the roof now since yesterdaywhat do you mean would be a 5db antenna better fast tortilla gorilla little fossilized oh youguys are neighbors look at that you guys are right next to each other you just got yourself starteddidn’t you 4 dbi 6 meters up give yourself another week to see where your rewards are going you’rein a beautiful spot with your transmit scale um this this i would still you know shoot isfor a 5.8 or a 5.0 but get it out as high as you plot you’re at six meters right now um yeah youjust don’t have a lot of good line of sight here which is what you should be hitting uh but ifyou do like a 5.8 you’re gonna start hitting out the numbers out here just like um the khakisso you want to you want to consider that uh original antenna on the roof now sinceyesterday so fast tortilla gerbil maybe like speedy gonzales intoswitzerland swedish chef the meatball oh my goodness let’s go let’s go get yourself offa relayed get yourself a 5.8 and you’ll hit more yup get yourself a 5.8 get yourself off a relayyou’re going to hit more because if you’re just rocking a 2.8 20 meters up in the air it’s greatthis is all your uh thank you man appreciate it 5.8 boom yeah definitely 5.8 can’t win forlosing the podcast what’s your podcast about trying to play magic the gatheringeveryone’s a meta deck player so it looks like if you got that littleguy like this is all you’re going to hit which is wonderful man i’m going to spiral alittle bit but you want that 5.8 because that way you’re going to increase it out a littlebit more so get yourself going 19 feet on top of the roof oh yeah this is what you weresaying was the stock one yeah yeah yeah yeah i’m going with a five point antenna whichme what me what six meets in feet hey siri convert six meters to feet 20 feet that’s about 20 feet rounding up by 0.4 so um since your name caughtmy attention wide cream hulk remember guys you want me to get your miner getthat super chat oh you son of a [ __ ] when y’all i’m looking at a transmit scale of 0.2 andyou’re making 300 and healing them a month i’m only receiving one witness cub next toanyone else i got a 6 dbi i want to make sure i went with the right one 16 foot cord 400 greenyeah that that all sounds good on paper that all sounds excellent on paper um i need anotherbeer that’s what i need yeah i need a beard um but yeah uh wide cream hawk don’t changethe thing man don’t rub it in my face don’t worry i’m not straight that you’re doingbetter than me what am i doing what am i doing in my life all right i’m gonna loadthis up and i’m gonna go another beverage um build a cheap yagi antenna 11.75 ft for activeelements 24 feet reflector or inch right inch cheaper than buying a rubber ducky antenna that’snothing one sec oh don’t even don’t even brag all right arizona i love arizonawe’ll look at that in a minute upbeat obsidian all right we’regonna if you just got started oh look at your area yeah look it up in a minuteum yeah 5.8 i i could just tell by looking at this kind of thing 5.8 make sure that it is notup against a beam so when you put your 5.8 up so let’s say that this is your beamyou want to make sure that your 5.8 is on this side of it that way anything youknow could potentially do a nice sweeping like this and then with the inner interferethe interference of the beam you’re just going to have a smaller shootout from hereso that’s kind of what you want all right let’s check take a look at the muscularmustard sheep muscular mustard sheep muscular mustard sheep going to texas the star that night a big well sucks is offline because he’s making bankpast week and then nothing 24 hours nothing turn it back on plug it back in get to thathouse get it going uh check me out and tell me what you think we are saturated i hopei go back to that like nine that nine area i live near him yeah go go knock on his door tellhim turn it back on yeah your area is definitely saturated but being in your saturated area eightdbi nine meters up uh it’s crazy you’re getting so this tells me they all have good line of sightsif your eight dbi is getting it not overshooting anyone um but yeah that is a very saturatedarea let’s take a look at your hex joyful raisin mallard 5.8 10 foot lmr 404 not too bad yeah oversaturated but still not too bad on the rewards um i’m also really really like not greedy so ifi’m getting like like i said if i can get half a helium a day with my two miners i’m happy allright your area um your 4.0 you have 5.8 10 foot lmr for joyful raisin mallard um muscular anotherone um yeah why aren’t you getting anything update yours to make sure it’sgood but let’s go to your 30 days yeah you kind of have a same ballpark where i’mat where these people might not have like the sweet setup i would recommend putting theminer in the attic not sure if it would be safe since it reaches 90 to 105 degrees therehere’s where i’m at i don’t want it to overheat muscular yeah you might just have an area but your5.8 should be good like when did you put it up like your area looks fine for it it’s justmaybe all these line of sights don’t do it um yeah that’s my um masculine or muscular i don’tthink masculine will work i think it’s gonna be muscular yeah it’s gonna be muscular that’s myproblem with wanting to put mine in the attic at my house because i’m in florida and it gets niceand hot up there and with these devices being 500 bucks a pop i don’t want to sit there and nukethe thing so i’ll take this the dbi signal loss just to know that everything’s fine in 30 days9.78 by the time you’re done with your first 30 days i wouldn’t change a damn thing especiallyin your area man if you’re getting over 10 in 30 days that’s fantastic so that just tells me righthere that your witnesses here are bouncing off of you really nice and everything’s going goodi’m gonna put mine in a case up on the roof it’s worth it but the case doesn’t reallykeep it cool so that’s my only issue i’m gonna get a beverage real quick uhlike comment subscribe turn on bell notifications i’m not leaving but if youwant me to do your miners and i’m missing them please consider a super chat so ican come back and see them right back ah i see people don’t like it when i i step away all right oh yeah only get four witnessesany uk here i need an az video on relayed minor for xfinity i do not know about xfinitybut i have heard from other subscribers and commenters that there are some issues thereit’s going to have 120 millimeter fan inside intake uh an exhaust fan bought the poe powerinjector rough chili bird he is gone i’m back rough chili bird it’s a zombie invasion i’mtelling you oh i am well prepared for a zombie invasion in this household oh my god who’s roughchili bird holy [ __ ] 122 in 30 days what do you want look at this design look it looks likelike like kind of like wanda’s uh like her helmet like the scarlet witch’s like little crownthing that’s pretty cool um i had no luck on poe loved the idea but didn’t work for my bobcatchange of setups and earnings who did this one um rough chili bird rough chili bird ifyou’re ever so generous why don’t you go into the description of this uh uh stream andsend some helium my way but get it off relay you make even more let’s take a look to see ifyou’ve gotten any crazy shenanigans holy [ __ ] rough chili bird if this is you no this is likeone of those emirates things yeah cuz they’re all over the place i’m calling shenanigans rightnow that’s insane 14 in a day 711 in a month everything’s gone down i can’t even giveyou advice you don’t even deserve it i was online mining well and suddenly appearsneeds attention the block is more than 400 but didn’t let me fast like yeah if you’re tryingto fast tank now they’re not doing fast syncs they they turn that off right now i did a reconmission to nearby minor and they had antenna on roof feeding to second story room thinkingi need to do the same i am i’m not a stalker good god three grand right and look at hisaccount he’s making 14 grand that’s insane really don’t matter that m looks like spoofed uplocations yeah it kind of does like i’m ex i’m i’m surprised i don’t see more how do they do thesehacks can you talk about pocv 11 i’ve heard for eu 40bi will be the limit for antennas i alreadyhave two 5.15 dbi ones and waiting on my bobcats should i buy four dbi ones gonna be up on the roofum your your bobcats will come with four dbis so i would just try them out first yeah the big m’sgot to be spoofed let’s take a look at them here that’s weird but even with them if they are spoofed lookingat their 30-day returns i know i just clicked through them really really quick 0.55 for30 days 0.63 for 30 days 0.36 for 30 days how are they not seeing arewe seeing each other here no how are they not seeing eachother go to your local ham radio club and offer some profits for use of the tower some towers are pretty high support localhams too check earnings owner on it on the m ah that new here to the channel been enjoying yourcontent do you have your setup out i have both i have a setup on inside and outside uh we’ll goto mine here in just a minute i need to go to the they have 20 hot spots one two threefour five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteensixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen they have twenty and then one more ifthat’s them look up joyful so oh yeah uh uh i’m saying perhaps i wanna know if possibleyeah hang on it looks like that m is all them they’ve got they’ve only made evenif it’s a spoofer and that’s all them no location set so their 20th one they don’thave a location yeah okay so it is all them so all right so the thing is 13 rs ey 13 rseygreat enough to do all this individually 13 rsey northamptonshire england earnings give me a minorin that area yeah this is one dude those are all one dude and they’re not making that they’re notmaking that much oh they just got started too uh 14 000 bucks think it’s time to put onein the 300 foot tall tree yeah no kidding um joyful cyan mouse sounds familiar joyful cyan mouse mouse not moose okay goingto joyzy here we go going to joisie oh all right we got uh this dude you’ve got noyou’ve got nothing you’re gonna learn from me if you’re pulling 22 in 30 days and this is what yoursetup is and this is what the area is around you you’ve got nothing you can learn from me i i canlearn something from you and say i appreciate you being here you’re 8 dbi 15 meters in the airyeah you’ve you’re i i’m sure you’re probably over like you’re overshooting but you’re alsogetting lucky yeah the m is definitely spoofing um yeah you’ve got nothing to learn from meapp apply but if you want music to play on my channel that you make then i’ll be morethan happy to do that if it’s copyright free again another you don’t have anything youneed to learn from me 4 dbi 8 meters up yeah my boss is texting me i’ll have to look at that later hi there nerdyit’s me the evil cat oh it’s like an evil monkey for family guy you have 10 on the islandall right i mean if we’re looking at your uh who do we pull up yeah you’ve also got nothingto learn from me boss yeah my boss my work boss never ignore the boss text yeah it’s a novel soit’s definitely the first thing i have to respond to after the stream um because unfortunately i dowork full-time if you guys dropped in some serious super chats maybe i wouldn’t have to haha beggingum yeah joyful i wanna go back to that joyful cyan i would still definitely umget one it’s good to have one especially if you have a good area likethis is just a really cool part did your boss ask shouldn’t you be working rightnow no i keep my youtube channel secret but there’s no miner here joyful cyanmouse yeah i’m gonna look at your account really four today wow you show off bent bronze to pure bentbronze appears in a wooden box where you would store a cable box not even against a windowit’s gonna go into here bent bronze to pier you’ve got this whole area covered man look at you and been it’s been constantly earning dude if youkeep spamming your name i’m not gonna look up cool orchard anteater like you’ve got it i’ve got itfive times on screen here do you have to have and i do on my one outside i do have alightning i’m gonna put you in timeout yeah you’re going to timeout now if you want me tolook at yours you’re going to owe me a super chat um stuffed crust king kai you can eat it in reverse wait get the dragon balls wish me for a tv yeah he’s here to steal the dragon ballsnow don’t take his coat what miner can i use malaysia i’m not sure did my best yeahyou did awesome there how can you correct the location of the miner without paying the 10bucks it was never accurate when it was set up um as long as it’s within that same hexagon uhjust move it but if you have to move it to a different yeah exactly spamming like that um ifyou have to move it to a different hexagon um then you have to pay the 10 bucks i’m justgonna be honest about that sub dude love your channel need a good cable for 60feet can you direct me to the right um usa coax.com yeah i’ll let’s put this link in thedescription this is where i got mine they’re based out of jacksonville and um there’s no affiliateor anything like that so not worried about it um 60 feet you’re gonna have some serious dbiloss but those are gonna be your best bets for the antennas 50 spots could make minimum 450per day but would drop to 225 by february 2022 that’s not too bad uh aaron mckinley we’regonna look at quick tony weasel quack yeah you’re welcome oh and especially since we keep talking abouta bridge i mean obviously we’ve got you know shenron back here but i’ve got a that’smy t-rex oh my god why can’t i do this my it’s upside down but i got the dragon it’supside down but i got the dragon balls and like goku silhouette as a tattoo there i don’tknow if you can see it why didn’t i just do this just set up my tent today are you the fastsink is disabled yeah that’s what i’ve heard why is it glaring god i’mso pasty white there you go yeah um yeah if it’s the same hexagonyou can move wherever you want please alert yeah you’re still making good numbershere i wouldn’t worry about that one um alert crepe jar um yeah if you’re doing over 60 footand go to lmr 600 on coax.usacoax.com there is excuse me there is a calculator for how muchsignal loss you would have um with cables that long 30 days 61 dude alert crepe j you’redoing phenomenal don’t even worry about anything i have to say if you just got started and you’regetting all of that you have a perfect setup that is a perfect setup congratulations on havinga fat check and having a fat wallet all right go get your damn lambo can you rate mysetup please ground tower basic foggy condor rate my setup on a scale of one toten i’m going to give you a nine ah no i’m gonna give you a seven get yoursout of relayed unless i did the wrong one yeah so basic foggy condor i’m writing yoursetup seven get it out of relay you’re gonna have even more money uh should a minorbe able to have witnesses 500 miles away no it shouldn’t weak wi-fi can slow down miningum as long as the wi-fi is connected not really i mean as long as you’re connected to the andyou’re getting signal because really the miners i think could only take about 10 megabits umso anything really over that is too much um so yeah as long as getting like 10megabits you’re gonna be perfectly fine so that’s what you got to do there hey guysif you’re new and you haven’t hit that like button or subscribe hit that like buttonbecause let’s see if we can get to 150 let’s do a new milestone 150 likes this streamjust got the number back working with e mmc replacement from ebay dizzy dream giraffe i gotanother one i gotta look at that blah blah blah uh jose bacho i’m mine 20th day powerful admiralthingamabob you want to know about iraq you’re going to want to use the link in the descriptionand you’re going to want to get yourself a god you’re going to want yourself either a 5.8or 8.0 you just don’t have the area for it like if this is your area and you’re pulling in thrif you’re pulling in 13 um maybe try the 5.8 but your numbers are still pretty solid i mean otherthan that you’re just getting greedy past seven days 2.6 so it looks like you’ve had some reallygood days in the past like few days have tanked no not at all no unless you’re just getting crazygreedy you’ve got some really good stuff there 421 beacons 36 witnesses is good yeah because the maxis 25 and then they’re gonna drop it down to ten hop on deeper now we’re killing it with my genesisi’m on deeper um up vote yeah ooh 13 more likes 13 more i could pull up my deeper here on my laptopand just kind of look at the stats um i’ve got the mini though and i’ve got 21 000 deeper stakedso let’s go to it right here let’s hit a refresh um i think the payout just happened for today aswell so we are looking at we are looking for blues so we have now a total of 210deeper in our wallet over here and yeah today being the 27th yep we got ourpayment an hour ago so another 19.17 deeper in the bank so that’s me look at mylaptop um feed the greed feed the greed seven more likes to 150 guys seven morelikes really understand why i’m not doing better in my area can you take a look at sneakymalachite stallion sneaky malachite stallion sneaky malachite salamander seven more likes guys let’s have it load oh god godeveryone’s just showing off if you’re making more than me there we go now okay there we go oh you justgot started though uh that’s my work email lmr 403 meter 100 i don’t want to develop client services withyou you’re just spam no thank you no thank you all right uh i turned some of crypto profits tonew miners got five miners on order i will be reach in six to 12 months cool can youcustom names no you can’t custom names um yeah so it looks like you just got startedand you’re at eight dbi seven meters in the air that’s really good for your area um it’s the bestyou’re gonna be able to do i mean you can go back and forth between a five point eight and eightpoint oh two pounds super chat skipping everybody sorry guys super chats take precedence heresomeone wants to do another five and get us up to 25 super chat for the stream that wouldbe awesome oh you just got started didn’t you so your first day of mining was the 21st andyou’re getting about point two two point three seven point three four point one two point twothree uh four dbi ten meters up in the air um just either consider leaving your four i would probablygive yourself or have you checked out cyrus short uh yes i have i um i do have someone we’reon a weight 151 of the likes thank you so much um i do have someone that has put me on a waitinglist with them for one of their models i just 35 a month to share my internet no no i i’m doing itwith deeper but i don’t need to share anymore for 35 months any recommendations whoever bobcat frombobcat um so yeah so brave pecan rabbit um maybe potentially you could possibly think about tryingyourself a 5.0 especially with your height that’s pretty solid um so maybe if you can get a littlebit higher and get yourself to whatever’s blocking behind you from getting over here but as of rightnow for just getting started a few days ago you’ve got you know some good returns on one minor soit’s not too bad but yeah definitely give a five point eight a whirl uh gary blazer with a fivedollar super chat thank you very much we hit 25 so that was my goal we got 150 likes with a 25super chat i appreciate it no one ever sees my beacon i am currently in the attic do i needto get the antenna outside let’s take a look uh nerdy got the fame letter from kyle chipwith the whole if you don’t submit the letter by october whatever your order cancels shouldi cancel my order or hope cow chip ships by the end of the year i would still giveit to the end of the year um deep brick meerkat all right so your question is mr garybusey i know it’s b laser all right so you’ve got the no one ever sees my beacon i am currentlyin the attic do i need to get the antenna outside you said you have a 5.8 currently uh attic yeahattic won’t hurt you so let’s take a look at what your attic potentially is oop five dollar superchat thanks big uh dab god i was gonna say bad guy big dab got beerus ah i mean for talking aboutdragon ball so we could talk about dragon ball all day like which we were doing earlier we saw thedragon ball tattoo you see the shenron dragon ball z and dragon ball super dragon ball pretty muchsome of my favorites i really like where the manga is right now so thank you very much for that superchat i don’t even know i didn’t realize you were big dab god beerus earlier all right so yes yesyou probably want to try your 5.8 outside so if i’m looking at this i’m going to draw you a prettylittle picture this is what your five dollars gets you here so based on this one witness alone i’mimagining this is your house right and then this is your attic and this is your house looking thisway which is hitting that witness right there and let’s say in your attic you’ve got your antennaplaced on a support beam like i do and it’s also facing this way so that’s potentially why yourantenna is only getting and it’s not getting so i would definitely consider making sure it’s outsideto see if you can get all the stuff down here can you please check on nutty mercurial ligerthank you any magnetic base with lmr400 available in the market because all of them are lm 200to 300 meters has anyone tried a battery and 4g hotspot setup do most people have the bobcatinside the house and have longer cable running with more db loss or have it outside in a boxwith div i’ve actually seen more youtubers do the same thing i did that’s kind of where i got theinspiration to have the bobcat inside the house in the attic with the antenna um just because i sawone guy that was getting some really really really good numbers uh with his antenna in the attic andthen when he moved his antenna onto the roof he also moved his bobcat in an external um case tothe roof and it the rewards went down a lot more so really it’s kind of like take it for whatit is holy [ __ ] uh you’re good um can you please check the butt yeah you’re good yoursetting is uh in my opinion with you getting 16 uh this is one of those ones ijust wouldn’t touch just because you’re you’re still making solid numbers andyou’re making like you had a bad week oh no this is today so if you made 0.43 todaylook at all the activity that you’re getting and you’re getting everything throughout theday as well so if you look at your week 0.62 0.43 was your lowest 0.69 nice 0.56 yeahyou’re good anywhere from jersey i’m sorry uh yeah you’re pretty good there so iwouldn’t i wouldn’t worry too much um ancient lead stork oh my godripping rick and morty oh yeah yeah there you go i should get my rick popsout and just put them behind me bobcats run too hot for extra in my opinion unless youcustomize air flow with heatsinks yeah i agree with that too sun was probablybeating down on the bobcat in the box heat slows bobcats down best indoors 100oh why are you at a .02 transmit scale do you have like nine people in your square hereno there’s only one in your hex what the hell well you’re sinking maybe you need to sink can youcheck mine please send me orange wolf uh channel island bobcats you’re welcome i don’t know whyum my god uh unplug it reboot it that’s terrible reposition it spend 10 bucks to move it somewherelet’s see what your wallet’s looking like you son of a [ __ ] oh fernando fernandez withthe 5.00 miners haven’t shipped yet but can i get an opinion for the kind of setup i wouldneed for my area i live in woodburn oregon between portland and salem i could try um icould try to find it this person with a 602 1.8 k in 30 days 33 000 on this account holy crap no you get to do your own thing jersey city hererich carbon blah blah blah uh check sooner king all right so let’s see if we could find portlandoregon there’s a spoofer in the mist weak wifi can slow down mining not really as long as it’sconnected like i said the miners only get like um 10 megabits so so that’s all you have toreally worry about so we’re in oregon right let’s see if we find portland all right uh between salem so we’re looking for portland show you how great mygeography is where’s portland why am i blanking i bet it’sup here that’s seattle right there’s portland okay all right there we go not asstupid as i thought it was um i live in woodburn or between portland and salem alright so where’ssalem down here all right woodburn oh it’s right here oh buddy you’re gonna have to take overthat area yeah uh checks under the screen okay weak wi-fi um it’s been three days my bobcatthunder mine are still sinking is that normal um it is normal but if you like there’s nothingthat like a quick little like unplug and plug back in would would hurt um if you honestly um fernandoif you have any friends or family that live like closer to the cities like you can get yourselflike maybe like an 8.0 as high as you possibly can like putting on a flagpole like 50 feet inthe air or something you might get lucky as long as omnidirectional and start hitting um salemand uh portland so that’s going to be the only concern based on where in woodburn you live sothat’s that’s that’s crazy that i mean just get yourself like 10 bobcat miners and take over thewhole area that’s what you could do too and that could be pretty profitable so that’s somethingto consider definitely something to consider ah i still can’t believe home dude he’s likelook at my miner i’m making 602 helium a week no i’m making 1.8 000 or yeah 1.87 k 1877 1877 helium a month 33 000 jeez another halfof a month and you got more than my freaking nine to five job what do you think about thelocation delisialdorf germany you’re gonna really be testing my geography skills aren’tyou i need a minor in that area let’s see oh god 97 to 100 sink takes forever but it doesit really does take forever like that 99 takes forever better antenna location orwi-fi speed if no choice um better antenna location would be priority how is thatpossible i don’t know uh that’s got to be a sharing service right especially withthat one miner out in the middle of nowhere um oh my god all right so switzerlandgermany’s like close to here somewhere uh since cap was much quicker to sink yeahwell the problem with the um the bobcats is whenever they have like big i don’t freaking knowwhere i’m going um whenever they have like big uh i don’t know where you want me to looki don’t recognize any of this stuff um whenever they have big like updates and firmwareupdates and stuff they always like crap the like [ __ ] the bricks so because they’re showingup at kakarot right now i’d say pilaf and his gang are a solid example of dumb weed animecomedy that actually works i don’t hate pilaf like they’re a little annoying when they’remore filler episodes than super and this is nothing to do with a chat this is my bestfriend messaging me because he’s playing he’s finally finishing kakarot i don’t knowwhy he never finished that game um but yeah so boy well we have been streaming for almost twohours i’m gonna wrap it up here in nine minutes um montreal quebec canada good coverage yeahyou’ll see a lot in there dude this location old yeah we’re go there yeah so we’re gonna wrapit up here if you guys have any last minute um miners you want me to checkgetting tired of talking talking a lot talking loud it’s me danielkalkowski is that polish white white wide wedge kaikowski i’m currently usingeight dbi with rich carbon lark i am blue great stream nerdy thank you very much okay tfgi appreciate it man um hey that’s just your area that sucks you’re in joyzy not new joysy old joyzyyeah it sucks that you’re getting that middle yeah you’re in the middle of a black hole you aren’tkidding how do you get like anything imported like do you have to take like a canoe across to likeget stuff do you guys have playstation 5s yet do you have playstation 4s there yet have you gottenthem yet that’s crazy i imagine like your internet service provider is like a tin cup like youthrow it on a fishing string across the bay here just to get everything going um whatare we doing rich carbon lark rich lark going to joisie so we’re going from old joysy tonew joysy uh good numbers i’m not going to judge anything that’s making more than me becauseyou’re in a solid i mean you’re near that 48 guy aren’t you yeah look at these like oh god31 37 the 48ers here some are 44.That’s crazy joyzy is super wealthy like the little islandthere yeah probably i just didn’t know if the technology made it out that far yeah your onlyproblem here is hey it looks like you got the bobcat bad week that we all had and then b yourtransmit scale sucks just because you are over saturated how many people alone are in yoursnine yeah that’s to be expected with that uh what would a bobcat 300 do well if uh spoofingking let’s look at it all right let’s look at the scrooney it’s gonna be scrawny isn’t it scrawny shiny strawberry ferret everyone aroundme is relayed i’m on a 4.5 dbi in the loft yeah when they’re relayed it sucks becausethat’s not a lot of stuff they’re getting oh my god you ain’t kidding aboutspoof lord debating on getting an outside weatherproof box like for powerto put my bobcats in when i get them why do they overheat so much because they’recomputing oh my god let’s look at his everything i just like give me one monthlike that just give me one month that’s all i need that’s all i need that’s stupidum just because they’re extra yeah well yeah and their fans probably aren’t as goodas the other ones like they weren’t really made with the intents of being fullblown outdoors which is why they need uh miners there uh what was the nextone last one sunny orange wolf i love the content keep up the goodwork absolutely miguel i definitely will um of course i’m going to probably beputting out a video tomorrow that’s like a a breakdown did you just get started if you justgot started that’s not bad five dollars super chat from adam again if you ever end up in the dallasarea i’ll have a beer with you i mean as a giants fan if you just got your set up and this is yourfirst day mining or you finally got everything going with your sinks that’s not too bad that’sa pretty good 24 hours so i wouldn’t i wouldn’t be upset with anything there um god hey i hate thedallas airport b it’s really hard for a giants fan to go hang out in dallas but you know i considerit i could definitely consider it um one month of 14 grand i bet and tower to put the antenna onabsolutely no fan in a bobcat but it badly okay so no fan in a bobcat that makes sense yeah becausemine is in the garage but i have mine in my garage next to um my ac unit so it’s got a nice littlecool work email it’s got a nice little cool tunnel um yeah if you just got started and you finallyjust got everything going you made .85 today so far you’re good man give yourself uh let me knowcome back on monday stream next week turn on your bell notification and um let me know how you didand we’ll pull it up again so that’s that’s some pretty solid numbers so not too bad there um nerdywhat about the location any potential old carmine carp yeah you’re welcome yeah so i’m thinking thatif we hit 25 000 subscribers is when we’re gonna start planning our second meetup event and sincei’ve pulled up so many people in the um california area i might do a uh california meetup the onlyproblem is i have to like find and secure a venue and i don’t know how to really do that i got verylucky with my meet up here in florida because you know i went to a bar where i know the ownerum so i’d really have to probably look at um nerdy what about my location any potential theonly problem with your location is there’s nothing around you so you can have the best setup inthe whole world you could potentially i mean you really can’t even get like a directional like youcan try if you’re if you’re allowed to have a 12 dbi they all mine yeah so yeah just keepbuilding that whole island you’re good but if you can get 12 dbidirectionals i would aim them up here to see if you can get there otherwise justkeep building in your area and make sure you um get them all just line of sight each otherlike the way you’re gonna make the most is just directly line of sight for yourselfi don’t know why i’m lagging out here so yeah you got five there as long as all fiveare bouncing off of each other you’ll be pretty solid so we’ll take a look at your account then umhot spots one two three you got three there nice muscular velvet copperhead well two pointone four yeah it just sucks that you’re like you’re alone alone miner in that area umperfect wooden raccoon what time is it uh as i spell raccoon incorrectly 0.58 in the past 24 hours so you’re gonna havesome good numbers you’ve got good transmit scale you’ve got a 1.2 which is probably yourstock that’s that’s on long wi-fi distance yeah perfect wooden raccoon even looking atyour weak yeah you’re good don’t change the thing enjoy enjoy your weight hey i’m waiting formy bobcat installing it at mexico city any advice uh out and up as high as possible definitelymake sure you do that i’m just gonna keep inserting ads um just make sure youget out and up that’s it um last one and then we’re gonna sit here for a minute andthank everyone i will look up i will look up any last minute super chats if that’s what you wantbut i am in the process of wrapping up sinking how long you’ve been sinking can’t look anythingup when you’re sinking uh skinny moon walrus if you’ve been sinking for a few days if youjust got this then let it sink nothing we can do about syncing um last update 18 hoursago so it looks like it’s relatively fresh um you can always just for peace of mind tryand unplug and plug back in and that might turn around and help you but so far how manyare in your square you’re going to have some transmit scale down so it might not be beautiousbut can’t really assist you with it syncing but if you’re looking for antenna advice5.8 and get that as high as you can all right i’m gonna stay here for a minute give anyone any last minute super chats i’mgonna do some work i gotta update payroll yeah i’m i’m gonna be done checking on minersnow just wanna give anyone some last minute uh this much faster i’m just waiting for that clock to hitfour and then we’re gonna do our closing this new helium web missed much faster 5dbi over 8 dbi for you oh and mexico yeah we made we money go absolutely man i appreciateit let’s go look at mexico mexico city real quick where exactly is mexico city are you gonna order atype one for planet watch no i’m just gonna stick with my type fours i’m happy with my type fours 20super chat holy [ __ ] bro how can i improve the trend scale for flaky magenta okay you win you winwith the 20.You get it all right let’s go look you get extra minutes of love uhfirst off we’re going to california so you’re not going to be able tobecause you’re in california uh thanks for answering all the questions inthe live stream absolutely guys my pleasure alright so for your transmit scale you gotfive in that block what are we looking at i mean eight helium for 30 days isn’t anything toshake a stick at so it’s not too bad so let’s go ahead and zoom in we’ll pull up the hot spot andkind of see what we have to work with and we’ll do a cross reference between the two i updated myantenna to 5.8 but i do not see any improvements yeah unfortunately the antenna is not going toincrease your transmit scale the transmit scale is going to be based on the amount of helium thatthey’re going they allocate to certain areas two dollar super chat what do you think of orbitinglinen caribou give me a second i’ll look at that i live up in lake mary florida have two podcastscoming in the next few weeks been 12 weeks waiting now yeah hopefully they get in there quick for youum what’s up with helium the rewards are way too low should i sell my hot spot no all right sohere’s your transmit scales issues and you can see it right here so this is some of the reasonswhy and i’m sure if we zoom in a little bit more are they giving us any more no okay so what’shappening here with the transmit scales and this is going to be a really really crash coursytransmit scale um level so you’ve got two zones right now and so what’s happening is these zonesi think we have to use black pen here what’s happening is you see the zone right here you seethis like green looking zone and i’d even venture to say there’s a no that’s just the water that’sjust water okay so you’ve got this green zone here and then you’ve got on top of that greenzone you’ve got this looking at its pathing it goes like this so you’ve got this otherzone which is covering all this as well so what’s possibly happening which is why your transmitscale is so low is let’s say this green zone is saying that we are going to give a 1.0 transmitscale to the first 200 miners that are in here and then the transmit scale goes lowerfor every other miner that’s over 200 so that’s the start obviously there’s going to bemore so let’s go back to here if we go ahead and count this whole little area i guarantee there’smore than 200 miners that are in this area so we’ve got i’m just going to pull up the tens rightnow we’ve got uh anything over 10 so there’s 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 sowe’re well over um 200 in that area and i’m just saying 200 as a generous guess right thereso obviously all those miners that popped into that little zone on hot spotty after uh that’sin my drawing on that uh you know do you think buying an aware element for 600 bucks on ebay isworth it i’m worried they won’t be able to merge um with the uh blah blah blah so 600 would be23 times 0.3 right now you’d be getting 6 and 90 cents a day six times you’re looking at an86 87 day roi uh 600 plus 40 to would be that divided 6.9 so you’re looking at a three month roiabsolutely still worth it so on top of that not only is this area saying that’s 200 sometimes it’sbetter to go lower with antennae yeah it’s this is overpopulated the transmit scale is completelyoverpopulated because then this area right here will probably say okay we’re going to allow350 helium miners but that is all this all this all this all the way up until this point righthere so already you take the 200 that is in here plus let’s say there’s like 400 miners in thereminus 350 now we’re at negative 50 so our transmit scales go down down down down but the flip sidefor you and i’ve got one more since i’ve got the super chat still linger in there last nottoo long you still have chance for super chats um but even with all that over saturation yeahthat the only problem is you are overly saturated your setup is phenomenal 20 super chat holy [ __] okay all right all right just keep the super chats going i’ll keep looking them up absolutelythank you very much silent for the super chat i really appreciate that give me one second ido owe one super chat a quick look uh before we go on to yours but i have yours there um havea 3.0 what do you think um i think you’re perfect you’re perfect you’re covering everythingyou’ve made 22 helium in the past 22 hours your transmit scale just from the saturation ofyour area i wouldn’t change the thing um awesome congratulations on that 26 witnesses remember it’sgonna go down to ten um past seven days you’re averaging like one helium a day good numbers manvery good numbers all right proper arctic coyote coyote proper they keep you they keep you i knowif my hex is not coming up blue on my map for the miner should i be concerned i just change thelocation of this morning now give it a little bit um proper i mean i can’t say noto helping when there’s like a 20 super chat i really can’t i’d just be an [ __] i would absolutely be an [ __ ] if i did and it makes me feel good because like i like todo these streams and give away the free advice and when we get like the 100 subscribers or like100 viewers and stuff i just can’t keep up so i feel bad if i can’t keep up but if you can giveme that nice big highlighted number like that absolutely you get to the front of the line allright brother 11 dbi 120 meters up in the air uh just started a few days ago and it was givingme trouble all right so you 30 days only 0.37 all right so let’s look at your commentbobcat running 12 dbi omni with 5 w amp on 120 foot tower trying to get out to the nearestclusters thoughts suggestions i would maybe i wonder if the amp is screwing you up never feel bad you’re doing great for thehealing community i have 10 witnesses so no point upgrading my thoughts man [__ ] why aren’t you hitting anything i we need to make sure that you’re like you’re 120 in the air you might there could be therecould be a few factors here you could be a little bit too high the 5 watt amp might be screwingup some of the signal going through out to you um your syncing is you know i mean yoursync you’re good there your transmit scale is good as well you mightbe overpowered these clusters um nothing’s really nearby you um 20kilometers see if we can draw out to one first points right here second point is up here161 kilometers i mean okay and then what’s here 52 kilometers you just might not have is thereany elevation here in the middle check mine yeah i’m only checking uh super chats i’m gonnait’s really shitty to say because i’m trying to get off here but if anyone sneaks in super chatsi’ll check them while i’m breaking these down um if there’s elevation here let’s draw a pictureother than being in florida and loving new york you were good i love florida i love disney worldhalloween horror nights but then again you’re in dallas so what can i expect um is if there’s anyelevation here that might be some issue with you getting out to here but you’re at 120 metersbut remember these are line of sighters um i’m not sure you might be overshooting here and the omnidirectional might not be pumping itout like maybe try a directional and pointing at each one you want to make sure you’re levelperfectly um are you running so if you’re 120 feet in the air are you running a 120 foot cord um godi hope you’re listening and you can respond silent eight if you’re running 120 foot cord you’re gonnahave some signal loss there if you’ve got some um elevation you’re getting everything lostthere as well um so you really want to consider and you also want to make sure that you’re ifif you’re not level to the perfect tee like per i have clear line of sight for miles and milesokay yeah i don’t know it might be a combination of how long your cord is it might be like youmight not just be perfectly level um i really don’t know why you’re not hitting anything likethat just sounds really good maybe maybe the like the what antenna is it like you said it’s a 12dbi omni directional um if you bought it on amazon and it’s not a trusted one you might have beenscrewed because let’s look like i don’t think you were here for this no bobcat is on tower in theexterior box okay so this antenna that i bought this was this they told me that this was look atthe little guy this was a 10 dbi omnidirectional antenna spoiler alert this isn’t anomnidirectional this isn’t 10 dbi six lmrs oh yeah you’ve got the prime setup so i’m assuming you’regonna give me some bomb ass antenna next as well and i’m just at a loss for why you’re not hittinganything i’m hoping that it’s like i’m not hoping but if it was like some shitty little amazonfor like 40 antenna that’s gonna be your issue um because that was my issue with this one theysaid it was a 10 dbi and i had everything set up nicely to it it just wasn’t doing anythinggood so that’s really all i can think where is safe place five dollar super chat would you mindtaking a look at docile quartz python i’m directly north of that note and waiting for my bobcat toarrive absolutely we’re a safe place to purchase prefer bobcat unless you suggest otherwise uh justbobcat bobcats pretty good pretty safe 167 likes antenna needs to be standing straight if on yeahlike absolutely like straight straight straight straight straight straight mark edict with thetwenty dollar super chat or five dollar super chat i can’t look up your name herp dirt yeahthere’s there’s some weird stuff going on there um maybe if you reach out to me on um discordlink for my discords in uh in the description of this stream send me a picture of your setup andmaybe we can take a look antenna is 40 inches long i think yeah kind of if you can like get up thereand you do like a panoramic or like a video or something we can also look at it from there whenwitnesses will drop from 39 to 10 when my rewards drop by 300 percent into the how are you drawingthe line to find the distance between the um spots okay yeah cool so that’s a really easy one rightdown here on the right hand side of the screen it’s probably not the best of oh my fathead’s in the way let me move my fat head hang on right here um you just click on that andthen you put like you put your point down and then you can just like dothe distance from there to there so it’s a rough estimate all right sowe are going to bring my fat head back there we go i heard the sense cap antenna wastrash so use my spare bobcat instead helium is a joke from all the hacking and spoofing i hatethe hacking and spoofing yeah from bobcat directly silent is your bobcat running hot check temp anddiagnostics yeah you want to check that as well um especially if it’s external there could bea few things there’s no reason why with you being up that high with that omnidirectionalyou shouldn’t be hitting anything i just i i don’t understand it alright mark edick so thisis in your area i’m directly north of that node waiting for my bobcat to arrive so i’m assumingyou’re going to be right here um they’re offline they’re online making one point eight ford let’ssee i’m having issues with damn relay message pop up and get rid of it before polished metal leopardum yeah so in your area you wanna do if especially if you’re directly north get yourself a 5.8 andjust get out nice and high get yourself about nine meters in the air with a 5.8 and you’ll begood temp is 62 degrees celsius holy [ __ ] hey siri what is 62 degreescelsius converted to fahrenheit yeah you’re running hot man basic linen crane yeahyou’re running hot that is way too hot i think the maximum these things can run is 70 degreesa 70 degrees celsius so you are running hot uh we money go you’re keeping me on thehook here just being a dirty little girl silent bobcat is yeah your bobcats running hotthat’s that’s gonna be it right there you gotta get that thing cooled down thank you um okay tfgfor the uh for the assist here man i appreciate it way too hot as soon as he said 62 degrees celsiusthat was it that makes sense that makes 110 sense now way too hot you are burning that badboy ouch yeah you’re keeping me on the hook here you’re like i do better than him so here yougo get a 5v fan off amazon lol lol lol look at that i love that one little like dinger downhere uh cool thanks i’m also at the bottom of a hill so i’m thinking of getting an attentionon the roof yeah definitely getting on the roof yeah i’m glad like like that’s also whyi love being a youtuber too because like i don’t know everything and i and you i know youguys know more than me but at least like all of us can like walk it out and talk it out togetherand like solve it so every time like i see someone post a comment on a video and i get my responsei see like 10 people that respond underneath it it’s so cool to see like us as a community cometogether to help each other i absolutely love it it’s amazing oh my god all right you guys keptme whoring myself out long enough i really really appreciate it so send more beer to nerdy yeahnerdy needs more beer i actually only have two left in the fridge and i might go get some i goback out for work so i have to do payroll and i want to have a nice white claw while i do payrollum some of my employees get more money when i have more white cloth so good for them not really idon’t don’t i hope my boss isn’t watching this uh i only know a lot from trial and error that’sthe hottest i’ve logged usually around 45 degrees celsius or so but it’s working yeah if it’s doingany work or putting out yeah you are definitely that thing is burning itself up what’s youropinion about the aware element thing i don’t know maybe i have four opinions on this thingof course i’ve got the one that’s back here right there on top of shenron can you hold itfor me buddy no so i’ve got that one i still oh man i wish i farted oh 99 cents books for momo andthen i’ve got these three ready to go so very very excited for this platform um silent get a usbport on power setup and then usb thing 100 um what’s your opinion where we talk about where lookat some videos great vid what’s going on william okay all right you got me you got me so i’m gonnalook yours up while i say thank you very much for watching liking commenting if you guys haven’tsubscribed please take a moment to turn on that subscription and turn on that bell notification aswe post videos weekly and we stream every monday hopefully around 2 p.m eastern otherwise i willlet you guys know via telegram or discord well usually discord i won’t do telegram uh put me onthe payroll yeah right one day i need it i’ll need an editor all right so where are you you’re righthere um you definitely need yourself a 5.8 you need to get that thing up let me tell you thatright now your four is not going to do much for you 5.8 is going to at least give you coverage toeverything around here so that’s what you need to do books for momo uh what’s 10 witness thingthat’s just dropping from 25 to 10 silent easy fixed get heatsinks when then a fan absolutelyso all right everyone thank you very much for watching like comment subscribe turn on the bellnotification no i’m sorry colby i’m sorry buddy um bell notification stream um tomorrow i thinkwe’ll probably be doing a recap video of this stream you know 12 minutes long um if you wantbeer there’s a beer drop link in description save yourself ten dollars off your first all that stuffi’m done selling myself you guys have been awesome thank you very much 176 likes 124 congruentviewers i appreciate everyone telegram discord

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