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around two hundred forty dollars per montheight dollars per day the easiest way to mine cryptocurrency at home on your pc or laptopwith your gpu or even with the cpu stay adjusted hi everyone i’m hassan from hdk and withoutwasting hour let’s go instantly into our task open your web browser and go to this don’t worry about the links everything is in the description below now click on downloadcryptics to download the implementation and it will automatically tell you to create an accountnow in my client i already have an account that’s super simple i don’t want to waste your time nowsigning up just enter your email password confirm and admit super simple i will log into my accountnow here i am inside my account you can see i have my balance 14 dollars i was testing mining fromyesterday so after you download the employment let’s go and open it evidencing folder here we arecryptics set up open the installation it’s super simple installing delight please do me a favorand watch the full video couple of minutes i will mention some important indicates and gratuities to avoiddamaging your hardware so please some patience and to be implemented with me now it will tell you to signin i will also sign in with the accounting we created super simple password and sign in it’s finishinginstallation investing some components for my pc just wait a little bit and then youwill see this screen cryptex working quarrying on your pc it will show you the gpu and the cpuon your pc you can see here my counterbalance because i started mining around 24 hours ago or somehowmore so i got this count in my offset but you can see it’s super simple it starts automaticallymining on your pc and what’s nice it goes to show the temperature of the gpu so you can monitor itit goes to show the capability and the follower accelerate and the percentage or habit of the gpu you can also anytime turn off the gpu and then on merely the cpu and see how we can earn how much you can earnfrom quarrying on your cpu merely so it’s up to you play with these buttons and see how much you canmake from cryptics you can see the idea is somehow simple but satisfy some fortitude now we have someimportant tips-off that i want to share with you you can see with my cpu i can make around 0.5 dollarsper daytime not a big deal but you can still do it now if you watched my video last week theshort video about quarrying with the cryptics maybe you determined that my profitability wasaround 300 dollars and 10 dollars per day so you may ask now why it declined simply thisdepends on how many solutions you are solving and the price of the bitcoin and the crypto in generaland so on and it depends also on your hardware so what you have to do now is to install theapplication step one run the work exam your cpu and your gpu and be seen to what extent much you can clear permonth use your own pc squandering your own hardware and see if it fits you this is number onenumber two please be careful and check the gpu temperature usually i prefer installingsome boosted employments you can use like gpu apply that to monitor your gpu like here go tosensors and you will see the gpu temperature if you are mining abusing cryptex or any othersoftware if you are mining in general make sure always to monitor your gpu temperature and keep itbelow 70 it’s better some websites has indicated that you can reach up to 75 or less than 80 but in my casei always ensure to keep it less than 70 to be on the safe side now if you are using nvidia card youcan download an application called msi afterburn it’s totally free i will keep all the link indescription below so don’t worry about the linkages and downloads and you can run this application tomonitor your cpu temperature the gpu percentage frequency and so on you can also overclock the gpudon’t do it maybe we can have a full video about it later on don’t do it now don’t don’t overclockthe gpu we can play with the love velocity trying to decrease the temperature but often i keep itat o2 and everything is fine the temperature is around 60 64. So it’s good the power is 168 andthese are my earnings now if you are wondering or inviting what is my pc hardware you can see thegpu is rtx 2070 the cpu rating i7 8700 let’s open dialogue you can see here this is the processoryou can take a screenshot if you crave i have around say 2 gigabytes of ram now ram is not thatimportant for mining it’s okay this is my system model i will keep too also i will keep all thesealso in the description below if you want to check them there’s my parade adapter it’s around 8gigabytes of ram so i think the idea is somehow simple now the big question how we can withdrawthe money how we can get the money simply go back to cryptics and log in you will see the dashboardhere and you will see how much mixtures you made and how much you give till now in my event 14.13 and you can see the activity by solutions or by satoshi satoshi is sections of bitcoin so youare making here bitcoins mainly this is your total balance simply depart here and click on requestpayment and what’s nice about enigmatics it can pay you with bitcoin ethereum kiwi yandex russiancards web money visa placard amazon endow cards organization pay a lot of payment methods and this reallyvery nice option in cryptics now if you want to withdraw in bitcoin you need simply to enter thebitcoin address and just take note that we have some tiny fees on each deal like now wehave 11 dollars for bitcoin on ethereum we have also around 21 dollars today so this also dependson the ethereum toll and the bitcoin toll that changes every day fluctuates every day so hereyou need to enter your bitcoin address or your ethereum address so you need a billfold what isa wallet in cryptocurrency it’s simply a neighbourhood whatever it is you put your cryptos in you can simplygo to upside called and sign up there go down and adopt bitcoin as an examplethen go here to wallet and then go to receive click on receive and you can find the address herejust replica it and paste here to request support payments for ethereum the same operation just go now toethereum view asset wallet receive follow and glue now to receive your ethereum if you are usingamazon gift posters or whatever you need to enter the details as described here the card number theexpiration date and so on so i think the idea is now simple i think it’s the easiest way to quarry tostart mining to assessment mining to participate the world countries of quarrying on your pc from home use cryptics it’san easy software to use and you can withdraw in many approaches so download it measure it create anaccount with coinbase to receive your coin in the pocketbooks that’s it “i m hoping you” experienced the videoif you have any questions remark them below don’t forget to join the telegram channel or radical so wecan chitchat together subscribe like and told you last-minute you

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