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hey everyone and welcome backto another mining enclosure video in today’s video we are going to go overteam red miners step by step and then i’ll give you guys my opinion on it as well as thepricing and everything you need to know about applying crew red miner in general so now let’sgo ahead and get into it right after the intro crew red miner is one of the most popular choicesfor amd gpus now as you can tell by the name team red miner is obligated specifically for amd gpus soyou can’t use it for nvidia cards and if you have nvidia card you can use a mix of two differentsoftware so you can run team red miner and trx miner at the same time now at the time that i’mfilming this video crew red miner is at version. 8.3 and you can use this guide for any versionthat they liberate merely make sure you always download the latest version and any instructionsthat i go over here in this video you will be able to use them in different operating systemsas you can see it has built-in support for all these different operating systems and you canjust follow the same command line arguments the same way in those different os’s so now let’s goahead and talk about the reward formation and how much team redminer costs to run as well as all thecryptocurrencies that they corroborate so as you can see here there’s a lot of different algorithmsthat this miner supports and each one has their own different percentage so if you look at thetop “youve had” firstly your ether on polaris gpus so these are your rx 400 or 500 serials and the feesfor that is only 0.75 percent and that is for the ethash algorithm so ethereum and any other cointhat’s running on the a scoot algorithm and for all the other gpus it’s only one percent so it’salso not so bad comparing to phoenix minor which is only point seventy percent it’s still not badat all but it does have some benefits to it which i will be talking about later on and if you’replanning on mining ravencoin which is under that kapow algorithm then that will be two percent infees which will continue not so bad and then you have all these other algorithms if you do find it herethen you know you can mine it and you can find the cost next to it but generally for now you onlywant to focus on these top two because ethereum is the most profitable to mine and then once thatgoes proof of stake then you can go ahead and take a look at the other options now i do have a videoon ethereum 2.0 coming out very soon so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss that out as forthe gpus that this miner endorsements it subsidizes almost all the amd’s so whenever you picture a brand-new amdcard comes out and it goes to show if it patronizes it or not it might not be up to date with the 6000 successions posters and in that case you can precisely operated the miner measure it out and if it doesn’t work youcan always get in touch with them on their schism so that is a brief overview on unit red miner iwill give you guys my inference on it later on whether you should be using it or not so beforewe get there i want to show you guys how to get a quick start on crew red miner to get started rightaway and then we’re also going to take a deep dive into the authorities and support you guys the differentcommands and what you can use to help you mine better but before we get into that let’s go aheadand have a quick word from this video’s patronize this video is sponsored by crypto.comis an all-around platform for trading staking and storing your cryptocurrency they likewise have visacards which you can get by buying cro tokens and deeming it for some time these posters are acceptedanywhere that abides visa and they too come with benefits based on which tier you get but oneof the best ways that i received as a miner to use is by utilizing their stakingplatform you can use their staking platform to put your mining benefits in there and thenearn added payoffs on your mining revenues and it’s super easy to get started with it simplymine to your billfold and then from there you can stake as much as you require and earninterest they have difference taking options and you can stick with a resilient strategy which meansyou can get your money out anytime or you can do it contract based which makes you more percentageso if you want to learn more and you want to see which options they have for staking delight feelfree to use the link in the descriptions below and download their app and then from there explore theoptions that you have now let’s go ahead and get right back into the video now the first step forevery mining software is to download it and if you don’t find your highway around to the download sectionall you have to do is just click on the handouts now generally when you look up team redminerdownload you will be in the secretes segment anyways so simply click on that and then you willbe seeing something like this so now there’s a couple of things that wishes to do when you’redownloading a mining software just for your own security and that is to verify the checksums nowinstead of having to go over through every video and demo you guys how to verify the checksumsi decided to kept it in the section for mining with windows 10 on so all youneed to do is just come to this article which will be linked in the descriptions below and thengo to the mining software section and then now you will find a write-up on mining software aswell as the different types of mining software so you have the command line interface as well asthe graphical interface miners so everything will be covered here in general but chiefly what youwant is substantiating the checksums if you scroll a little bit lower you will find here the verifyingcheck parts division and then in there you only want to go ahead and follow the instructions nowfrankly the instructions are made for team red miner so it will be easier to follow but even ifyou’re using a different mining software it will be all the same idea so just go ahead and followthat when you are download the miner and then you likewise want to do exclusions for your antivirus sothis is not required unless you’re having troubles with downloading your mining software but if youwant to make an excluded folder like i did on my desktop folder then you can go ahead and do thatand then omit that folder from your antivirus so this is just a course to avoid from having yourantivirus removing your miners folder and the reason that you want to verify your checksums isto make sure that you have the authentic explanation of a squad red miner or whatever quarrying softwareyou’re using so i most recommend going through these steps if you’re downloading the miningsoftware to make sure that you’re on the safer side so now back to team red miner i will goahead and download the zip folder from here and then i’ll be saving it in my miners folder onthe desktop that’s excluded from my antivirus so now at this stair is where you want to go aheadand verify your checksums and if wishes to do that like i mentioned just go on the link inthe descriptions below so now let’s go ahead and get into the quick start for team red minerand then talk about all the different files which are set forth in now so to get started with team red minerssuper immediately all you have to do is just find the quantity document that you want to use so for example ifyou’re mining ethereum you want to go ahead and use start eth and if you’re mining ethereum withfour gigabyte placards you can use start chews with four gigabytes and then ravencoin you can justuse kapow so it’s all the same concept and then mtp is for firo and all these different coppers thatyou can precisely find them all now and if wishes to dual quarry ethereum and zell you can use this fileso you time get the idea so whichever file you pick for example here i want to use start ethereumand simply mine ethereum with my 6800 i would just go ahead right click on it and then do editso when you are do revise you will see this dads up just go ahead and click on more info and then runanyways this is just because the team redminer is not supported publisher for windows so they alwayswill give you these advises but it’s completely penalty to just skip them so now once you open thefile you will see something like this so up now you have your environmental variables and thendown here you’ll have additional information that you want to use for your miner so all this stuffright here is just commented out so this will not be read by the software at all even if you deleteall this you’ll be completely fine and then you’re just left off with this string right here so herein this string you see that there’s a pond address as well as a pocketbook address and all you have todo is just change those two and then run it so for your purse address you can use your own walletand if you don’t know which wallet you want to use you can go back to and thenclick on platforms right here and after you go to pulpits you will find multiple different optionsfor purses so there is two pouches now you are eligible to just download any of them and then use the addressthat wishes to quarry to so for example since we’re mining ethereum then you will be using yourethereum wallet address so now back to the batch file you only want to go ahead and copy paste youraddress now and when you are modification that address you want to change the name of the worker as wellor you are eligible to keep it coming the same way so this is just something for you to trail your mining rigs so inthis case i’m mining on my computer so i would say my pc or you can name it what it is you require likei mentioned so this is not important at all and then you have your pool address so for your pooladdress you want to go ahead and adopt the right puddle now for selecting a mining pool you don’twant to over complicate it time pick any consortium and go with it candidly the difference between all thepools is very small merely make sure that you select the server that’s closest to you so i have a fullvideo on puddles if you want to learn more about the specifics but for now for the quick setup allyou have to do is just change the region based on your region so since i’m in north americaall i have to do is just change the eu to us1 and then for the port you can leave it the wayit is and run it if you have any issues with that precisely add one before the fours and then you’llbe fine so now i can go ahead and save this folder go back to the folder and then really run thisfile and now congratulations you started mining so you can see here sometimes it will give you awarning it says crossfire auto association is active and then in that case you just want to add thiscommand so go ahead and close the miner and then open up the enter again and then exactly editthat file and add the dictation at the end after x so just after x say panache panache enable and thencompute and then you can simply save the file again and then run the enter again and then the firsttime you run it after adding enable compute it might close right away on you and that’s finejust go ahead and run it again and it will be good to go so now your computer lash mining rigis mining to that address on that mining pool and whenever you want to stop mining simply justclose out the terminal so now that is it for the teamred miner quickstart now we can go ahead andtalk about the specifics and all the words that you want to know when you’re using teamred minerso the first thing that i are happy to do when it comes to a folder like this i don’t like it when it’smessy like that so i would just go ahead and click on the type right here and then i would just takeall the text documents and create a new folder and then merely situated them in there so i will namethe folder docs and then i will take all the text documents in now and then move them to that docsfolder so now it’s a little bit cleaner here and you only have is just your quantity data which youneed for mining and i wouldn’t move any of these files now unless you want to create shortcutswhich is completely fine but precisely don’t move them because they do rely on the position of the folderitself because they are all calling back to the team redminer application so now that we have allthe docs in our folder let’s go and go through the different documentations and then only talk aboutall these txt certificates so you know what they’re for so there’s a lot of different functionalityhere and we’re not going to go through all of it because it will make very long time but as youcan see if you just open up one of the documents for example now o2 lycos aria you open that upyou’ll see here that it’s just a quick needles on how to carol for the algorithm that’s used by ergonow if you really read through it you’ll see here there’s polaris aria and it’ll tell you what youneed to do for polaris cards it’s a really nice documentation that gives you a really good ideaof what you need to do for different algorithms and then if you go down to dual cell mining youwill see here it will give you some different information for zell quarrying which is also veryuseful and now that’s how you lay in your homes and everything like that now other thanthese of course you can also use the example batch data now so it’s much easier for you so forexample if you’re trying to use a four gigabyte poster you only revise that and then from there you’llbe able to see what different masteries that they used so here you can see for four gigabyte cardsthey use each distribution date and then they too use it 4g max apportioning as well as one righthere for restart gpus that is just mainly for doing the 4 gigabyte cards so this is probablythe best behavior you want to use this as a template is by going through these files and using the specificcommands for them now if we go back to the docs we can also interpret eth carolling template which is nice foroverclocking your gpus for ethereum mining you can also go to for overclockingand then go to gpu mining and then gpu overview so after you go now you’ll pinpoint different gpus withtheir overclock lays merely click on it and then you’ll locate the specific overclock installs foryour card so now back to the documentations again you also have things such as map your gpus whichhelps you map whichever gpu is the one that’s indicate up in the terminal and then finally themost important thing you have is the usage so the usage is what contains all the various commandsthat squad red miner has so here you find dash smash algo or sprint a which all stands for the same thingso if you identify two different ones like that it’s either you were able to do algo or scoot a and they’reboth going to serve the same function so there’s a lot of different words in here but we’reonly going to go through the ones that you want to know so won’t take as long because the optionsthat you want to know are very minimal so what you need to know first is the algorithm one of courseand that’s when you want to change the crypto that you’re mining so here for example i’ll go aheadand open up two different data so you have the kapow one and then you likewise have the ethereum oneso if you check the kapow and ethereum you’ll see here that they both have two different things thatare running for the different algorithms so you have dash a kapow and then here you have dash a eso that will be how you specifically pick whatever algorithm you want to mine and then place in thepool address and wallet address moved for that algorithm and coin that you’re trying to mineso for example if you’re trying to mine another coin that’s in the e smash algorithm then all youhave to do is just change your address for that silver and then find a reserve that supports that cointhat you’re trying to mine and then you’re good to go so that’s for the algorithm bid now otherthan the algorithm command there’s also the pools config alternative which starts with dash o now forthis one is for your pool address so you do dash o and then you set the kitty address so it can eitherbe straight in plus tcp or straighten plus ssl which will be one for ssl ties and one for tcplinks you are eligible to add more than one puddle by only doing flair o again and then putting a rush u anda hyphen p now hyphen u and rush p makes username and password so generally the password is always x forall the pools so you can see here dash px so you can always hinder that as default x unless you makean history with the pool then you want to go ahead and put your password and as for your usernameright here that will always be your pocketbook address so it says rush you and then you put your walletaddress and this is gonna be your username and then whatever you positioned after this period is going to beyour worker so this is the worker name and you are eligible to even wholly remove it and you’ll be fine so ifyou do decides to set more than one puddle you want to go ahead and do sprint o after the password andthen just supplemented a username and a password as well and the benefits of that is if your first poolgoes down or they have like server stoppage or anything like that then it will kick offthe second reserve so it’s just like having a backup plan now if you likewise go a little bit loweryou’ll see here there’s some world-wide kitty options and those generally run in the background so youdon’t need to touch anything at all but these simply will help you if your puddle unplugs or anythinglike that or you get a lot of spurned chairs then it will reset the consortium bond and thenrun again so you can feel free to change the default values with whichever way you want now ifyou go a little bit lower here you have your gpu option now this is one of the important commandsthat you want to know now for the scoot inventions or smash d this is for selecting whichever gpu youwant to mine with so if you have two gpus in your pc and you’re not mining on a mining rig whereyou want to utilize all the cards then you are eligible to merely do dash rush maneuvers and then i would say forexample zero and it will exclusively use the firstly gpu because the numbering here starts from zeroso it would start zero one two three four and then you are eligible to time adopt your gpus like that andwhat you can also use this for is for mining two different algorithms so instead of doing panache aether you can also do rush a kapow and then placed number one for your machines and move two of thesebad folders you’ll have one mining ethereum and then one card mining kapow they too have a listdevices dominate which you can see all the gpus that are triggered and the multitude that they’renext to and other than that if you go a little bit lower you’ll read the follower button options andthese are just for insuring your devotee frankly i would just use these in the msi afterburner orwhatever overclocking software that you’re using and then finally you have the protector optionsnow the watchdog alternatives is what checks your miner and restarts it if it needs to restart orturns it off where reference is speaks a certain temperature so these are just security measures that arebuilt in place now you can go ahead and change the numbers as you require but generally leaving itthe style it is is completely fine and then after that you’ll precisely find the different e-options anddifferent algorithm specific options so these like i said they’re just better to go through them withthe quantity registers now that doesn’t mean all this information is useless but if you do want to readthrough them and only understand what everything does then this is a good way to do so althoughthere’s one option that’s pretty important here and this is the eth config so as you can seehere it says that there’s more information on this in the ether adjusting steer scatter txt so let’sgo ahead and move on to that file right now now you can see here that this eth config is alsoset automatically by the miner startup and what that does is it encounters the specific value forconfiguration for your gpu that works best for it so this is great for radeon 7s rx 5700 xt’s andall the 5000 streaks cards now these modes do boost your hash proportion and they do help you use little poweras well which is great so you don’t really have to touch the following command either because it placeds it upautomatically but it’s just something that you want to know because this is one benefit thatteam redminer has for the amd posters now if you restrain scrolling down the usage txt file you’lljust attain algorithm specific options so proc superpower kryptonite the possibilities and precisely stops going onand on so all these commands i’m not going to go through because frankly you won’t be using themas often at all to mine ethereum all you have to do is the quick startup but this is just thingsthat you want to know in general when you’re using teamredminer now that handles the commands and allthe documentation txt documents so now mostly that is it for teamredminer if you guys have anyquestions please let me know in the comments below and if there’s anything that i missed outyou can also let me know in the comments below now there is some boosted substance that you can usewith teamredminer that also has to do with the api so with these apis you can get information on yourgpus and use them with different works that you want to use but this is something i’m notgoing to be submerge but i will be doing a video on it in the future demo an example use casefor this so now as a conclusion what do i think about team red miner candidly it is my go-to foramd cards now on hive os or windows i use unit red miner particularly for my radeon 7 rig so withmy gleaming sevens i used to use phoenix miner for them and then team redminer implemented that rigconfig that i was just talking about now once unit redminer implemented that and then i used them iwent from 90 mega hash to almost 100 mega hash on the beaming sevens so applying crew red miner for theradian sevens unquestionably improves your hash proportion so i would recommend it for that as well as any amdcards in general so it’s definitely a great mining software for amd posters and peculiarly that it’smade simply for amd posters they can focus on tuning it down for those working cards now same goes with trxminer it’s made simply for nvidia placards so they’re really good for nvidia and i will be making aguide on that next so now that is it for the video if you guys enjoyed this video please leave athumbs up and if you’re new here make sure to subscribe and thank you guys so much for beingawesome and i hope you have a wonderful day you

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