SO MUCH Helium Mining rewards!!! – HUGE INCREASE IN HNT MINING!! – LIVE – Tribute to Copper

wow what’s going on everyone welcome to uh a sadsad stream um but i wanted to feel normal today and uh just kind of do a little bit of my routinei called off from work and everything um so if this is your first time subscribing or joininguh don’t worry these streams get a lot more fun i don’t normally start so sad buti started incorporating copper into the youtube channel um you know it startedoff originally back when i would record videos i he would start barking and i would always yellshut up copper and i would pause the video or i would have to re-record my segment i was inafter a while i got a little bit lazy and i just started saying shut up copper on camerayou guys laughed and thought it was funny and we designed a t-shirt based off of it um andso then we also wanted to start showing footage of copper um just because you know it’s part of thefamily and dogs are cute and you know why not um so he’s you know we had him for eight years we’rejust gonna get over this real quick right now um and i appreciate all the condolences i appreciateall the comments i appreciate everyone in the discord talking to me yesterday um but copper waseight years old um he started showing um heavy breathing in the start of november and we broughthim to the vet and they thought it was bronchitis uh it got worse and over the weekend um he wasn’teating and he lost a bunch of weight and my wife and i set an appointment to have him be seen onwednesday but he got so bad over the weekend with his breathing and just his flaring and not eatingso we took him to a pet er yesterday um we brought we stopped at one pet er uh halfway to where weactually went and they were going to see him but they had to do an emergency surgery on another dogso they referred us up the road which they took us immediately because he was in respiratory distressum eight hours later the he’s a very spirited dog he was a very spirited dog and they actually hadto sedate him to be able to do some tests and the vet was very the doctor was very confident um hesaid the sedation was perfect he was coming out of it well um they were able to run tests on itand it found out that he was kind of an anomaly so he had a heart um issue that was only seen incats this vet has never seen it in dogs and so we were going to take him to a cardiologist todayhe said he cleared him to come home um he wasn’t uh showing any signs of wanting to pass away orto move on he had a lot of fighting life in him and so they had to give him a mild sedativejust to take the the the vi’s out or the um the ivs out of his veins so they cleared him togo home we were going to set our appointment to see a cardiologist today um he had a big he had agood heart a regular normal sized heart but he had a muscle in the heart that was larger than normaland it was causing um him to not be able to pump as much blood through his body as he should haveuh which then started causing a buildup of fluids in his lungs um because he wasn’t able to movefluids as much but the vet didn’t want to give us a diuretic or anything until he saw a cardiologistjust because it might exacerbate another problem so halfway home um we left the vet copper wasfine he was resting my wife’s arm he was breathing sitting next to me in the truck and um he let outa fart which my wife and i laughed about and then his breathing slowed down he started havinghiccups and then he was gone um we were five minutes away from the first er that we had stoppedat so i just started gunning it and flooring it and i was like if we can get there within the nextlike three minutes and traffic isn’t going to get in my way maybe we can get him resuscitated and gofrom there but it took me about eight minutes to get to the vet and to finally get someone to comeout and see him and at that point we decided that uh we’re not going to try cpr on them because youknow after a certain amount of oxygen is cut off from the brain you’re gonna start losing functionsso um that’s it copper passed away last night peacefully in my truck with me and my wife um weleft the vet happy with him he said goodbye to us and uh here we are uh i woke up this morningthe girls of course you know i have twin two and a half year olds are walking around in thehouse asking where’s copper where’s copper we said he’s in heaven with uh great grandpa causethose two were best friends and that was it so um enough with the sad thank you very much forlistening to me and all the condolences thank you for being here uh we are gonna have a beer umit’s called these nuts it came in my white my beer drop this is a peanut butter and hazelnut ale so iwanted to try this on stream today uh very excited just to at least um have some you know semblanceand some normality to uh to the show um of course we we ordered our shut up copper t-shirt onsaturday night hoping that it would come in if you guys want to you know contribute orhelp or anything like that there’s a shut up copper t-shirt available probably going to beremoving them soon um just because you know it’s going to hurt a little bit so with that said umlet’s let’s just start jumping into the regular monday stream um i really do appreciate thecondolences and this was copper was our first addition to our family right after my wife and igot married and uh yeah hey haven’t been around as much but have you given i have not givenup on algorand edward i still have all my holdings i have to check on the voting um yeahso just we’ll do that so uh this is for copper i’d like to say he would like that butyou know dogs can’t drink beer um i have not given up on algorithm um i will do anothervideo on it i know we got some voting to go on but we will so uh let’s let’s just start havingsome fun uh you guys know the drill we’ll look up uh miners we’re gonna talk about someum opportunities and your placements and everything and just like the regularmonday stream we’ll go as much as we can um yeah and you know the drill super chats are alwaysappreciated so all right we’re going to start off with uh if i break down i have a towel so don’tworry um yeah there’s there’s not going to be any more shut up coppers unfortunately um maybe i’lljust switch it to yelling at my kids or something uh yo nerdy sorry about your loss bro hewill be missed thank you very very much uh and if you guys of course you do you knowfollow me on the channel um the next video i do i’m not gonna have a funny intro obviously i’mprobably gonna do a nice little uh tribute to copper um no i’m not in strong block or wonderlanduh i thought about getting into strong block but are you taking recommendations for our own minersyeah so if you guys plug your miners into the chat um we’ll look them up on screen we’ll kind oftake a look at your setup i’ll ask a couple of questions it usually gets a littleheavy with a lot of people going through um so if you want me to skip the line superchats are always appreciated send a super chat with your miner in there and we will lookyours up immediately and dedicate a couple of um a little bit of time to suggestions andrecommendations based on your area so the first one we have here is keen concrete guppywe’re looking at a 2.5 a zero meter on a bobcat first off i don’t think your settings are correcti have gone from 1.2 hmt per day down to 0.005 uh per day since uh all the latest updates ifyou don’t mind me asking could you check up on flatmate that’s not doing as much as i hope i’veever just started mining doesn’t matter if you have the movement of the hex with the one you’rereally in yeah so that’s a quick easy question you do need to make sure that you’re in the hexthat you are you have to make sure it’s asserted in the right place otherwise when povc 11 finallycomes back then um you will be penalized for it you’re gonna see your earnings go down i thinkvosscoin did a video yesterday or two days ago talking about where he tried to sneak his outsideof a hex and it wasn’t getting the rewards like everyone else so you’re gonna have to move itback uh keen concrete guppy in this area you probably might want to make sure you get yourselfelevated with a 5.8 um helium miner or a 5.8 dbi antenna and also make sure that you do getthose good coax lmr400s but right now your big issue is going to be elevation and your dbi sizeand you’ll get something much much better thank you frank i appreciate it um so that’s whatwe got there let’s take a look we got a long one up here that i wanted to see if you don’tmind absolutely we’re gonna go ahead and keep taking a look at everything uh boom flat mercurialspider we’re going to belgium 6 dbi 5 meters in the air let’s take a look your your stats you’rehitting everything great i mean you’re in the best possible spot you can be you’re in with okayso looking at your numbers here we talk about this a lot on the channel as long as you’re between 2.5and 3.5 helium every seven days and above 10 and 30 days i consider that successful so i wouldn’tchange a thing you’re getting solid numbers with this kind of return so i wouldn’t change a thingat all all settings are correct and never sen all right let’s see let’s pull out another onehere and as you guys can see we are getting a couple of flooded in so i will try to pull yoursup as we go unfortunately we can’t get everyone as they’re streaming through the chatbut remember um we definitely will stop everything that we’re doing and look at uh superchats so all right so this one i could tell your issue right away is just gonna be your areaso you are in a saturated area your activity is outstanding 382 beacons 200 witnesses inthe past five days this is really just your area so if you’re not in a position to where youcan move um that’s going to be unfortunate but your transmit scale is super low because theyalready have monsters coverage in this area you can uh take a look inside uh hot spotty whichif you go on the uh explorer and you hit improve sorry i’m probably gonna be high and owing a lotjust because my mind is like all over the place so but you’re also going in your 30 days so that’snot too bad you’ll be able to get some recovery but it really just check hot spotty and see ifyou can locate your miner elsewhere just your area is too saturated so let’s see mine took apoop last five days you caught my attention with taking a poop so let’s get going hey i haven’tstarted mining yet could you look at my hex to see if it’s worth it to start now with so manyother hot spots so close to me rap to copper my id is this i’ll copy and paste that cause ido want to take a look at that all right so we’re looking at here beautiful gingerbreaddove what can i do better rough shamrock swan so you’re rocking an 8 dbi 8 meters inthe air oh we got a 2 super chat let’s go ahead and take a look this is how it goeswe get the super chat and we jump right to it it’s like an express pass uh that’s just kind ofyour area in that one all right so we’re taking a look at obedience snowflake check out my minerany tips so you got a 5.87 meters up in the air you could probably try an 8.0 especially since itwon’t be affected by povc 11.Your height’s pretty good as long as you’ve got a solid cable and solidplacement um you’re also not done with your full month of mining and you’re already at that mark of3.5 you’re between point two point five and three point five in a seven day spread so i think withyour setup in your area you’re as successful as you’re probably going to be you are more thanwelcome to try to pop out an eight dbi to get down in this area oh five dollar super chat fromnorman uh wobbly plum bison is up next thank you very very much uh yeah so you i wouldn’t changea thing really but you can try an 8.0 to see if you can get closer to down here like some of thesedown here as well maybe even a little more height might benefit you so if you can maybe put yoursup 10 meters you could probably get some here as well so rack miners down i’m not sure you guysknow i’ve got the two bobcats so all right your area so with your seven seven-day spread thanksman may try yeah you might want to try that we’re not drinking that right now we’re drinking this soyour area i don’t know if we’ve seen this before in the past 24 hours i’m i’m not upset with howmuch you’re getting in the past 24 hours and you’ve got your 8 dbi 5 or 15 meters up in the airso that one’s pretty solid oh we got to look at i see it right here thank you very much for the uhone euro super chat what is that like four dollars right now absolutely we’ll take a look at younext oh and another two dollars so all right cool just moved to the attic bruce db yeah your areaunfortunately norman if you have an opportunity to add more around you i would take a look atthat you could definitely take over the area but see what you’re maybe you might not beperfectly level racks aren’t down at least for me mine’s doing well yeah you’re not youmight not be perfectly level to not hitting down here unless there’s any um elevationrate here that’s going to be hindering you so really in your area it’s just more of asituation of your location versus your setup but i like if those numbers are fully accurate i likeyour setup your height and everything’s perfect sorry i can’t give you much better results on thatone it just looks like your area is too far spread but with the network always growing then you willbe pretty solid all right next we have radiant sangria gibbon with the with our one euro superchat from madim madam j iso elder scrolls online ha yep i got it i got it buddy i appreciate it umyou’re set and then the next one is going to be faithful jade weasel just so we don’t fallbehind all right so we’re rocking an 8 dbi 30 meters in the air you’ve got your strong setupas well and you’re hitting everything you’re just on the cusp and it looks like you might havejust set that up that way as well i don’t know but you are just on the cusp of getting tothat 2.5 um maybe i don’t i would say get it like do your best to get it off a relay that’sgoing to be an issue right there so get the ports open get a static ip make sure you do allthe port options so if you go into the get help not only do we talk about four four one five eightbut you also want to take a look at um ports 22 and 443 to be open for an outbound because reallywhat’s happening is you could be getting some more rewards it’s just with it being relayed some ofthe stuff is getting blocked at the gate so that’s something you want to take a consideration to doso that’s that’s going to be it i guarantee if you get it off a relay you’re going to have some muchmuch much better results and you’re going to have much higher numbers all right so faithful jadeweasel let’s take a look here because this is uh why does the helium app suck um florida tampathere we go um the app is a little finicky you all you want to make sure you try to get it off oflike that steak joy and get it to the helium api all right so this one i’m looking at right now ihaven’t started mining yet don’t spam and i saw that earlier racks have been having some problemssinking can you please take a look floor temp let’s go all right so faithful jade weasel i wantto say that you want to get yours up even higher that’s probably an issue that you’re having rightnow with being four meters in the air but you said you just moved it to the attic right all right soif you just moved it to the attic how long ago was if you just did this within the past few daysyour numbers have already spiked up pretty well so we’ll see what happens over the course ofthe next week and see if that attic placement was much better not much you can do notmuch you can do about the transmit scale but everything else looks goodthere so thank you very much for the super chat bruce db let’s see how itgoes in your attic a little bit longer um didn’t i look you up already for our what is that two poundsuper chat temperature in the office is rising just got my update from my planet watch yeah we looked at you already didn’twe we are in a situation to where we yeah you’re getting everything it’sjust your area so that’s about it uh my rack’s working fine ramone oh havea brew on me thank you very much tom i’m also going to cheers to you thank youfor the 5 super chat i absolutely will we’re definitely we’ll have one forcopper on you man i really appreciate it um finest 20 off right now which i wouldn’twould have waited to buy flaky eggshell pike flaky eggshell pike love your channel thankyou very much ramon i appreciate you please look at zesty watermelon chip oh wait no i wasgoing to look at uh this one i wanted to see if i can find this one real quick i wanted to take alook at the hex i know you asked it a few minutes ago no results found i don’t even know reallyhow to look these up can you abdullah can you send me a minor that’s in your area does anyoneuse roklan 8 dbi low profile antenna i’ve heard a few things about roklan my antennas are the 5.8racks which right now it looks like they’re 10 off which is pretty solid so you get eightbucks off of the two pack is south florida oversaturated i just joined sorry crazy currentb just fixed placement can you look at it sure i definitely can look at it but yeah i’ve gotthose and they also have a few other options on the site there as well so you might want tocheck those out let’s take a look i have eight 5.8 dbi installed and it’s in my windowon the first floor antenna at two meters so your big issue is gonna be putting it inthe window there while it’s in the window um yeah look up one of those abdullah uh while it’sin the window you’re gonna oh god what are you faux and faux what replace the hex with his uh we can look at that okayso we are looking at you with your crazy current b if it’s in thewindow you want to get it out of the window oh super brother’s brewing oh a brewery what doyou guys brew where are you stable gingerbread dude in a two dollar super chat so absolutely whatdo you brew that’s i mean you got my interest sir if i can get your miner ihave your miner right here okay well i guess i’ll just have to add the tlet’s go ahead and add the t at the end of this paste there we go and you’re in let’s godown here all right yep cheers to everyone oh wow you got an area um all rightso if you are rocking the sense cap with a 2.6 dbi at zero meters this is obviouslya scenario where you want to rock yourself up as high as you possibly can make sure youchange it over here as well cool nope you’re fine you’re fine i gotcha i know i promised you totake a look so i’ll take a look here um you want to get yourself elevated your transmit scale sucksyour rewards are essentially cut down in half and your activity is cut down in half but youwant to make sure you get yourself elevated get yourself an lmr 400 and try the 5.6 i thinka 5.6 will be shot oh we’ve seen this before on stream we’ve seen this area it’s like someone wasobsessed with wand division or magneto and did their helmet there that looks like a spoofer yeahwe’ve done this area before that’s very familiar very very very familiar so yeah tryto get yourself elevated and upgrade update your antenna so um and if you update theantenna make sure you’re buying the uh lmr 400 cable to get that going there thank you very muchfor the 25 likes everyone let’s keep that going oh let’s take a look at this area all right soin this area uh yeah so it is over saturated um this guy if you copy a setup is pretty solid withhis number so that’s a situation you can look at he’s got a five dbi 55 meters in the air um we’lltake a quick look at hot spotty to see if there’s anywhere outside of the area or if you could findsomewhere to go have you heard a shipping update yes i have heard a shipping update from milesightin the discord uh here’s the hex you requested in the discord um you can they did an update on theshipping and at the end of november batch thank you for looking mine up absolutely man thanks forthe super chat um thank you very very much for the five dollar super chat um they the november batchwas delayed till i think like the 6th of december so i think they’re targeting betweenlike the 4th and the 6th of december um let me see if i can find that real quicki know we don’t really like discord uh but um i want to see how saturated this area is toooh five dollar super chat we’re gonna jump on over i live in an apartment and i just startedmining a few months ago please check the us out here in yep we can do that especially for thefive dollar super chat thank you very very much yeah so um your entire area is over saturated soeven if you move out to an area there’s still 148 too many hot spot miners in around you so you wantto make sure you try to get out of there that’s going to be a problem there you’re still going toget rewards you’re not going to get the maximum rewards but you’re still going to get the rewardsso bando tracks here we go and then joe did you do anything else no all right so while we’re pullingthis one up does changing my elevation in the app make a difference i took my antenna up from fiveto ten meters and i don’t know if it got better rewards it will when povc 11 releases so that’ssomething you want to consider all right so you got a four dbi seven meters in the air this is aperfect environment for you to probably get a 5.8 um the four is okay if you were maybe closer downand here the four would be better for you but you want to do the 5.8 and i like your height so trythat for your height and see if that improves you so not too bad to start off you’ve already gotten4 helium in the past 30 days so buy yourself a 5.8 with that oh adrian hendricks with a 5 superchat change mine back to the stock antenna it’s going crazy i’m super pumped about the 5.8right now oh i like that let’s take a look uh that might that might mess up the poc 11up yeah so povc 11 will be screwed up ooh ooh look at you let’s see what yourseven day 3.7 beautiful seven day beautiful seven day number you are well on trackto clear your uh 10 and 30 days number and if it’s even with the stock antenna definitely likegive it a week with the 5.8 see if you can even stretch out a little bit farther maybe that’llincrease your activity in the transmit ratio um but definitely i like your numbers a lot youhave a good spot you’re 1.0 you don’t have any uh transmit loss because of this area sodefinitely but remember if you’re rocking the bobcat you want to make sure you getthat lmr400 cable because you do need a cable because the 4.0 little stock antenna um won’tfit the 5.0 so you want to make sure you get that i want to pull up the helium mining uh uncledaven 5 super chat what we got did you post one do i have to find one are you gonna send me onethank you very much for the five dollar super chat that’s devin m uncle daven uncle daven oh fivepound super chat all right so we got uncle daven first i have a question about rewards my witnessesare ass for example 10 witnesses is now around .04 and my 0.05 witness are around point one four wentfrom 30 today being eight plus to now high three large locus thingamablob whoa what’s going on hesshappens how are you how you doing buddy all right large you’re in jacksonville florida let’s goto jacksonville florida while we also look up our helium mart update order questionswe’re going to pull this website up here i’m going to post this in the chat incase you guys want to take a look at it this is the update from heliummart about uh the wichita jiggers all right before we keep losing track allright so your witnesses have gone down um man your area sucks ah the saturation sucks toouncle daven so i have a question about rewards my witnesses are ass for example yeah so you mightjust be also in an area where they don’t have good placement and good setup to where you’re notgonna be able to see anything because really when you witness something that’s where the uh thethe helium rewards are going to be so this kind of sucks but uh it’s six meters try try higheri’d probably say try higher make sure you get a good make sure you have that good strong cable andget that higher make sure the environment because i know in florida sometimes the environmentthis is something i do forget to talk about the environment does screw with the rewards ifit’s overheating the device or anything like that um it will mess with the reward so i wouldprobably recommend getting yourself out higher and that might help you get down here even farther butas of right now um it’s just really your transmit scale which is dropping so probably more peopleare plopping miners in the area and that’s just getting bad so all right up next and then we havea mirror uh we’ve got what is it curly brown eel hi i got a good antenna and a cable it is in theattic but i have bad rewards can you please check i can i absolutely can alright so your area mightneed an 8.0 or if your bad rewards are in your 6 meters up and you’re in the attic you have to makesure you have a good cable so if you have a crappy cable that’s not going to do you any favors butif you have a good cable you’re going to be okay and i don’t know when you switched it maybe tryif you switched it recently and you didn’t power cycle it do a power cycle so that might help youas well uh oh amir thank you cool i got it um but yeah your area is a little sparse so maybeit might be what’s going on rico it might be a little better if you get it externally and higherum with an 8.0 make sure it’s level and make sure your cable is good i installed it on a tower witha 5.8 installed the bobcat outdoor i see some others making 2x same area with similar witnesseslet’s take a look so with similar witnesses and not necessarily the money to be made is gettingwitnesses the money to be made is being a witness so that’s something that you got to think aboutso you do have a nice chunk of witnesses and you do have those numbers and especially withyou rocking 4.6 in that seven day spread remember i always try my goal and my setups arealways to get between 2.5 and 3.5 and you’ve already very cleared that and then in a 30-dayspread we’re looking at already overseeing 10 helium in 30 days so really your setup is prettysolid if other ones are getting witnesses they might be a little bit higher might have betterline of sight than you but you 8 dbi 40 meters up make sure that your box is well protectedin a very sturdy external um box otherwise i would just keep riding it it’s just gonna be aluck of the draw with how much you’re witnessing but these are pretty solid numbers as well soi just wanted to show mine off all right let’s take a look at let’s take a look at someone solidreal quick let’s do that and if you haven’t hit that like button yet please consider hitting thelike button so we get to 50 likes for the stream sorry i don’t have so muchenergy guys as you know my so i mean everyone that’s been here since thestart knows that my beloved beagle has passed away yesterday so i just i want to do a streami want to try to stay distracted you know oh god just showing off so you’re rocking a 5.8 10 metersin the air this is why i say the height is perfect everyone so he’s only got 25 witnesses this isa great example of um this is a great example of getting witnesses doesn’t matter unless you area witness uh creamy quarter right cat tinkering is paid off need to get the minor and my in-lawsfixed up cheesy duh so we’ll take a look at your first one and we’ll see what your past 30 days areand see when you tinkered and then we’ll take a look at your in-laws one so thank you very muchstephen andrews for the five dollar super chat really appreciate it oh god look at that 19.15 manyou’re one minor and you’ve you’re right on the outskirts that is a beautiful setup yeah you needto make sure that your in-laws set up is exactly the same as this because this is a beautiful setupyou are 5.8 10 meters in the air 10 meters is like the magic number i might even consider bumpingmine up to 10 meters because they’re both at eight but 10 meters might be the magic numberand that’s what i’ve seen with the most success but that’s a really nice setup but nice to seethat you have the the 20 you’re almost double the uh thank you very much alex 403 um i i’m notgonna fully go back into the story like i did at the early oh yeah your in-law sucks no matter howgood you’re set up at your in-laws i mean you’ll get some good stuff but your transmit scale isbrutal i don’t know see if you can put one 350 meters away from you but yeah your transmitscale’s gonna be brutal there um we talked about copper geesh what was tinkered probably theantenna so you’ve got a 2.3 110 meters in the air yeah you definitely want a little bit maybe a4.0 or 5.0 right there so you definitely want to check that out two more likes we got 50 guys let’ssee see what the discord’s saying nothing just my buddy i’m sorry about copper i love you and if youneed anything let me know thanks boo i love you oh two dollars super chat um sorry and sorryabout the loss i appreciate that very much i appreciate that very much if you guys likecopper let me show your love too by getting a shut up copper t-shirt i’ll have mine it shippedtoday so i’m very very happy i will have that um but i’ll probably be taking them down soon i’mgoing to buy a couple so when i do my california meetup event i’m going to bring them out anddo giveaways with them as well because i want copper to live on you know and i’m so i’m sofortunate that i started doing footage and video content of copper like i know my daughtersaren’t going to be old enough to remember him you know in the long term um but at least he’llbe there with the fun footage that we have of him and uh you know of course i’ve got my phone loadedbut if anything ever happened my phone at least i’ve got copper saved on a blockchain as wellum the library and odyssey blockchain of course he’s up over there and then on youtube as wellall right so we’re looking at and sorry about the law okay we’re looking at uh two meterfour yeah you need to get yourself elevated you’re really in a crappy area so i wouldprobably just keep the 4 dbi but get that as high as you can two meters isn’t going todo you any favors maybe we can start touching people around you um thank you angel nunez copperwill always be in our hearts i appreciate that um i mean it’s it’s yeah i i’mso happy that i can like i have like a youtube family and a youtubefollowing to where i can vent and you know you guys can help me my in-laws are paranoid abouthackers stealing their credit cards if i open four four one five eight well don’t tell themjust say hey i gotta use your minting copper nfts would be cool i i was thinking of mintingthe shut up copper um the shut up copper design you know as the channel grows i was thinkingabout minting this as an nft just so i can have it because i’m not huge on nfts there wassomeone that reached out to me on discord that has been doing nfts for minor names so he sent mea really cool um i have to pull up discord again he sent me a brief top fox he was working on and ihad i was at the vet er yesterday when he sent it to me so um i do have to set up a phantom walletso he can actually transmit the ownership to me um where is it but it’s really cool i like if yougo to the site and everything um he does these nfts for helium miners and this is my brief topefox so really really excited about that one oh oh we got a big i’ll link the site here in aminute all right so we’ve got a 50 hrk i’m not sure what that is but we have a fit can youtell me some suggestions oh helium can you tell me some suggestions and what would uh whatcan i earn near this minor quick cedar to pier where it says map i am waiting for bobcat andplanet to try 6 dbi and 4dbi cheers well cheers to you and thank you very much for the super chatso let’s take a look thanks appreciate my man it will get up higher in a few days bruce doesn’thave to be perfectly level it’s not a directional um you do want them perfectly level if they’reuh 8.0 or higher otherwise you’re going to be shooting your signal down and shooting your signalup and that’s not going to be beneficial for you all right so you’ve got the one point yeah you’regoing to be probably good make sure you get it up as high as you can the 6.0 this isn’t an areafor a 1.2 or a stock antenna this is an area for elevation and this is an area for one of thosebigger beefier omnidirectionals really yeah so the 6.0 you might be able to see um that’s tendollars in canada is that like probably close to about 10 in the us as well um yeah you’re gonnadefinitely want your 6.0 and you want it up as high as you possibly can there so that’s somethingto definitely definitely definitely consider um so thank you very much for thesuper chat i really appreciate it um let’s see let’s pull another one wow thatcreamy indigo is pumping okay thanks appreciate my man blah blah maybe you want to check um europei have set up antenna higher from thursday rewards increase rack antenna 5.8 and 17 meters high aboveor five story building uh fresh bronze peacock any such suggestions or comments let’s take a looklet’s take a look at fresh bronze peacock that’d be a cool nft uh what’s too many hot spots sawsome 171 hot spots yesterday uh honestly if you’ve got places to deploy seven dollars and 48 cents inusd thank you very much mark j for the conversion um honestly if you have hot spots and you havelocations to put them i don’t think there’s anything wrong with having too many hot spotsbecause then you can just make tons of money powerful walnut lark please any suggestionssolid donuts i like how youtube works um beautiful gingerbread dove what can i do toincrease my reward please might start doing lives hot neat af yeah i like the lives um i’m reallyexcited like when i hit 25 000 i’m gonna do a live uh meetup in um california and might you know ifi get my because i built well let’s be honest i bought a gaming pc because the rtx 3080s wereactually cheaper to buy a pre-built pc with one of those in there than the actual cart itselfbut unfortunately the motherboard’s fried so i have to send this bad boy back and of course thati got it in on saturday and then that was bad news and then you know my dog passes awayyesterday uh by the way sorry for your loss i liked copper well thank you verymuch and copper copper liked being on camera copper was fun wish youtube only took15 though 30 is trash oh for the um for the super chats and the tips and stuff yeah what’s too many hot spots there’s not too manyhot spots so if you have too many usually do on twitch and that is real cool yeah i was gonnastart streaming twitch a little bit more often um as soon as my gaming pc is up and runningum as soon as you know if i get it replaced or anything like that um or i should just rip outthe uh graphics card and just build so um yep just installed a 5.8 so if you install the 5.8 youwant to make sure that you install a good uh lmr 400 or lmr600 cable eliminate as many connectionpieces as you possibly can and if you just installed a 5.8 you need to make sure you updatethat height in the app and you want to get that updated as possible and get it up as high aspossible this area you’ll see success if you have height when you have a moment please checkuh able syrup dolphin that sounds gross i am on the 23rd floor did i get it i don’t think i gotit i don’t think i got it i don’t think i got it i get 10 witnesses only earning 0.5 butremember it’s not about the witnesses the number of witnesses you’re getting it’sabout the witnessing you’re doing so that’s the big thing you want to make sure you keeptrack of um 2.3 if you’re on the 23rd floor bump yourself up to a 4.0 or a 5.0 this isa good scenario to have one of those because in this area you know you’re up on the 23rd floorbut let’s get a little bit more signal out there rip we loved copper he isn’t doggy heaven thankyou so much yeah he’s uh he’s with great grandpa now they were best buds when when we first gotcopper uh my wife and i just i don’t know why she couldn’t let him stay home alone becausehe’s a hound dog we lived in an apartment he would just howl because you know he’s a beagleand so we’d always drop him off at grant because at the same time when we got copper um grandmapassed away and so we figured that you know grandpa needed a friend and the two of them wereinseparable for like five years so he’s up in heaven with grandpa now and i swear when grandpapassed away uh he put his personality into copper and copper just turned into such like a grumpylittle curmudgeon and it was just adorable um all right so just for you guys tuning in forthe first time i’m going to zoom into mine here just for a second just to show you the credibilitythat i have i know you guys have seen these in the videos this is going to be my area eric p ifyou can give me a mi i saw you post earlier if you can give me a minor in that areai’ll take a look h t earnings has been poo recently in the uk for me uh they have beenstellar for me so here we have brief taupe fox look at this look at this activity i only have 38total witnesses but today alone i’m making 1.011 helium so in the past 24 hours that’s 1.011 heliumwhat did cable did you say to run to my antenna an lmr 400 i’m going to type that here just as welllmr 400 so you want to run one of those so you can see my this is the miner that i have here at myhouse it’s got a 25 foot lmr 400 cable running to a 5.8 dbi antenna mounted in my attic eight metersin the air we’re currently sitting at one helium for the last 24 hours and you can see all theactivity we’re getting so much activity um pretty much every hour we’re getting some activity whichis nice sorry for your loss what antenna would you recommend for this area we’ll copy that here youcan see in the past uh seven days i’ve made 5.66 helium and then in the past 30 days we’re at14.39 helium so that’s minor number one now we go down here to minor number two and we’re kindof seeing some good numbers as well this one’s not necessarily hitting oop five dollar superchat stop everything this is from po boys diesel uh this is my other minor real quick it’s .65 forthe day 5.3 for the week and 15.86 for the past 30 days if we go into my account here 1.65 24 hours10.9 so almost 11 for a week and 30 for the past 30 days so that’s awesome i’m basically making onehelium a day between two miners which is very very happy numbers all right po boy diesel uh fivedollar super chat in kissimmee florida bobcat been sinking for quite a few days i’ll be buyinga 5.8 and an 8 dbi rack on a 36 foot mast and lmr 400k but beautiful i like the start thissounds good so far um yeah all right so if you’re sinking oh another five dollar super chatwe’re gonna copy this one too so if you’re sinking and you’ve got the bobcat my friend what you wantto do is find the bobcats ip address and go into plug that in on a browser and then it’s goingto pull you up onto that little like ip address window where you can um i would reboot the minerand then i would fast sync it so that’s what you want to do and remember have you gone yeah soyeah as what andre said it’s the the bobcat fast diagnoser and the diagnose from the fast sync umwhat it’s going to do is when it asks you for a username and a password the password the usernameis bobcat all lowercase and the password is minor i do have a video on that so i can um sharethat as well but that’s that’s what you want to do if you’re having issues with syncing uh justjust reboot the sucker do a diagnosis on it and uh throw it into fast sync mode and that shouldget it going pretty quick for you so thank you very much for the super chat but other than thatyour setup is beautiful um 5.8 8 dbi rack uh 5.8 you’d probably be good with a 5.8 in that areathe eight you can try for a week if you already have it but definitely experiment between the two36 inch mast and make sure you also have a good external box to protect your miner just becauseyou know how florida can get all right new to this started two weeks ago in a small city lots ofbuildings 10 to 20 stories hi thanks for checking it out any tips helps all right if this is yoursetup i would also recommend looking at elevation map before putting up an antenna not everyonelives in a flatland florida that’s very true that is very true um all right so if you’vegot your bobcat 4.0 30 meters in the air in the past five dollar super chat we’re gonna doyours next thank you very much for the super chat really appreciate it um please suggestme an antenna i live on a hill and the miner has a clear shot for about 40 miles up north atleast all right cool that’s going to easy one so yeah so you’re already rocking below above ourgoals hey what’s going on neon well how are you um remember on this channel we talkabout the perfect goals are 2.5 to 3.5 for a seven-day spread and then betweenum you know 10 plus for a 30 day spread you haven’t even come close to finishing your30 days you’re just any a little bit half good news unfortunately no copper has passedaway yesterday so this is a tribute to copper you know it’s a shameless promotion tobuy the copper shut up copper t-shirts because i want him to be loved by everyone andeveryone to show their love and maybe one day i can bump into someone at disney wearinga shut up copper t-shirt and also you know streaming and having a beer so cheers to copper yeah so oh you’re talking about good news for um helium yeah i posted that somewhere overtgames are just all right so i got to follow on this one so yeah you’ve got the goodnumbers so let’s see what your 30 day spread is going to be so adam yeah i’m on it ohpowerful walnut lark did i copy the wrong one ah okay all right here we go all right um 12 meters in the air this might be a situationwell first off this is definitely going to be a situation with your transmit scale if youwere in a better if you were in a little bit farther area but you were still getting thesame numbers you would be over that 10 range um but i wouldn’t see they will i wouldn’tsee an issue with trying a 5.6 to see um with your 12 meters in the air i like the5.6 better with being 12 meters in the air because yes you are getting you are witnessor you’re getting all of these witnesses but people aren’t you’re not witnessingpeople so let’s see what the activity is witness to beacon so you witness 137 32 ahyou’re witnessing some stuff here so you’re probably witnessing some good stuff up close trya 5.6 up at that high and see if you can get even better witnessing opportunities but really yoursituation here is just your transmit scale also thanks for your content very informative i havelearned a lot from your videos my pleasure guys no i’m i’m absolutely happy to do this i lovedoing youtube and uh sorry i couldn’t really do anything this weekend you know saturdayum saturday was like christmas tree day and uh issues with my computer my newgaming computer and you know i bought a christmas tree and christmas decorations forthe house and then sunday unfortunately we were at the pet er for about eight hours oh fivedollar super chat from green days exotics let’s see i am waiting on my bobcat to get inand would and trying to be ready for when it gets here what would you recommend one hex northof clumsy marmalade badger let’s take a look take a look at your area oh you’rein florida probably repeat my uh oh you you probably want to get um okay thank youvery much you probably all right so if you’re one hex north of here um you’re going to want toget up as high as possible go as high as you can externally with an 8.0 unfortunatelyyour area doesn’t have a lot of attractive stuff in the immediate area so with 8.0 you’regoing to have a better shot of hitting orlando definitely going to hit me down here in the fourcorners area and a little bit of over here so if you can get yourself like one of those like 20foot like extender poles or something like that and then put that 8.0 on top of it with an lmr 400cable i wouldn’t go anything bigger than a 20.So if you have like a house with a garage right therei would put the bobcat miner on a little shelf in the garage with an office fan i would run thatlmr 400 cable up the 20-foot mast and then i would put your antenna even out that as of right nowi’m not sure when povc 11 is coming out i’m you know it did try to come out a little bit ago andthen they pulled it because it caused some issues with the blockchain but when they recovered theblockchain i’m very happy with the numbers that i’m receiving so whether it comes out today ortomorrow or next month i don’t care at the moment um so yeah so that’s what i would do green day’sexotic you’re relatively close to me and if you do that setup then you could definitely definitelybe hitting me down here and uh you’re up in the claremont area and i i hate to say it becausewe just lost him yesterday but my wife and i are going to get another dog and i wasactually looking at a great dane farm great dane farm property breeder up inbecause i want to i think i want to get a great dane she wants to get a yellowa lot but i want to get a great dane so that’s what we’re going to try to doand that’s they’re up in the claremont area plus i also like claremont i don’t like idon’t care for claremont brewing company i like sun creek brewery brewing and i’ve donea few videos where i’ve had their sun squishy ipa as the beer of the day so cool cool i’m gladyou got that there all right let’s keep looking let’s keep looking and if this is your first timehere on the channel guys please take a moment to consider hitting that subscribe button turn on thebell notification all that good stuff we usually have a lot more fun but i am also in grievingand just trying to be normal today alright p copper i lost two of my dogs this year my uh mywindow is facing another apartment building do you recommend switching from a ford dbi abundantcinema cheetah um well copy yours too just for the nice comments there i appreciate that very muchall right 5.8 dbi great i do want a great pyrenees i really do i really really really do but she wastalking to me today she doesn’t really want um she doesn’t really want like a dog that’s going tohave like super super shedding and like have super grooming like great pyrenees are my favorite dogshands down i had one back on my horse farm i don’t have a yard big enough for their activity so agreat dane i think would be good because i really just need like two walks a day and my neighborhoodis perfect for walking a dog um so i’m gonna fight really hard for a great dane if if i lived onproperty i would have a great pyrenees hands down right now um so do you recommend switching from a40bi this is just your area i don’t know i think it might be your cable though your cable might bescrewing you here i have a dane they’re the best yeah let’s hear for the great danes i’m gonna youhave to show my wife that thank you very much for the two dollar super chat steven anders i do wanta great dane just because you know i i love the idea of having horse-sized poops in my backyardversus little copper poops uh please help i’m using a finester on a 6 dbi antenna i’mgetting nothing no witnesses just a few cents i’m about 5 meters up just order an lmr 400.Umall right so yeah we are going to need to see give me your minor name um igor give me your minor nameso i could take a look oh they do do that yeah so i mean like i said i grew up with a greatgreat pyrenees uh rocky and i would love to get another one call him rocky too brand newbut hustle hard and super fascinating stuff uh it was right above me should i install thesetwo minted miners here thank you for the videos while i’m waiting for igors i candefinitely take a quick look at yours definitely take a quick look at yourshere so let’s see let’s see here maybe i should start a uhsuper chat great dane fund um so in this area yeah you’re gonna wantto what’s the question is right above me i should install the next yeah you if youhave two spots in this area install your minted and get a 5.6 so this is a this is a goodarea this is a little i mean this is a little this is a little similar to like the areawhen i started when i first started mining and then you saw how that blew up sodefinitely consider that um i have an lmr400 yeah you definitely want to make sure youhave the lmr400 whether you get the uh whether you go on and buy the ultraflex orthe regular i i would just say buy the regular because the ultraflex isn’t really worth the extraprice for the like the same amount of protection but here you want to be high and you want a5.0 high infrared albatross let’s take a look i’m in hex strong fiery swift if you’re in the hexyou want to find a different hex um great content keep it up thank you very much again i’m sorryi couldn’t bring you guys content this weekend um also i am quite on the brink of resigning frommy job i’m just sick of it i wasn’t really a fan of what my boss said to me yesterday wheni was telling him that my dog was passing away he go sorry but can you help me cover yourarea i was like no i’m calling off for the day and i’m calling off for tomorrow like i’m at theanimal hospital with my dog love you copper overt garnet seal just plugged up my deeper mini and gota needs attention on helium explorer any pointers wait okay okay cool um so if you’re running itthrough your deeper mini um i that’s why my setup is different super flat florida area rack antennaum wow yeah oh it’s offline so i don’t think i have the drawing anymore but this is this was onereason why i set up my deeper mini the way i did was because i didn’t want it to interfere withmy um excuse me i didn’t want it to interfere with my helium mining so i had the modem to therouter and then i had the router go to another the deeper mini to another router for wi-fi to pump itout so it’s it’s completely off the network it’s completely off the signal that’s coming out of mymain router so that’s probably what you might want to do someone did leave a comment for me the otherday in a video which i was like why did i think of that where they said well why wouldn’t you justhave two routers coming from the uh the modem and then i went and looked at the modem and the modemonly has one external one output slot uh so that’s why i couldn’t do it that way so unfortunatelyyou do i recommend bypassing it whatsoever uh going to tampa let’s go check out tampa becausethat’s going to bring me closer back to mine so i could show it on screen here let’s go totampa but yeah what i was saying is like i want to resign and then i want to stream ontwitch which i have a twitch i just haven’t streamed since i started working whichi should because you guys probably enjoy hanging out and watching me play call of dutyand diablo too but um maybe tonight i’ll stream maybe tonight i’ll get drunk and stream and youguys can all join me uh tall iris husky ran out of room lol all right we’re gonna get that there um ihave two golden retrievers here so easy to keep up and the shedding is really easy to keep up becauseit’s long hair and cleans up really easy yeah my wife and i were talking about a golden retrieverwe found a cute one but we ultimately because i had a golden retriever when i was five um konawe named her after conan the barbarian and um and uh she was a beautiful great dog but no idon’t think we’re gonna do a golden retriever i want a big dog like a really big dog but i lovegolden retrievers really loyal and everything and then my buddy uh my one my best friendgrowing up in like elementary school in middle school i had a golden retriever as well caseyso we had kona and casey um this is in tampa you just need a 5.8 and you’ll be much betterall right we gotta get back to igor with the super chat let’s take a look over tall irishusky going to jackson township new jersey five meters in the air 6.0 not too bad where canwe buy affordable lmr goldendoodle if you don’t want shedding i’m not a fan of thegolden doodles honestly uh they’re they’re pretty but it’s just not my uh not my cup of tea mycousin-in-law um who buys bitcoin through me has uh a golden doodle beautiful dog and reallyfun finn’s great time he i’ve never seen a dog eat so many socks and survive but it’s greatyou know great dog he looks like they shaved him last time they brought him down for christmasthey completely shaved and we were like what the hell are we looking at all right so we haveto go back and find out uh igor’s kind please help i’m frustrating on 6 dbi antenna i’m gettingnothing to witnesses just a few cents i’m about 5 meters up just order all right so yeah so what youneed to do use your use the lmr 400 and go higher so if you can get higher then you’ll be muchbetter so and you’re rocking it yeah so definitely get yourself a 25 foot lmr 400 cable go as highas you possibly can and you’re going to get better numbers because this area with that height is justnot going to do you any favors so definitely check that out take that out i’ve got a tibetan mastiffthey’re an awesome breed i was looking at um neopolitan mastiffs but tibetan mastiff let metake a look at that i gotta turn this off tibetan of course google is like oh i’m listening to youso as soon as you type t oh that’s a beautiful dog that’s a beautiful dog yeah i lovethe mastiffs they have like the flop like how they have the floppy lips and everything um i mean if it was up to me oh that’s abeautiful dog wow they’re big too uh can you tell me perhaps i have so much witnessesbut the earnings are so down do you know why calmly uh it’s because you’re witnessing peoplebut they’re not witnessing you and the money oh five dollar super chat from terrell the great youare definitely great at sunny shamrock swift sorry for your loss i gave this miner to family can youhelp me find out why they are not earning thanks he’s nine months old and already over a hundredpounds wow that’s a big boy what’s his name uh yeah bernie’s mountain dogs are alsobeautiful uh we were looking at them well looking at like pictures of themlike i i would get all these big dogs i mean i need a dog that’s like over160 pounds my pyrenees rocky he was 180 like 182 and uh he would stand on his haunchesand be as tall as me and i’m six foot and um it was funny because like that was when ilived on the farm and my parents made my like the garage my bedroom so i had a backdoor to the back so i can like sneak out and hang out and drink and smoke pot in the barn andstuff with my buddies at night and everything and at night i would go out and um the high schooldays right i would go out and i would instead of like walking across the house to go take a whizi would just go out the backyard and take a whiz what’s going on reuben and uh rocky wouldrun out and take a whiz with me as well but he would finish faster and then he’d run in and justlike lay on my bed and with this big 182 pound dog as tall as me there’s no sharing the bed soit just got to a point where i was tired rambo that’s a beautiful okay cool so we’re on thatstallone that stallone thing my best friend got his brother from the same litter lol yeah and sothen i would just lay on rocky i was like screw it this dog weighs as much as me i’m just gonna layon him all right so what’s our situation here your situation with everything is a yourtransmit scale sucks b your hot spot is being rallied so you need to get it off of ralliedc if you only have a 2.30 meters up in the air your reason why you’re not getting witnessedthat you’re not witnessing things sorry for your loss i greatly appreciate your content areyou still holding your meetups in davenport i’m in orlando florida i have not done another meetupsince my 10 000 subscriber mark i thought about maybe doing another one here in um davenport but idecided that i’m gonna push to 25k maybe we’ll do an impromptu one here that like you know for theholidays or something like an ugly sweater nerdy dude meetup or something like that um but whenwe hit 25k we’re gonna do a meetup in california probably in the anaheim area so i can take mywife to disneyland because she’s gonna have to go but anyway yeah so um sunny shamrock swift uhterrell you want to get it off a relayed you want to get yourself as high as possible andyou want to get maybe a 5.6 or better like i like the signal that’s going to be refractedoff the water line here so you can get more but the with the issue with you being relayedyou’re putting stuff out so you’re witnessing this stuff but when you’re they’re sending you backthe information and sending you back you’re not getting that that’s being cut off at the gate soyou’re not getting stuff there oh man it’s a bit massive it’s beautiful that’s a lot of hair thoughmy wife probably won’t go for it i really like uh this one’s awesome let’s pullup this picture real quick that’s awesome that says ramboright there these are beautiful dogs but you guys aren’t here for the dogs let’s close that down all right all right uh i seea lot of others but nobody sees my minor that’s the problem uh the reason i got to bitten besidesthat they look awesome is that they live very long for large dog 10 to 15 years is awesome for largedogs um because we’re like the great danes we’re looking at we’re only like eight to six yearsand i mean copper only made it eight years which really sucks i really want to buy one watchingthese kind of vids i’m in jacksonville definitely think i could get some good rewards jacksonvillehas some touchy areas so the areas that are saturated will be like the college town and uf ucfor uf and all that stuff hey zanza howdy hey there mister but yeah jacksonville’s got a pretty solidarea especially if you can get out and around it so jacksonville would be primo location for10 meters in the air 5.6 dbi antenna lmr400 how can i improve my earnings soaring mahogany they put up another minor 7.99 theseprices are crazy the demand is crazy man it’s insane it’s absolutely insane i’m justwaiting for my mile site to come in and i think there’s another miner out there can we get 20 morelikes if you guys haven’t hit that like button hit that like button please please pretty please anddon’t make fun of me for what i’m drinking now because that’s what we’re getting drunkon i gotta save the beer for the reviews um how can i look if something came back nextto a witness ma’am a seafoam dolphin that’s crazy thanks thanks you you’re welcomeall right so soaring mahogany kookaburra past 30 day you just started so if your sevenday spread yeah you just started but 3dbi your 3d bi is going to be okay to hit what’saround you what you’re obviously doing but if you want to beef it up try a 5.6to try to get to all the stuff around you otherwise this little area is just not doing youany favors just not doing you any favors man i’m sorry blah blah blah ma’am seafoam dolphin iwant to look up fat dave i was a fat dave once that’s a big fat dave going to fort myers going to fort myers there we go oh you’re so closeto that 10 man you’re so close eight meters eight dbi that’s a big powerful uh antenna you mightbe missing some stuff or might be getting some stuff involved let’s be honest they couldmake a thousand dollar miner that they could build and ship in the us people would buy yeah idon’t see why these miners wouldn’t be you know they’d be super profitable even still ata thousand dollars are super profitable even the planet watches man like those areall just super profitable wait for milestone hopefully two months also bought a lynxdot yeah i’m excited for the milesight one tarot the great thanks so much for the pointersyou’re very welcome yours is an easy one what’s your thoughts on the m2 pro miner for mxc idon’t like mxc that much because it’s too much to get into and i don’t really think that that coinin that project has a lot of return value like helium does uh waiting for my 5g minor that issomething that i really wanted to get into sunny plastic tune of doing horrible after the networkoutage six witnesses down to zero reset it uh delightful teal goose so when you plan to come tola area how many subscribers are we at we are at 15 722 so when we get up to what dowe need let’s do some stupid math 25 so in another 9 278 subscriberswe’ll come out to california so tell all your friends i’m getting way moredistance now and like 15 new witnesses only been a week since i changed uh from 5.8 allright so yeah give yourself some more time so your your time frame looks pretty solidso give yourself a little bit more time um doing horrible after the network outage yeahgive yourself a reboot after the network outage maybe that might help that’s probably whati would suggest uh hey can you check mine out someone just joined my hex recently and i wason the way to making 0.7 plus a day before those bald turquoise troll yeah we’ll take a look atyour hacks because my hex i went down to 0.56 but now it jumped up to 0.71 which helium minerwould you recommend honestly which one do you i think i should receive in the shortest time manwho goes in your head oh 5 super chat minor mike sorry to hear about copper thank you very much iappreciate that what are your thoughts on genuine syrup cheetah antenna is in the attic and mycable’s lmr 400 and only is set okay so you have minimal you have smaller amount of d of db lossthere which is pretty solid so let’s take a look what kind of uh uh ceiling tileor ceiling shingles do you have let’s have this jump over i don’t hate it i think it just might be yourarea you’re getting what you need i don’t know why you’re not sending beacons though butyou’re getting what you need for your area so i don’t hate it what is your um roof likewhat is the material the stuff on your roof let me make sure my discord doesn’t need meat the moment uh is it bat under 300 meters uh can you explain why this miner got fiveinch deep day even if it’s relayed yeah hacking exploits sorry for yourloss bro thank you very much all right cool not the stuff i needasphalt so yeah you could have some signal refractions from the asphalt oh stellaplays heart 5 super chat thank you very much send me your minor so i can look yours up nextum so the asphalt might be but really it might just be the area in so you have some you’regetting some good setup but like this dude right here probably has a crappy setup and you’re notseeing him and so it’s only so much you can do uh you could try an 8.0 if you wanted to you’rehalfway there transmit scale whatever but i don’t know man i think you got agood setup you got the lmr400 cable you could try the 8.0 and try to get outa little bit farther your height’s perfect maybe the asphalt is pretty because yeahmine’s like the the little asphalt like tarry shingles as well and everything getspushed out pretty well so i’m not sure i’m not sure at all uh stella let me make surestella didn’t post something for that i missed because i want to make sure i see that onereal quick no all right well i gotta keep an eye on stella stella may plays that way we can getsorry for lost i’ve lost my share of best friends um or was it also any advice for the hex north ofthis getting links dot in puerto rico puerto rico i know is a little i think we talked to someonea few streams ago that’s pretty much taken out the whole area let’s take a look so here’s theloads puerto rico fat dave lmi i looked at the spoofers here getting .03 a day now very lowrewards good lmao so yeah it looks like they’re starting to catch them which is great sorryabout my english i’m from germany not a problem um all right so you’re going to be in the hexabove it man you’re just in a bad area you’re not going to get much here unfortunately i justset up my alright so this is our super chat i just set up my first of two mint miners a coupledays ago yesterday upgraded 8 dbi antenna with lmr 400 cable i got you i got you please any advicei am docile pineapple cow low rewards right now oh thank you very much hess thankyou for the donation towards uh donating for your loss for copperthank you very much so i’m gonna definitely get a beer on you anddefinitely a beer on tim t or tom t sorry i had a phone call super flat floridaarea 5.8 right on infrared albatross all right so if you are docile pineapple cow low rewardsright um eight dbo if you set it up yesterday you got to give make sure you recite like restartit um update your information so right now it’s just telling me that you have a 1.2 dbi with zerometers in the air so you make sure you update that information as well so that way all of thatwill get pushed through with povc 11.But uh let me make sure i re-read your comment i just setup one of two miners couple days ago yesterday upgraded to eight did that uh please any advicei am to spawn at low rewards right now yeah give your miner a nice unplug it and plug it back inand then um oh uh brian callahan um yesterday uh we said goodbye to copper he passed away after uha long day so long story short he started having breathing issues in the beginning of november wethought it was bronchitis brought him to the vet didn’t think he was congested heart failure butover the weekend he got really really bad so we went to a pet er yesterday we spent about from 12p.m to 8 p.m in the parking lot in the car because you can’t you have to do curbside while they tookhim in they said he was very feisty very spirited they couldn’t really do a lot of exams on himwithout giving him a mild sedative so they gave him a mild sedative did an x-ray and ekg and acouple of things on him and um really couldn’t tell like 100 what was wrong they said he wasn’tin congested heart failure but he needed to well i need token to pay for intent yeah you’re finewith what you have you’re fine you it’s 55 cents to do that um so yeah so after they he he said uhcopper had a condition that was only seen in cats he’s never seen it in dogs before he has a normalsized heart but he has a larger heart muscle that’s pumping really powerful but the volumeof blood that’s getting pumped through his body wasn’t really enough and it was very in his bloodwas thicker and so a lot of fluids were building up in his lungs and that’s why he was having likethe bronchitis cough and all that stuff like that so he didn’t really want to give him a diureticor he didn’t want to give him anything to like or any more fluids because the fluids might havefilled up the lungs if he gave him a diuretic or a blood dilation it might have um thinned out theblood he wouldn’t get any more so we’re going to be taking him to see a cardiologist today umso the the vet last night said after he comes out of sedation he was perfectly fine he was onoxygen he was ready to go home and they gave him a mild sedative to pull the ivs out because hedoesn’t like strangers he only liked his family and so they brought him out um you knowi held him for a few minutes he was kind of like looking around he was high because helooked like when we got his balls chopped off and then um 10 minutes after we left the er uhhe was sitting in my wife’s lap he was half on my wife’s lap half on me so i had my handon his butt and we were driving home and um 10 minutes after we left er he he passedaway so he died in my truck um and we were like three minutes from another eat pet er on theway home and i plowed in there as fast as i could maybe hopefully that we can get him like you knowcpr but he was pretty much gone for about eight minutes before they finally were able to comeout and grab them from me um so we said goodbye so that’s what happened so this is atribute to copper so cheers to copper shut up copper and so we’re probably gonna put alimit on the t-shirts here soon all right uh we gotta get back to the super chats roman uh pernitagarza just upgraded installed scruffy pear toad um um the wi-fi connection 25-foot lmr how do youthink i’ll do compared to five um i think you’re gonna do much better uh than the one out thewindow because if you’re on the window you’re gonna be hurting your signal um the window willrefract your signal uh back um unfortunately i don’t think i do have a i do not have a discountcode for rack wireless yeah so i think this will do better than the um the one that’s in thewindow especially if you’re in this area you’re not going to get anything with your windowunit so you’ll get more with like a 9 8 dbi up in the air that high um original canvas buffalotrying to hit atlanta more thinking about 5.8 or 8.0 in the attic because i’m unable to place onroof got bobcat a week ago glad bobcats are still getting out there so that’s that’s awesomenews that is awesome news on the bobcats um for the best do you have this kinda all rightso let’s look at this hello my mint it has been singing for seven days is working fine partof helium update reboot it um all right so what are we rocking here trying to hit atlantathinking about yeah so if you want to hit atlanta uh sorry mate you think i should move it outsideright now it’s in the attic i’m gonna copy and paste you as we brian callahan on thank youvery much for the five dollar super chat buddy i’m going to look at this onethen look at yours uh yeah if you want to hit atlanta you couldprobably you’ll probably be able to i’m trying to see what else you can possiblyhit thanks brother my five point was doing well hopefully um you might be okay with a 5.8 in thisarea so i would give the 5.8 a try and then pretty much if you’re not seeing the numbers you exactlywant with a 5.8 as high as you possibly can for or original canvas buffalo uh if you’renot seeing that then let’s probably switch to an 8.0 that that you know what just go withthe 8.0 get the 8.0 as high as you can you’ll be able to get all this stuff yeah get the 8.0as high as you possibly can as level as possible fast hazelnut chipmunk let’s take a look twomore likes guys and if we get two more likes we’re going to have 100 100 uh 100 likes forthe video in total and um i’m probably going to wrap it up here in a few minutes uh do youtake dbi deductions for cable when updating yeah that one’s really easy um if you go on usacoax oh 10 super chat thank you very much gus c um i’m just gonna do this one real quick there’san easy one if you go to go all the way down here to the calculator and you canlook at your signal loss thank you stella uh hazelnut so sorry man you think i shouldmove it outside right now it’s in the attic um yeah with how less you have aroundyou see if you can move it outside you have it’s flat so outside would be goodbut i think with your signal and with it being flat give outside a world definitely definitelyespecially if you’re out by the ocean yeah yeah try it outside brian definitely try it outsideuh delightful teal goose let’s take a gander our pit plays with ourneighbors um borbel large breed hey is my friend hot spot how does he improve hisearnings this isn’t the have two minors setting up in same window don’t do them in the windowsguys my minor only makes point one h and t per day sometimes my beacons only get four witnesseswhat do i do all right all right so looking at yours gus c um with your transmit scale for youso you’ve got a nine you gotta collect my thoughts ugh oh thank you chris for the10 super chat thank you so much um so yeah so you’ve got your trans everythingis perfect except just your transmit scale um because you know uh here on the channel wesay that you want to be between 2.5 and 3.5 in a seven day spread unfortunately you’renot in the last seven days maybe give me you know maybe do a quick little reboot once on thebobcat well i wouldn’t even touch it really um it seems like your rewards are starting tochug back up especially after the update so you would be on track to make more after theupdates but really it’s just your transmit scale because otherwise look at it this way if youdidn’t have a transmit scale this bad you would be making about four times more rewards andyou would be getting even more so all right thank you very much now we’ve got to jump intoden stop making money 24 hours ago any ideas we’re gonna copy this one andthen we have chris with the 10 super chat who said i have a minted minerand i just installed a 5.8 and want to keep the antenna inside one pound super chatthank you sully uh antenna inside is this a good idea and how long does a hot spot update takeso a hot spot updates pretty quick um it stopped making rewards about four hours ago sorry for yourloss can’t even uh check to hang on one second yeah look at that it justdoes tank right off doesn’t it i heard some people are having issues with therack so when we started the stream a lot of the conversation wow just flatlined it looks likeyou have the uh curse of the bobcat at the moment um you can try a reboot unplug it let it rest for10 seconds and then plug it back in because i know when we started the stream thank you very much wegot 111 likes when we started the stream a lot of people were asking if there was any issues withrack and it was very 50 50 on what we were seeing but also the api database degraded last updateone minute ago so it looks like we might be having some issues with this so yeah it’s your rack iwould give it a reboot and try to go from there definitely try to go from there all rightnow we’re moving on to chris who gave us the gave us the 10 super chat he says i have a minted miner and i just installed the 5.8and wanted to keep the antenna inside no data there we go i wanted to keep the antennainside is this a good idea and how long does the hotspot take to update so once you update whatantenna you’re rocking um the hotspot will update within the next two hours if you are rocking at5.8 and you’re 25 meters in the air you want to make sure that you have the proper cable so ifyou’re only getting a .01 a this all needs to be updated so if you got the 5.8 update your rackwhich also you might be suffering from the rack issues and then you want to make sure you get thatif you bought a crappy antenna or cable on amazon it’s not going to be any good so you want to makesure that you have an lmr 400 otherwise you have a solid setup for a 5.8 i would give it a spininside the attic give that a week and if it’s easy for you to switch between the attic and outsidetry that out um all right so let’s rock that and we are up to don’t reboot itwill go offline for a full day yeah i mean if the racks are downright now maybe oh five pounds super five euros or five pound five whatever all rightwe got a next one we gotta do one more here uh hey i love the channel i don’t get whymy rewards dropped from 1.25 to barely half uneven something or other uneven coral bear 4 dbituned mcgill sorry for your loss lmr 400 cable and then we’ve got kyle pierre’s next i just receivedmy miner’s been sinking next two days could you please check it and also set up please funnygrape loris is the name so yeah so the the um the sinking um the sinking sucks as flat andcandid as possible especially with how flibby floppy the network has been the sinkingyou’ll get yourself to like 99.1 percent 99.91 and then you’ll just be stuck for twodays unfortunately if you are still syncing you just have to let it sit is it worth upgradingmy antenna if we can’t update the info you you should be able to update the info who am i lookingat here uneven oh we’re looking at chris okay yeah it looks like it had a weird bounce butlooks like you’re coming back so you got a 4 dbi you could try a 5.0 or a 5.8 and be good yourheight’s good if you want to get it back maybe give it another couple days to see if it recoversback to what you’ve been used to um like the 1.5 but it looks like you’ve only really hit that likeonce and everything else has been lower so it kind of looks like we’re stabling out might also beyour transmit scale with people coming into the area which is why your rewards are gettinga little bit lower um so definitely that um funny grape loris with our five euro poundforeign currency super chat don’t spam mark just because you spam doesn’t mean i’mgonna look it up remember super chats get to the front of the line and i have superchats i have to catch up on i truly feel your pain with copper give you my full condolencesthank you very much rye bread i appreciate it yeah so unfortunately with the syncing oh actuallytry fast sync so what you can do kyle is go into full up the ip address for the bobcatminer and you can just go to your um your you know your router or your modem deviceand see what ip addresses are connected to it log into the diagnosis in the dashboard bypulling up a browser that’s connected to the same network type in the ip address and thenyou can go to the option fastsync your password and username and the username is going to bebobcat and the password is going to be minor and then you can do your fast sync from thereand that should help you you used to hit a lot more often but since november 5th it’s been downto yeah november was a pretty funky month for um for the bobcats and for the miners and all thatstuff and i mean the blockchain even went down for a couple of days there as well i think i didlike two videos in the course of that what is the most witnesses scene you seen a hot spot get i had221 last week on your live uh i honestly i don’t know like i can’t i couldn’t tell you the highestamount of witnesses that i’ve the highest that i’ve committed to memory i’ve seen some high onesum like especially out in the california area i’ve seen uh fast sync degrades memory yeah but if ifit’s fresh and out of the box you could fast sync one time don’t rely on it as a habit um and alsoi mean i know right now they said that putting a a gig sticker or anything in there isn’t going todo anything great but if it’s the first time and it’s still syncing you can definitely throw a fastsync in there once i’m in uk on my app there’s no option to update anything is it just me lol yeahit should be up in the top right hand corner oh all right what time is it it’s almost 3 30. all right guys i think that’sgoing to be it for me today um and probably maybe i don’t know depending on whatmy wife wants to do um don’t even get an option just check out harry longshaft nice try uh i livein that on the grid that is empty i’ve ordered a bobcat i just want to know what dbi antenna ishould get um but yeah i might do some call of duty or diablo streaming tonight if you guys wantto follow on twitch it’s nerdy dude stuff oh one what is it slash nerdy dudestuff01 um or nerdy dude stuff one what is it yeah it’s no you do stuff one so just go givea follow there turn on notifications in case i pop on to play some video games i don’t know i’mgonna be hammered if i do so just a little little friendly word of advice there otherwise i’m gonnasit here for a few more minutes um any last minute super chats of course i will definitely lookup your miner um so we’ll just leave it open to the floor for a few minutes for super chatminor lookups only if you have any questions uh yeah the helium app is really i mean it’sgetting better if you have any questions i will definitely be answering your questions but minorlookups are just going to be restricted to uh uh do it but i’ll be there if you do yeah i probablywill um do some farming on diablo or in case my call of duty buddies are on um i’ll drink withyou i appreciate it brian are you drinking at work lol nice one chief and cheers to you guys and again thank youeveryone for the condolences for copper um i heard battlefield 20 42 42 is crap i haven’tbeen a huge battlefield guy i would have preferred them to do battlefront 3.Um i’m a call of dutyguy new to the channel but liking the content keep the good work thank you wesley i reallyappreciate it man and you have like beautiful dog thanks for showing me that breed beautifuldog can you review my miner it’s not working well please tips odd purple hedgehog uh i do thesestreams every monday at 2 p.m which is also why i wanted to make sure i did the stream today onlywhen i work from home at night lol i wanted to make sure i did this stream today uh just to keepon the routine and keep normal and keep you know to my fans uh api database degraded sevenminutes ago per explorer yeah i saw it it gave me an error down here uh whichwe stopped to read for a minute um oop one pound super chat i will definitelylook up whatever you send me here um no sugar we’ll call you mountain dew zero look at all that i’m only getting 38 witnessesbut i’m over like one a day can you look it up please yeah where’s yours um mountaindew zero oh up here nobody just said maybe oh on your grid mate i livein the on that grid it is can you tell me a minor that’s near that areai honestly don’t know how to look up this way if you can tell me a minor in that area ican definitely look it up oh wait there we go all right cool can i do the what can you pleasereview the miner i’m only doing super chat miners right now like i’m i’m wrapping up the streamum and i’m only doing super chat minor lookups right now as we pretty much give a close outum yeah so your question was on the grid i just want to know you’re probably going to wantto try you want to try a 5.8 5.8 or an 8.0 yep i got it 5.8 or an 8.0 is definitelywhat you want to try out here this is this is a similar look up as mine so if we go backto mine um your area is very similar to mine especially being on the outskirts or somethingand i’ve got a 5.8 do you know a place i could order the helium cable in canada because usa coaxhas a 60 flat shipping fee i unfortunately do not and i’m really sorry about that see so that’s myarea oh five dollar super chat you’re keeping me going boys and girls and these and dems andfees and foes and foos and fars and fupas and if you’re offended uh shallow nope not looking that up all right whatare we looking at brandon kelly uh it’s just your area man ooh that sucks they’re the best you cando you can try to go higher and see if maybe you can get out to here but really this is your areabut making 136 bucks living out in the middle of nowhere it’s not too bad it’s in the attic atthe moment i don’t know if the planet would move i ordered my cables from rocklin oh yeahrocklin’s a good one what’s going on nw modern um gussy i know what you’re laughing at piranhahey i found one near mine that was on billboard looks like it will make 2k this month tallthere was one on a billboard that’s hilarious yeah unfortunately brandon kelly your area isjust like not populated enough you’re hitting one two three four five six out of one twothree four five six seven so you’re hitting six out of 13 and what’s fit in plus allthese up here yeah unfortunately it’s your area you can try a little bit higher butreally it’s not going to do much for you okay i’ll try an 8.8 dbi then yeah it’sprobably a good idea it’s probably a good idea thanks absolutely you know i might just stream for a few moreminutes and beg for like 28 dollars in super chats to break 200 that’d be the highest i’ve everseen then it would be greedy why pickle jellyfish okay the name made me laugh if you guyshave a funny name too i’ll look it up 34.I’m just waiting for the actualcountdown to get close to an hour and a half because right now we’re at an hour and 27minutes so we’re gonna wrap up in three minutes we’re gonna look at white pickle jellyfishthough just because the name made me laugh this one’s gonna want it bigger you this one’sgonna want a bigger uh antenna how about micro lavender newt no not as funny as wide picklejellyfish cause that’s like i just imagine like a jellyfish in the ocean like floating aroundlike hey ladies actually be wide hey ladies yeah um yeah this is a goodarea for 8.0 as well 6.0 to 8.0 use the link in the description and make sure youhave an lmr400 cable only drink distilled water that’d be funny if that was a minor name i use distilled water for my cigar humidor i alsouse distilled water for my daughter’s humidifier when they need it thank you very much forthe two dollar super chat tony amborsky yeah so that’s that’s my final answer on that one and i think what i’m going to start doingthank you 8 dbi is on the way beautiful i think what i’m going to start doing as wellis i don’t want to sell my helium earnings but i also want to start rebuildinga bitcoin portfolio what the hell it’s got like a porn text can you tell me how this one is making so much what zap are you abraham it’s rosaliewe text a hot or not last time i went to come see my sister but we didn’t meet fordrinks i’m back in the yeah that’s fake scam uh yeah lmr600s especially if you’re going thedistance they’re definitely worth it gorgeous blonde goldfish you got me proud grape skunknope you got me with gorgeous blonde goldfish so now we’ve got the wide wiener jellyfish andthe gorgeous blonde goldfish bald hazel monkey also it’s been like three days nowsince i’ve been synced but i already have over 0.5 ht without even witnessesbut i think what i’m going to do is um buy 0.5 h t worth a bitcoin a day overon and just stake that like non-stop and do that every single daybobcat pigtail is broken the antenna all right that’s it 45 seconds left you mademe laugh on this one still sinking though can you check michael lavender newtsee to give me some tips unfortunately nope i am wrapping up the stream now i’m gonnago have a cigar and a haha on the porn text yeah hot or not [ __ ] i’ve been married foreight years i haven’t needed to worry about any of that [ __ ] i sent a five poundsuper chat a while ago did you receive it kyle uh i think i did kyle what was what was yoursoh what we got here oh we got five dollars what antenna should i use to increase my witnesses yougot me you got me with the last 15 seconds caulify i think i did kyle yeah kyle i did yours iremember yours best way to get cash for hnt um really if you have the appthat’s a good one 20 super chat from gus c great joke hello delightful holy [ __ ] manyou just made me you just put me over 200 we’re at 200 and 38 cents holy [ __ ] thank youso much great joke lol delightful goose again the north people i’m witnessing that are greenare making a killing the middle of nowhere yeah we’ll take a look at that here in just a seci’m going to pull yours back up holy crap buddy i think that’s the that’s one of the highest superchats i’ve ever gotten the only other higher one was 50 and that was actually a request to do theshut up copper shirts so i took the 50 and i went and i designed the shut up copper t-shirt so thankyou very much for that i really appreciate it um what antenna should i use to increase mywitnesses you need to use a five point wow your area you need to move i wanted iwanted this to be the highest one yeah no that’s awesome i appreciate it manyou definitely stole the show um you can try your 5.8 and get it out everywherebut get yourself up 10 actually just leave your antenna um get yourself up 10 meters if youget up 10 meters another 30 minutes yeah please insert more super chat for more time um yeahyou try your height your hype might be able to get you at least to connecting to everyonehere in london but other than that you’re just not close enough to anyone you could try higherdbis but i would just try getting up even higher to get that sphere out and around all of thisstuff here so try try the height all right um and make sure if you do the height probably withthe bobcat and the 4.0 i’m assuming you’re running the stock antenna you’re probably going to want tomove the bobcat and not the um unless you want to buy a 5.0 antenna in the link in the descriptionand buy an lmr400 cable so that’s something you might want to try and then we’re going back hereso what do we want to look at again the north people i’m witnessing that are green are making akilling middle of nowhere oh these people appear wow wow middle of nowherelet’s take a look at this one whoa holy poop he made 60 h t in 30 days and he’srelayed ah this is spoofed so this means he’s got those ports that are open that are falselythis is this is a spoofer spoofer no spoofing let’s see what his account lookslike holy butts how many hot spots one two three yes yeah this is a spoofer manone two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven all right so let’s go back to whatwe’re looking at this one i gotta pull up yours you ain’t kidding aboutthese people making a killing these are i i bet i bet adollar that the guy in this area so we’re looking at massive cyan skunk wowoh yeah these are all fishy as all hell if i pull up another one and it’s relayed fishyfishy fishy all with one transmit scale yeah right and look at look at that he’s got him overhere oh yeah these are all fishy these are fishy as full and put one hnt coin here for 30minutes yeah please insert one hnt for 30 minutes actually i think my address isin the description of the video this is so fishy i want to find someone with alow transmit scale let’s see if i can find that because i want to look at something there we go here’s some low transmitscales this is what we want to look at that’s much better that’s more logistic damn gus you got me you got megoing i’m dry my throat hurts i haven’t had a tear in like six minutes thoughso that’s good thank you very much for that come on load is your api down too is this guy a spoofer yeah i thinkwe’re looking at some spoofers right now average transmit scale in this area it’s 0.39 uhthis is so cool just start watching anyone care to super brief recap as to what’s been discussedplease please please uh super brief recap um my dog passed away yesterday uh i had a beer andi been looking up people’s antennas and their setups and people super chat when i start fallingbehind so i can look theirs up first and that’s what i do on my streams i made a few jokes therewas one about a wide pickle jellyfish and a golden blonde bimbo uh goldfish and i think i pissed offcancel culture i can’t even load it but yeah the average transmit scale in this area is 0.39 sowhy are you telling me that these dingleberries up here at 1.00 with that average area being 0.39because they’re spoofing wow they are spoofing spooper no spooping let’s see where was thatone with the three it’s in the three right so we’ve got three okay this is this is sostupid you’ve got three in this hex even though it says two right here the dude’s gota 1.0 transmit scale and 40 hnt in 30 days that’s insane let’s see if he’s gotsomething up stupid high i guarantee it’s not and he’s in mountain area i havetwo more miners coming but i’m looking to see where i can put them sorry for yourloss thank you very very very very much well i’m glad his bottom line he’s only oneso he’s an um uh yeah that pretty much sums it up yeah so he’s in a mountainous terrainwith a three dbi antenna one meter in the air and he’s getting everything on the other sideof the mountains this is all spoofed man this is insane sorry about the dog f cancer culture andthank you yeah let’s go brandon speaking of which besides my beautiful shut up copper t-shirt wedid design something with let’s go brandon inspire like let’s go brandon inspiration the let’s gobitcoin t-shirt with red white and blue because this marca doesn’t look good on everyone and idid buy one of these as well and they will be here in the next few days so every shirt i designi buy so i’ll start wearing them and showing them on my channel when i do my california meetupevent we’re going to bring a few links in the description if you guys want these fun t-shirtsso we lost my mother-in-law yesterday as well coppers and good company rip yeah so maybe theygot to heaven at the same time together and uh i’m sorry for your you know your loss andyour your partner or significant other i’m assuming wife i’m always going to assumewife whenever someone says that the one time i didn’t assume wife it was when i hired one ofmy best friends as a co-manager she’s like oh man you know i got married and i moved to florida andi was like oh what does your husband do she goes wife i was like oh [ __ ] so my condolences to youand your family as well so uh other than that guys i am going to call it from here um i had a goodtime thank you very much for being here listening to me talk thank you very much for the superchats uh it was nice to have this distraction um without copper uh today so i really really doappreciate it you know it’s it’s nice to be able to be okay and talk about it and share it with youguys it’s really hard waking up this morning and going to open the door to like take copper out andhe wasn’t there to go for a walk i swear i saw him like in the side of my eye like three times andi do a michigan event and i’ll be there i mean as soon as we hit like a hundred thousand we’re gonnago like everywhere we’re gonna go like to every like major city we’re gonna do like house of bluestours and stuff um and then of course you know i have two twin year olds two twin two-year-olds uhdo not drink distilled water it robs your body of minerals also stomach ache like hell no i won’ti won’t i won’t um and just with them walking around the house this morning go where’d copperwhere’s copper copper where are you and they started yelling copper where are you my wife andi just like broke down and whenever like we have company and people come to the door we shut copperin my office so when like doordash and uh like deliveries come we always open the office door andshut them in there or like when we bring the girls home from my grandparent or their grandparentshouse and like like you know from being babysat we always put copper in the office so we can sitwith the door open and um you know we’ll sit with the front door open and i can bring the girlsin and when we close the front door they both go to the door and open it and let copper out andhe like pushes out past him so it’s just it was really heartbreaking to watch them go to each oneof the doors that were closed today and open the door and open my office go copper where are youcopper where are you um so that was fun but anywho that’s going to be it for me today guys thank youvery much for being here again thanks for allowing me to chit chat and escape uh like commentsubscribe turn on the bell notifications we do videos uh weekly and we do a stream every mondayum hopefully we can get some twitch streaming going on and start promoting that again and youguys can join and watch me play call of duty and diablo and stuff like that so otherwise likecomment subscribe turn on the bell notification all that good stuff i learned more in the last 10minutes here than 12 months in a helium discord hey that’s what i’m here for so we’ve got agreat community and we talk about everything so but join my discord and we’ll see you guys

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