RevoFi – New Crypto Miner STILL in stock – This will be big!

This new crypto miner campaign are just launchingtheir miners. Limited founder edition still in stock. Providing network coverage, storage sharing, computational used and many more ways to earn. They are too having their sign sale rightnow where you can buy their token at a super low-grade busines ceiling of merely 2 million dollars. 0.05 dollarseach. In this video i’ll show you what development projects is, i’ll indicate you the miners and i’ll evidence youhow to buy the token during the token sale at the end of the video. This is no longer fiscal adviceyou should not buy anything based on what i say, i’m just show you info and teachings onhow. If you after this video decides that you do want to invest in the ongoing token sale you canfollow this relate now which i’ll put below in the comments and description. If you follow the linkand sign up and buy revo’s tokens for at least $ 25 then you will get 500 revos clues forfree. I have done this myself i’ve both bought a miner and tokens. Alright let’s get into the video.At first i want to begin by saying that most of these IoT mining device assignments very often end upbetween a market cap of 50 to 150 billion dollars. M2 pro miner, deeper connect, Akash, helium, planetwatch and numerous many more.I mean they all appear to do very well. And to even think that one isable to buy tokens for a brand-new such miner activity starting at only two million dollar market cap, that can have insane earnings possible. That being said we have not determine any of these devicesin action more and the actual project has not launched and begun yet so investing in this shouldas of now be seen as investing in a startup with no guarantee of returns. So revos or RevoFi is acrypto project that aims to create a decentralized wireless infrastructure that is powered and ownedby the people. And with your miners you provide system coverage but also sharing assets suchas storage and computational utilization, referring data on their own revos blockchain. So expending theseminers you can do all those things and many more. Lend out the resources and earn through severaldifferent ways.This project Revos is quite difficult to get a grasp on so excuse me if thereare some parts that i’ve gotten wrong, let me know if so in the comments. If i try to summarize howit all employments it would be by saying that revos is trying to place network coverage, mas storageand the computational utilization in the mitts of the person or persons. You plug in your miner machine then youprovide miles of system coverage and storage and computational superpower so that people or businessescan use the network, use the storage and run such programmes and lotions directly from there.The business or consumers themselves do not need to have multiple different services for that, theywill simply be able to use Revos. Imagine setting these up for inns coffee shop or companionships. Thepeople at Revos argue that you could require and improve your miners to such an extent that youcan make this to an part business simulate yourself. I likewise considered that the CEO of revos had done aninterview with another youtuber so it’s always nice to see a face behind the project.Now let’stalk about the miners. There are now three miners and yes they all seem to be in stock. Youhave the link founder edition, the link pro and the micro benefactor volume. If you buy a founder editionminer they will give you a NFT, 500 rvs tokens and as well as some other aspects that are mentionedhere. Now is a comparison article of the different miners proving what the fuck is do but i myself tried tosummarize the big differences between the miners. Here it goes.The link version is the standardrouter version. The connection pro is the same router but it has satellite and cellular signaling soit can work on a distance so you can pretty much place it where you are miss. Otherwise the linkand the link pro miners are pretty much the same. They come with different storage alternatives whichwill be utilized by the revo’s blockchain by you provisioning to the network and you can allowusers to use the storage itself. So as to my understanding the storage amount have an effecton the earnings. Then there is the micro miner which includes software defined radio( SDR) technologyto maximize wireless range and capabilities. With the SDR component the micro is compatiblewith the lora structure, which we recognize from the helium and the m2 pro miners. When buying aminer make sure you select the superpower push that you use in your country, they have a map showinghere which is used where. So those are the miners. But how do they pay and how does it work? TheRevoFi network is both a local network( LAN) and a wide area network( WAN) that has wirelessmesh functionality, estimate cpu, gpu, dpu, etc and storage at the physical equipment layer.Itis also a blockchain plan, etiquette token, mas service, network service and artificial intelligenceat the application layer. So they intend to replace all the current centralized fellowships that providethese services one by one and they tend to replace all of those services with Revos and the peoplenetwork and natural resources it specifies. Some of the services offered, or making functionalities, the minerscan use when it is placed in rural areas and they will still connect to the blockchain and providedata and earn payoffs. But half of the services offered, or giving functionalities, come from user utilization.So the more undertaking of users utilizing your services the more you will earn. So having the miner in ahotel, coffee shop or near a ballpark would probably earn you the most.But as you can understand itwill be very difficult to estimate the earnings from these miners since they will all depend ontheir nearby activity. Then it’s thought to work in a way where users will use the revos app, they willburn the RVS token to get the data coins which they then can use in order to use your services.And the main attraction to users to use revos instead of the ordinary corporations is that it willbe a lot cheaper to use revos to channel-surf, application gloom storage, accumulation works online moved games onlineinstead of using separate fellowships for structure, vapour storage, gpu, cpu power.Revos can provideit all at once through the people’s network. Now are some other information i have found out.You can have severals miners in the same location, they won’t interfere with one another. Althoughhaving two connection miners or having two micro miners “doesnt really” make sense from what i’ve read inthe tumult chat. What some people seem to do is that they buy one relation miner and one micro minerin order to cover up for all the functionalities that Revos offer. It seems the micro miner willmainly need users around you use the network for you to get more earnings. So it induces more senseto have a micro miner near a locate where people will actually sit down and spend time. The linkminers can provide their storage online and make through that so my guess is that the link mineris suitable to beings that live in rural areas. But you have to do your own research though.I myselfordered one relation miner. That is my summary on how the miners labour and how you deserve. Now i’ll showyou how purchasing the tokens during the token sale. To start off you can use this join here below andyou’ll get an additional 500 RVS tokens for free when you sign on and buy any Revos tokens.So sign up, substantiate your account on your email, please click here on “buy token” and now they showmany different crypto you can pay with. But it’s actually merely these cryptos that you canpay with. I paid with BNB applying metamask on the smart series network. If you don’t know how to dothat i’ll appearance you that in the end of this video. So i adopt BNB, i type in how many RVS signs iwant to buy, let’s say 5000, and you’ll see how much BNB you’ll need to pay for that extent. Thenclick “make payment”, sound the box and “buy token now” Send your BNB to the address that shows uphere for you. Once you have sent them replica in the address from where you sent your stores, so forme it is my metamask address.And click “confirm payment”. But you’re not done yet! Now you’ll geta confirmation email. Open the email and there are more teaches you need to follow. Youneed to send an email confirming your buy. Send to this email address right here. The subjectshould only be “REVOS PURCHASE” , nothing else than that. Then under proof requirement 1: providea screenshot of your crypto pouch with a transaction hash. Proof requirement 2: providethe full transaction hash from block explorer.Proof requirement 3: provide Revosholdings used id and busines amount. And then you can send the email. Do not send anyother questions or other nonsense to this email. The pay will be taken cared of within threedays it seems and the signs will pop up on the locate. That is what i know so far. If you havequestions about the project and the miners i show you checking out Revos discord channel.Alright if you need help setting up the metamask smartchain structure you do like this. The firstthing you need is a metamask wallet.The second thing you need is to configure your metamaskto accept the smart chain network. To do this open metamask, please click here on “ethereummainnet”, click “ADD NETWORK”, and supplemented in the following information and click save. Great.Now you can select the smart chain network. You can now send BNB or BUSD through the BEP2 0 network( smart-alecky order structure) from binance or any other large crypto exchanges to and from your metamaskwallet. From there you can now send your BNB to make a payment. Alright thank you so much forwatching and i’ll see in the next one bye bye.

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