Part1: RAKwireless 8dbi Fiberglass Antenna Install (For Helium Mining HNT)


Hey guys, I’m Drew the helium noob. Thank you for attaching me today. I want to go through how to properly install the RAK wireless 8d bi fiberglass feeler, but before I jump into my setup, satisfy make sure to thump that subscribe button and turn on the alarms. That lane you can get all of my material. As I liberate it, I will be putting up the links to all the components I talked about today in the video description below you can also find those relates on my website heliumnoob com – i’m , not sponsored by any of the companies for these constituents. However, some of them are affiliate relation. So if you’re going to purchase any of these exact fractions, please display your supporter and use my associates. Too, if you like my content and want to help me with making it, satisfy consider giving my channel through the link in the about my path segment. I immensely applauded the fact. Let’s go noobs, so first, so i don’t have to explain and record this while i’m on a ladder 20 paws in the air. What i’ve done is kind of made a setup in my cellar. So i employed this patch of timber on the wall, so let’s assume that this right here is the peak of my home. This is where i want to install right. So before we get into the actual installation, let’s go through the tools that you need to get this racket done. First thing you’re going to need is a tall layer. Once again, i’m going to be 20 hoofs in the air. When i’m doing this for real on my house, so i’m going to have a huge postponement ladder that i’ll be putting up there. Also we’re going to be properly holding such systems, so i have to pound an eight paw. Grounding bar into the ground, so you need a little bit of a shorter ladder, so i got a five hoof ladder that i keep around more for little positions like that. Those are pretty much the big things that you’re going to need now. Some of the small hand, implements that you’ll need simply a sharpie or a pencil or whatever you got to utter some ratings. You’re, going to need a teach with a nut motorist on it. You know a socket cause: a wrench, a phillips pate. Screwdriver wire strippers cable cutters and a small sledge mallet , now let’s go through all the components that you need to complete this responsibility. First thing that you’re going to need is a mount. What i did is, i went on amazon and i ascertained a 22 inch universal tv antenna mount. This is basically what it is right here comes in a casket. It’s got these bolts on now. So you can change the angle of your feeler weapon. The limb too comes with some, u rods and the fasten brackets that you’re going to use to connect the to connect the feeler to the actual mount. In addition to providing that, there is a requirement to some hardware to made that onto the wall. So what i have here is just some self self tapping um. These are actually for membrane metal roofs, so they have a little weather seal on them. That channel it keeps their. You know any condition out. So those effort real good. Then you have the antenna right. So we got this again: the rack wireless 8d bi fiberglass antenna. Okay, this is the antenna itself. It come here for a male tip type connector. The carton also come here for some hardware, so you got the u thunderbolts, and then you likewise have another set of fixes okay and then it comes with a feeder wire as well. Now, in my specific setup, i’m actually not going to be using the. U rods from either one of these packs and i’m too not exploiting this feeder pipeline, so we can specified those aside. Next, let’s talk about some smaller hardware that you’re going to need. I got quarter inch cab bolts that are five inches long. You need two. You’re going to need some washers. I got four of them. Four nuts and two fasten washers okay in michigan, we are subject to weather in the summertime. So a lot of occasions. We’ll have gusts and substance like that, this is why we always want to make sure that you properly ground this antenna. So what i have is a a lightning arrester with a ground connector on it, so this is going to actually hook to that and, like i said, we’re going to run that to the grounding bar. I went 12 estimate solid, copper, floor wire now for my setup, there is a requirement to really under 50 paws in order to do that. So i got a spool of 50 feet. This you can buy chipped to duration. You can get different kinds of segments. Okay, you need your grounding bar clamp. This is something that fixes the cable to the actual ground bar now in my next video i’m actually going to do now a meter lapsing of me doing this outside for the real install, but something i want to point out. Real quick, a little trick, i learned last age i was trying to do a ground barroom. A pile of beings will make their set table and they’ll start thrashing away and pounding this thing into the ground. The next thing you know the top of your field table is pancaked over right, and now you can’t get your fasten on it. So ever make sure you put your clamp on first and secure that down before you start pounding this into the ground. That road, you can just loosen it put your wire in and you’re good to go. Otherwise, you develop yourself a mess, because again you’ll flapjack that, as you ,’ re hitting it last-place couple little things here is just some self tapping fastens. I use these with with my mounting cable ties. These come in handy and basically, what you do is once you ,’ ve ran your wire. Then you go back through it and you screw this into the wall and then you can zip tie your wires. It kind of impounds everything tight and i’ll show you how to do that and then the last thing is going to be your lmr 400 feeler cable. Now like i was telling you there’s, the feeder wire that actually comes with the antenna. I’m not use this, chiefly because i missed something beefier i needed something longer and because i’m putting a lightning arrester on it. The fittings on that actually will not work with my setup. So what i did is i procured this firm announced mpd. Digital, it’s a pretty cool website. What they do is they build up custom length and custom-made connectors. So you can get this to whatever length you crave and whatever connectors you need for your specific setup again. Those attaches will be in the descriptions and on my website at heliumnew com. I have the rack hotspot edition 2, which has a female rp sma connector on it, so i had to get a male rp sma connector it to a female n type connector um. So this goes into my arrester into the antenna so on and so forth. Now the thing that i don’t have here today to show you um is the actual outdoor enclosure that i have. I likewise bought that outdoor enclosure from rack wireless, so basically what i’ll be doing and i’ll do another video. Once i get it and i actually get the miner um once i just got that up on the wall, then i’m gon na be doing poe power over ethernet. I’m going to run an ethernet rope out and dominance the unit outside in an pen. So that’s, why? If i didn’t do it that way, my feeler cable would have had to be 30 40 foot long, which there is a calculator out there. You can find that on my website too um that really shows you, your your signal, loss, um and that you don’t want to do that, so you always want to be as suddenly as you can so at any rate, so let’s come this Thing installed so um we’re going to take our give our mount and basically, what i do is we’re just going to line this up right now again, in cases where, while you’re installing it if anything moves or jiggles, you want to Have exactly kind of a reference point, so i always like to mark kind of where my fucks are supposed to go that road again, while i’m installing this, if it is moving forward me, i have a quick way to go back, so i’m going To take my instruct, a got a couple of these self tapping, uh metal, roof fuckings and we’re going to get this installed here, huh all right! So now that we have that and basically what we’re going to do. Is we’re going to pull this up and figure out the angle that the work requires so let’s come up and you crave this part to be level so let’s find that you tighten these rods down a little bit and then let’S crank them in here looks pretty good. It’s in there reasonably. Well let’s contained this one back down all right. Now that’s good to go something i didn’t picture you on camera, but when i do this actually outside what i’ll do. Is i’ll caulk around all this as well, only to make sure that we don’t get any water going into the house, but now so now that the mounting arm um or the antenna setting what it is you want to call. It is up and ready to go next thing we’re going to do. Is we’re going to build our fix method now? The reason i didn’t use the? U thunderbolts is because again the u bolts just come through and um i just don’t like it. I don’t think it’s. It’s strong enough, for whatever reason it’s just me personally, but well recognized in another youtube video. This person had a pretty cool setup, so what he did is he took. He made these clamps and he’s going to build out, body-build out his fix, so he’s got one there and one there leant them together. Washer, all right, let’s placed the other one in and the reason you crave car shafts is because it’s going to fit into that slit. That nature, when you’re tighten down you, don’t have to have two wrenches in your hand. All title, so let’s come this on where we want stay right about there. You’re going to take your strain and you’re going to tighten this down all right. So now we got a secured setting onto the actual arm and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to take simply a little bit here and you’re going to want to make sure that the infinite of the shafts fits Both moves of brackets once you know that that’s good second set one and two for washers, put your other bracket on a duo more washers, then your fastening washers and your nuts all right. So that regards good now you want that those grooves to be concluded in these grooves right here on that clamp and there’s your feeler. So now what we do is now we jump-start and we lay in our lightning arrester just like that now. This is where you’re going to take your anchor cable. I’m not going to actually spool this all the way out, but what you would do is strip off the end like that. Now there’s a little red secure in now. We’re going to back this out and what you do is you actually clamp this on there now again, i only have one of these, so i’m not going to do this right now, because i’m actually going to be doing it outside, But time to kind of show you so you are able to crimp this down and then you reattach back to the lightning arrester like so and then you run your wire down and then to the wall and then down to where your grounding rod’s at all. Right. So there’s that and then from there i mean all you’re gon na do. Is you’re gon na grab your cable? This is your antenna, cable and the same just thing rob it up like so now. My setup again would have the outdoor enclosing, so once that comes in then i’ll be able to mount the outdoor enclosing on the side of my house, and then i’ll run this down and into my paddock and then what i’m doing Is we’ll end up putting some zip ties and everything and get those becoming good now, merely to kind of show you real, quick um again with these ties? What you can do is let’s say. I’m hooking up my foot wire. What i would do is zip tie it on a little bit , not all the way, and then you can take these nails that i was talking about all right, really clamped these in wherever so again, this will run down the side of the house into the grounding Bar in the foot that style, we made to ensure that we don’t, you are familiar with, have any static energy, building and strengthening, um or if lightning were to strike. Then we’re properly, floored um, so yeah, so that’s the real. You know, thousand hoof. Look at how to get this thing positioned again, your setup might be a little bit different than mine um. They’re pretty much the same. Just some of your connectors and things might be a little bit different, but you just got to kind of consider what it is that you’re looking to do and what factors you have um or you know what’s available to you and you are familiar with, Get this thing invested now my next episode. What i’m going to do is i’m actually going to go outside and i’m going to shoot my a hour relapse of me doing this. So you various kinds of participate the whole process outside so once again, guys thanks for stopping by thanks for checking me out. If you like what you attended today smack that subscribe button turn on those alerts. If you would be so kind and consider gifting to the channel. So i can continue to produce this nonsense. I hugely appreciate it and i will catch you on the next one. Take care



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