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Welcome back and continue here with the MatchX M2 Pro Miner. I went this new and that’s a small revise as it regards after about: 7 days. I also wanted to show you some modifies on the app. The position of health has changed since I started putting it online. I started at 40% and it has now progressed to 100 %. That didn’t happen unexpectedly, but 5 – 10% contributed every day. Now just after 7 days it have now reached 100%. This means that its performance is 100% wearied and it now offers the best in mining ensues. I’m going to show you a few things now. Once what he minted within 7 days and a few other things from the last video “# 4 Data Dash App”.Where I are of the view that the grey-headed colors plains would become visible because it contacted 100%. But that didn’t happen. Let’s go to the most important one, to the top left to the calculator. You can see the mining cause there. This is the converter and that would essentially be my pocketbook where I could have transmitted the silvers. Then you can see the euro rate under the MXC and how much 1 euro is currently equivalent to the MXC value. I have 0 MXCs now. I has not been able to committed anything. I want to let it run for a while until it has mined a certain value in MXC Coins in order to transfer the coppers to an detail afterwards and then pay them out.If you don’t have one more, you can of course find the link in the video description. There you can also exchange the copper money for another coin or have the whole thing paid out. Or you go on staking now when you have enough MXC coins and then you can stake them. You can also freeze the MXC in this DHX Coin and then cause it stake via DHX. And at Mining we can now consider what he has quarried so far in the 7 days. Thats 2263 MXC Coins. That is the equivalent of 65.38! He does what he is supposed to do and that is to generate coppers that are able ventured, exchanged or withdrawn subsequentlies. So far I am very happy with the result. Let’s go back and look at this again below. Now is a white subject and it should actually be picturing a planned. Where we are and where the miner is. But the app does n’t demo it. I hoped this after it contacted 100% so that this field would somehow be online. Let’s go to the wallet there “youre seeing” the three silvers. Add a brand-new sign and nothing has changed.This NFT field is still shown in brackets “available soon”. If I just wanted to click on it to check the box , good-for-nothing happens. Then we go over here to the miner. There you can still see the health items at 100% and, as I said at the outset, the uptime is also at 100%. That necessitates he was 100% connected to the internet the whole time. Nevertheless , nothing has changed with these fields GPS, altitude above sea level, orientation and close proximity to other miners or manoeuvres that contribute to communication. Then let’s go down on the miners’ list.If I pulp it then you can see some details here again. So this uptime, GPS does not exist. “Were not receiving” height. Neither is closenes or adjustment. The gasoline is also at 100%. Then you can see at the bottom of the uptime of the weekly thump pace how long it has been online. 163 hours to 100% and if you click on further information. Then you can see that it has been stable online all the time except on Wednesday and Thursday. There was probably a small dropout there at some part. At the exceedingly top of the tip-off you can see the minimum that something is missing.Otherwise I didn’t get any feedback from the app that something didn’t go on. So it is very stable in terms of runtime and contact. That up here is health and now we go to this marketings display and there we ensure the total sales again. It indicates here from Sunday until today. Today is Saturday. I meditate the bar trend has something to do with the state cause. Since then, the weekly extent have increased slightly to the top until Friday. Where he apparently reached 100% state details. And there we hear a full divergence of the bar. Let’s go over to the data. There are also questions from me that I would like to ask MatchX. And what it has to do with receiving these chassis and transmitting makes. On Sunday you can see that he has received 12 and has continuously increased Monday to Wednesday and was nothing on Thursday.What precisely this frame is received and what chassis is gave I is gonna have to form myself smart again. And when I have more information about it … “Because under further information you can only find the amount of data or the package “thats happened” and not what exactly it is about” … then I is certainly do that in a new inform Video explain to you then. What exactly this is about. Then let’s go out. Yes, that’s it for now. If you also want to get such a MatchX M2 Pro Miner and want to mine from residence as ordinary. Then look at the video description. I have deposited a join for the MatchX M2 Pro Miner there you get a browsing deduction if you seek it via this tie. And if that interests you, subscribe to the channel. Follow me with the project and how still continues here on specific topics of M2 Pro Miner from MatchX. Otherwise we’ll see you again when I have more bulletins for you and I can do a little update. How that regards after two weeks, for example, whether something has changed in the app and how many silvers he has mined.Whether it has remained stable. Just stay chanted, “re coming with me” and we’ll see you again for the next video. I thank you and wish you all the very best ..

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