MAJOR PLANET QUESTIONS ANSWERED! – How to have multiple PlanetWatch accounts?

copper ardours his towels all right tell yourself offhere you go do it yourself you want to get a treat comeon let’s go your plow come on that’s it shut up nerdy dude stuff for those of you keepingtrack at home today’s beer of the day is called deez nuts this is a peanut butter and hazelnutale with a highly really nice filtered gloom hue this comes out of 105 west brewing at a castlerock colorado with a 5.1 abv this is a nice yummy ale a little on the darker sideand it genuinely has a lot of nutty flavor just like it says on the can with that peanut butterand hazelnut so i wanted to do this uh different than the nature we do it because we had this beeron stream after we lost copper and i wanted to give a heartens to copper before starting today’svideo so glees to copper and glees to you guys what’s going on everyone welcome back to anothervideo about bitcoin cryptocurrency and all that good substance if this is your first time finding thechannel please take a moment to consider hitting that subscribe button and turning on the bellnotification as we post content weekly and we do a series every monday at 2 p.m now if you’re newto the channel we have been getting into a lot of hobby quarrying such as helium such as a little asicsfrom golden shell such as planet watch and one of the big questions that we’re getting from a lot ofpeople that are involved with planet watch with us is how can we have someone that’s hosting ourplanet watch miner have access to be able to monitor it to see it or can we add multiple uhminers miners i should say to our accountings how is impossible to do that so on and so forth so today iwanted to kind of give a breakdown on what’s possible to do with your mining quarrying set up withproviding the legions opportunities to access the child details and so on and so forth and hopefullyget those questions resolved so let’s rush over to the screen take a look and we’ll become from there ofcourse before we get going we want to shamelessly plug and promote our t-shirt shop where we havea few great layouts that you guys can buy for yourselves i have mine coming in the mail i havea let’s go bitcoin shirt and of course a shut up copper shirt i am going to be limiting the shutup copper shirts to be removing this from the accumulate following the adjournment of the month just for obviousreasons with my beloved beagle passing away i want to keep this super limited and close tothe heart so if you guys still want to get one of those and foundation and cherish the channel i greatlyappreciate it otherwise we’re going to be removing this at the end of this month at the end of 2021 and uh we’re going to be going this pattern actually tattooed on us somewhere merely inmemory of copper so check the link below got some great t-shirt motifs anywho planetwatch is currently sitting at about 43 pennies 43 412 i’ve been watching that bounce back and forthso we’re still really really happy with that with a total of 22 355 aware factor sensors out thereearning planet tokens and we have about 309.84 in the recycling bin now honors have been dropping alittle bit in the past week uh it happened at the beginning of november when the app firstly launchedand i think they addressed that in the ama today which we’re going to be watching a little bitlater because we’ve had our hands full and we’re going to be talking about that immediate little sneakpeek if you guys haven’t subscribed turn on the buzzer notification trash like that we are goingto be doing an unboxing video on next tuesday of a helium miner we’ve been talking about it idon’t want to go into too much detail but we’re very excited as we finally are going to be ableto have our hands on it so make sure you check that out now let’s get into the main topic whateveryone has been asking is if we have because my personal setup is i have four aware elements ihave one at my house one in my in-laws house one at my brother’s house and one at a really closefamily friend’s house now fortunately the two beings that i’m hope that are hosting the minersmy in-laws they virtually you know they whatever but the two people that i’ve have hostingthat are outside of my area like my brother and my really close family friend i have promisedthem 25 of the minor benefits to have you know the miner plugged in using their wi-fi and using theirinternet there other people are various kinds of doing similar situations but they’re being asked if thoseindividuals can access the details and the content of those aware elements whereas my emcees aren’taccessing that and they’re also requesting can you have multiple histories with multiple awares andso on and so forth so i want to do a breakdown of that now on screen as simple and easy as i canso you’re going to want to go to if you’re in the u.s and there’s going to need to betwo different histories if you’re on it’s going to need to be a different it’s imean it’s going to be the same like use the same credentials but it will be a second account so is where you purchase your permissions every license that you purchase that you want toearn under your profile you specifically you need to purchase from the same email on planetwatch.usor if you’re outside of the us then you have the adventurer and this is where youactually link your sensors to start paying to those used permissions and you need to also register andhave a second account which if you merely use the same credentials or the same you know email tosign up it stirs things a lot less confusing for you and then when you actually is ready you’reready to set up your aware part you download the planet watch app and then the download willor the login credentials for that planet watch app is not be unless you saw the same credentialsin the same login and password will not be what you purchase your licenses with it will be no welli’m sorry it will the app has two different things when you log into the app the licenses will belinked to that email and then when you go to add the aware elements you will then be required tore-log in with your explorer to get those licenses and i believe what you would also want tomake sure you do is when you have the aware actual aware official app you want to use thesame credentials that “youre using” on the explorer on this app so it then plucks up your miner sothat style you’re all in one basket again you can only have five maximum without going throughadvanced kyc i know it’s a little confusing there now if someone wants to monitor looks just like you see herei’ve got my four aware elements if someone wants to monitor your aware constituent this is where thingsget tricky first you can sit there and maybe give them access to your app which i don’t recommendunless you 100 rely them with your life and if anything were to happen you would shoot them soi don’t fully recommend that and then likewise when you need to link the licenses you need to havethem all relation under your credentials if you want to have them in the same account otherwiseif you’re going to have one of these devices hosted at someone else’s live you’re going toneed to create a completely separate account for them with the permission purchasing with the explorerbecause it requires kyc and also with the app now and that’s going to let them actually use and seethat one or if they have two homes and you’re all agreeing and sharing however numerous awares that youhave set up remember you can have five per person so regrettably if you’re sitting in asituation where you want to build like a mining structure or something along those lines andyou these souls demand this infra individual message they would have to have these devicesindividually set up to them on their own account under their own name under their own licensesthat’s just really the biggest the easiest the lack of headache that you can ever do youunfortunately won’t be able to say i’m gonna give go to my sensors there we go i’m gonna give my onesensor now to timmy and then i’m going to let him see this information but then that’s going to pullthis off because when you go on to the explorer which this is the explorer which is also the sameas the aware app in now this is drawing from the credentials for the aware elements and if youwere to assign it to timmy and his credentials it would attract that sensor out of your exploreraccount and then you need to set timmy up with his own adventurer and his own aware factor sketch andjust to get him to be able to see that now if it’s a situation where timmy then says hey i’ve gotfive other locations and i want to partner with you and i can host five more then you would beinstead of going through advanced kyc then you need to look in the possibilities of opening uptimmy a full account to fill all five slots if he’s available to host you wouldn’t really needto be able to keep that umbrella under one central system since we’re talking about permissions andthe way to purchase them the only way that we can do that now because they stopped everythingon november 8th is to purchase them using planet tokens of course you can get planet signs in theus on bitmart if you’re outside the us on bitfinex and then you could either simply send them whenyou do the transaction to purchase a license from bitmart or the actual my elbow well we can do fullvideos on that in the future but the one thing i wanted to touch base on is that if you want tocash out your planet signs or purchase clues or craft them or anything along those lines uh youronly alternative right now is bitmart and a bitmart has some expensive rewards to withdraw and i want togo ahead and examine where’s my planet signs here i’m going to go ahead and pull these up so thatway “youre seeing” and kind of my work around to go ahead and get um to go ahead and get oh well i’llhave to enable the two factors i haven’t done that at the moment but in order to better to get you know yourprofit or withdraw or like you know if the people that are hosting they don’t want countries around the world tokensand it’s too expensive to money them into usdt and then transfer them out because i believe it’s like1 0 usdt as a withdrawal fee what your alternatives are here is very very simple we’re on planet watchplanet watch is based off the algo blockchain planet withdraws are expensive extremely very expensivelike 40 planets or something along those lines um bitcoin is like quality zero zero five bitmartis very very expensive to do these withdrawals but there is a workaround and that work aroundladies and gentlemen is our favorite sign algorand as we know algorand is a. 001 event fee the minimum withdrawal sum not minimum withdrawal quantity but the feeto withdraw off of bitmark for algorithm is. 01 versus 10 with usdt versus you know 0.005 bitcoinit’s. 01 so if you want to get your tokens off if you just wanted to get profit from your planet watchwhat you would need to do is exchange your planet watch to usdt and then you can then make yourusdt and swap or and then you can trade that to bitcoin and croak algo or you can take usdtand trade algo and then you can take cash on or coinbase by transmit your algothere and that is a cheap easy workaround for that anywho that’s going to do it for me todayguys if you have any questions mentions or concerns please feel free to reach out to meon telegram twitter or discord i did take a little bit of a hiatus for the past few daysbecause of the loss of our household pet copper i do appreciate all the positive comments you guyshave left on the stream the remarks and in dissension um he was very adoration and we will miss him dearlyso other than that like explain agree turn on the buzzer notification all that good stuffi’m a prius and we’ll see you guys next time i know it’s a little quick with us justlosing copper and we feel a little guilty but regrettably sadness won’t deliver copperback to us and he was me and my wife’s pup and now that we have twin toddlers he didn’t wantanything to do with them this is why we decided that we were going to go out and accompanying a new additioninto our home so that action we have a beautiful little puppy that the girls can grow up withtogether and i want to introduce everyone to our beautiful little yellow lab son axel so you’llbe seeing more of him we’ll see you guys soon


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