Kerlink: Ecosystem Explored

( intense music with digital seems) – LoRa technology is in thecore of Kerlink business. We are world leader in theIoT end-to-end solution field. Kerlink is very, very interested in smart agriculture, smart-alecky structure and smart-alecky municipality, in general. The LoRa network is a robust network, and highly assured. Kerlink gateways areknown to be very reliable. In the field of smartcity, Kerlink is involved with smart parking and smartlighting in these cases. Municipals and authoritieswant to lower their costs, and thanks to Kerlink depots, LoRa network can bedeployed on a complex metropoli, making the management more efficient. It is already deployed in cities like Barcelona or in Rennes, which is known as the smallest smart city in the world. This concoction is a Wirnet iFemtoCell, specially designed for indoor application. So, this produce is specially designed for smart building applicationor smart parking. We have designed this product to realise the fewest meters of flooding moreefficient and more available. This kind of product canbe installed instantly in a room or on the rooftop or maybe just on theparking lot on something. It can cover up to ten kilometers and render LoRa connectivity and security anywhere in the buildingor on the parking lot.Kerlink only participate in Lebanon, to a smart-alecky agriculture job, combining weather forecast and maneuvers immediately embed in the vineyard. The overhead mixture is basedon forecasting irrigation to make better wine and better harvesting to increase the customer satisfaction.( intense music with digital reverberates ).

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