Ist der Bobcat der beste Helium Miner,den ihr kaufen könnt? DEUTSCHER UT!! (Bobcat 300 Review)

helium mining is crazy it is the most fun and most profitable form of cryptocurrency quarrying which is the best way to earn passive income age today we’re going to be evaluating the bobcat miner 300. and i’ve got miss voss behind me who’s now full time working on bosco which is super cool hey come here and i got the most beautiful pup in the game posteriors our resident sheba anu i’ve been mining for years and it’s actually what delivery the vosscoin youtube canal and crypto mining these days it’s really loud but to be honest it’s really expensive whereas in comparison the helium hotspot miners only use approximately one quarter like 25 pennies of energy a month that’s like five bucks a year if i could do math i’m super evoked everyone today we’re going to be doing an updated review on the new improved rebranded bobcat miner 300 the best helium hotspot miner you can buy period and i’m going to explain and depict you why in today’s video along with real world mining profitability of a bobcat miner 300. Buying selling and mining helium is easier than ever before and hands down one of my most profitable crypto bets ever let’s jump into it[ Music] all the ways[ Music] is[ Music] slots[ Music] i just want to say one more time before we jump into the full flesh of this video even if they are my background simply interruption is that salving money is so fun and it really is incredibly productive claim you got this device it costs like 500 bucks my very best helium miners oblige 200 300 400 500 in one month you have these devices that you break even in one month you know maybe three months the the roi the return on investment is truly incredible it’s obviously you know disclaimer it’s not financial advisory opinions and let’s just even say like worst case scenario took you a year to break even for a manoeuvre that realizes no interference no hot you’re mining a coin with a huge upside and the road that helium is pivoting towards 5g um i couldn’t be anything less than stimulated when it comes to this and they’ve added some brand-new peculiarities to their device to fix some previous concerns or just simply enhance it the most notable one is their new fast sync boast which will basically roughly instantly sync you with the helium blockchain and thus make it possible for you to start earning silvers quarrying coins making money with your design at first i disbelieved bobcat but they obliged me a believer not with their messages but with their actions with their results with their background in literally produce manufacturing this was a chinese or it is a china based company that now has a us segment as they expanded to a western gathering helium hotspot adolescent creators due to insane demand and some of these being brand-new firms is truly crumbled and certainly been nothing short of improbably thwarting like nebra synchro chip and buffalo chip with their deployment of the rack miners but bobcat has kind of been the dark horse in the race that turned around to win anyway long storey abruptly is without going on and on we have an initial critique on the bobcat child and it quickly became my favorite as i saw performing well my most profitable helium minor and i’ll explain part of why that is in this video and likewise exactly their operation and how they’ve grown to become the largest helium hotspot miner manufacturer and almost every other helium miner now is a bobcat miner and they aren’t slowing down making them the best bet to degree of the actual miner you’re gonna get let’s talk about the specs right it is therefore employs a 4dbi feeler i believe it is their antenna that has truly contributed significantly to high-pitched mining profitability of my bobcat miner over some challengers like for example the nebra miner and their feeler or the synchro bitminer and their feeler or the lynx speck miner and their antenna or the rack v2 antenna they all call different antennae than the 4dbi bobcat antenna and that i think is a key component here that had given rise to my increased mining profitability so the people’s miner the bobcat miner 300 at the time of recording this this is their old-time locate but they have a brand-new rebrand a brand-new miner they’re really kind of putting a enjoyable marketing approach with it but the fact of the matter is is really they just plunged the bobcat and they are only vanished with the symbol but here’s something that so i had a call with bobcat to talk about some things i had to sign an nda i can tell you that there is something i cannot tell you that i wish i could tell you that would stimulate you ultra optimistic on not only helium title but too owning a bobcat design that’s i can’t really say more than that otherwise you know going to jail and actually i’ll be indicted or something but you know i i can’t leak that enjoyable point if you don’t know which i didn’t know until very recently bobcat miners call their community members bobbers and i think that’s kind of funny let’s address the biggest question when it comes to the bobcat miner 300 how do you buy one you can only check out with cryptocurrency we literally caused a full walk-through guide to walk you through the part step in process of ordering a bobcat miner it’s very easy don’t be afraid they use coinbase checkout now it’s much better than the older remittance processor muggle wage coinbase checkout does not mean you have to use a coinbase chronicle but you can you can use an external pouch like i can send usdc for my meta mask that’s a short summary it’s very easy and frankly i said this last term i’m saying again stamp of statu being buy a crypto miner with cryptocurrency that’s so cool you gotta embrace being a crypto nerd nothing’s more merriment the other top question is i have pre-ordered a bobcat miner where is it what’s going on they have a new contact form they’re very proud of it it’s pretty cool put your name in now your degree digit your email your topic right and you’re probably gonna have a question about sending right and then be like what’s the status of my miner right you punch that in there and you’ll get a result after doing a little of excavating i was able to figure out that precisely the u.s western english separation of bobcat let alone everything else precisely their discipline in the u.s has expanded to over eight full-time team members that’s a lot considering they are a subsection of bobcat which is a sub piece of their bigger manufacturing corporation but here’s the coolest thing about the bobcat miner 300 which solid again that this is my favorite helium hotspot miner the diagnoser which will lead to not only diagnosing any problem issues or anything like that that could potentially arise with a invention electronic manoeuvre now but their new fast sync aspect will help you sync the blockchain quicker and thus achieve more mining profitability yeah the bobcat miner is now likely to get to you sooner than other helium hotspot manufacturers and you can sync it quicker and start deserving sooner that’s like as good as it gets chaps i don’t know how to say that so there’s a lot of serves here i’m actually thinking about making a full video if you think that’s worth it let me know in the comments if not i won’t you know deplete my era on it so this is the user guide on the diagnoser but how about i give you a video usher precisely a immediate abbreviated explanation here right so you log in all you have to do is get the ip address for it log into your router or use an app like who’s on my wi-fi to examine designs on your local network okay so here’s a key thing you can only access this from the local network right that compiles it safe that’s the short answer way to explain that this super cool if you’ve ever dealt with mining rigs it’s very similar right there’s not even a login i just punched in the ip address and i’m in i just got another bobcat miner with their new branding and right now it’s still syncing i’ve already well-tried the other device and it’s got me jolly throat this is my second manoeuvre and i haven’t done it yet because i want to show you here on camera but here’s the deal with fast sync liberty well let me i’m getting aroused let me slow down so “youre seeing” the syncing or or if it’s up to date and the spread here and the blockchain you can look at the minor copy onboarding all the data now you can look at the adventurer api you can go to onboard and you can do a quicken exam you can resync the miner remove the miner data gives the miner resync to the blockchain from scratch you can reset the miner it deletes the helium application adolescent data gives it download imagery and sync to the blockchain from scratch you can just simply reboot it without having to go over there and affiliate you know the the power cable fast sync a marry other options now like the pure work which is actually kind of cool because that’ll show you who you’re connecting with which is a you know critical slouse of helium quarrying and constructing out the people’s structure and and actually really increasing your helium mining profitability so here we go fast sync use it only if you’ve just squander resync the miner right so we follow future directions now let’s go ahead and drop it here we go they smacked us with the rejection here the miner is resyncing now so after waiting a couple minutes and a refresh on the sheet you i was spurred to log back in but i just simply freshened and it automatically entered me back into the miner now we can deploy the entertaining purpose fast drop me the miner is thinking right now the extended will turn yellow you can close this sheet and wait fast ink is a pretty cool feature but something else i really want to talk about here is the simple fact that this dashboard instantly readily shows your miners temperature and this is something that most people don’t know they don’t realize is that if your helium hotspot miner is too hot it has been in operation less it won’t commonly even turn off it’ll time be like why is my miner earning less why am i not procreating what i’m supposed to why did i earn so much more on the working day and not this other epoch it may be literally a red-hot epoch and the device is overheating functioning little or been closed down periodically so make sure to pay attention to the heat and keep it out of the red zone preferably in the white zone or simply preferably you are familiar with like 40 to 70 celsius pretty big window but that reminds me of one other thing these can also get too cold and if they get too cold just like when they get too hot they can shut down and is not simply will they serve little or potentially shut down with temperatures they could end or become damaged it’s nothing to stress about they’re pretty intrepid inventions but it’s something you should know and be aware of so to be honest i’m really thrilled to be part of the people’s network and full rejection right like we do have affiliate ties-in down in the video description below that’s not why i’m evoked but it entails the world countries to us when you do choose to smash our joins and line-up these devices instead of starting directly there because otherwise we get zero recognition bobcat doesn’t fee us money like hey we’ll give you all this coin every month and say we’re the most wonderful like that doesn’t happen we make money through affiliate things like that and with that we try to not ranged ads on the canal so as ever i hope you guys truly experienced today’s video and review and to be honest you know i’m happy to keep this on the record if you’re like which helium hotspot miner should i buy vosk which one do you recommend which one has been the most profitable for you it’s all the bobcat miner 300 far and away[ Music]

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