Is it too late to start Helium Mining? Miners are about to make 10,000 HTN A MONTH!!!

i would like to start today’s video with a bigcheers to each and every single one of you we have spawned it to 10 000 subscribers and “ive never” thoughtthat i would be here as a hobbyist on youtube and a small crypto enthusiast so with that beingsaid thank you very much for the compassion and substantiate thank you for the continued passion and supporthit the agree button if you’re new applauds to you guys let’s talk about ten thousand helium andcelebration of ten thousand customers bide aria nerdy dude nonsense for those of you keeping trackat home today’s beer of the working day is introduce into you by vhl’s brewing busines out of bouldercolorado this is the sabro hop down hazy ipa six percent booze by loudnes and thisis a hazy ipa brewed wasabro citroe el dorado and amarillo hop-skips it has a verynice hops forward spice with a little of citrus brought out by the citrahops and it’s not overly intense like most of the double ipa hazy ipas i’ve hadfor the past month encourages to you guys dink what’s going on everyone welcome back to anothervideo about bitcoin cryptocurrency helium mining all that good stuff yes we have made 10 000 readers we have been youtubing since 2017 and never thought we would cross thislandmark so i want to say thank you very much to each and every one of you once again ifyou’re brand-new to the channel please take a moment to consider hitting that subscribe button andturning on the buzzer notifications as we affix videos weekly and we are going to be trying todo a stream every monday so if you have helium questions about your placement dad on the streamwe’ll sacrifice us a child word we can take a look and maybe read where we can do some room forimprovement live on the breeze big announcement we’re looking at doing our meetup phenomenon here inflorida in the disney arena on either september 14 th or the 15 th “i know i m” currently waiting for amanager at a regional barroom to approve if we can do a nerdy dude beer which will be like a dismis beerfor the night and we’ll do like about a two hour meetup occasion you guys are more than welcome tostay longer after that as well now today’s topic since we’re talking about 10 000 subscriberswe’re looking at potentially get 10 000 helium into our miners on a weekly to maybemonthly basis we stroked based on this a little bit in a previous video and a little in thestream so we’re going to talk about that today and it various kinds of heads into the questionis it too late to get into helium mining and the answer is going to be no because theyalways have helium progress etiquettes that they are building through and the final quantity oftoken and the final token excavation is way out there so with that said let’s jump into what we’vegot and let’s have a discussion today let’s switch to the computer we are currently lookingat 2342 for helium really nice alluring price but after today’s discourse we might see thisprice drop down to 23 cents or even. 023 which don’t be alarmed it doesn’t necessarily mean yourone helium will be i intend yes it means your one helium will be worth that but with the proposaland the divide suggestion we’re going to be talking about there’s going to be a surplus of tokens to equalthat and we’re going to take a look at that here in time a few moments only because this is our heliumadventure and everything that you guys have been participating along with to see how we are doingthis week our two miners are sitting at half a helium for 24 hours we look back at a totalof 3.6 helium for the past week so that’s 85 about 85 dollars for a few weeks for my two minersand then for the past 30 daylights we are looking at 15 helium which is 351 in the past 30 daysnow everyone that has been watching this channel you guys is a well-known fact that i made some time andi started off really small with the stock antenna and then we updated to a crappy one and then weupgraded to these 5.8 dbi antennae on both of our helium hotspots but now we are also consideringmaybe especially after last week’s stream potentially excuse me potentially purchasingthis from rack the 12 dbi directional antenna and proposing this bad boy at orlando immediately to see ifone of our helium hot spots can rake in all those payoffs since we are discovered some helium miners inorlando that were get like three to four to five thousand dollars a month and that’s a numberthat we really want to target over here we still are sitting on our 12 helium in the helium stakingand then we have that seven helium that we’ve mined in the past 30 eras that we are looking atpotentially moving over as well you can see here that we’ve got our 12 helium total staked rightup there and we’ve had a grand total of wages of 0.022 and we’ve been doing this for the pastweek and we’ll probably do a longer video on this with the results here in the near future if youwant to get into helium staking the link for this is in the description i recommend checkingit out now let’s talk about the proposed divide that we have going on yes this is going to besome old-time bulletin i meant to do this a week ago but there’s going to be some of you out there thataren’t up to date on this so this is more for you on 8 17 this is the official healing communitydiscord there we’re in the improvement proposal part under healing improvement proposalsand then you can see here there’s more disc discussions about the other heliumimprovement proposals 13 19 18 22 24 20 we can do more on those in a future videowhich is why i say that yes helium mining still is super worth it to get into there’s allthese improvement proposals in place to keep this network going now what we’re looking at today is apotential split which is either going to be a 100 to 1 or a 1000 to 1 hnt and this was uh startedto talk about this is proposed before 817 but this member or jmf was talking with other beings hesays they’ve been talking for the last few weeks privately or last few months to start puttingin proposed patches for a 100 to one clue divide or 1 000 to 1 clues split what that symbolizes is everyhelium token that you have and we’re just gonna say let’s say it gets approved for a thousandhelium so every sign that you have well then one clue will then technically be lower inprice but you will then have a transition rate from one token to a thousand signs so rightnow if you have one token at a rate of 23.42 23.42 then what’s gonna happen is that you willnow have a thousand clues that’ll is worthy of 23.42 this is something very similar that polkadot did and on the discord you could find the links with everything it’s a awfully s it’s a verysimilar process to what capitals do to clear these broths and these other cryptocurrencies lookmore attractive to investors when it seems a lot better when you envision the bigger number onscreen so if you’re sitting there and you have a thousand helium tokens for 23 dollars it’sa lot better than really having one you know the image the mental image and the trading and themarket cover and everything just seems a lot better if you have a big bag of these clues versusjust like one or two like for example if we’re sitting here and we’re mining these tokensright now and we’ve gotten seven or we’ve gotten 15.016 in the past 30 periods how much moreattractive would that list be if it said 15 000 signs in the past 30 daylights regardless of thefact that that 15 000 clues is still worth 351 now when polka dot did this they envisioned anincredible and an immediate essentially a 4x busines cover increase followed by a 10 x intotheir grocery cap increase the following table months so that could potentially be huge for heliumas you scroll through the discord for more on this topic the very same one helium improvementproposal you notice specific comments from someone named capcom that says no one likes making. 01 heliumand that’s very true and i’ve seen that with some of your observations as well when you’re asking me inabout your arena that i’ve only gave 0.5 helium or 0.1 helium in the past seven days and thatcould be a particularly terribly discouraging figure to see where you would rather look at saying okay if youhave extent one helium and you quarry that in a week then now you really have a hundred helium uh andthat is a much more attractive number so if you be borne in mind that that 100 helium isgoing to then be worth like the what i think like two dollars and 30 cents if we assure the similartrends like polka dot did where they forexed and then they 10 xed that 100 helium at two dollarsand 34 pennies or yeah 2.34 pennies and then 10 x is be up to that 23 dollar rangethat hunter helium and then you would feel more you know light-hearted and excitedabout the mining capabilities and looking at increasing your structure or getting more miningso that’s something highly particularly very crucial that i feel is in that lower guy level investor leveland smaller thinker level to which is something we interpret those bigger lists that tempts us or induces usto keep mining and keep going and obstruct improving versus just saying oh today i only got. 01 youknow if we look at our miners here and we go into our hot spots and we look at let’s see uh let’ssee if it’ll gather it up right here yeah so we’re looking at our recognizes for the past 24 hours and wehave 0.21 helium that’s mined for sour walnut and “were having” 0.3 helium mined for brief taupe that’sabsolutely great in that periods of helium because that’s essentially half a helium which right nowwould be 11 and some change and but if we don’t know that the price of helium merely becausewe look at the coin marketplace cover or silver gecko and we sit there oh man we’ve got half a heliumtoday and versus we look at that and encounter we’ve got 500 510 helium then it various kinds of acquires us perkup a little bit which is really really cool now you might be asking yourself well whatabout the helium that we already have in our wallet what about the helium that we have overhere on the stake programme and when this split happens i’m not exactly sure how it would beon the staking stage but i did speak on that discord a little bit farther down that you mighthave to potentially pull the helium out of an old uh contract or an old-fashioned platform and then do atransaction on it so if you pull out one helium and then transact or displace that elsewhere bythe time it gets to the other end of the carry-over it’ll then be worth the 1 000 healing whetherit’s 100 or 1000 helium on that separate so it looks like something that we would potentially have todo here where we are currently venturing that 12 helium and then they might just have it say okayto remake your stake to go back into the validator partial pool you have to transfer from the aged oneto the new one so that style we are transferring our 12 helium into the brand-new one which would then comeout on the back end as 12 000 helium so they are really really intentional about that which is reallyattractive and i am only trust instantly inside the actual helium wallet and on our mobile designs forour hotspots it’s just going to make that jump in that switch immediately so it’s really reallyan handsome thing to see and as soon as polka dot did something similar to them because rightnow helium is sitting at the on silver busines cover i know you guys want me to use coin gecko whichi don’t know i didn’t pull that up but as right now the market rank for helium is at 65. So if welook at that 10 xing with a market cap of 2 billion and that 10 x is dependent upon 20 billion that is goingto jump this token up even higher let’s go now back to the market cap to see where that wouldpotentially kept this as my computer as wizard so right now it’s at 2 billion at number 65 in the market cap and if it 10 xed from a separate then that they are able to articulate us at it would be the number1 1 silver because if that’s sitting at 17 billion for uniswap and usd is that 27 billion you cansee polkadot right here is a top 10 copper after they did that uh they’re divide so then that ifwe 10 x because of the separate at the 100 to one or the thousand to one rate would frame us at atop 20 token which i’m just gonna you know say for argument’s sake it would lean us at number1 1 currently as the market stands right now and that would be very very enticing and veryvery attractive to all of us token holders and i personally don’t mind the clue separating into asmaller toll straddle because that’s going to pull more bag owners and more brokers and more peopleto venture more and it’s really effective because if you take all these tokens and you get them atpoint zero two you’re gonna like the speculation that you read or you’re gonna like the increase inprofit that you witness just when these signs change on a penny to height now it could go back the otherway as well so if you have a hundred thousand clues and it goes up a penny that’s that’s somegood advantage you’re making it goes down a penny that’s some you are well aware good gain you’re losing aswell but it truly to the eye of the investor is a stronger grab there’s more likelihood of a tokenthat has multiple out there to have a bigger profit return on smaller moves because it’s easierto have a token pas from you are well aware two cents to three cents and you offset some good profits versuslooking at the token going from twenty dollars to thirty dollars overnight so that’s another thingthat i really enjoy that’s why you know people are probably seizure that we’re grabbing bags of dogethat’s why i always like to hold tron back in the day that’s why we’re going into algorithm on yieldbecause right now we’re grabbing those signs at only you are well aware two pennies and if that gets up toten pennies then we are in bucco dineroes there so that’s going to be about it for me todayguys if you have any questions commentaries or concerns delight reach out to me on telegramtwitter disagreement or leave a comment below now that we are getting to that 10 000 score mydiscord is picking up but now that we did get to that 10 000 reader commemorate my discord channelis picking up so if i don’t respond right away i do try to read as much as possible especiallyif you at me on there but i do get stuck at work and i do get to lose traction of the conversationso don’t be upset if i don’t is submitted in response to you it’s nothing personal i will get to you as soon aspossible i super duper hope and i have a few people that are reaching out to me and now as wellso i’m not ignoring you guys i’m just i am busy hopefully one day i don’t have to be busy withlike a real nine to five responsibility and i can dedicate it to my time to cryptocurrency and youtube and i canjust interact with you guys all on a regular basis so well that said thank you very much for watchingplease make sure you like note agree turn on the buzzer notification all that good stuffi’m oprius and we’ll see you guys next time

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