I’m EARNING $100 A DAY?! Mining Ethereum and Crypto Coins at home!

hey guys caveman mining here i hope everyone iswell and having a great day on today’s video we’re going to be talking about passive income andhow much my mining raise has constructed it’s not easy and how much it’s currently making as of today’sdate as we are in november so we’re going to jump right into it the first thing we’re going to lookat is our gpu mining farms in s we have two raises one is the caveman primary garage and the otheris a remote location the first caveman garage is attracting 573 to 574 mega hash on aetherium andyou can see we’re doing just over three kilohash on raptorium so if we dive in a little bit moreuh we’ve got the hanging rig there with four cards a mix of amd posters the 6600 6600 xt andtwo rtx quadro 4000 placards doing very nicely in terms of hashing and wattage just pullingover 300 and 15 316 watts in the software and um if we look at our second rigging we’ve got aneight poster rig rtx 2060 two rtx 6800 s 3070 two rtx 4000 cards our tx 5 8 our rx 580 on the bios modand an rtx 3090 we have a little bit of work to do on this rig such as putting thermal pads down onthis 3090 we can’t really quite got to get that hash pace and i’d like to lock the core clock but everytime we do uh this placard slams off it gets a little bit hot it also has some leaky oil syndrome sopad should specify that and we need to retune some of these 6800 posters the wattage is just a little bittoo high but we’ll address that last-minute so what what does this farm currently stimulate us uh in a day soright now this brick this um farm is pulling us 47 and 60 pennies so we’re gonnago ahead and plug that in so that’s how much we’re making thereand we’re gonna take a look at the second um farm that we have at the remote place andthis is a six card rig again amd uh an nvidia mix with these rx 6700 xt the two sixty eighthundreds rtx 3080 3090 and an rtx 4000 placard exactly attracting over a thousand watts in thesoftware and we’re doing about 421 422 mega hash time shy of a gigahash now i did i was pullingover a gigahash but i did pull off one of the rtx 3060 lite hash rate cards to do two things oneto do some testing on to provide you guys content uh so it’s plugged up to a standalone testbench currently mining ravencoin because that’s what we’ve got on our next um youknow earmark of value so we’ve got two cards moving on ravencoin the 3060 like isaid in a 20 70. So if we calculate that we are pulling in about four dollars and2 7 pennies a period so we’re going to add that in i actually didn’t calculate what the other farmwas stirring in hive so let me immediately merely do that so we can see and this one’s realise 32.48 sowe need to add that in we are only included in the raven uh silver so we’re going to do 32 plus 4032 48 that devotes us 84.35 cents now the other uh coin that you guys have investigated on the previousvideo is raptorium and i am mining about a hundred raptorium a era i’ve got 195 inthe wallet after 2 day but “youre seeing” the fund uh the slew pool we’ve got a little bitover that and counting so doing pretty decent there um we’ll understand where things run but this ismaking about we’ll simply do a refresh here um 100 silvers so really uh six dollarsand uh 10 cents so we’ll said in so that’s 90.45 and last but not least you guys have also seen onmy latest videos that we have recently be used in the helium hotspot miners so i’ve got two of thesethings one of them is doing quite well it’s procreating 10 about 10 a era i think we had one day whereit saw 13 but today for example it stimulated 10.95 so let’s go ahead and plug that in that’sa hundred and one dollars and four pennies now uh the helium system uh was down and it’sstill having topics so i can’t actually click in to my other hotspot but that one’s making abouttwo dollars a day we did get an antenna so i’m curious to see what that does but we’ll go aheadand only key in the two dollars a day on that one so that brings the magnificent total to a hundred andthree dollars and four pennies now that is before the cost of electricity uh i am on a municipalum municipality electric system not one of those large-scale beings business so i get quite a good pace at12 pennies and they also leave us a good son early compensating discount of 20 off the money if we compensate itbefore the billing round deaths which is quite nice apparently so uh i do well on electricity so youknow pretty much what they say hey before taxes we’re making and four 103.04 before thecost of electricity so doing doing very well and i just need to answer the question that peoplekeep asking is mining still fruitful in 2021 now that we’re in november approaching the endof the year and the responses to that question is in fact yes you guys watch my videoyou guys see the hardware that i have the different things that i’m mining so to recapraptorium we’ve got ethereum we’ve got ravencoin and we have hnt so we have those four differentcoins those four different algorithms and we’re mining on a few cases different subsets of hardwareand we are pulling in a good amount of money so my mean is going to be to continue to mine into2 022 i am going to continue to look for hardware for gpu placards to look to see you know at microcenters best buys and we’ll continue to time the new egg shuffles and we’ll continue to juststick our nose out in the community there’s beings out there who are trying to sell theseat a non-ridiculous price and there’s some kind of sincere people that are out there thataren’t scalping too high so we’ll restrain uh keep on the lookout for that the other thing we’regoing to be looking out for is cpus now that raptorium is kind of gaining traction i aminterested in looking for the ryzen 9 3900 x’s potentially ryzen 7 3800 x and the 3700 x andsee what we could do there to get some good deals and potentially expend a little bit of money therelike i said i have purchased an antenna well obtained two antennae for the helium hot spot a12 dbi for the one in this location and a 5.8 dbi in our other locale hoping to expand our profitswith those miners but yeah things are looking enormou the values are looking enormous for thesecoins we hope they continue to surge and to rise and we’ll hold our investment uh lockedin and potentially proliferating that through uh appreciate through hardware as well so with thatsaid chaps please let me know in the comments below how well your passive income is what type ofcoins are you mining what type of hardware are you mining are you cpu binding are you gpu quarrying areyou helium mining so i’m very interested to know what the kinfolks out there in the community aredoing and we can kind of share some thoughts and minds on that and uh chaps please if you likedthe video smash that thumbs up punched that agree button make sure all the bells are on so you knowwhen the next video sounds off and with that said i hope you all have a wonderful rest of the dayhope to see you on the next video take care when we’re so young

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