İlk Cıhazım 1 Ayda Geldi -Helium Miner RisingHF Kutu Açılımı (RisingHF Unboxing )

Hello everyone, eventually, ourRisinhf device has arrived Guys, I is rather energized. I wanted to check whether it runs as soon as possible. don’t regard, this is the most beautiful video I have in my hand. I didn’t want to bother because I didn’t want to framed it back in the box and open it again.Now regrettably I will show you these likeness, friends. Anyway, let’s move on to our video if you crave Yes friends. There is acopper cable inside a plastic apparatus required for this cable. We connect this cable to the grounding line. “Theres been” a two-meter Ethernet cable in the apparatus necessary to transfer the electricity to the grounding line. Forpoe injector Yes, I will try to remove it now ponderous thing Let’s move on. Let me sterilize thecamera like this. Sorry again. yes, this power cable is alwaysknown , no need to explain, is it the same as the computer input cable yesthere is a poe injector in this box.Friends, this is a very high quality material. It’s quite a reliable invention, let me tell you. It has a very high quality feel, andnow the machine has 2 DBI antennas, friends, the antenna is also very stylish, you can really feel its quality when you comprise it in your hand. it has a really nice A+ feel. by the way, the device is fiberglass and the top is plastic. You know, in terms of attracting lightning, all the other antennas are 2 Dbi friends, these are short, but this GPS antenna you see is thewifi antenna when I bought it. Friends, as you are familiar with, this design has a sim card slot. They set such a layer apparatus for it. It gazes relatively ponderous and the most solid.I mean, it’s like a mm thick.But you use this apparatus to fix it to an apparatus such as a tube at work. As you can see, you transfer itthrough the clamps and tighten it. Inside, that is, the inside of the box iscompletely full plus full so we can say that you can install the device without needing anything else. It comes from the tooth image and although it doesn’t look very classic, you can understand the quality and feel of information materials is a good one Yes, let’s collect it now Let’s applied it together , now the central King is comingRsibghf this one has a grilled formation for its keel, whichis designed to prevent heat and heat, compared to other apartments, it is quite ponderous or something You picture, but you know , not that much.Let’s pull that container asideso I can show it more comfortably Yes, the machine has an aluminum-coveredbox, it has such a somewhat bumpy face. It makes a very solid feel to you, you can feel it when you hamper it in your hand. You can already feel it when you comprise it in your hand. It’s an A+ caliber manoeuvre, thatis, it’s a highly sturdy manoeuvre that is resistant to heat and cold.The thing is like a stone anyway. I’m going to explain the powers in the upper right now.Let’s take a look, offset it, appear again, I stimulated the feeler of the rear deviceconnected or something, here’s the electrical portions, let’s protect something, the current founder or something, it’sa beautiful daylight and I’ll show you again, like I said, it’s electricity, it’s lightning. Theconnection point of the lightning mummy is you plug it between two beings Wifi antenna GPS antenna and ageneral one in 4 canteens is impounding a camera, something happens a little, but let me show you closely, it looks like you can see this examine, this sister’s gaze evidenced itself, one of them established itself, you connect it and take careof it, there is an ethernet port there filter tric virus is normal in bunked Actually type.Is there an electrical inlet. Is there a late entryway at the moment. But they are only at the moment I have made a video at the time a. It’s effective at the timeFriends kept buds for a task. Summer is like this Friends I like it very much You know it’s a bitexpensive compared to other things But it’s really nice this will disperse this It will die, as I said, we will positioned a balcony or a ceiling on it, it is a very useful apparatus. You don’t have to use both the strength socket and the internet. You is impossible to supply electricity with an ethernet cable. don’t look at the other us, if I find it more beautiful, I will go to the shooting. usher videosetc. they also subscribe to my canal and open us up.

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