I placed my 10 dbi Helium Miner Antenna in my attic for MAX REWARDS!!!

everyone said i need to get high i need to getreal high i used triggered up my thinking cap and i took a gulp on creative inspiration and we’llsee if we get some positive results stand chanted nerdy buster substance for those of you keeping track athome today’s brew of the day is the stone brewing anxiety movie lions hazy doubled ipa it’s probablyone of the greatest identifies i’ve ever seen anxiety movie lions like are we supposed to be scared ofmovie lions or i don’t know but we’re looking at 8.5 alcohol by magnitude beautifully citrus highly hopforward i p doubled hazy ipa and i highly recommend checking this one out if you can find it claps toyou guys what’s going on everyone welcome back to another video about bitcoin cryptocurrency andall that good nonsense if this is your first time on the canal please take a moment to considerhitting that subscribe button and turning on the bell notification as we post videos weekly to thebest of our planned we are currently affixed a video last week about our one week mining ensues with heliummining and i can’t thank everyone enough for stu we’re for tuning in and watching that video andleaving your comments and your feedback and as promised i’ve been responding to everyone thattold me that i needed to get those feelers up high and to upgrade the antenna and that’s exactlywhat we did let’s take a look at the setup that i’ve got now and see if this is going to finallyget us the helium honors that we have been waiting for so check this out here we’ve placeda 10 dbi omnidirectional fiberglass feeler up in our attic my house has 19 hoof vaulted ceilings andthis is sitting about another three to four hoofs above the pinnacle of those vaulted ceilings as wellso we’re looking at probably about 25 feet in the air we are running our bobcat miner time below inthe garage with a 25 paw field up into the attic hopefully we don’t get too much signal loss andwe can start looking some serious healing payoffs as we zoom into our adolescent here we once again have twominors currently we have one at my house and one of my in-laws house and the setup you really accompanied isat my home my in-laws have a smaller house so we are actually in a much easier spot to frame theirantenna outside on the ceiling where i would have had a lot of drilling and going through the attici spent about an hour in the attic today in the florida climate at about 95 magnitudes and the atticwas just excruciating and so i couldn’t really get to the drilling and everything that i wanted to doso i figured that placement at the top precisely above my attic entrance would be the best way to go noworiginally we had our bobcat miner tethered to our uh router with an ethernet ethernet line butunfortunately the locale of where i needed to framed that bobcat miner to where i wanted to put theantenna we are now back on wi-fi i’ve gone through and i’ve reopened the ports i’ve given it a staticip address on the my nighthawk netgear router so hopefully we don’t get into a relayed situationnot a rally situation you guys got to remember when i do these videos i booze a couple ofbeverages so they might through disallow my paroles now there are still but a relayed status so obviously that’snot the case now we just got to set up about 25 minutes ago we got everything shot off andgoing again so let’s go ahead and pull out my miner and as of right now we are back to a hundredpercent sync which i’m very happy with we made our elevation at about 10 rhythms i thinkthat’s a bit magnanimous again we do have those big vaulted ceilings i did situate that at the peakof my roof it’s really about like at the 25 to 28 paw compas so i guess that is being reallyreally generous but you can see here we also have a 10 dbi revise as well now we did just getthis going so i don’t expect to see any activity at the moment you can see here yeah a certainlocation which it says about two hours ago but perhaps i’ve been on the phone and everything andthen we did get some rewards earlier in the day before we did that move so i was very very happy tosee that so we’re going to continue to monitor this one hotspot my other hotspot is right downhere so hopefully with that 10 dbi now being in a better plight away from the window away from anyof the stucco and the brick walls that is straight up time the attic the plywood and the ceiling andnot the ceiling the roof which is just like um you know the roof um oh my god what’s the word i’mlooking for not the tiles but the shingles thank you the shingles are very you know thin nothingtoo crazy uh they are like hurricane proof and everything but here in florida so hopefully thatreally makes that signal get out and we started with the 10 dbi just to help push that furthest aswell our ultimate goal is to get ourselves to touch base with our helium miner now but ifwe can affected these miners in this range and even some of these bad sons up now we’re gonna startseeing some serious honors and i’m really hoping that we get that opportunity now some upgradesthat we will potentially prepare we will continue to monitor this miner on its wi-fi setup and if itdoesn’t if it precipitates back behind or the wi-fi throws out or anything like that we are getting a newmodem which will be coming in on monday and we’ll be installing that because my bonus from like 2015 it’s really old and there are some signal topics but we’re working on every possible opportunity wecan to get this bad boy firing off and witnessing other minors and sending out challenges for themto be witnessed as well then we will then proceed to upgrade my child here now it’s interesting thatmy child now at my in-laws house has interpreted better returns in the past week or so if we go intothe activity i want 20 you know past 24 hours we’ve seen. 04 in the past seven days in the pastweek we’ve seen 0.187 helium and since we’ve had the bad son we’ve almost we’ve got exactly overa fourth of helium so that one’s been determine some serious pleasure not serious activity butas a lone wolf technically since that one still has the stock antenna that came with it sittingbehind the window that’s not look much whereas this one we’ve had the most issues with is at 0.28 helium so we’ll really really hope this starts to fire off if we go over into the nearby sectionyou can see that we do have my spouse my hot spot miner here and then we have two more thatare within this under five kilometer range but as i was looking at some of the activity onthis and hear some of the stuff that you know it was creating challenges and the witnesses therehas been some onlookers all the way out and like i think china had a witness for this challengewhich was insane i didn’t understand why and i was looking at it the other nightwhile i was drinking and playing call of duty let’s go back to this so witness andthat yep all right so it’s going to draw out like looking how far that exits like this miner outhere is nowhere near me and i witnessed one of its transactions i i don’t i don’t understand iti aim he’s hitting everyone so this is obviously not our densely populated area so we’re not goingto get nearly as much digits as this but we’re gonna go back uh hopefully now with that 10 dbicable or feeler up in the attic we are beginning going some wards and if if if it still doesn’twork we’re going to keep doing this with trial and error perhaps the 25 rhythm cable is a littlebit too long i know there is going to be signal loss with that 25 meter cable we’ll probablylook at an opportunity of getting a shorter cable and then we will too look at possiblyrunning a longer ethernet cord through my house instantly to the bobcat miner and then place thatsomewhere in the attic reservoir i roughly placed that in the attic today but with that attic beingso hot the second i was in there i was dripping sweat i didn’t want to run the risk of my minorburning out so i located it below next to my ac section so it’s got some reasonable breathing i have alittle desktop fan situated right behind it blowing aura on it as well but the ac is also keeping anice cool area in that crevice that you that little nook that you find in the video really because the acunit is running out that cool air and deterring the circumventing breath around it cool so we’ve got somegood circulation so i hopefully don’t burn it out i think the biggest concern that we would have isthat it’s on wi-fi versus ethernet and i know that you guys are going to comment that ethernet isalways more effective and i 120 agree but we’re going to do what we can i think right now in this scenariogetting the feeler up as high-pitched as possible versus an ethernet communication is much more important tosee those compensations and we’ll moving forward and we’ll recognize within the next week or so if we can getthose rewards running and churning and burning do we want anything crazy no at the end of the dayi spent a thousand dollars to buy these two miners we at least have enough miners in the area towhere we can ping off and we could see a delightful and rapid and easy roi as long as all of this worksout now likewise the feeler that i purchased was a 50 10 dbi antenna off of amazon it only had tworeviews and they were both five-star refreshes if maybe hopefully i’m hoping i could be thethird five virtuoso evaluate or i might be the first one stellar review and then i would be willing toget another antenna an 8 dbi antenna probably 120 dbi feelers 8 dbi antennas and try it at mysecond miner and learn which antenna is much more successful and then based off of that we willreplicate that at the least successful miner so hopefully thumbs crossed everything’s where itneeds to go we’ve done everything we’ve done the best we can at our minor now you guys encountered thesetup you saw the video let’s see if this flames off and the reason why i decided to also do itin my attic right now is because i’ve watched a few other youtubers that have done atticplacements and they’ve moved their machines up there and they’ve seen a stupendous increasein reinforces on the working day they even introduced it in their attic so hopefully we get those multitudes as wellif not we are willing to employed it out on the roof we’re willing to threw a five foot propagation poleup on the ceiling and situated it up on top of that and have it zip out there as well not worried aboutwhat the hoa is going to say because i’m the president of the hoa and uh yeah so that’s itif you guys have any comments questions concerns please feel free are to achieve me on twitterdiscord telegram all that substance is in the link in the description all those links are in thedescription of this video you can definitely leave a comment i’ll reach back to you as soonas possible and we can go from there otherwise expressed appreciation for very much for watching delight likecomment agree turn on the buzzer notifications all that good stuff that youtubers say i’mmo prius and we’ll see you guys next time

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