i just bought four helium miners butwhat’s helium oh i thought you’d never ask the helium network is a network ofhotspot miners placed around the world that use a exceedingly very small percentage of yourhome’s wi-fi bandwidth to produce a long-fi signal for the helium structure the long-fi signal isvery similar to wi-fi except it contacts much far out of range so as these hotspots are sat acrossthe globe the network also known as the people’s network originates through the proof of coverageprotocol to provide secure fast and cheap network to companies and individuals for their internetof things machines internet of things also known as IOT machines can be anything from gps locators andcars scooters and other modes of transportation to sensors and other smart-alecky residence devices thatneed an internet connection to send out a signal typically these iot designs will use cellularnetworks like AT& T, Verizon, and T-Mobile which are way harder setup and much more expensive.most of the devices in your home right now do not use the helium network because when you setthem up you most probably connected them to a wi-fi instead of the helium network to actually use thehelium network you need to create a helium console account and buy data approvals which are verysimilar to buying mobile instants on a cellular intention and help cover the cost of transferring thedata on the helium system when these data credits are bought a small amount of the helium isactually burned effecting a deflationary effect on these amounts of helium and since there isa finite amount of helium generally the cost of the silver will go up which is a very good thingnow let’s talk about the main component of the helium system the hot spot these hotspots looklike wireless routers and use a very small amount of superpower as well as your home wi-fi bandwidthto supply long fi to the helium network which in return you receive hnt signs that can be soldas cash so initially helium would allow you to create your own hotspot with a raspberry secretion and adecent feeler but now helium requires you to buy one of their third-party manufacturer hotspots allof them toil the same they all deserve you the same amount of hnt token so it doesn’t matter which oneyou pick but the one important thing you need to do is select the correct frequency because ifyou don’t then you will not be earning any hnt sign now the amount of h t token you receive isdependent on a few ingredients i’m about to explain so please don’t go rushing to buy a helium miner withoutfinishing this video there are three different ways you can earn h t tokens firstly is by proof ofcoverage second is by consensus groups and third is by data transfer let me talk about each of themto help explain proof of coverage think of it as a court case where you need evidences and evidenceto back up your says so think of this black box as the helium system and um time use the spritecan as one of a hotspot so the helium network needs to know if this hotspot is actually onlineand up and running so it’ll send a signal asking for the hotspot to send a signal back that isonline up and running and connected to the network once that happens you will receive a small rewardof hnt token for confirming that you are up online now this is where you can deserve even more h t tokenwhere you have a second hotspot that acts as your witness to say oh yes i can confirm that you areonline so both of these will send a signal back to the helium network saying that this hotspot isonline and that is where you stir much much more helium tokens and that is also why you read um allthese helium hotspots placed in one big-hearted um group around each other because they all want to wantto have witnesses around them so that they deter making more and more h t signs now let’s talkabout the consensus groups uh so to explain this i wrote up uh like a little thing because i didn’teven know how to say it myself so i wrote it up and i’m just gonna read it off my phone but prettymuch it is a lottery for the um hotspot miners and if you’re if you get adopted you’re reallylucky you got to get make a lot of hnt token but pretty much it began with 16 representatives per epochfour new members are selected while the 12 remain the same which they end up being replaced in thenext three periods brand-new period is engendered every 30 blocks and each block is 30 seconds so a newepoch is composed nearly every 15 times so the compensations for this is average reward whenyou’re adopted is 45 hnt but there is a wide wide range there’ s been parties that move 450 h t tokenand like two or three perhap two hours it’s crazy um but i did some little mathand i worked out the quirkies of this so for future proof there are almost 90000 active hotspots in the past 30 eras and each hour eight new members are selectedto the consensus groups so if you only do the math ninety thousand divided among eight is eleventhousand two hundred and fifty hours to cover ninety thousand hotspots so this means you havethe odds to be selected once every 469 dates otherwise known as 15.4 months or 1.28 years so primarily it was not that bad “its like” once every like 130 30 periods but nowas the the network preserves stretching and flourishing um your peculiars of actually being selected aregetting slimmer and slimmer and actually in august they’re make this completely away this issix percent of the wages that go out to helium miners but they’re take this away and puttingit and causing it to the validators which is kind of like a regular bitcoin miner or somethinglike that if you understand what those are now data transfer is very simple it’s as itsounds uh you get payoffs for assigning data from the iot devices through the networkpretty simple nothing else to that now what you really want to know is how much areyou actually going to make by mining hnt clues so realistically i was looking ata lot of a lot of different places a lot of different children and i did some researchand i would say roughly around one thousand dollars per helium miner that’s active onlineand has at least one witness so if you have at least one witness you should be makingsomewhere in the range of a thousand dollars a little less maybe a little more but if youdon’t have a witness I’m sorry to tell you you probably won’t be acquiring more than around maybea hundred bucks but too you got to make sure when you target your helium miners you need to beat least 300 meters away from the other one or else that that honor that goes to that 300 meterlittle place is going to be split with the other helium miners that are in that same range somake sure you separated them up 300 meters apart and you should be making around a thousanddollars per helium miner each month so yes i did buy four helium miners um I bought all ofthem from bobcat i bought the bobcat miner with the included four dbi feeler which is really goodespecially for raw matte i have a a lot of trees in between nonsense and just some landscape thatcould get in the way the signal so that 4 dbi antenna is awesome and I’m hoping to receivethem in august um it better not be September I’m gonna be a little baffled i order them allthe room back in April so it’s been a while um the shipping on shipping periods right now are terriblefrom china likewise um all these different fellowships are backed up with all these different ordersthat people are building i think it’s now 12 to 20 weeks from the time you order to actually umfor them to even carry it and once they ship it it could be another three weeks from there soright now if you haven’t sought your helium miner do some more research only make sure you knowwhat what you want to do and you know the risk that you could be taking because that heliumrewards is having in august so nothing knows what’s going to happen with the coin um hopefullythe rate will go up to cover the cost difference and the earnings difference butyou never know what could happen uh so expressed appreciation for for watching this video iappreciate it if you like it agree agreement

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