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welcome it’s mototech helium affixing islive today i will show you how simple it is to stake your helium even if you don’t have1 0 000 hmt or it’s about 100 000 us dollars to run your own validator so parties like you andme who are just not so rich can also take some profit from being a partial validator and growyour portfolio with very attractive apr before “were starting to” i want to thank you very much for yourtremendous support to my canal if you’re brand-new to the channel please click here to subscribe andlet’s discover cool technology makes services and projects together before we start talkingabout helium so for those of you guys who live on the west coast of the united states pleasestay cool out there i saw the weather forecast it’s about to affected 46 celsius or it’s about 120 fahrenheit position out there that is absolutely insane i used to live in seattle and i know aroundthis time it should be around eight celsius eight to ten celsius or it’s about 46 fahrenheit not4 6 celsius degrees this is this is insane what can i say climate change is real i guess i meanyou know it’s real when pottery decided to crack down all these bitcoin mining raises to savethe environment well talking about the bitcoin something’s happening so when i checked outtoday’s bitcoin world-wide hash charge i realized that it’s now the bitcoin world-wide hashrate hasdropped about 50 in the past two weeks and it’s now reached 68 additional hash per second and if youwatch my video on why bitcoin could reach 200 000 in 2032 you know that the world bitcoin hash rateis the driving force behind bitcoin’s true importance so for those of you guys who are doing short-terminvestment please stay safe out there all right now let’s talk about helium i convey keatonmining simply expenses about 5 watts per device and for most people you can really simply runone manoeuvre at a time and based on the principle of proof of coverage you can’t really moved thatmany uh moved a mining farm or something like that so hinom is actually pretty environmental friendlybut this week helium blockchain has been going through some pretty rough time and if you’re those one ofthose miners out there you might have noticed that in the past couple of eras you have receivedzero profit zero helium and that is because um helium network was was uh partiallyunavailable and the blockchain was actually halted at some moment and then there was alsouh there’s some maintenance on the of router and that being said all this happened whenthe validators are coming to the main net and that’s right the validator was actuallyrunning on the test net before and they’re actually making a good sum of earning and nowthey’re actually moving that to the mainnet so more people could join and more people couldthere could be more validators and the validators is actually here to ensure the security of thenetwork and keep the integrity of the network and as you can see on tm’s official websiteit says did announce that mainnet staking is alive nonetheless the validator are not workingyet it does furnish a really attractive apr and right here down here is how many millionsof helium is ventured in the entire helium network and how much apr it would be as you can see themore helium stick the less apr there is um and i believe we have already reached 5 million hntstaked so what that means is that the current apr is about 72 percentage even if we reach to 10million hnt state the authorities concerned will still have about 36 of apr and this is before the halfinghappening in uh uh august this year so you know what that’s that’s still better thanum i think all of the banks in fact and obviously there is some and clearly there will be somerisks involved and that necessitates when you’re venturing your helium uh you need to keep the helium thereyou can’t be doing daily trainings or something like that and if you’re doing a partial stakingyou will have to send your helium to another another kitty and mostly that’s somebodyelse’s helium address and hopefully they are only don’t only run off with all the helium inthat detail well there are ways to track it but this is also why before you decide to stake allyour helium make sure you do your own research all right that being said um i will show youwhich service i choose to stake my helium the one i opt is helium staking and thisis actually one of the most popular ones right now and it’s it’s very user friendly this istheir main website they do equip part staking reserve and validator as a service um setting up avalidator it does take some technical skills if you’re one of those technological savvy parties and youactually get 10 000 hnt or you and your best friend together have 10 000 hmt you can actually extended avalidator yourself determined it up through one of these cloud providers like microsoft azure or aws or youcan even run one your own house if “youve been” want and for most people like you and meout there who just looking for partial staking you just have to make acount and then you can get into their dashboard i will show you how simple thisdashboard is and as you can see this is their dashboard and it shows you how many hnts arestaked right now um two days ago it wasn’t even uh ten thousand that was almost forty thousandthis is pretty quick and uh the amount of users we already reached uh 158 um you can see uh theentire dashboards uh the part pole performance when they actually start leading actually andyou can also picture uh the amount you have staked so when you register you will get a internalwallet and this is a wallet you need to send your helium to and formerly you cast it over thereyou can decide to stake it uh as you can see i when i send my it was a little bitover 5 hnt i just simply sounded the deposit and then i just sent from my personalwallet you do have to remember try not to send from those one of those exchange like crypto.comor some people had no issue but some people actually been having some issues not beingable to transfer the fund over and formerly the fund is over here uh it actually didn’t take that longwith all these network issues in the past two days it only took overnight for the helium to get tomy internal wallet and then i click stake and you will see that i have five hnt staked at the momentyou can withdraw them at any time but if you stake them you do have to unstake them as you can seeyou can choose the amount you attach and you do click on stake and you go through the processtoo i’ll stake it so it’s really user friendly it’s you’re basically not really committing toanything it also even equip the service to automobile post if you let’s say you made some profit uhin this week or this month and you don’t want to log on now all the time to send all these profitinto a bet manually you can have the system to auto stake all these profit for you which isgreat that’s what is exactly what i’m going to do and as you can see there’s some my hot spot thisthing is not fully accessible hitherto an external wallet you can applied some external pouch maybe itwill help you send your fund a little bit faster anyway this website also has a two-factorauthentication to increase your security but you are able to ever make sureto double triple even triple check the address you’re sending your helium to because in the end because at the end of the day you are responsible for your own assetall right let’s get to the numbers you must be thinking like how much can youreally manufacture if you stake your helium right thanks to tactical investing he’s also a greatyoutuber and he actually shared this spreadsheet online um i will too associate the spreadsheet um inmy description and his canal he’s got a bunch of great investing videos um feel free to checkthem out we accept there are at present 200 validators and the validators are always increasing at a 5 rateand let’s say current hnt is about 12 percent hnt price convert uh let’s just assume it’stwo percent each month when you kept a number make sure you framed the percentage sign thereotherwise you would get some hilarious number two percent each month will actually bringyou to very close to thirty percent a year and imagining like this month thisyear we actually have a halving um in august so two percent is actually uhquite uh conservative but there is also cost uh to run validators let’s say each validatoryou can you at least will have to have 10 000 hnt in there for me i want to check out uh for 100 hmt which is about 1200 u.s. dollars and how much i can really make and as you can see in about a yearmy 12 hundred dollars will end up more than doubled it will be terminated being twenty five hundred dollarsis based on these amounts i’m running right now so of course uh these quantities may be modified as weget more or less uh hnt ventured uh in their entire net and uh of course the i would assume hnt willfluctuate uh with the rest of the cryptocurrencies precisely because a lot of epoches they’re trading thesame exchange however you know even if this you make a 50 in a year that that’s still a lot imean if you save if you have a savings account and it could currently it’s probably at uh 0.85 percent um at the best i would assume there there is definitely some risk involved but it comeswith great remunerations when you get to this form make sure you use your google detail and make acopy of it otherwise you won’t be able to revise it formerly you get it play around and see if it makessense for you to stake your hnt i hope you got something beneficial out of the video today if youenjoyed the video satisfy like and subscribe to the channel this will assist tremendously withthe youtube algorithm and help me organize more interesting videos in the future for youthis is moto tech i will see you next time

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