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Welcome everyone Rabid here and today i’m – going to show you how to quarry raptorium like a boss, all right, so are you guys ready to mine raptorium? If you haven’t knock that agree button bell notification thumbs up all the good stuff for propensity? The video and i will show you how to quarry raptorium the most effective way with 3900 x cpus now this will work on any cpu because it does have a minor that is dedicated to each type of cpu. So delight be sure to know what cpu you do is now before you get into everything, but i am using 3900 x ryzen cpu, so i will be going over my settleds. I’ll be going over what billfold i use. I’ll be going over the kitty. I am squandering and how to actually tune your cpu for this algorithm when it comes to mining raptorium. I have already done a how to quarry raptorium video on my other canal when this one was currently taken down, however do have do have it back now. So we are doing it again instead of bringing that one over, because it wasn’t utilizing the optimized miner, which i did later on, manufacture that raptorium hashrate improve video. So now we’re blend the two videos into one all for one raptorium video. So this would be the ultimate how to mine raptorium video, with both of those all wrapped into one. Now the very first thing you are going to need when it comes to mining any coin, is you’re going to need the pouch, so you can head over to raptorium com? This is their website right here you can go to downloads. This is where we will be getting our pouch as well as our cpu miner, but firstly we’re going to get our wallet, so we’re just going to click on that. I’m going to right clink go to brand-new tab. That method, i still have the main website up and open, and now we can see mandatory update to ensure correct smart node fees so ever get the latest version of the purse. So here we understand raptorium 1. 2. So you’re going to click on that and download it once you do. Have it finished downloading you are going to want to extract it pick any folder you do want. I like to keep all my billfolds various kinds of together in the same place as you can see here, then i just click on it and then you just open it right up now and it’ll get ready to boot up. It does take a few minutes. Don’t worry about that it doesn’t mean anything, bad is happening or it’s not working there. We exit it’s popping up and again it’ll. Take another few minutes now, formerly it does eventually open, you will have to download the terminated blockchain and the longer and longer you wait to make this so depending when you watch this video and when you decide to mine raptorium, well weeks down the road And you’ll only have that much longer and more of the blockchain. You will have to download right now. It makes probably 16 to 18 hours, depending on your internet attachment. When i used to downloaded this, i think it took me about nine or ten hours. So nearly half a day and other parties that have done it lately, it has taken them roughly upwards of a epoch, but you can skip this part. Well , not bounce the side wholly. You will need to sit this in the background, but you can conceal it. Really sounds the little secrete button you’re going to want to go to receive here because you need it. We’re going to label this. We’re going to go video test just to name our actual thing made the request payment. Here we’re done. As you can see, this are the different ones i do have so here we have video research right here. We’re gon na open it up open it up there we go doubled sound it open up. You can simply imitate the address. This is likely to be your raptorium address for your billfold. Next up, you’re gon na need the miner. So now we are download cpu miner click on this again, this is for windows. I will show you how to make love in hive os later on in the video, but this is the strictly windows copy, so we’re going to skip this. We do not demand the beta edition. I highly recommend never passing beta accounts, whether it comes to your bios and your motherboards when it is necessary to operators for your gpus. Of route, unless it’s, some leaked dev operator and it does open the hash frequency. Then by all means you’re. All for it, but a dedicated explanation do not run any of the beta explanations as even says … … not intended for mining. So we’re scrolling down. We’re going to look at 1, 1. 9. So this is the miner you are going to want to download again click on it. If you do get any type of faults or something you may have to lower the security a little bit exactly to let it bypass in, but then make sure you do turn it right back on again do at your own risk uh. I don’t trust anybody on the internet. So do us please – and you are gon na – need a programme like prevail uncommon or something to download this. Your ordinary winzip will not work because it is a 7z file. Okay, so you got your wallet. You got your miner, but now you need your pool myself. I’m working our flower pool a lot of people recommend our pond. I merely fell in the third place that’s all right. A mas of beings do employment our consortium and other reserves, patently but reserves like our pool. I was gon na try, but then i didn’t like it. Let me explain to you why now, when it comes to raptorium it’s like ravencoin, where you want to get sizable longer larger events and payouts over a whole assortment of smaller payouts, so this fees were too small it’s, like i can’t. Remember the actual figures like every 50 silvers is your minimum payment and they pay out like every duo hours or every hour or something, but you cannot change your minimum fee, so that means you’re getting severals remittances per era will vary depending on the rigs. You are running now with our flora. You can change your minimum payment. I’m squandering 9000 right here. You can see it does require a password and some finicky in the initial setup, but don’t worry. I got you handled. I will show you how to get your password into the pool and everything, but the above reasons for it. A entire bunch of smaller deals will actually fill up the block so later on, say a year or two goes by you ,’ re huddle. You insure a nice cost slip or something you want to sell right away, but you will not be able to move everything all at once. You’re going to have to do it in a assortment of transactions because, like ravencoin every time you get a bunch of small-time events, it fills up that deal slit of the block and then it tries to move it all at once. So if you have a whole bunch of little ones, they start filling up and building on top of each other, and you don’t have apartment so larger. Longer pays are better because, later on down the road, you will be able to move big extents of raptorium to an exchange or something if you do decide to sell so that’s why i did go with our flora puddle okay. So now we have our pocketbook, we have our miner, “were having” the consortium we want to use. So now we’re gon na going to be home here. I’m. Really gon na quickly select our weed miner. I’m gon na pick. I’m using windows right now. I’m in america because that’s, where i want to be – i’m, simply closest consortium to me like server wise. I simply want to go up and you don’t need to go any farther. I precisely want to go up to this point, so i can actually get this address right here. So now you’re going to open up your miner, and this is where your cpu comes into play. What affairs so you can see they have different types of miners setup documents depending on the cpu. This workstation i’m in right now is a 5950 x, so that is zen three. So i’m going to scroll down to my cpu uh, which is then three right here. First thing i’m gon na do is right. Click go to assets, go to compatibility. I’m gon na click on run this program. As an administrator, you’re gon na made, apply and okay, because you always want cpu miners to run as administrator so that it positions the msr mod it installs uh immense sheets and everything when it comes to cpu mining. And then you’re gon na wan na operated the miner and closed it off. We’ll get to that in a minute so that it does laden everything. So now we’re in our miner. We’re going to edit it edited. Our actual quantity datum now, well do – have it set up, so you’re going to take this address to the pool and paste it in right here. Next up, you’re going to want to go back to your pocketbook. If you still do not, have it saved click on it copy your address again come in here and glue it right beside the? U here, this is always the bidding with your at-bat data for your purse address, so you’re going to adhesive in right here. Then you’re going to want to put a point and then the specify of your worker. Now, where the password comes into play after the name of the worker, you’re going to want to gave a seat. You’re, going to see framed the same old smash there p and then put your password. So i’m just put password now you framed whatever password you want and the first password to use is the one it will always use. So if you forget your password and you try to change it in now and come in and do your bat datum with a different password, it won’t work. This first password you do, try is the right one it’s going to use so write it down somewhere. So you do get wise formerly “youre running” the miner, cause it run for a little bit and when you are done you can just get rid of this. But oh i just killed that so i’m not going to save it because i accidentally did that. But it doesn’t matter, so you’re going to go into now. Now you are going to double click this and it will range. You are going to want to go into your readme here right, immediate as well, and now “youre seeing” two and defect you’re going to want to mimic this follow. Take it out you’re, going to want to go back into your miner here. Revise right about there and then boom click bam. Now you’re going to want to theme your cpu after you have your password and your reserve and everything set up so now you’re going to resave it again with chanted fullen, and this will carol your cpu mine’s already tuned. Plainly so i don’t need to do this and you will see a tuned config down here now. If you already have a adjusted config, i highly recommend to get rid of it and then re tune your cpu. Every time i do mutate arranges or overclock situates. I do try to retune my cpu that mode it is maximized based on the establisheds. I did remained unchanged to okay and last but not least, let’s look at the overclock creates. I am use on my cpu and for this i do employ ryzenmaster when in windows. Now this video is starting to get jolly long. So this will precisely be the windows 10 setup, and i will do the next video, probably tomorrow, on how to set everything up in hive os. So now we are on ryzen master here now again this is a 5950 x now for a 3900 x. I’m gon na click on profile, one that doesn’t matter if it’s profile one or profile two, but now you ,’ ll click on profile, one! You’re, gon na click on manual. I previously have everything here. You’re gon na smacked the little down arrows on your yarns now with the 3900 x, because it is 12 core and this one is 16 and the lane the dies are they’re a little bit different, so your ryzenmaster will ogle different, but the ideology Is still accurately the same, so you will see three rows of four cores on the 3900 x. Now you just got to pretty much adjusted this up. You can go all core if you click here. You know that’ll be individually, clink it on again and it’s all core, so it’ll mounted them all. So what i planned by begin them all is once i change this setting, they’ll all modification. If you placed turn this off, then you’ll have to time each one individual. So i just click that on i define this just applied 3600 touch open, make sure you don’t have like 36 000 inadvertently, because that is way too high. Make sure you do double check everything before you actually thumped the addres button, but more on that in a second, so we have our three 3600, which is 3 6 gigahertz all core. Now we’re going to scroll down. You are going to need your volt so again, really click on it push one for one volt and that will give your one volt. Now you can probably get away with 0 95 volts, which is even less power. It does work on five of my six riggings, but again silicon gamble and everything i did have one that was rebooting, so i did just made all is one volt and good-for-nothing has had any issues, so these overclocks are 3900 3900 x cpu, as well as the 5950 X still further, i’ve seen no questions. These are 100 stable on every cpu i have so far. Just before we do package this up. You can see my storage clock my fabric clock now. This is your ram timings your establishes here, so this is 3200 megahertz ram, but i do not have the xmp sketch turned on. If i did, then these would both be reading 1600. You always want to leave our not leave, but you want to run a one to one ratio. That is where your memory clock and your fabric fabric clock here are running the same number. So they are a one to one fraction that will give you the best performance on ryzen cpus. Now you get into some of the higher like 4 000 megahertz rams. Sometimes they might not work out right technically, it should be 2, 000. 2. 000. It might get precarious because some like to run it like say 1950 and uh, vice versa, like 1920 or 2010 or whatever you know like they ,’ ll off balance themselves, but bearing in mind here. You are xmp profile off. It does seem to run more efficient than having xmp chart on now. Remember xmp profile on will, award you more achievement, but i don’t recommend it and if you do want to totally maximize your hash frequency with ryzen cpus, i highly recommend because you’re running free strength, don’t care about superpower or you’Re lope solar really like two pennies power, then you can run ryzen clock tuner, just google, it it’ll pop up. It’ll song your cpu for you, use dram calculator, calculate your ram timings. Put that all into your bios and you are placed – and you’re running max amount of action on that cpu. So i am looking forward to this does help you guys out and get you guys mining raptorium till next time i’ll catch you on the next one. Rabid out, thank you for watching everyone. If you haven’t, please comment subscribe and like this video as well as check out one of these other videos, if you have not seen it yet, i do try to stream every saturday and sunday so stay aria for more future material . .



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