How To Mine Cryptocurrency On Android? (Ultimate Guide 2022)

In the past two weeks I have done a lot of tests and research And I watched a great deal of videos about cryptocurrency mining on mobile phones Today I want to share the results with you You can consider this video as the ultimate leader to mining cryptocurrency on Android phone I bought four new phones to exam things in This video is really interesting keep watching Before we get started, let’s answer a simple question Number one, can we really mine on Android phones? real mining simple react yes The second issue, does mining pump the battery or feign the design? In some lawsuits yes Depending on the app you’re using May affect the battery The third question, how much can you earn from quarrying cryptocurrency on Android In short, the maximum number of coins you can mine on the phone It is 30 coppers a day The peak sum you can earn in a month is around $120 I goes to show you how and everything in detail in this video But before that I want to show you something I was browsing the web and looking for trending topics I am abusing this tool called “Exploding topics pro” Pro version In any case While I was searching for topics related to cryptocurrency Found this keyword rollercoin So I opened I noticed that this site has about 12 million sees per month It’s like a game you can play and you can mine and simulate mining inside this game To be honest with you I didn’t have time to test this app But I’m curious if any of you have experienced this Or if you want to test this out and share the results with us Some of you might like to play this game Simulate mining and make some bitcoins exploiting this play By the behavior, you can go to meetings And you can share your experience or any ordeal or issues and questions you want in the forum I’ll be there almost every day to help you And by the way, at H-educate, we launched the Sites Program So now you can earn sites while browsing and interacting with parties You can see here I made ten items from scoring And the great thing about the forum is that soon we will have a trending and trending topics section So what I will do is I will do studies and research every ten days I will check out some of the trending topics Then I will announce it on the forum to help you So go now and attach us Now let’s go back to our main topic And see how we can mine cryptocurrency on Android phones first research The first assessment I did was in the CryptoTap app I think you know and I announced a video about it before Let me reveal you this I “ve brought” my second camera So you can see this is my firstly telephone with the Crypto Tab Pro browser This is KryptoTap Max It is a new application from KryptoTab Let’s open these two apps to first show you how much I have in each of them You can see it’s closed now If I go to my poise is 0.0000432 2 BTC which is Bitcoin Now as you know the bitcoin market is down so it’s about $1.5 And now you can see that I have about $ 85 with 0.0023 btc I will explain everything to you now How did this happen So let’s go back to my computer I’ll open Notion and going to see my Quiz section now CryptoTap application to watch the test in a nutshell When I took this measure, the price of Bitcoin was thirty-seven thousand dollars The first assessment on this app was CryptoTap Pro for 24 hours Don’t bother with that, first front I begins with 0.00012 In 24 hours I went 0.000144 This is mine in 24 hours with a cloud booster that costs $115 per month It reached 45,000 hashes per second You can see here if you run the miner now You’ll see it’s 46000 hashes per second I have a shadowed increase that expenditure me $115 So in short I lost fund On my second evaluation with the CryptoTap Max version I started with zero balance and then within 48 hours I get 0.000043 BTC Its value today is about 1.5 dollars Again I paid four dollars a few months for a maximum period of 2,000 hashes per second I prevailed 1.59 in 48 hours So if you run this app for one month Multiply this list by 15 Multiplying by 15, you get 0.0006483 Bitcoin The summary of this experience is that CryptoTap is not something you can earn bitcoins with And I don’t think it’s something you can make money with for gloom improving It expenditure more than the amount you can earn per month Now you may ask how from this app I met $85 here I will tell you shortly in this video In abruptly, I don’t think CryptoTap is a good investment If you want to give it a try you can give it a try it’s up to you But I don’t think it’s a good asset The second assessment I did was mine monero xmr coin Few months ago I announced a video that goes to show step by step how I mine monero Which prepares you mine exerting the CPU on your Android phone And I established you that if you want to get the price of the phone back, you will need it for about 50 years So of course it’s not fruitful I too did this for testing purposes and I like technological trash, I like education, I like experiments That’s why I tested it So you can do it for educational purposes only and to learn mining and linux on mobiles But as a profitable strategy, of course not It will drain your telephone battery And you won’t gain anything So forget about mining monero xmr on portables The third exam I obliged is for a secretion system or a secretion silver If you remember last year I posted a video about pu And I told you that “were having” this app where you can mine PI coins on mobile phones for free And I was quite honest In that video I told you that I don’t really know if this will be of any significance in the future But you can simply download and try it And I downloaded it and you can see here today I have about 154000 secretion silvers Wow If you want to ask me my opinion honestly Even today with the research I’ve done I don’t think this silver will have value in the near future Because I don’t understand where the money will come from No one or no one has invested or settled any fund in this currency We precisely do mining And by the way this is not mining, you exactly install the app, and do nothing So if this copper for example has a value of 1 dollar I will get 150,000 dollars But where it will be funded Where is the money, I truly don’t know To be honest I don’t know if in the near future something will change Maybe this coin will have a value So in my action I will continue to play it on this android mobile just for testing Perhaps it will have value in the future I won’t lose anything I see you’re starting to feel depressed Now you might think that there is no way to quarry cryptocurrency on Android etc.Please keep watching You will understand everything I will show you in a test I made about 30 silvers in 24 hours But I forgot to tell you Please if you have any idea about secretion structure campaign If you have another opinion, I could be wrong If you have any information, anything you want to share with us in specific comments part Or on our meeting we have a cryptocurrency forum now You can share and talk together Anywhere you want, or on a Telegram group Share the information with us Let us cure each other Maybe it will have value and we will build some coin in the future So test number five Related to a coin called upx or uplexa It’s something related to iot manoeuvres Anyway, don’t go into technical matters now If you go here You will see that in the links section here we have the miners section And you can see that we have uplexa or upx miner on android So the founders of this coin have developed a mining app for your Android phone So I researched it And I positioned it and you can see here I have uplexa app uplexa coin metal This is the pocketbook for cryptocurrency and this is the mining app If you come down here you will see that I tried mining for six hours Let’s open it And you can see in my analysis I have eight upx coppers So in six hours I acquired eight upx coins So in 24 hours I can have 24 upx not bad But if you go here again To the value of the cryptocurrency sell To check the value of upx let’s see it’s 0.0001 So if you want to do this math 24 proliferated by 0.0001 It’s about $0.00024 per period this is no thing But please listen carefully I mentioned this before When you usually mine cryptocurrency, you should think of two approaches Number one is the direct profit from mining So when you are mining now you are earning money directly Or you can mine as an investment So now I have 24 blocks and I can mine 24 slice every day And if, one day in the future, that toll rises and becomes one dollar Sometimes this happens in the cryptocurrency busines because the market is very volatile For example 2 months ago I bought a coin called affyn this project When I bought it it was around $ 0.0001 Today it’s $ 1.69 So let’s see the chart for the last month You can see how it climbed in the following chart to $1.6 And by the way, I realise $20,000 in two months with this coin But the problem Not a problem, but this coin system does not allow you to take out coins instantly You need it at least six months on the Matic network Anyway, I don’t want to go into details now The meaning is that if this currency rises in the future You can deserve some coin by mining in Android If you are thinking of an investment mentality and not a straight advantage mentality Let’s go back again if you run this app and sounds start You’ll see it’s calculating the hash rate So it applies your phone’s artillery and CPU So you have to be careful when you want to mine and you have to connect your telephone to the charger I prefer to use a secondary phone rather than your main mobile for mining If you have an extra mobile phone you can test on In any case You can see that I have a 4700 hash rate for upx quarrying on my android telephone This is pretty good news Project number six is a coin called scala or scala project You can see it here If you go to their website You will see again Mine scala on your PC and Android smart machines So they also developed an app for Android mobile phones Look at this, it’s kinda funny When I installed this I was almost like I am mining upx Same app, same decideds, same inspect I don’t know why, I think it’s like a template they use together So in stats I mined this coin for 24 hours And I got about 7.24 xla currency list And I noticed something, if you now click start you will see hash rate It doesn’t work I don’t know why Anyway, I recollect when I started quarrying “theres only” about 200 hashes per second So seven coins in 24 hours, again let’s see how much the scala price is today scala price xla price, again is $0.000934 So if you are thinking of investing in this coin you can mine it like upx And if it swells in the future or something, you can become some coin But as a direct investment, “its not” fruitful And again he’s like upx The battery will drain so articulated it in the charger Again, I prefer to use an additional mobile phone rather than the main one Test number seven is an app called Cloud Earning who trains something called fone I positioned it and I too tried it for 24 hours and you can see I prevailed 73.22 fone I honestly don’t know what this conveys And my profit is $ 0.001 in 24 hours The trouble is that I went to the cryptocurrency market Tried looking for something announced fone and couldn’t ascertain it So I don’t know how legitimate this app is So again if you want to test it and help us know you can test it Of course for more than 24 hours like maybe seven days or eight epoches or ten days And share the results with us on the forum or on Telegram or whatever you want or in the comments section But if “youre asking me” did you install the app and did you try it I will simply tell you that I don’t waste my age with such apps These are my seven quizs Now the big question you might ask “Well you told us you attained $120 a month, how did you do that? ” “All these exams can’t start that is something that, so how did I utter $120 a month” Simple answer is not through direct mining I made this using CryptoTab If I go to CryptoTap in the browser I will log into my account to show you this You can see I got money one two three four five six Seven occasions exploiting CryptoTap You can see the numbers now 0.012 0.005 So sometimes I make $100 a month and sometimes I start more than that But the question is how? Simply not with cloud mining inside CryptoTap Like I told you, I don’t think this is real mining It’s simply affiliate marketing If you go here you will see something announced quarrying network And you can see that I have just referred 9000 beings in the first statu to use this app And that’s why I’m giving these numbers with CryptoTap By the acces, it’s not a job One hundred dollars a few months But this really happened by chance I was talking about the app and parties joined me This is what is happening now I earn money And I thoughts CryptoTap is somehow a smart corporation They built this MLM network Mining network based on multiple marketing ranks With 10 the different levels of referrals for parties Where people start sharing the app together They think they are quarrying and pay real money But in fact the company is promoting the application all over the world We can still make money with CryptoTap but I believe in affiliate marketing more Not direct mining Anyway you can test it and share the results with us if you like And to help you when that figure contacts a hundred dollars I will give it to one of you So if you want to join the random gift raffle for this video So go now in the description below we have a link you can join the raffle When I contact 100 dollars I will pick 1 champion and give this 100 dollars So in conclusion in my opinion Mining cryptocurrency on Android mobile phones It is simply a waste of time It is not a business except in one case If you have the ability to promote CryptoTap with affiliate marketing But as a miner, if you demand my admonition to’ stop squandering your time’ Stop draining your artilleries, you gain nothing Alternatively, you can learn how to create a real online business from home And access at least a thousand to two thousand dollars a few months how? We can simply go now to my H-educate channel To the playlist section You will see that I have this order Build a business with me online to reach $ 2,000 We are now in the tenth part You can go now and meet us In this streak I will show you step by step for amateurs how to build an online business To reach two thousand dollars This succession will not end in a month or two I will be with you until about the end of this year to reach our goal I’m too with you on members of the forum and on Telegram to help you if you have any questions So if you want to stop my opinion Stop wasting your time on Android mobile phones So go ahead and participate us in our free online business succession Learn how to build a powerful online business from dwelling And don’t forget also Go for it is currently, it’s a free SEO and digital commerce implement Free tools to assist you thrive online You can also muster items Click this associate and speak how these points will assist you See you later

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