“How to Get a Helium Hotspot in 2 Days” – Tactical Investing Selling Out?

all right people we’re here today because yesterdayalex from tactile investing removed the video saying that you can get a healing minor in twodays that is a really quick turnaround because i’ve been waiting for mine for months so if youcan get in two days that’s great you get it before the having wonderful nonetheles he’s get a tonof slack for this video and parties are saying they’re unsubscribing they’re you know a ton ofdislikes in that video so i want to make sure that i shield it and not only in the sense thatis it legitimate can you actually get it but i want to show you insights in the video that alot of people might have missed that really moves unnoticed if you don’t pay attention so three wayswe’re gonna disruption this down first step we’re gonna look at alex and analyze the stuff that he’s doingsecond stair i’m gonna see you and liken is it true-life is it absolutely no truth to the rumors and third i’m gonna give youmy honest opinion in regards to how this went down and if it’s a way to go so without further adolet’s take a look at alex hey guys what is up it is alexander back with tactical investing that wasnot alex let’s let me try this thing again there that’s alex all right just kidding buddy that wasjust more funny not to do so here we go hey guys what is up it is alexander here back with tacticalinvesting and in today’s video we’ve got quite a few topics to cover firstly we’re going to talkabout the having is coming very soon and in fact it’s going to be next week a week from today it’sgoing to be a momentous instant within the helium network and a lot of seeings are going to be on thistransition clearly uh there’s including the helium clue premium a lot of anticipation on whatwill happen with the toll when you have undoubtedly everyone’s wages will be affected as far asmining so we’re going to cover that a little bit all right so let me stop here just for a quicksecond everything you’ve seen still further it’s alex it’s normal it’s over there he attend his videos dayto day like he’s just being his normal self from this point forward i want you to pay attentionhis demeanor actually changes in the way that he talks and the behavior that he reacts is completelydifferent then talk about how in the meantime there is an opportunity for you to be able to geta child delivered to your doorstep within two days talk about some deductions i have for thatopportunity that i was able to push in order to the optimist catered me and i wanted to makesure you guys could get as much of a discount for it if you were interested that and thenwe’ll talk about the sense cap and one minor and some of the there’s a lot ofconfusion that happened honestly yeah there’s a lot of confusion that happenedhonestly that’s because he doesn’t know how to talk about money and be okay with it so he wassuper awkward because the opportunity that he pushed for is somebody coming to him andsaying hey if you sell these you gotta cut that’s what’s happening next portion ofthe video that i think is really important now with the having happening you can seehere it is now under six daytimes like i said it’s coming awfully very quickly we’re almost ata hundred thousand hot spot which by the way in case you didn’t know uh helium actually hasa giveaway for the person who can guess you know when we’re gonna knock a hundred thousand hot spotson the network you get a free helium hotspot just in case you didn’t know uh that is on helium’stwitter page so you can go follow them and is my finding that but nothing to do with alex i just wanted tomake sure you guys know about the giveaway from the healing structure so if you go in their twitteryou can comment when things are going to actually touched that recognize and get a free hilly minor soi thought that was important for all of you to be aware of and i want you guysto actually get something for free now to the part that really troubles take a lookat this portion other than exiting and getting one from ebay which are frequently periods you very much overpayand i’ve sadly heard quite a few painful legends about beings getting scammed as parties sendingout the hot spot and not ever changing their helium address over they’re still mining helium atthe new person’s orientation i means that you see you still see hot spot going for almost four thousandfive thousand dollars in the on ebay and so so four thousand five thousand dollars let’sreally take a look at what this looks like in reality because if we go to ebay and there’sa helium i’m going to touched investigation so it’s fresh take a look at this funny fairly the first fewthings here are affiliate curricula affiliate planneds if you don’t know basically you get acode soul buys consuming your system you get money i do that for certain things because i don’tgenerate revenue on this you know youtube channel at all so anything that can add on and get myselfa new mic or any new nonsense to make better videos immense but you recognize all these are affiliateprograms and there’s not a lot of minors to be honest look at this there’s a dictate goingon right now so 11 hours left it’s at 1500 the course you want to look at this isactually travel here on the left side click picture all when “theres going” look all you can selectcompleted items stumbled apply this is the real price these are the miners that are actuallyselling and what they’re selling for so um two thousand dollars you know this is thelegitimate price so you’re looking at about 2100 with send and everything now with theseminers that are selling for 650 be careful go into the description a lot of times they say is thati will send you my miner once i receive it and they’re just cashing in early but the legitimateones that are selling for a little bit more look at this two thousand dollars look at that may 23 rdpre-order date this guy’s you know pre-selling his invention that hasn’t even arrived yet in handsready to ship 2200 so we’re help to ensure that these miners are selling essentially for between 2 0002200 that’s all right we got one now that’s 2 400 we got one that’s new it’s sold for one thousandseven hundred and seventy dollars another bobcat for sixteen hundred dollars you get the pointso when alex talks about the prices being um what do you have here four thousand five hundredthat’s a stretch yeah things sell for that much but only if you get into a crazy bid frenzyand you got to watch his names he said that they can sell for that much because this isa index for 4 500. Doesn’t consequently mean that they’re selling for that much but there isone more piece i want to actually evidence you guys take a look at the last last-place portion um in regardsto right after him disappearing you know talking about um ebay and if we just scroll freedom backto about right here if i’m not mistaken in the on ebay and so one of the things that’sgoing to fill in ads so we’re not going to do that we’re going to go back to this one soone of the things i came across recently and what got into a gossip with the company iscalled hnt supply now hnt is applying some of the cool things kill things some of the cool thingsabout them one they have a lot of miners in hand cool things let’s go things you see thatfrom alex if it’s tricky and he’s not that cozy do it so my opinion as far as thisgoes he’s not 100 sold or cozy doing this yes it generates revenue yes he’s going tomake money by talking about this and having beings use his system but really from his demeanorhe’s not comfortable make what he’s doing lastly and i’ll finish up with this whichis actually truly uh it’s it’s it’s really obvious because the way it demo him you are familiar with hisdemeanor of going from one thing to the next it’s it’s apparent i believe it is and you touched apply itshould provide like i said a 400 off voucher code um and that practice you can get it for 1700 whichis a far cry from that of three or four thousand dollars on ebay not three or four thousand he wentfrom four to 5 000 to three and fourth out like he he’s back paddling now but that’s okaylike i said the first 10 beings will be able to get 400 off you’ll realize that if you can onlyget 350 off you’re in between that 10 and 50. And if you’re 50 or plus it’ll simply be 300 off whichis better than 250 and much better than anything you’ll find on youtube or on ebay so that bringsme to kind of the last thing i want to talk about is the sense cap minor so this was the updatethat we received pretty much a date and a half ago from sen’s captain and he’s back you see thatso he messes up his oaths when he’s talking about things that are you know the selling the affiliatemarketing that he’s essentially an integrated part of but he he goes right back into his regular normal selfas soon as he’s done with that you are familiar with with the with the with the talk about that minor so minerhere he he’s awkward and then he gets into actual talking about things he to be concerned about he’s good likethat is a parent now what do i think about this well i mean to be completely honest um at theend of the working day i want to make sure that people are just honest claim like that’s my main thingi don’t know that i can say that this was 100 clarity and clear honesty from alex’s part ilike alex i think that he’s got a good soul he’s you know handles a lot of great stuff howeverthis was a little bit on the iffy place of things um but as far as transparency moves the onecredit that i gotta give him is this right here so if you scroll down on the video andyou take a look at his description of things he does have this affiliate disclosure which hedoesn’t ever have in his videos so he did try to placed it out there that hey this is an affiliatemarketing kind of thing um but he wasn’t very clear about it and he was stretching the trutha little bit when it comes to those miners but pricing shrewd right like he talked about the priceit might actually be worth it buying these miners via the website versus ebay i do my best not tosupport scalpers really because i think it’s messed up i think that people are just making money offof other beings unfairly um sometimes you know desperate meters calls for desperate measuresand i did have to buy a graphics card for more fund than i know not that it’s worthbecause for me it’s worth it liberty like i have a 30 90 now and i’m able to meet 4k videosand introduced them on youtube which is worth it if that wasn’t the case if it was just for miningi wouldn’t have done it i would not have obtained the the card and i i set a price limit i said2 00 more than what the um you know the regular sale price actually is and i wasn’t going togo above that so it was essentially a finder’s feed the acces i was looking at it not somebodytrying to you know price gouge me like crazy that’s beside the point um we’re talking aboutalex alex is a good dude but if you’re watching this no not if when you’re watching this i likeyour content i think you’re doing great i think that you’d be much better off if you just cameout and said hey i got i’m getting paid if you guys buy this i’m getting paid so expressed appreciation for forbuying um it might be a better spate than ebay i’m not elongating it it might be a couple hundreddollars more but the good thing is that you know where it’s coming from you are eligible to even buy theseguys on amazon so precisely just make sure that you’re upfront and clearly defined with people that’s gonna go along way and you’ve cured me understand a lot of the things that you’ve covered in your channel sothank you for that and i intend with that i’ll i’ll i’ll leave this one here until next time guys stayinvested i’m just kidding people that was just too funny not to do again i i actually had a lot offun doing that you haven’t done so more make sure you demolish that like button it extends a long long waywith a youtube algorithm because they’re starting to like my canal because i’m actually coveringsome recreation trash and last video i affixed did not go as sizzling apparently i i criticized a syndicate an enraged moband they don’t like that so they eliminated the dislike button so if you go in the last video youwant to help me out on that one maybe i’ll positioned a placard to it right here um that repair a long way it’s awhole hour long so i don’t expect any of you guys to watch it if it’s not content you’re interestedin but those despises did hurt a ton thank you you all are awesome love you told you next timebye until next time you guys stay invested you

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