How to buy BOBCAT 300 Helium Hotspot Miner [Coinbase] (HNT)

-[ Instructor] How tobuy the Bobcat Miner 300. Can you buy with a credit card or must you use cryptocurrency? Don’t worry, this video is why you. We’ll break down theprocess, make it simple, make it easy but most crucial, we’ll ensure you don’tmake the costly mistakes that could lose youhundreds, even thousands. So let’s get into it.( upbeat music) Bobcat: countdown to number one, from beginner to brand-new president. In the next few hours, or in a couple of days.Bobcat will become the new guiding among makes in hotspotsonboarded on Helium network with batch 18 now becoming itsway out to clients worldwide. There will soon be over8 9,000 Bobcat miners on The People’s Network. So let’s picture you how topurchase your Bobcat Miner now. How to purchase a Bobcat Miner 300. The first thing we need to talk about is the inherent perils with dealing with anything with cryptocurrency, the Helium network, anything of that sort as it’s very new, and it’s very susceptible to parties to coming taken advantage of, and scams.So we need to make sure that we’re going to the suitable website and triple checking the URL. There’s been a lot of different legends about parties getting scammed. People are now reaching YouTubevideos about scammer websites. Be very careful, and persevering that you are indeedgoing to the right site. So I’ll place the link inthe description below but https :// This will take you to theactual official website. Another mode to make sure that you’re going to the official site is you can go through theHelium network website, which is What we do from here is we go to Mine. This will bring up theirmine crypto with radio, and all of their hotspots listed below.Scroll down and clickBrowse Compatible Hotspots. This will make you tothe full list of hotpots. Today’s video, we’re looking at how to purchase the Bobcat Miner. So sounds Purchase. And here “theres going”. Back to the same website. So from here, in order to getordering, click Order now. And this will bring youup to the order page. So as you can see, BobcatMiner 300, it’s $ 429. It’s one of the more costly miners but it is quickly becomingthe most recognized and the most promotedminer that is out there. Simply route USDC/ ERC2 0. So what this tells us is that in order to buythe Bobcat Miner 300, you have to purchaseit with cryptocurrency. It can’t be bought with acredit card or with cash.So this turns a lot of parties away from buying the Bobcat Miner, which is, it’s disappointing because it really is one ofthe best miners out there, and we’ll be having aseparate video come out, analyzing all the miners because even though we feelthat it is the best one, there are others that are good, and if you’re notcomfortable with buying it with cryptocurrency, or setting up a wallet, there are other miners that you can get. But our goal here is totake you through each step to make sure that it is asuccessful buy for you and to avoid all the mistakes because as alluded to below here, if you situate wrongtokens, use a wrong address, basically, your money cannot be recovered.And so aims of our video is to show you exactly howto buy the miner consuming crypto and make sure that youavoid all the mistakes. Another thing to note here, forecasting experience, estimatedshipping period is 12 to 20 weeks. So we’re looking at aboutthree to six months. I made an order of a duo Bobcat Miners about two, three months ago, still hasn’t been receivedand they do a good job of giving you updates. We’ll “re going through” some of the emails that I’ve been receiving along the way but yeah, you’re definitelylooking at a long wait time. But like I said, it’s worth it, it’s worth the investment. And if you wanna buy iton eBay or on Craigslist, you might be able tofind something cheaper if someone’s willing to give a lot but in most cases, there’sa lot of defrauds there, a lot of parties looking to take advantage.And in a number of cases, people are blaming like through the ceiling. Now you’re looking atbuying one for $429. People are trying to sell for 3,000. They’re even trying to sell services that they say that they’ll buy it for you squandering cryptocurrency because I necessitate, it poses achallenge for some people. They cannot ship to a PO Box, and if you’re brand-new to Coinbase, you must complete a KYC verification. Coinbase expends identity proof in order to comply with KYC, know your customer, regulations. KYC is a way of identifying and confirming that a patron who iswho they say they are.It’s a multi-step process. It helps to prevent the creation and use of sham histories. So as discussed, there’s a lot of fraudulentpeople out there. There’s a lot of victimizes. So when you sign up to Coinbase, you have to set up a pouch. You have to give your license, and you have to go through all the proper verification paces. So other important component to note when purchasing the Bobcat Miner 300, you’ll see here you can eitherselect North America US9 15 or Europe EU8 68. So what is that? Down below, frequency message. Choose US9 15 for NorthAmerica or EU868 for Europe. So if you’re in theStates, you’re in Canada, you’ll select US9 15, which is what we’ll be adopting today. Or for in Europe, you select EU8 68. It gone on further tosay US915 does not work in AU915 or AS923 spheres, and such deployments areillegal without certifications. What does that actually mean? There are a couple Googlesearches “youre doing with” reputable websites that’ll come up, this one, The Things Network. Basically, what those abbreviations imply is that it’s theappropriate frequency schemes that should be used for The Things Network in respective to countries.You can scroll down now and it’s broken down percountry what they are all mean. For instance, AU915-928, that’s for everyone who’s in Australia. And another example on only another simply Google search now, which countries areinvolved by LoRaWAN AS9 23? And it lists out allthe different countries. Japan, Hong kong residents, New Zealand. The website gone on further to say we do not support Australia or the AS923 regions right now. And cautions customersto wait for brand-new SKUs. For latest info onpayment, sending and more, check out the FAQ page.And the FAQ page reallyjust has a couple items that it has for you to browse right now. Who is Bobcat? How countless miner representations will Bobcat carry? How can I be a part ofthe Bobcat community? We want to go to andselect North America US9 15 if you’re in Canada or the United Regime. Select how many you want. In such cases, we’ll select one. So we’ll go to select buy it now. Terms and conditions. So now you have to select I have read and agreed with the refund program and periods of services that are. Feel free to select thatand read as you wish. Please attain greenback in crimson here. Your payment will belost if “youre using” any token other than USDC or anetwork that is not ERC2 0. Do not use US915 in AU915 or AS923 parts as such deployments are illegal without certifications. So unfortunately, if you’re in Australia, Japan, Hong kong residents or any ofthe other countries merely evidenced related to these amounts, you will not be able topurchase the Bobcat Miner. Okay, so select I have read andagreed to the refund policy.This will then load the next sheet. Your contact information. Fill out your contact information and then thumped continue shipping. So on the next sheet, you will see that it has your contact info and your ship address, which you can change atthis time right here. Shipping method, for methere’s only one option of send technique, which is dropshipping. And you will see that subtotal as 429′ campaign I didn’t apply a deduction code, and then shipping’s $ 44 for a total of $473 USD. So you thumped continue to payment. And now we’re brought to the payment page. Take time now to check and triple check that youselected the title frequency plan.US9 15. And if that’s all good, you can double check your contact info, shipping address approach, dropshipping. So after clicking complete degree, you’ll be redirected tothe Coinbase Commerce to complete your obtain securely. Billing address, adopt the address that accords your credit card and remittance method. For me, I’m gonna usesame as ship address. I’m gonna adopt terminated degree. From now, you’ll wanna make sure that USD coin is selected, and please determine record, if you pay with USDT, your cryptocurrency and USDTstablecoin will be lost.So your exchange rates expires in one hour. At that extent, the exchangerate will be refreshed. You can select here and seewhat the amount will be in USD. So 473 as confirmed. I’m gonna say money with Coinbase. Now, for me, it says insufficient funds. You do not have sufficientfunds in your Coinbase account for the acquired cryptocurrency. Please choose another payment option. So in order for this option to work, you have to be in your Coinbase account, and you have to make sure that you have more than $ 473 of USDC in it in order for it to automatically construct the remittance process happen. Upon successful orderingof the Bobcat Miner, you’ll then get an email with a approval ordering list. And it’ll say congratulations, your payment’s been received, and your require has been confirmed.Now leave the rest to us. Expect your tell to shipwithin 12 to 20 weeks. We’ll send you a shipping confirmation with your tracking quantity assoon as the ordering vanishes out, together with a summary of your acquire. You can select panorama your ordering. And it’ll bring you tothe page distinguish where your Bobcat Minerwill be delivered to. As you wait for your orderof your Bobcat Miner, you’ll get frequent emails marking when quantities have gone out, and what the cutoff string is.So for example, this one received, quantity 13 includes US915 with an dictate cutoff of number 140577. EU868 has an order cutoff of 151424. This batch will ship next Friday. Expect tracking a fewdays after it shipped. So just to quickly recap. Select order now from the home page. And in this second example, we will select two Bobcat Miners. Ensure you select US9 15 if you’re in the US or the United Commonwealth. Only communicate USDC or ERC2 0 tokens because if you send anything else, USDT, for example, your money will be lost. Select buy it now. Select that you’ve read and agreed to the terms and conditions.You’ll then be brought tothe contact information page. You then wanna go to continue shipping. Your shipping method willthen be dropshipping. Go to the next sheet. Same shipping address. Select that, and then you’ll be brought to the actual order summary page. In this case, we aregonna pay with Coinbase. We have USD Coin adopted down below. If you’re using another method, such as Binance where you can select andgrab the address from there. When paying with Coinbase, you need to ensure youhave at least 20 extra USDC in your account to coverthe processing costs. Then log into your Coinbase account. You’re then going to select USDC wallet. You can confirm the amount here. You need to make sure youhave the suitable quantity previously laden in your billfold or you’ll get an insufficient funds page. Then see your total. Select send now. Confirm your pay throughyour verification code. And then you will get your receipt, and it says your payment is still pending.Do not be alarmed by this. This happened to me, it’ll happen to you. It takes some time to process. Can refresh and then it’ll sayyour remittance has completed ..

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