How do I know my Helium Antenna and Cable are still working?

[Music] just how do i know my helium antenna and cable television is still alright keep it straightforward keep it actual recognize your physics currently this is this is probably a topic that'' s all personal and also i simply play with this stuff regularly and also i believed well hold on instead of me simply having fun with this and also studying what'' s going on maybe i'must simply share what i ' m having fun with as well as the spread sheet that i'' m going to refer to i ' ll placed on'our site as well there ' s a web link beneath the video clip for that spread sheet it ' s not a professional supported vid arrangement'and there ' s more inquiries that i ' m in fact going to increase right here that i'still wish to get responses for i ' ve really done this video first in february this is currently end of april as well as i stumbled upon a little issue that i still require to get my head around and currently i believed you recognize what allow'' s simply get this out there and get obtain obtain some responses possibly and also individuals say well in fact yeah that'' s true or possibly there'' s a description for that yet i'' ll reach that now so first of all how do you understand that your system is okay comparing to others as well as we get it at as out of store we get a lot of people that you know state my antenna is not giving me enough rewards or earnings i require a much better antenna is it is it actually or is it just the network that is doing some funny stuff due to the fact that we understand um you recognize at the minute it'' s it ' s before the um light locations are coming on board and after that things have actually been you know up as well as down a little for the last uh couple of months actually or by now um but you can still evaluate your system and also you can still see if your antenna and your cord is fine plus what you see today is alright you desire to see again in a few months time is it still all right or if you have remote systems running in the middle of nowhere it'' s really important because you can actually utilize helium explorer to just maintain keep an eye on things and also make sure that your cable television is still all right and points are not going funny so what do you do i would certainly most likely to your miner or the miner that you wish to look at the one that that in that'' s concerned you would take place the helium traveler and also go to when it sent a beacon i would certainly try to find the sign that had 14 14 witnesses since that'' s just providing you one of the most information that you can in fact use so go to an instance in alaska whatever like i don'' t know i i looked today and i actually had to look 6 days back prior to the last time i had a correct be approval however that doesn'' t issue it ' s all'regarding'physics currently don ' t don ' t wear ' t bother with the information so you take an immediate circumstances where your mind or the mind you wish to take a look at has actually sent a sign which had 14 vertices there you got simply that on the display just an instance of what you get so what you would certainly see there is you see distance you see rssi and you obtain signal to noise s you obtain those 3 values and you get that value 14 times so i developed a little spread sheet the spread sheet as i say exists as well as there'' s a table so all the cells in yellow you can populate with those numbers so you simply go one at a time and also fill those numbers in so you would state this and also you wear'' t have to go in order you don'' t need to go from the nearest to the farthest since that doesn'' t really make a difference you simply it'' s all loved one you can see in this case the instances i had there was something was 8.6 kilometers these are all kilometers i put on'' t understand if it shows differently in various nations some miles or something i don'' t recognize due to the fact that i ' m in australia where we make use of the um kilometer uh system too however anyhow this these computations are all based on the statistics system so range is 8.6 3.4 as well as they drop the checklist i select the frequency down 915 much of it matches but if you'' re in europe you most likely want to alter that to 868 to ensure that the estimations match your network because that that'' s that ' s a big enough adjustment that that that it would certainly influence um populate the augustus'' s eye table just for each one so go the range obviously i and the signal to sound number um what it offers you then is what the optimal path loss would be currently there'' s constantly a discussion with some um lecturers that i collaborate with usually that if you state course loss you'' re currently claiming'it ' s a negative so the number there is a positive it'' s just it ' s kind of semiotics with positives and downsides um so the path loss is 110 db yet you would state this minus 110 db whatever or lower yet i hope you recognize what i get that it'' s just the path loss number is positive because you ' re actually saying it'' s a loss and after that i similar to to take a look at noise floor now i'' ve had people say well that'' s not beneficial and stuff i stated fine that ' s fine but as opposed to just checking out the signal to noise so it might be anything as well as it doesn'' t tell you much if you consider the sound flooring which is the august ' s eye minus the signal to sound because just think of this a signal exists there ' s noise somewhere signal to sound suggests the optimal of your signal family member to the sound to make sure that number offers you that range but that doesn'' t give you enough so by taking a look at what'' s the floor right here i simply want'to see this so that ' s the standard that i have and the sound flooring is between you as well as any type of link and it ' s simply to look family member to all the other ones if it ' s comparable or otherwise so i ' ll reveal it now what it obtains so basically that table a bit also much details there and also as well as tables are dreadful due to the fact that it doesn'' t offer you anything you consider the numbers like well i wear'' t know it doesn ' t make good sense to me at all i ' m going to get back to this slot but i simply intend to reveal what i really see when i consider it aesthetically in the spread sheet i then take the numbers rssi as well as distance as well as i put it on a story currently this is where it gets interesting as well as this is actually what ' s helpful you simply placed those numbers on a plot currently what the orange number is is the theoretical expected path loss for that range at the regularity to ensure that'' s type of the curve that you anticipate to see the blue ones is simply the measured outcomes that you obtain and that'' s still a little bit complex i concur however in stand out obviously there ' s the gorgeous function of just putting a rapid installation so you simply inform excel all right offer me a trend line as well the pattern line is in fact closely matching what what you would certainly obtain yet you always have your outliers as well as now what'' s intriguing is the outliers because that ' s where you want to look at what'' s going on there'' s there ' s 2 outliers that i thought i ' ll just highlight below due to the fact that they are clearly um initial of all skewing my story you can see it in fact'obtains close which ' s since there ' s outlier right in the first one which is the closest to me in this details examination situation it'' s much more than the other ones i put on ' t understand why i can'' t clarify why however there ' s something i could wish to connect to this gent i desire one to identify what'' s taking place and after that the following one that'' s the one near the bottom it ' s really reduced so the signal is for the range that he or she is from me the signal is really reduced something is unusual um that ' s simply exactly how'you inspect the the health and wellness you can see what ' s taking place here and also really if you see the outliers as well as you can connect'to that person and also see what ' s taking place it doesn ' t aid you though since you don ' t understand what what ' s taking place here so what you would certainly do is you would certainly take one of your witnesses as well as just return the favor so primarily most likely to one of the men that witnessed that you observed as well as then you rather than looking from your perspective in the direction of the outdoors consider his viewpoint towards his outside as well as you will be just one of those dots if you are the outlier and you examine other ones as well as you keep being the outlier then there'' s glitch with your setup and you need to return um to your arrangement and see what'' s taking place'so if it ' s you checking out other ones you see that else exists anybody that that just has a weaker signal or stronger signal than you anticipate to see um if you look at other ones you might see on your own and if your signal actually makes mathematical feeling in terms of the distance from one man to the various other or not currently the other thing here is basically this wouldn'' t the contour shouldn ' t modification in time i imply you get minus being available in going out that sort of things occurs physics will never ever change so you will certainly see the physics the pattern line requires to stay the same that the individual'' s x distance from you you ought to always see the exact same sort of action currently i recognize no actually it doesn'' t antenna distinctions some would certainly have three db some would certainly have 6 they would certainly have nine dbi antennas nevertheless if they do the ideal thing and they adjust the numbers in their hotspot configuration generally it it um it evens out and also you shouldn'' t see that that difference there this is now getting getting a bit hairy due to the fact that this is the concern i really think 0 db transmission which'' s i this is why i obtained obtained myself captured up in in february there'' s really 30 db missing or there ' s in fact 30 to be greater than i anticipate to see and i kind of i always assumed and i still thought that i transfer at a year in australia at 30 dbm if i do that my vacuum course loss does not function i really am 30 db more powerful well no my miners are measuring 30 db below what i in fact want to see it'' s a problem i'still can ' t resolve and that ' s why i didn ' t have this video around for two and a half months now but i assumed well you know i may simply simply place it out there placed it available as well for comments and anybody can perhaps inform me what'' s taking place but'i ' ve had many checks a lot of concerns about the paul pressure so i'' ll just go for zero as well as absolutely no so yep at least see the contour in the trend line as well as you can see the outliers so the train customer requires to adhere to the exact same contour it will be balanced out the the balanced out is something that'' s still a little an uncertainty to me yet the um the pattern line itself the behavior requires to be exactly the very same due to the fact that from your range to the various other man has to be a predictable number because physics does not alter um now the sound image which is virtually just i disposed the the noise floor on there too and you'' ll see near the bottom there is um just usual sound floor approximately between 110 and also 100 as well as around 100 as well as minus 115 dbm that appears to be the noise flow is for these um iot overview two times as well as the system and the environments here in adelaide maybe a various picture completely if you have a fairly densely populated city like sydney melbourne or san francisco those cities i i put on'' t understand i place ' t done that research study once more helium explorer is complimentary to search for any person so you could just have a play what i do keep in mind though is that there'' s one that has a much higher noise sound floor so once again that'' s the individual that had the really strong signal something between me as well as him is unusual and we need to look at that which'' s simply exactly how i might see this by taking a look at helium and check out doing a study of per beacon that'' s simply what i have fun with and i believed allow me just share this because it provides you some understanding into what the health and wellness of your own is i'' m simply going back to my my first slide with a table due to the fact that this is kind of simply the psychological note of why i'' m doing this the first one here is it understand your setting due to the fact that this becomes your identification you'' ll see and also you can just study that points are going right as much as your hotspot is worried i started the sound floor that'' s a personal strategy so i like to see that flooring line because the floor must be the exact same someone has a high sound or lower sound there'' s something that ought to be done to make a distinction as i claimed physics does not alter so the physics will certainly constantly coincide they come can include new poc policies can include other ideas the physics of the radio link in between you as well as the other radio ought to coincide um that'' s an examination why beacons that'' s that ' s what i clarified contest on your own as well as others yes i explained that as well um i mean it'' s we ' re done in this together so help yourself and others to get the most effective total network if you see somebody has an issue and also they might not know that due to the fact that you don'' t do the study just seek witnesses this is a way to type of aid your neighborhood as well as venture out to get to out to someone you claim well there'' s something that ' s simply not as as intended or there may be something we can do together to make it much better for everybody and also after that on your own this is now naturally helium is quite brand-new in australia it'' s currently a few years old in in the u.s and also in europe you might you are likely to get some problems in time so deterioration you hope you put on'' t get corrosion but five years is a long period of time as well as deterioration might begin to occur your antenna might relocate due to the fact that of a storm or big wind occurrence and also then of course plant life as well as building is mosting likely to take place so trees might expand as well as all of a sudden there'' s a tree in the manner in which you didn ' t bear in mind of which can create some difficulty in particular locations having this consistent study consistent continuously as soon as every 6 months or something will certainly show you things and after that building there might be a couple of neighbors beginning and they all have dual story residences as well as you have a solitary story house you'' re not focusing due to the fact that after six months you simply have your mind running if you do this research study you may all of a sudden see uh something altered i didn'' t realize i need to take treatment of this this is sort of the example that will aid you just relocate through that um as i stated i wish this is not a meaningless video clip because this is a technique that i do i'' ll placed the spreadsheet on our site and also i in fact wish to open this conversation regarding where is that 30 db that i'' m missing going are we truly sending at 30 dbm or are we rely on paramedic at 0 dbm fascinating question allow'' s have a look see you again soon joys bye [Songs]

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