HNT: Helium Network Token Explained! Helium Hotspot Miner? Price Prediction 2021!

hope everyone'' s doing well my name is eq welcome.
to one more episode of Stonkaholics so we'' re mosting likely to be discussing coin that i ' ve been holding off. on for a while helium network token primary factor i was holding back was because i was anticipating.
having a pair miners right here by this factor yet they'' ve been on back order because of the.
lack of those chips so in anticipation of a number of them that are obtaining delivered out quickly.
we'' re mosting likely to be covering it currently and also reviewing the cost predictions and a little bit what helium.
token is and also discussing the miner a bit to establish for the next video clip when i speak about.
establishing the miner as well as then the last conclude a month later how much these miners will certainly make you.
in a month so helium is presently placed number 76 resting at 12 and a 1 billion buck market.
cap presently at a circulating supply of 83.7 million which is 38 of its overall and also max.
supply which is a finite supply of 223 million and finite supply meaning that there is a.
limited supply of coins like bitcoin so when it runs out it goes out and rate will certainly start.
to skyrocket a very easy method to discuss what these helium symbols and also routers are as well as what makes.
up this impressive project is that every person can go and have access to these routers that you.
set up in your home all you require is gain access to to internet and also power as well as a phone and also you.
can link these routers to a wallet and when they interact with various other routers in the.
location they produce money earlier this year as well as right into in 2015 when individuals were very first starting.
these routers and these warm places they were making around a thousand bucks a month that was.
when the price of helium was around 2 dollars since the price of helium is around twelve.
bucks you'' re beginning to see individuals make upwards of five to 7 thousand dollars in a month simply.
off one router so in terms of mining and anything like that this is one of the most rewarding miner there.
goes to the minute without having to break your financial institution essentially how these routers job is that it.
jobs like a 4g or 5g network so it produces a big network for basically all you need are 25 of.
these routers in a city to cover the whole city but the more you have in a city the far better the.
communication is as well as these networks interact with particular things like uh dog collars and.
stuff like that so they have a gps canine collar that you can track your pet dog basically in actual.
time and other different real-time jobs for example lime scooters they'' re utilizing them for the.
healing of the mobility scooters and also to be able to track where the scooters are so they can select them up.
charge them and also drop them into high volume locations the jobs that are on helium are just going.
to remain to expand as well as grow sure at some factor they'' re mosting likely to have some agreement with you understand.
major telepho telephone firm or something like that so you see we currently have 41 000 hot places.
worldwide as well as if you go to the traveler map you'' ll have the ability to enter right here and see specifically where.
the miners are where the locations are situated what locations are good for the locations which.
areas are wonderful and also you can see the countdown to having which i'' ve heard some things of individuals.
speaking about that this date is going to get pushed due to the hold-up on the miners and also.
some issues with the modern technology and this and also that so ideally that does obtain pressed back that.
suggests that we'' re mosting likely to be making even more money what the having means is that you'' re mosting likely to be. obtaining your mining rewards halved yet that'' s anticipation of the rate of helium going up more.
so yeah you'' re obtaining less token but you'' re much more important of a token so it'' s going to pay out in.
completion so entering into the ta on hnt you see the dip actually didn'' t do that much to the rate it.
was able to hold a good support right here you can see our last minute support down here was able to hold.
we obtained these last wicks that touched however absolutely nothing greater than wix that'' s a great sign essentially. we just made this huge channel with rate as well as it drew up the high of the network as.
well as a possible impulse assistance which is in this candle region appropriate below if price desired.
to get to this point we can see the impulse relocation out of the network which might take the price.
of helium approximately 30 percent which would be our tp3 which would take cost approximately 30 bucks.
which is our tp3 so where rate is presently sitting at the bottom of the network simply to.
test the all-time high you'' re taking a look at a 75 step now where price presently is sitting all.
the way to tp3 you'' re looking at 157 percent step so if it'' s a project that you like and. helium is something that you ' re right into i would most definitely look into the miners see if.
it'' s something that would be worth buying see if there'' s prominent in your area exactly how much.
individuals are making in your general location put all those points together as well as you might be making a.
great deal of money and also supporting a really great project that you like that'' s something that i ' m
doing i. rely on it'i assume it ' s something really excellent i assume that it can make a lot of moves and also end.
up staying in the leading 20 coins going ahead right into the future it is a finite token as well as you'' re going. with having processes as well as you'' re mining it so at a certain point once the miners are out of.
the game that'' s when this coin is going to be its most useful so if you'' re sitting in the.
long term game this coin might possibly be worth thousands of bucks and also you'' re simply resting. on a gigantic cash cow that all it actually took was you connecting it right into the wall and setting.
up with your phone as well as that'' s it it took no computer system skills or anything crazy for you to make.
that cash so we i would certainly that'' s something that i would certainly call the new wave small unlike a bitcoin.
or something like that where you see these gigantic mining warehouses individuals can establish up these helium.
locations and also various other iots that resemble the warm area as well as from doing that you can save the room.
the power and also be able to create basically equally as much in a huge room and also considering.
its market cap if it wanted to even touch on the leading 50 that would be a two times relocate so 24.

As well as.
after that to obtain from a 2 billion dollar market cap to a 20 billion buck market cap would certainly be one more.
10 times relocate a 24 billion buck market cap wouldn'' t even placed in the top 10 i wear'' t think. that just barely you'' d be sitting at the number eight place right currently which'' s consisting of that.
we'' re at a very reduced low throughout this dip so you'' re discussing rate potentially obtaining up to 240.
dollars if helium intended to obtain to a 20 billion buck market cap wear'' t fail to remember if you didn'' t
get. a chance before subscribe to the network throw a like on the video if you discovered anything.
useful which'' s gon na complete this video.

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