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[ Music][ Applause][ Music] everybody welcome back to jimmy’s promo and today i wanted to answer your questions around helium and helium hotspot miners so recently i uploaded a video where i was setting up and proving you how my helium hotspot miner has done when it was all by itself no other hotspots around just recently within the last two weeks i’ve set up my second hotspot miner close to here and it’s made a drastic increase now if mine was to be set somewhere downtown kansas municipality then it would be accomplishing action better so in that video in on instagram and titter i’ve been getting a lot of issues concerning you know how much does it cost to get a miner which miner is the best how much are you able make it a month how long does it take to pay off the miner should i get one if i’m all by myself and really in general how does it wield how much are you able make and things like that and how can you sell the tokens that you give by mining as remunerations and so i’m gonna answer all of those questions today all of the questions are actually registered just right here so this is what we’re going to be going over in today’s video so the very first question is how much for helium miner now the cost of the helium miner is a good thing around 350 dollars and it really doesn’t matter which one you get but it sometimes does matter where you get it from so for example we are right here on and when you click on quarry uh what you’re going to do is you’re going to scroll down and these are some of those hot spot that you can purchase so first off for as you scroll down you can take a look at the planned this is why we do have that helium explorer planned right here which we’ll take a look at in only a hour you want to buy a helium hotspot miner now before helium halves in august so again then you look at the bobcat miner when you take a look at this website here it just takes you to their site you can purchase it so again all of these are going to be if you go to order now all of these are going to be right around 350 except for this bobcat miner uh this is one that i’m also going to purchase soon and this one is 430 now the one thing that you can also keep in mind is a lot of these are you know originated out of plastic which is really good to have when yours was related to your wi-fi wirelessly so when it’s connected wirelessly you want them to be made out of plastic so it can penetrate and then send off the signal of the 915 uh frequency through the antenna so really to answer this question i really want to talk about that how much for helium hotspot miner they’re largely right around 350 and you might look some all the way up to 420 dollars but they’re all going to pay off in a very short while which you’ll see here in today’s video so here’s a good question how much helium a day so let’s take a look at the helium delineate so in general what i’m going to chiefly mention is that the the amount of helium “thats been” quarried per month is 5 million so helium is allotting 5 million hnts to be quarried per “months time” as more and more hot spots comes in that means that some of these hot spot are going to slowly kind of go down just a little only because of how many hot spots are being now connected but in general as of right now everybody’s getting about five heliums a era but there is a few that are just you know all by themselves so this way they’re not going to get that much and so then it’s going to go to all the rest of the other hot spots out there that have numerous near them so we’re just going to zoom in on kansas municipality here we’re going to go into a spot that is called westport so let’s say that we click on this hotspot right there and we just want to see how this one’s performing and so as you as you scroll on down you can see that this one has done 10 heliums in the last 24 hours and 459 in the last month so each day there’s one that’s like 20 uh 10 9 10 13 12 12 13 12. So i represent this one’s getting right around 13 and 12 on average every single day which imparted it up to 459 in the in the month then you just have to take 459 times whatever it’s worth right now which is close to about nine dollars and that is how much you are eligible to offset in a month now i’m going to say on average you’re going to probably make about five heliums a epoch and that’s just something that’s conservative that’s something that you know is going to be you know also pretty accurate as well so to going back to this question over here how much helium a day i’m gonna say on average five but it truly depends on how many hot spots are near you so on that one there’s about eight or nine other hot spots next to it i highly indicate foreman over to the coverage map which is and when you ability there just go to your place intelligence to your region and take a look at how many hot spots are you know near you then you’ll be able to see how well you can do so the next question is how safe is it and how much force does it use so the amount of energy it exploits is very small it’s similar to a five watt light bulb so you’re not even going to see it if you live in apartment or room whatever the contingency may be you’re not going to see your your your electric statute move or change anything certainly it’s just a small little light bulb it’s kind of how much it kind of takes in and is it safe yes it is it’s decentralized you know it’s using your your wi-fi to push off a different type of frequency so instead of you pushing out wi-fi and parties employing your wi-fi it’s actually exactly using wi-fi to send you data back to your employment but too mailing very small data packages in the shape of 915 megahertz frequency so it’s more of a radio signal that’s used for the internet of things so mostly the things that will be connecting to it is going to be if there is smart you know tracking dog collars if there is uh in your home the smart sensors for humidity temperature uh things like that also water as well if there’s like those lime scooters going all around the city and it’s going to send very small data packets so you’re really you know helium is creating a a network um you know think of it like a t where it’s it’s a network that people can connect to and helium is pushing one out that is all across the country and going into other countries as well where the internet of things is able to connect to it and then it’s able to expand in the future to something else maybe something beyond time the internet of things but also the internet of things itself is an infancy stage there’s so many different products that’s being created that is needing to be connected to the internet of things and helium network is able to do that so you know is it safe yes it’s safe nobody is getting anything uh just like anything with bitcoin and all that stuff everything is done on a blockchain decentralized none of your data is like out there it’s super cool super safe and again it’s not use much energy at all now when it comes down to the third party antennas or using the stock antenna the stock antenna on these are either 3 dbi or 4 dbi and what the 3 dbi and 4 dbi does is it basically kind of makes an umbrella so when you think about where you live you want it to go over constructs over residences over mountains and so you’re going to want to use a 3dbi which is actually one that i have just been connected now i residence it below the video inside the description and it’s one that is an umbrella going out and it’s basically go and out getting a better structure going over houses and hills then if you want to buy one that’s a 9 dbi which i can target a connect for that below again 9 dbi is one that is a horizontal frequency so it’s propagandizing out the frequency horizontally making if you’re in a spot where you’re on top of a slope and you want to go for as far out as you can then you could do a 9 dbi antenna because it’s a horizontal push out the 3 dbi is umbrella it’s up and then out going over hills constructs so if you live in a big city a really hilly arena make sure you stay with the stock antenna or you can buy a little external antenna that you can put on top of your of your ceiling or next to a space and things like that so that’s how mine is set up is with my three dbi because there’s a lot of mounds a lot of hills a lot of mansions in my area how does it operate or what is it doing so we kind of answered that you’re jostle off a 915 megahertz range a little frequency radio signal for these small internet of things to connect to so it can send data cartons you know where it’s located and where it’s going back to you know things like that and and that’s pretty much how it works and uh and and where it’s about to go is something beyond that maybe some type of 4g something or other and then honors will probably modify after that but right now internet of things uh and so far callers uh scooters things like that is able to connect how long does it take to pay itself off so on the bottom down now let’s just say that you get five helium a epoch right now it’s worth claim around we’ll just say nine dollars that means that daily you’re getting forty five dollars so if you’re getting forty five dollars daily that means that it can take seven days to pay it off um now depending if you don’t reach five helium every single day maybe it’s a little above maybe a little below so i’m gonna say 5 to 10 days so as of today’s grocery and the rate site as long as you have perhaps merely one more helium hotspot next to you it will take five to ten days now if you are all by your dreary then you’re going to have a long time to pay off maybe about six months to pay it off if there’s nobody around you but i always highly suggest always get two of these things and residence them about 300 rhythms apart or deep so that is this this question now how long does it take to pay it off and then how far apart to throw them and find out what you know find out about your city so we talked about that extremely so how far apart 300 rhythms apart minimum if you have them too close they’re not going to talk to each other they’re not really generate a network they’re they’re both in basically the same area where it’s thrust off a signal so if they’re in the same area they’re not going to talk to each other actually so again make sure they’re 300 rhythms apart or further they can go all the way up to 10 miles if you are in a clear open place or you’re on the the tippy surface of a mountain i’ll probably more than likely say readily one to three miles and that’s a very conservative number depending on how many houses and mountain and structures are next to you so about one to three miles is how far it can go but make sure that they’re 300 rhythms apart and how you can find out you know about your city just go to that to check out everything around you how do you sell the medium the the helium that you mine so how you sell the helium is you make sure you have a helium wallet so what i did was i went to because i live in the united states i went to so formerly i go to i basically make sure everything is all set up i’ve already had the account there it’s connected to a bank account things like that basically merely put in you know 30 horses 50 bucks 100 horses threw it into wherever you can purchase helium so formerly you buy helium itself when you buy the token helium that is something that procreates your pouch now that you have the wallet you mostly go into your helium lotion which i approximate i can simply testify you really fast so when you go inside of the helium lotion what you’re going gonna notice on the most top uh let’s see here so you’re gonna check a little send button it’s like a bit off-color button little off-color guy on the two sides when you tap on the blue guy that means that you’re going to send it somewhere and so when you mail it somewhere you just have to put in the address of your helium purse so formerly you lay in your helium billfold address right in now you throw in how much helium or how much fund you would like to send then it’s probably going to take about two to five minutes and then you’re gonna see that helium exactly sitting in that wallet that you really routed it to um and it’s actually pretty cool and for me it made about two minutes to send it but it can always alter between like two minutes five minutes things like that how much can you see in a daytime or a month so we kind of talked about that earlier if you merely do five helium in a period which you can technically do more but if you do five helium in a period and if they’re trading right now at nine dollars which soon they’ll be at 10 then they’ll is currently under 15 then they’ll readily is currently under 25 in the future so right now you’ll probably daily pull in about 45 dollars as long as there is another hotspot next to you again that can always be more if there’s more hot spots and everybody is talking to each other in in monthly if you’re only getting five helium in a daylight they’re selling at um or they’re trading at nine dollars then you’re gonna make one thousand three hundred and fifty dollars so basically thirteen hundred dollars you can get in a month merely by having coverage so mostly what are you going this coin it is not a matter here well me contributing in for me to close out the video which is like why are you get reinforced helium so what happens is helium bring out a coverage delineate they’re they’re having all of us make a coverage throughout the whole you know united states and countries and things like that and so what we get honored with is hnt we’re getting reinforced off the blockchain for having our network up so when you think about other companionships like let’s say like at t they hire electricians technicians they hire anybody who can go to a distinguish make sure that the antennas made to ensure that the radio things are working they’re taking a look at everything and they’re super expensive they’re putting up big towers and signals everywhere and for us just because we are putting up their coverage for helium we’re getting honored helium each time that there’s like a proof of coverage so the hot spot that’s about 500 meters away from the house will be putting up a proof of coverage and i’m gonna witness it and because i watched that they are online then we get reinforced helium for realise sure that there is a coverage and there is a network for things to connect to so that’s really what’s happening that is why we get rewarded just for putting it up so we are the ones who connect it to our electricity we connect it to our wi-fi uh you know we are the ones watching it constituting sure it’s always connected there is no red light you know that we’re always online instead of them having to hire out a cluster of people to run across the country making sure that this stuff parts like all the other big carriers do so that’s why we do reinforced i really hope that this has helped you guys out you know these are a lot of the questions that’s been asked if you guys have any other questions write a comment below the video i have the rack hotspot that’s been connected for about 10 to 11 dates it’s made a big inconsistency going from you know 0.2 or 0.3 helium in a epoch now i’m getting between 5 and 15 a era with the two of them compounded so it’s made a drastic alter and that’s how i can tell you for sure how much you can do with one helium hotspot versus two if you’re the sole simply one in your area you’ll get about 0.2 or 0.3 helium a daytime if there’s only you and one other person and i happen to own both of them then i’m getting a big increase of you know between 5 and 15 a era so that is how you’ll be able to get it paid off in about five to ten days again if you’re you’re sold only one in your domain it’s going to take about six months to pay it off unless if the price goes up to 25 horses then it’s gonna be closer to 3 month to pay it off but if you guys recognized this video satisfy subscribe to the channel affected that thumbs up write any other questions you guys have below the video inside the description or in the comment section and i’ll see you guys on the next one[ Music] you

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