Helium Mining: Wie funktioniert das Helium Netzwerk eigentlich? DEUTSCHER UT!! (Auszahlungstruktur)

hey everyone and welcome to another mining chamber video in today’s video i’m going to go over helium hotspot miners as well as the helium network in general i will explain it to you so you understand how it succeeds and i will likewise tell you everything you need to know before buying the hotspot so then at the end of this video it is easier for you to decide if this is a good investment for you helium has been a really hot topic the past month due to numerous stunning influencers developing different material about it as well as the premium war of the hnt token which is something that the hotspot miners was paid with all this has resulted in too many parties investing into hotspots without truly understanding the helium network first so hopefully this video will give you a human-friendly understanding of the network and how everything acts from a user to a miner so let’s first start with the helium network the helium network is made by the hotspot miners that are sat around the globe these hotspots use a really small amount of your wi-fi bandwidth in return of requiring long engage to the network which is similar to wi-fi but it plasters a lot more distance so when these hot spots are arranged various regions of the world it constructs the network also known as the people’s network through the proof of coverage algorithm a secure fast and cheap network that companies and individuals can use for their internet of things maneuvers now you may wonder what is internet of things maneuvers iot devices for short internet of things can be anything from gps locators in gondolas scooters and other means of transportation to sensors and any smart devices that connected to the internet to be able to send information now the mainstream course that these iot designs send information is by exploiting cellular structure which is more expensive and requires a lot more work to set up comparing to the helium network to be able to use the helium network you will have to create a console account with helium registry your iot concoctions and then purchase data ascribes data recognitions are like mobile minutes that can be purchased for a prepay phone hopes simply instead of voice data data recognitions pay for sensor or design data transferred on the network when data approvals are bought some hnt will be burned motiving a deflationary impression which is always good for the price of the hnt token now as we are familiar with ethereum it is a similar abstraction with what they are implementing on eip1 559 with burning the costs rather than generating them to the miners which can also lead to a positive rate impact now the only difference is that hnt has a max supply while ethereum has no max supply so over hour hnt supplying will be increased making more dearth which in return frequently wants the premium will go up but still keep in mind that it is cryptocurrency and it can go up or down which is completely fine as of now there are many consolidations between different iot cloud stages with helium as well as many companies that are using the helium system which is always good to see in a project like this hopefully that clarified for you the vision and the goal for the helium system also known as the people’s network and what is the use case for it now let’s talk about an essential piece of this system the hotspots the hotspot miners are tiny little maneuvers that look like an internet router and they come in different spices they attract a really small amount of ability as well as take a small amount of your wifi bandwidth to be able to supply the long defend to the helium network in return you get paid in hnt tokens based on multiple different factors which i will handle later on in the video so i would most suggest not scurrying into buying them until you get to that percentage now when the helium network was still somewhat new anyone was able to make their own hotspot miner at home by using a raspberry pi and a specific module as well as a good feeler but now you have to get them through the manufacturers that are approved by helium you can still form your own at home but the only thing is that you won’t be getting paid at all instead it will only help the network there can be many reasons why that but i’m not really sure exactly why so now these makes have differing seeks and some are able to be outdoors and while others can only be indoors although there is one thing you want to keep an eye on and it is the frequency you want to make sure that you get the proper chip frequency for your region which i will envelop later on in the conclusion when i too talk about where i bought mine from now the hotspot miner i will be using in this video was to be presented to me by the team at helium it is the original designing “thats really not” developed anymore but the setup process will be identical to the other miners as well so let’s go ahead and rush right into the setup setting up the hotspot miner is super simple unbox your areas connect the antenna dominance plug and optionally you can connect your ethernet but you can also defined it up through wifi and then after that you want to go ahead and download the helium app now this app is going to be used to manage all your hotspots if you got more than one and it’s also going to be your wallet for the hnt that you will earn so do make sure that you save that 12 name seed utterance somewhere safe and never share it with anyone when you are the app set and backed up your grain utterance now you want to go ahead and included the new machine select car manufacturers that you got it from and then proceed with what depicts on the screen it does not make more than five minutes to set it up the team at helium prepared it super simple to get going with this your helium miner will need some time to synchronize so dedicate it up to three days and then check up on it you will start get hnt tokens based on how well it does and that depends on multiple different factors so before we get into that let me briefly explain the reward structure the honor design can be a bit embarrassing at first so i will try my best to clarify it as much as i can so the first thing you will notice that it is broken into six different things first you have the proof of coverage challenger challenges as well as onlookers and this is where most of your remunerations will come from how i understood this is that a challenge is just a means for the hot spots to prove their location the way that the flow becomes is that a hotspot would originate a challenge to a random hotspot in the network once every 240 blocks which comes out at nearly two hours this hot spot will not be considered a challengee and it needs to acknowledge the challenge and send information back about its place proving that it is online and requiring coverage and then the eyewitness are the hot spots that are near you formerly they witness the operation they too get reinforced for it same leads if a hot spot near you gets a challenge and your hot spot bystanders it so it’s just a acces to maintain the network and make sure that every hotspot is up and running and stipulating coverage now like i mentioned this utters up the biggest reward percentage and it only relies on the locale of your hotspot if you have it in a dead region with not many hotspots around you then you won’t be win much from this at all which i will encompass more in the locations one of the purposes of this video and then the next remuneration is the consensus group now for the consensus group collection after doing some digging i came out with this summary right here so it starts with 16 member states and per age four new members will be selected while the 12 remain the same which they end up being replaced in the next three dates so once four periods are delivered that wants all 16 members are changed because we’re changing for each age now brand-new ages are generated every 30 blocks and each block is 30 seconds so a brand-new date is established approximately every 15 instants now the reinforce of being selected as a consensus group representative is around 45 hnt now this is for the average some people might get a lot more some people might get a lot less so for example if we take a look at this area where it shows the different honors we can see that in the last 24 hours some hnt miners stimulated over 200 or 100 hnt some of them even approximately did 500 hnt which is a crazy amount of hnt which means being selected as a consensus representative it’s like basically earning the raffle with hnt miners now the peculiars of being selected are not so bad so formerly i did this calculation it was around 24 and 315 active hotspots in the past 30 dates and every hour it’s eight new members being selected so if we do the math for this then you have a probability of being selected once every 127 eras now one thing about consensus group selection that it won’t be there forever in august previously their validators is living these wages will go to the validators rather than the hotspot miners so do expect this part to go away later on which can lead to a six percent droop to the incentives for the hotspot miners now after the consensus group there is also the security signs now this can be a little bit misleading but this is not for the hotspot miners it’s just for the holders and investors of hnt so don’t expect to get paid from that on your hotspot miner and then finally you have the network data transfer the network data transfer is what happens when a consumer uses the data recognitions on the helium network to be able to send some data like we talked about before so when the companies use the helium network you also do get paid from that now this doesn’t play a big part in the compensations as of now so for example you can see here in the last 24 hours the data credits resulted in wages of less than one hmt so it’s not that big-hearted of an amount at all but eventually when more data is being used the wages will increase with it now you guys can also notice the percentages here in the h t dispensations but if you want to find more accurate information i would definitely come to the sidebot.com and then look at them here and then you can just calculate the percentage so if the wages of hnt or 102 000 in the last 24 hours then you can see here almost around 70 of that was just through witness and then challenges was almost like 20 and then the rest of it was less than 10 so this would be the best way to get accurate and up-to-date information now there are many things that are coming into the network that will change the profits and one of them being all the hnt miners the hell is being dictated now which will be online from june to september and then too the having that’s coming up on august i will be talking about that likewise later on in the video now that wraps it up for the compensations now let’s go ahead and talk about spots for the hnt miners and give you guys some tips-off on situating them as well as how much potential you’ll be doing from this miner understanding your location potential is a crucial step to mining with the hotspots now there are many boosted routes that you can calculate your location profitability based on different factors but for this video i will be keeping it simple so you can have a good sentiment of what you need to know the main factor is being near other hnt hotspot miners but likewise not too close to them so the ideal distance between you and other hot spot should be around 300 rhythms and to visualize that it will be around three football fields now there’s another hot spot in your building that does not imply it’s over for you you are able get wages but both of you will get less wages likening to really one maneuver per 300 rhythms the worst case is when you’re alone and then there is no devices near you at all that will cause your incentives to be very little and it does not help the helium network build out through the proof of coverage so one of your solutions if you fell within this scenario is buying at least two hot spot and then situating them in someone’s house that you trust around you or persuasion your best friend to take a look into getting some of the hot spot miners now to get a good idea of how much you are able to prepare in your region go to the network explorer and explore hotspots around you and be seen to what extent much they compile daily you can find all the hotspots that are online now which too wants if you mail person your hotspot honour they will know exactly where that hotspot is located so do be careful on that side for privacy now simply keep in mind that the profitability that you will see on the adventurer that doesn’t mean that it will be guaranteed whenever you get your hotspot as well there’s a lot of things that will change and i will submerge that liberty after we finish this section there’s also a couple of tips that you can follow to help you achieve maximum coverage and reach to other hotspots first one is make sure that your hotspot has a good line of sight placing your hotspot near a space and scaping as many walls as possible can help your hotspot reach and witness further devices which too necessitates the higher the hotspot is residence the better line of sight it will have so if you live in an accommodation that is on a high floor then you will be able to reach more hot spot and witness more hot spots and a second tip would be shopping for a stronger antenna now this is not required but is just another way to increase your coverage of your hotspot and reaching more hot spot around you so saving that in head you’ll be able to place your hotspot efficiently to maximize your reinforces there are also many implements out there that you can use to get a better locating for your hotspot miner such as cloud rf which will calculate your line of vision so feel free to look into these different implements and interpret which one is contributing to the most also one thing worth mentioning is that when you decide to transfer your hotspot to a new location it does come for a small fee of ten dollars but the process is fairly simple and it can be done through the helium app so now that spreads everything so far about the helium hotspot miner and the network in general so now hopefully you have a good doctrine of the profitability the process and everything in between so now we can go ahead and talk about the future of helium especially for the hotspot miners will it always be honoring as it is now the number of helium tokens that are mined yearly are a deposited list so even if more customers come to the helium network there will still remain a chose quantity of hnt that will be distributed to all the hotspot miners currently before the having 60 million hnt are mined yearly averaging around 5 million a few months in sitebot the numbers establish differently due to inconsistency with the data so do indifference the total reinforces that are shown there until it’s fixed so to calculate the estimated gains we first want to take a look at the hotspots in the network the hnt hotspots are exponentially increasing up to 500 manoeuvre are being turned on every day so the profitability generally will only go down when more designs come online but that does not mean everyone will experience profit loss those who live in areas that are not saturated with helium hot spot they might experience profit increase if they get a couple of hot spot around them which will help with the eyewitness and everything that deals with reinforces now if you live in a saturated expanse with a lot of hot spots around you and you get even more hot spots there then you can expect less gains there the space we will calculate the profitability is by the total hnt mind a month divided by the total hotspots that are currently online like that we can get a good average of what someone can expect to be starting pre-halving and then we can also get a good estimate of what expected to be inducing post-having so the total hnt mind is 5 million a month and then we can divide that by 30 000 for the total hotspot miners that are online which gives us around 166 hnt a month or an average of 5.5 hnt a day current price of hnt is 16 dollars and 60 pennies so that symbolizes a daylight you can be bringing in around 92 dollars which comes out to almost 3 000 a month now this is just the average so some people will make less than 2 hnt while others will perform more than 15 hmt based on your spot so it’s just a rough judgment for the reinforces based on april 29 2021 and as it seems so far they don’t look bad at all so what will it look like two to three months down the line after the having follows and a lot more hot spots get online an email sent out by helium shows that there were 150 k orders of the hotspots at the date of the email was transported since then we can assume that the number most probably descended up to 200 k hnt miners so the current network is 30 k designs and now we can add the 200 k maneuvers that will go online in the couple of the upcoming months and then we will have the total of 230 k designs now this is just an estimate it won’t be accurate it might be more or might be less the having will happen in august nearly in 93 eras from this video being affixed which conveys then the rewards is likely to be cut in half so instead of 5 million hmt among our mind it is likely to be 2.5 million now the 2.5 million divided by the 230 k hotspots that will give us an average of around 10 hnt per month per hotspot comparing to 166 hmt a month it is definitely a big drop but too like before some will make less than one hnt a month while others can make up to 15 or more hnt a month based on your position and your coverage but that will be hard to predict i am sure you’re surprised and you think it’s not worth it but there’s also good in this and that is that the hnt token price is absolutely going any further up now this is just price speculation but if hnt premium goes up to fifty dollars or a hundred dollars then stimulating 10 hmt a month is still amazing especially for the premium pitch of this hnt miner which is less than 500 now that mostly gives you a look in the future of the potential outcome for the hotspot miners now as a conclusion and my plan of action i think this project is brilliant not just from the mining phase of it but likewise the network in general i think it’s a great idea and a progressive technology that was long overdue there are also announcements on the 5g structure which is also crazy extremely the fact that us consumers will be able to use it as well with our telephones that is compatible with 5g but more on that when they release it now what i did was i said 5 hnt miners from sp the americas now the reason why i ordered five of them is because i do have five spots that i can locate these helium hot spots in from friends and family and the best thing about it is that it’s pretty cheap to buy these devices it’s 500 per invention now i’m not saying 500 is not a lot but comparing to gpu mining five hundred dollars is basically your power supply too be very careful of sham distributors if it’s not on the helium website and approved by them then exactly don’t buy it now that wrappers up the video guys “i m hoping you” enjoyed this video and i hope it refuted your questions if you have any questions or anything that i messed up please let me know in the comments below and if you liked the video make sure to leave a thumbs up and if you’re new here make sure to agree thank you guys for watching and i hope you have a wonderful day[ Music][ Music] you

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