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these days with more beings joining the heliumnetwork you might be looking for some tips-off to move more coin more consistently with your hotspottoday i will share 10 gratuities to help you perform more profit before we start please subscribe and sittight we’re about to take off to the moon number one the fastest miner doesn’t matter some vendorsadvertise their product as the fastest miner they want you to believe that if you usetheir miner you will be able to spawn more hnt than others the fact is that those hot spots arejust single board computers like raspberry pi’s they may differ somewhat in computing speeding ramsize and storage based on what version it applies nonetheless when it comes to providing good signalcoverage what you really need is a good antenna there are some miners faster than the othersin delivery so far bobcat miners ought to have delivering ahead of their schedule if you’re a newminer or trying to expand your existing network you should really focus on coming any miner assoon as possible number two antenna is the key previously i’ve do videos explaining howantennas work and uncovered one of the biggest misconceptions of indoor antenna placementfeel free to check them out we construct the most hnt when we witness other miners or other minerswitness our beacons there really isn’t a one for all antenna setup mixture because the radiosignal dissemination deepens dramatically based on your smothers i recommend spend mostof your effort on setting up your feeler and when in doubt the higher elevation the betternumber three bigger is not always better some antennae are bigger than the othersand have more mobs we often verify 3 db 6 db 8 db and 10 db omnidirectional antennas theoverall energy coming out from these feelers are the same however the higher gain antennas have amore directional radio wave propagation pattern as you can see in this graph if you choose ahigher gain antenna you may reach farther distance nonetheless you will miss more close range hot spotsas we say you gain some you lose some if there are many other hotspots in close range a lower gainantenna are really work better number four guangzhou antenna metal entices electricityper national electrical code you must ground your feeler this is to prevent the damage fromlightning strikes if you’re in a country where this rule doesn’t work or you simply don’t carethen you should at least care about the hotspot you received after a long waiting period or boughtfrom someone else with a few thousand of dollars it doesn’t have to be a direct hit a lightningstrike in your vicinity can actually create enough ability flood to injure or even destroyyour hotspot there are still becomes your passive income generator list 5 glass window is not your friendin my previous video i have explained in detail why most of you should scaped placing your antennabehind a glass window modern glass windows abbreviate signal forte more than what it ogles if youare interested please check out my previous video called here mining feeler placement indoornumber six sea is your enemy most of the time you probably have suffered this already onrainy days your minor concert is perceptibly degraded this is because water will assimilate theenergy from your radio wave and turn into heat this is actually how microwave jobs it heats upthe spray molecule in your menu with radio waves there are also a lot of ocean in trees that’s whytrees can reduce signal strength by a lot try to avoid them oh did i say water is your enemy mostof the time it can work with you sometimes here’s an example there’s one hot spot in canada barelyreaching out to close hot spots on shore nonetheless its signal is able to travel across irrigate andreach 10 ages far this is actually because irrigate has higher entropy than aura it’s about fourtimes higher during the day hot air smacked the ocean surface water assimilates the force from the airand cools it down creating a cold air tunnel between the hot air and the spray surface oursignal can actually utilize this passageway to travel a long ways number seven tcp port 44158 if you seeyour miner says communicated the majority of cases it means your home internet is blocking traffic requestson this port this will reduce your mining honor vastly and it supplements additional stress tothe hotspots around you because they need to relay your message to the rest of the networkto fix this issue you need to forward those ports from your router to your device or simply put yourdevice in the dmz of your dwelling system i will join a guidebook below in the specific characteristics for you numbereight watch out for radiation radio frequency can be very dangerous if it is not handled properlyand i can show you how dangerous it is in 2017 american statesmen returned from cuba due tohealth problems after investigation it came to a conclusion that these envoys were still under a radiofrequency criticize which caused some to lose hearing some to lose memory and other neurological issuesnational electric code has established guidance on feeler radioactivity i will share this websitewith you so you know how far you need to be away from your feeler to stay health unlessyou want to have a baby like this or like this or maybe you want to turn into this hey theworld can always implementation more superheroes but if you can kindly is committed to my canal and likethe video “youre all” my superheroes quantity nine bet your hnt helium validators have officiallycome online they will be activated on july 7th 2021 after the activation only validators canjoin consensus group if you don’t know what that is all that means that you’ll be making a lotmore money than other beings if you’re in a group currently more than 12 million hnts havebeen staked which means we have about 25 apr i have just been personally staked most of myhnt and i also made a video to show you how you are eligible to partly stake your hnt to makeyour coin render more advantage on the mood feel free to check out that video last but not theleast ask for help many people have questions the good news is that there is an awesome officialhelium discord community most customers are very friendly and helpful i will link the discord inthe description below come hang out heating mining can be confusing and sometimes frustrating i hopeyou noticed these 10 tips helpful and feel free to share yours in specific comments below this is mototechthank you for watching i will see you next time

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