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hi welcome back to moto tech if you’ve watched myprevious helium mining videos you will know that the key to spawn thousands of dollars with onehelium mining hotspot is the antenna placement regrettably many parties is not have theprivilege to place an formidable outdoor antenna like this for example all those people livingcondos in nyc most of them have to place their antenna indoor if you’re one of them and wonderingwhy you’re only making such a small amount of hnt every day because you can’t witness other hotspots or they can’t see you or you simply want to improve your profit by replacing your antennai want to say that there is a very good chance your eyes have been fooling you the part timeand today i will show you why before “were starting to” if you’re brand-new to the channel and you’re interestedin cool technology produces service and projects please click here to subscribe we post a newvideo on a weekly basis also if you missed my july giveaway announcement in my previous video i havedecided to support unicef’s mission to provide menu irrigate education and medical supplies tomillions of children in the world from now on for every single like we receive in our videosevery month i will personally donate one dollar to unicef and this month will be helping out thechildren in india during the pandemic radio and light-footed waves both walk at the speed of lightwhich is about 300 000 kilometers per second or 186 thousand miles per second in fact both of themare part of the electromagnetic spectrum but on the two different ants why do i mention this whenyou started mining helium and looking forward to a distinguish to put your antenna you may have followedother people’s device to give next to the window or you merely naturally thought that makessense right because the light comes through i see everything outside and when we talk aboutradio antennas line of sight all day so next to the window would reach the most sense well that iswrong well you can see through things it doesn’t really mean that your helium miner or yourantenna can’t very the glass will wonder and refract flares when it comes through but most ofthe illuminated will make it through that’s why we can still see things through the window howeverclear glass actually has a bigger impact to radio frequencies at 800 to 900 megahertz whichis the frequency helium networks is primarily on clear glass can reduce your signal strengthby up to 4 db let’s say if your antenna has 3 db amplification in such cases you wouldn’t be reallygaining anything and we’re only talking about very simple thin layer of clear glass nowadays inmost genealogies we actually use double pane or even triple layered glass for better heat insulationand noise reduction so you can sleep well at night when the radio wave wanders through these windowsthey will be reflected and refracted for so many times and eventually it will not be able to makeit to your antenna oh and also those really idea low radiation glass you discover everywhere inbig cities on those place constructs and condos they can reduce your signal backbone bymore than 40 db good luck finding an antenna that will actually work behind that glass bythe room the relationship between antenna gain and signal backbone is non-linear every 3 dbgain your feeler can provide that is 100 increase in your signal persuasivenes and that being said ihave already done the math for you now for 3 db signal concentration you get doubled powered signalstrength for 6 db you get 4 times signal strength for 12 db you get 16 and for 23 db you’llget about 200 and for 50 db you get about 100 000 times signal strength and now imagine yourfancy glass window is taking away that 40 db yeah “ve been thinking about” that okay we have identified theproblem now what as mr john wick has demonstrated that sometimes even if you cannot see throughthings it doesn’t mean that other things can travel through and for me this is the solution ifound i decided to tape my feeler to the drywall most homes in the us have drywall as theirinterior it only shortened our signal strength by about 2 dbs i initially imagined my building’sexterior is made use of bricks bricks reduced signal strong by about 8 to 20 dbs so after someinvestigation i found that the brick outside of my build is actually simply a very thin layerof brick surfacing so that really works in my favor so instead of shooting through my doubled paneglass which is reducing my signal backbone for about 20 to 30 dbs now i have decided toshoot through my wall of course before i did so i also checked if there’s any live energy wirerunning through my wall live energy cable are really mess up your signal you may not makeanything your favorite feeler right next to a live wire here’s the detector i used it only cost3 0 dollars i will attach it in the specific characteristics below get your cell phone save yourself some time andmoney hey guess what even better i have already read a bunch of newspaper and done all the researchto establish the spreadsheet for you find out what interior and exterior is made of learn about yoursurroundings and participate what location in your residence sees the most sense to residence your feeler somestuff to consider is high voltage electricity wire near your home can affect your signal try to picka different direction to focus on two avoid your window screen many of them are made of metal wiressome of them are made of fiberglass plastic wire or other materials but if you’re not sure only tryto avoid it some houses also have aluminum sidings signals tend to get captured in a metal chest ifthis is you it will be difficult to witness other hot spots see if you can put your antenna rightoutside of your space frame this is normally less striking if you have a very strict hoa or condorule your attic’s another place you can try if you can’t exploit your roof in the end i want to show yousomething when i was trying to find a good hotspot to demonstrate to you how you can check your uhsignal fortitude on your hotspot tasks i found something very interesting and if you look at thisthis place is uh announced lancaster south carolina and i was just checking some ofthese hot spot and i realized okay this is a countryside it probably looks goodit would be a good spot to check out the signal to noise ratio or snr i have found wow thisthis uh there is a town and all these hotspots are located perfectly they’re control each otherand uh great somebody’s doing great they’re they’re doing it right and on thebeta explorer you can’t actually check their antenna in signal concentration so what idid is i went to the old-time edition of the adventurer and when i came over here i see that look at this all thesehot spots are almost perfectly distanced and immediate immediately i wasthinking okay this might be someone who’s actually hacking so there are some people whoactually know how to hack these devices so they have a bunch of machines they arrange them basicallyall together however they can pretend that they’re at different locations on the planned i want toprove my point right so i decided to um check out these hotspots signal strong and guess whatso we can see that this hotspot has talked to all the other hospital in the area right andwe’ll go check its activities and then down now we can simply pick a witness he’s done andyou’ll see that that’s all the witness right and in here this is how you check your snr thisis basically the signal to the noise background in your environment all right and this figure shouldreally vary based on the distance all right there however look at these amounts minus 10.8 dbminus 11 minus 10.10 minus 11 minus 10 10.4 11 11 11 10 11 11 11 and look at the length thedistances are just different you know what this “ve been told” most probably this person is hackingokay but this is the course you can check your signal to noise rate and you know stufflike this kind of prepares me exasperated because if you look at this for every singledevice he’s got he’s making about like 150 median a month and this one is makingover 300 and he’s got a like a total of fifteen maneuvers here and that symbolizes through spoofing this personis manufacturing close to i would say 25 000 a month you know somebody merely decided touse their skill in the wrong place and then no in the middle ofnowhere he’s not offer coverage equating to all these people here who’s actuallyworking improving the network and there are some people like this who’s just destroying theeconomy and trying to prepare themselves rich well well hope the helium network actuallyfigures something out and do something to this and there’s there’s actually a lot more placeslike this if you go look around and actually help you to look look around because thisis unacceptable all right i hope you have all learned something new and if so please subscribeand like my video i are an attempt to do more videos like this in the future this is moto techthank you again and i will see you next time

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