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hi invite back to moto tech if you'' ve watched my.
previous helium mining videos you will certainly recognize that the trick to make thousands of dollars with one.
helium mining hotspot is the antenna placement sadly several people do not have the.
advantage to put a remarkable exterior antenna like this for instance all those individuals living.
condos in nyc many of them need to place their antenna interior if you'' re one of them as well as wondering.
why you'' re only making such a little quantity of hnt each day since you can'' t witness other hot. areas or they can ' t see you or you simply desire to boost your profit by changing your antenna.
i want to claim that there is an extremely good opportunity your eyes have actually been fooling you the entire time.
and today i will reveal you why prior to we begin if you'' re brand-new to the network and also you'' re interested.
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made a decision to support unicef'' s objective to supply food water education and clinical products to.
countless children on the planet from now on for each solitary like we get in our video clips.
monthly i will personally give away one dollar to unicef as well as this month will certainly be helping out the.
children in india throughout the pandemic radio and also light waves both travel at the rate of light.
which is concerning 300 000 kilometers per second or 186 thousand miles per secondly as a matter of fact both of them.
become part of the electromagnetic range but on both different ants why do i discuss this when.
you began mining helium as well as searching for a place to place your antenna you may have adhered to.
various other individuals'' s tool to put alongside the window or you simply naturally believed that makes.
sense right due to the fact that the light comes via i see every little thing outdoors as well as when we speak about.
radio antennas line of view all day so beside the home window would certainly make one of the most sense well that is.
wrong well you can see through points it doesn'' t really indicate that your helium miner or your.'antenna can ' t as well the glass will show and also refract lights when it comes with yet most of. the light will make it with that'' s why we can still see points with the window nonetheless.
clear glass actually has a larger effect to superhigh frequency at 800 to 900 megahertz which.
is the frequency helium networks is mainly on clear glass can reduce your signal stamina.
by up to 4 db allowed'' s say if your antenna has 3 db gain in this instance you wouldn'' t be really
. obtaining anything and we'' re only talking around very easy thin layer of clear glass nowadays in.
most families we really make use of dual pane and even triple layered glass for better warm insulation.
and also sound reduction so you can rest well during the night when the radio wave takes a trip via these windows.
they will certainly be shown as well as refracted for numerous times and at some point it will not have the ability to make.
it to your antenna oh as well as additionally those truly fancy reduced exhaust glasses you see everywhere in.
big cities on those office complex and condominiums they can lower your signal stamina by.
more than 40 db all the best discovering an antenna that will really function behind that glass by.
the way the connection in between antenna gain as well as signal strength is non-linear every 3 db.
obtain your antenna can supply that is 100 gain in your signal strength and also that being said i.
have already done the mathematics for you here for 3 db signal toughness you get double powered signal.
toughness for 6 db you obtain 4 times signal toughness for 12 db you get 16 as well as for 23 db you''
ll. obtain about 200 and also for 50 db you get concerning 100 000 times signal stamina and also currently visualize your.
elegant glass home window is eliminating that 40 db yeah consider that fine we have determined the.
trouble currently what as mr john wick has demonstrated that in some cases also if you can not see with.
things it doesn'' t mean that points can take a trip via as well as for me this is the option i.
discovered i decided to tape my antenna to the drywall most houses in the us have drywall as their.
interior it just reduced our signal stamina by around 2 dbs i originally thought my structure'' s. exterior is made of blocks blocks lowered signal strength by about 8 to 20 dbs so after some.
examination i found that the block outside of my building is actually only a very slim layer.
of block exterior siding so that actually works in my favor so rather of shooting via my dual pane.
glass which is minimizing my signal strength for about 20 to 30 dbs currently i have actually made a decision to.
shoot with my wall surface certainly before i did so i additionally examined if there'' s any kind of live electrical energy cord
. going through my wall live electrical power cable will certainly in fact ruin your signal you may not make.
anything your favorite antenna right beside a real-time cord here'' s the detector i utilized it only expense.
30 bucks i will certainly connect it in the description below get your cellular phone conserve on your own time and also.
cash hi guess what even better i have already review a number of paper as well as done all the study.
to make the spread sheet for you discover what exterior and interior is made of learn concerning your.
surroundings and see what area in your house makes one of the most sense to put your antenna some.
things to think about is high voltage electricity cord near your home can influence your signal try to select.
a different direction to concentrate on two prevent your window screen most of them are made from metal cables.
several of them are constructed from fiberglass plastic cord or other products however if you'' re unsure just try.
to prevent it some residences likewise have aluminum exterior sidings signals often tend to get entraped in a steel box if.
this is you it will certainly be challenging to witness other locations see if you can place your antenna right.
outside of your home window frame this is normally less noticeable if you have a really rigorous hoa or condo.
rule your attic'' s an additional area you can try if you can'' t utilize your roof covering in the end i wish to show you.
something when i was searching for an excellent hotspot to demonstrate to you exactly how you can examine your uh.
signal strength on your hotspot tasks i discovered something very interesting and if you take a look at this.
this place is uh called lancaster southern carolina as well as i was just checking some of.
these warm places as well as i realized fine this is a countryside it probably looks excellent.
it would be a good place to check out the signal to sound ratio or snr i have actually found wow this.
this uh there is a town and all these hotspots are positioned perfectly they'' re seeing each other.
as well as uh great someone'' s doing terrific they'' re they ' re doing it best and on the.
beta traveler you can'' t actually examine their antenna in signal stamina so what i.
did is i mosted likely to the old version of the traveler and also when i came over right here i see that appearance at this all these.
locations are nearly perfectly distanced and also prompt instantly i was.
thinking alright this may be someone that'' s actually hacking so there are some individuals who.
actually recognize just how to hack these devices so they have a bunch of devices they place them basically.
completely nevertheless they can make believe that they'' re at various places on the map i wish to.
show my point right so i determined to um check out these hotspots signal strength and also think what.
so we can see that this hotspot has actually talked with all the other medical facility in the area right as well as.
we'' ll go examine its tasks and after that down right here we can just choose a witness he'' s done and also.
you'' ll see that'that ' s all the witness right and also in below this is how you examine your snr this.
is generally the signal to the sound history in your setting all right as well as this number must.
actually change based upon the distance okay there however look at these numbers minus 10.8 db.
minus 11 minus 10.10 minus 11 minus 10 10.4 11 11 11 10 11 11 11 as well as consider the distance the.
distances are just different you understand what this informs me more than likely he or she is hacking.
alright yet this is the way you can inspect your signal to noise ratio and you recognize things.
similar to this type of makes me mad due to the fact that if you consider this for each solitary.
device he'' s got he ' s making regarding like 150 standard a month as well as this set is making.
over 300 and also he'' s obtained a like an overall of 15 gadgets here as well as that suggests with hacking this individual.
is making near i would certainly state 25 000 a month you know somebody simply made a decision to.
use their ability in the incorrect location as well as after that no in the middle of.
nowhere he'' s not giving coverage comparing to all these people right here that'' s really. functioning enhancing the network and also there are some people similar to this that'' s simply destroying the.
economic climate as well as attempting to make themselves rich well i really hope the helium network in fact.
numbers something out and also do something to this and there'' s there ' s really a great deal even more locations.
similar to this if you go browse and really urge you to look take a look around since this.
is unacceptable all right i hope you have all discovered something new and also if so please subscribe.
and also like my video i will try to do more videos similar to this in the future this is moto tech.
thanks once more and also i will certainly see you next time.

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