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this is a piece of nonsense this is a real antenna stay carolled nerdy buster trash for those of you keeping trackat home today’s beverage of the day we finally learnt it ladies and gentlemen the kona spikedisland seltzer this is the passion return orange guava they have a lot of fun flavors and i’m superexcited only 3 parts carbonated water alcohol and natural spices which probably meansmore other ingredients but i really enjoy this it doesn’t have that artificial sweetenedflavoring like white-hot claw and genuinely so sorry beer admirers i likewise imbibe mettle seltzer what’sgoing on everyone welcome back to another video about bitcoin cryptocurrency helium helium miningtroubleshooting problem solving knowledge trial and error and all that good substance if this is yourfirst time on the canal please take a moment consider hitting that agree button and justpop on over and click the bell notification as we post videos weekly clearly like and leavea comment on this video now guess what everyone after trying and neglecting and potentially beingscammed we did a thing so here we are sorry for the iffy i’m up in my attic we are replacing thisquote unquote 10 dbi feeler with the rack 5.8 dbi feeler so let’s see how it goes all right as youcan see we are installed let’s get some helium yes that is correct you did see that rackantenna being held up to the attic support with zip ties conclude being is that i inevitablyfeel that we are going to be affixing that up on our ceiling outside probably within 30 dayshopefully not i really like the fact that it’s up in the attic it’s easy to access but everyone’ssaying announce it outside announce it outside pole it outside and i’ve seen youtube videos that hadsuccessful results in the attic versus on top of the ceiling hopefully we’re one of those guysif not i’m actually a little bit more inclined to be okay with announcing everything out on the roofand putting the miner out in the attic uh because bobcat will be liberating a new dashboard that’scurrently in beta and we can actually access our miners without needing to go to the physicalunit so i’m i’m more cozy make that because i one thing i was always worried about wasputting the bobcat antenna in the uh the bobcat miner in the attic with the antenna outsideso it could run out and you know run up on my ceiling and everything neat and high and then ifanything ever happened or i couldn’t observer i had to double check what some of the mistake were thetroubleshooting was in the child i’d have to clamber into the attic and go and do that so with that newdashboard and we’ll do a video on that here soon i am a lot more cozy make that especiallyhaving two miners so with all that said absolutely people reproach on me and we’re gonna look at thesenumbers here on screen in merely a moment but i did um i you know getting into helium mining there’sa lot of trial and error you know i do watch other youtubers and stuff but i want to be able to bringoriginal content to you guys of my own experience and my step-by-step because not everyonenecessarily watches youtube or you know watches all the people that i do and maybe you canemulate my achievers with bouncing all my wrongdoings so the very first thing that we did where reference is boughtour helium miners was we bought a crappy line and so we raised i should have had theseready we bought this crappy tiny little rope and we bought what we thought was the 10 dbi uhomnidirectional fiberglass antenna really this is only a three dbi feeler one of my commenters saidthat a 10 dbi needs to be at least three feet long and like i said this is very clearly not threefeet long this is in fact a three dbi feeler we did fortunately managed to get i think a coupleof like two or three witnessing uh watches and we witnessed our own um hot spot with this i thinkwe got like three or four so not worth the maybe i it’s just not supposed to be set up in an atticor anything but really not worth the 45 dollars we wasted what i am hoping is worth and then of coursethere’s that crappy little cable and everyone says cables are very important and so we we justthrow this set up right out the window now what is what we are hoping for is you insured it previously onthe intro and you witnessed the other one installed but this is the rack 5.8 the rack 5.8 dbi antenna umthis is my second one i’ve already installed my first one and i’m trying to get it on camera herei’ve already installed my first one in my attic and this is the one that’s going to be installedat my in-laws house time gape where’d it go just look at the difference betweenthe quote unquote 10 dbi let me get it on camera here the paraphrase unq oh my god thequote unquote 10 dbi and then the rack 5.8 this was 40 yes it’s 40 for ship but thiswas 40 this was 45 so of course we bought two so you can see the difference there and then againthis is really in the settled that’s going on my in-law the antenna that’s going on my in-lawshouse and of course we also have that additional lmr flair 400 cable ready to go everything’s allset since we were able to custom build the since we were able to custom build this cable wedon’t need any adapters or anything this will be able to plug liberty in and shafted in which ialmost did there and then that will go right into the back of my other bobcat so very excitedto get these all set up these this setup this one will be outside uh here is the lightning arresterthat we have ready to go so we have everything ready to kept this bad boy outside really nicewhen you get it sent in the mail comes in a sturdy carton and then inside the box it’s gotuh it’s gonna be in this tube so we’ve actually we’re gonna be keeping ours in this tube and thenit’s got all the connections you need the shafts it’s got the um little plates so you can mount itto an feeler um adapter outside and then cables if it is necessary to but of course we don’t need those wiresso but let’s take a look at a duo things online shall we as you could see here this is our minorbrief taupe fox and we have already modernized it to reflect that we now have a 5.8 dbi feeler and wedid actually asses this time around we measured up to the peak of our ceiling on the inside ofour house and then from that top within the attic to where this is actually sat and thisis roughly eight rhythms it was probably about like 26 like 25.9 hoofs so we’re just going to begenerous and say it’s eight rhythms up in the air and only having the shingles and plywood ceilingcovering it you know being inside the attic you can see here the last activity that we hadso any of the activity that we investigate right here on screen in the last 24 hours is everything from our1 0 dbi[ __] truly it’s a three dbi feeler and you can see that we did actually have a little bitof decent activity overnight where did we get weeb right here so we were able to witness a lighthouse umand we were paid out for that this was within the last 24 hours and this beacon was moved all the wayout from the middle-of-the-road of freaking orlando actually that looks like you’re sammy yeah and that guywas reaching out to everybody let’s see what that lighthouse is running ah now i don’t even care thatmuch so as we go back in you see now we are up at 5.8 last-place 24 hours we’ve earned ourselves abouta dollar 41 in helium and we did a 30 epoch video yesterday so we’re not going to go over thosenumbers you can just see them there on screen so i’m unusually very happy and then of course wewill be working on this antenna over the weekend probably saturday we’ll take a trip over there andwe’ll slither under my in-laws house because we can actually stream the cable down and under the houseand then straight up to the roof and this a bobcat miner is hardwired and we are really do have thecable ports and i was able to access that and move underground or under the house and then up sothat’ll be a very easy install and i’m looking very much forward to that and i’ll do a videoon that probably not that maybe even that day but you’ll realise everything from my grounding withthe spike arrester and the outdoor placement based on how much my in-laws are comfortablewith me filming around their house so we did this on yesterday’s video talking about this buti really wanted to make sure i dedicated a full video to doing your research and finding out umwhat antennas are good and bad when i bought this antenna you is i obtained it on july9th this had two ratings and there were five superstars each so this must have been a new antennathat came out and i as someone that was new into helium quarrying not knowing exactly what 10 dbiantennas should look like or shouldn’t was like or anything like that and simply kind of sayingoh man that’s a really good price because i was looking at the agent assign 10 dbi antenna for 140 and that’s actually a three foot mofo uh then i experienced this one for 44 bucks and i was like yeahabsolutely i’ll try that and then getting the results that i wasn’t getting versus watchingother youtubers that have like the rack 5.8 and then all the comments you guys left me to get therack 5.8 and witnessing all the results from parties that have the rack 5.8 even in reductions in like moreurban uh like or more like rural environments than me where i keep saying i’m a lone wolf one of mycommenters like how are you a lone wolf precisely a great deal of observes were saying if you don’t havestuff touching your hexagon you’re not gonna make a lot of money so i kind of assumed that would belike a lone wolf territory and this would be lone wolf territory unlike this where they have twoback and forth uh so that’s why i was thinking it was lone wolf um but now as we learn you know welook at this antenna it says right here it’s 15.75 inches that’s another red flag too yesterday onthe video when i was scrolling down to the specs because i do these videos pretty much live in likeone make i noticed that the specs were stating that this antenna is 19.69 inches long and sothen you go up here to the photo showing its specs and it very clearly states it’s 15.75 inches longand the antenna itself the fiberglass organization itself is merely like roughly a foot long so i wasn’texaggerating i said it’s like yay big versus that neat long ass rack 5.8 dbi so that shouldhave been another red flag that we read and then when we were going over they did change this pagebut if you go down to the q a section of this page um likewise you’ll examine like critiques now are actuallyup where’s the q a um did i pass it a number of problems did they remove the questions did they remove the questions becauseit says right here have a question type let’s see if we can find the questions there’s another scam there’s the proxy casting iwas talking about that sees more impression 4 dbi that probably realise more impression for it to be 38.99 and there’s a big 10 dbi 100 uh where’s the q a q a q a they did they removed the questions fromit oh so there was a question on here that said why is your uh title saying that the antenna isa 10 dbi when some of the information in this in this portion here says the three dbi and they saidoops that’s a mistake so that ought to have the large-hearted red flag that we noticed as well um allthese cables and material like that i i like i said trial and error i wouldn’t recommend make anyof this um the agent shoot probably something a little bit more reasonable like this is a 15 dbiantenna that’s 86 inches a little more reasonable if you know your dbis and what exactly you needbut precisely is largely carefully considered that’s why we decided to end up purchasing the 5.8 dbi antennabundle so we’ve got the two there for 80 horses and this was the biggest success antenna thati’ve seen this is the biggest most popular in specific comments that i’ve seen so that’s why we’re takingthe lurch with that and then we went to usa coax to custom improve our excuse me monstercable as well so we’re gonna leave it travelling we’re just gonna give it sit we are startinga 24 -hour clock right now at 3 30 p.m east and hopefully we are gonna get some more activitybecause this is all modernized now that we have this beast of an antenna up in our attic ready togo and if you guys want to get your hands on this antenna if you have two miners it emphatically ithink is something that’s worth grabbing because it’s 80 for the two it’s only forty dollarsfor one but the shipping is forty dollars so if you have two or more i believe that’s alittle more worth it it comes really really really well carried and actually boxed and youfeel really confident that your commodity is not going to be banged up or transgressed so for 40 bucksmoney well devoted but um maybe for one antenna you can’t justify buying one antenna for 80 bucksbut for two utterly if you do uh there’s a connect in the description of this video or as a numberone pinned remark you could save yourself five percentage on that feeler obtain and i get a smallteeny tiny little kickback as a thank you for routing it your method as well so that’s gonna do itfor me today people thank you for asking for watching um you know any questions explains concernsplease leave a comment reach out to me on titter disagreement telegram email all that goodstuff otherwise don’t forget to subscribe turn on bell notification like observe all that goodstuff i’m opry’s and we’ll see you guys next time

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