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this is an item of crap this is a real antenna stay tuned unpopular dude stuff for those of you maintaining track.
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much more various other components but i actually appreciate this it doesn'' t have actually that man-made sweetened.
seasoning like white claw and genuinely so sorry beer lovers i also consume heart seltzer what'' s. taking place everyone welcome back to an additional video clip about bitcoin cryptocurrency helium helium mining.
troubleshooting trouble fixing skills trial and also error and also all that great things if this is your.
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a discuss this video currently presume what everybody after attempting and failing as well as possibly being.
scammed we did a thing so here we are sorry for the unstable i'' m up in my attic we are replacing this.
quote unquote 10 dbi antenna with the rack 5.8 dbi antenna so allow'' s see just how it goes all right as you. can see we are installed allow'' s get some helium yes that is correct you did see that rack.
antenna being stood up to the attic support with zip connections factor being is that i certainly.
feel that we are going to be uploading that up on our roofing outside most likely within thirty day.
ideally not i truly like the fact that it'' s up in the attic it'' s simple to access yet everybody
' s. claiming post it outside article it outside message it outdoors as well as i ' ve seen youtube video clips that had. effective cause the attic versus on the top of the roof ideally we'' re one of those men.
if not i'' m actually a little bit extra inclined to be all right with uploading whatever out on the roof covering.
and also putting the miner out in the attic uh due to the fact that bobcat will certainly be releasing a brand-new control panel that'' s. presently in beta and also we can actually access our miners without requiring to go to the physical.
system so i'' m i ' m extra comfy doing that because i one thing i was constantly fretted about was. placing the bobcat antenna in the uh the bobcat miner in the attic room with the antenna exterior.
so it could go out and you know add on my roofing system and also everything wonderful as well as high and afterwards if.
anything ever occurred or i couldn'' t monitor i had to increase check what a few of the errors were the.
troubleshooting remained in the small i'' d have to climb into the attic and also go as well as do that so with
that brand-new. control panel and also we'' ll do a video clip on that below soon i am a whole lot much more comfortable doing that
especially. having 2 miners so with all that claimed absolutely people shame on me and also we'' re gon na look at these.
numbers below on screen in just a minute but i did um i you recognize getting involved in helium mining there'' s. a great deal of experimentation you recognize i do see other youtubers as well as stuff however i desire to be able to bring.
original web content to you guys of my experience and also my step-by-step due to the fact that not everybody.
always views youtube or you understand watches all individuals that i do and also maybe you can.
emulate my successes with missing all my errors so the extremely first point that we did when we acquired.
our helium miners was we bought a lousy cord therefore we brought i ought to have had these.
ready we bought this bad tiny little cable and also we bought what we assumed was the 10 dbi uh.
omnidirectional fiberglass antenna truly this is just a 3 dbi antenna one of my commenters said.
that a 10 dbi needs to be at least 3 feet long and also like i claimed this is really clearly not 3.
feet long this remains in fact a three dbi antenna we did the good news is managed to get i assume a pair.
of like two or three seeing uh witnesses and also we observed our own um hot area with this i believe.
we obtained like three or four so unworthy the maybe i it'' s simply not supposed to be set up in an attic.
or anything but truly unworthy the 45 dollars we spent what i am hoping deserves and afterwards certainly.
there'' s that crappy little cable and also everyone states wires are extremely crucial as well as so we we just.
toss this established right out the window now what is what we are wishing for is you saw it already on.
the introduction and you saw the other one installed however this is the rack 5.8 the rack 5.8 dbi antenna um.
this is my 2nd one i'' ve already set up my initial one and also i'' m attempting to obtain it on cam here.
i'' ve currently installed my first one in my attic and this is the one that ' s mosting likely to be mounted. at my in-laws house just look where'' d it go just consider the distinction in between.
the quote unquote 10 dbi allow me obtain it on video camera here the quote unq oh my god the.
quote unquote 10 dbi and afterwards the rack 5.8 this was 40 yes it'' s 40 for shipping however this. was 40 this was 45 so obviously we bought two so you can see the distinction there and afterwards once again.
this is truly in the setup that'' s taking place my in-law the antenna that'' s taking place my in-laws. house and also naturally we additionally have that extra lmr dashboard 400 wire ready to go whatever'' s all. established given that we had the ability to custom build the considering that we had the ability to custom-made construct this cable we.
wear'' t need any adapters or anything this will certainly have the ability to connect right in as well as screw in which i.
practically did there and after that that will go right into the rear of my various other bobcat so very thrilled.
to obtain these good to go up these this configuration this one will certainly be outdoors uh here is the lightning arrester.
that we have ready to go so we have every little thing all set to put this bad young boy outside really nice.
when you get it shipped in the mail comes in a strong box and afterwards inside package it'' s got. uh it ' s gon na remain in'this tube so we'' ve in fact we ' re gon na be maintaining ours in this tube'and after that. it ' s obtained all the connections you require the screws it ' s obtained the um little plates so you can install it. to an antenna um adapter outside and after that wires if you need but of program we wear'' t require those cords.
so but allow'' s have a look at a pair points on-line shall we as you can see below this is our small.
short beige fox as well as we have currently updated it to show that we now have a 5.8 dbi antenna as well as we.
did really measure this moment around we gauged as much as the optimal of our ceiling on the inside of.
our residence as well as then from that height inside the attic to where this is really positioned and also this.
is approximately eight meters it was most likely about like 26 like 25.9 feet so we'' re simply mosting likely to be. charitable and also claim it'' s 8 meters up in the air and only having the shingles as well as plywood ceiling.
covering it you understand being inside the attic you can see right here the last activity that we had.
so any one of the activity that we see right here on display in the last 24-hour is whatever from our.
10 dbi [__] really it'' s a 3 dbi antenna and also you can see that we did really have a bit.
of respectable task overnight where did we get weeb right below so we were able to witness a beacon .
and also we were paid out for that this was within the last 24-hour and also this beacon was sent right.
out from the center of freaking orlando in fact that resembles you'' re sammy yeah which individual.
was connecting to everybody let'' s see what that sign is running ah now i wear'' t even care that. much so as we go back in you see currently we are up at 5.8 last 24-hour we'' ve gained ourselves around.
a dollar 41 in helium and we did an one month video yesterday so we'' re not mosting likely to look at those.
numbers you can simply see them there on screen so i'' m extremely extremely delighted and afterwards of training course we.
will certainly be functioning on this antenna over the weekend possibly saturday we'' ll travel over there and. we ' ll crawl under my in-laws home due to the fact that we can actually run the cord down as well as under your house.
and after that directly to the roofing system as well as this a bobcat miner is hardwired as well as they actually do have the.
cable television ports and also i was able to access that and also run underground or under the residence and afterwards up so.
that'' ll be a very simple install and i'' m looking significantly forward to that as well as'i ' ll do a video clip. on that particular most likely not that maybe even that day however you ' ll see whatever from my grounding with.
the lightning arrester and the outdoor placement based upon how much my in-laws fit.
with me recording around their residence so we did this on the other day'' s video clip discussing this however.
i actually intended to see to it i committed a complete video clip to doing your research study as well as discovering out um.
what antennas are great and bad when i bought this antenna you see i acquired it on july.
9th this had 2 ratings and also there were five celebrities each so this should have been a new antenna.
that came out and also i as someone that was new right into helium mining not understanding precisely what 10 dbi.
antennas ought to look like or shouldn'' t appearance like or anything like that as well as just kind of saying
. oh man that'' s a really good cost due to the fact that i was looking at the proxy cast 10 dbi antenna for 140.
and that'' s really a 3 foot mofo uh then i found this for 44 dollars and also i resembled yeah.
absolutely i'' ll attempt that and after that getting the results that i wasn'' t obtaining versus watching.
various other youtubers that have like the rack 5.8 and after that all the remarks you men left me to obtain the.
rack 5.8 and also seeing all the arise from individuals that have the rack 5.8 even in much less in like more.
city uh like or more like rural atmospheres than me where i maintain stating i'' m a single wolf one of my.
commenters like exactly how are you a lone wolf precisely a great deal of remarks were saying if you put on'' t have. things touching your hexagon you'' re not gon na make a great deal of money so i kind of presumed that would be.
like a lone wolf area and also this would be single wolf region unlike this where they have two.
to and fro uh to ensure that'' s why i was believing it was single wolf however currently as we learn you recognize we.
take a look at this antenna it states right here it'' s 15.75 inches that ' s another red flag as well the other day on. the video clip when i was scrolling down to the specifications due to the fact that i do these video clips basically live in like.
one take i observed that the specs were specifying that this antenna is 19.69 inches long and also so.
then you increase below to the image showing its specs and also it really clearly mentions it'' s 15.75 inches long. and the antenna itself the fiberglass body itself is only like roughly a foot long so i wasn'' t. overemphasizing i stated it'' s like yay huge versus that great lengthy ass rack 5.8 dbi so that should.
have been one more red flag that we saw and afterwards when we were discussing they did transform this page.
however if you drop to the q a section of this web page um additionally you'' ll see like testimonials currently are in fact.
up where'' s the q an um did i pass it a trouble did they get rid of the concerns did they get rid of the questions because. it claims right here have a concern kind allow ' s see if we can'discover the questions there ' s another fraud there ' s the proxy cast i. was speaking about that makes more sense 4 dbi that probably makes even more sense for it to be 38.99.
as well as there'' s a big 10 dbi 100 uh where'' s the q a q a q a they did they got rid of the inquiries from.
it oh so there was an inquiry on below that claimed why is your uh title claiming that the antenna is.
a 10 dbi when several of the information in this in this section below states the 3 dbi as well as they claimed.
oops that'' s a blunder to make sure that ought to have been the huge warning that we discovered also um all.
these cords as well as things like that i i like i said experimentation i wouldn'' t recommend doing any.
of this the proxy cast most likely something a bit more reasonable such as this is a 15 dbi.
antenna that'' s 86 inches a little much more affordable if you recognize your dbis as well as what precisely you need.
but simply be very really cautious that'' s why we made a decision to wind up buying the 5.8 dbi antenna.
package so we'' ve obtained the two there for 80 dollars and this was the largest success antenna that.
i'' ve seen this is the greatest most preferred in the remarks that i'' ve seen so that'' s why we ' re taking. the dive keeping that as well as then we mosted likely to usa coax to personalized develop our justification me monster.
cable also so we'' re gon na leave it going we'' re simply gon na let it sit we are starting.
a 24-hour clock now at 3 30 p.m eastern and also with any luck we are gon na get some even more activity.
since this is all upgraded currently that we have this beast of an antenna up in our attic all set to.
go as well as if you men intend to obtain your hands on this antenna if you have 2 miners it definitely i.
think is something that'' s worth getting due to the fact that it'' s 80 for the two it ' s just forty bucks.
for one yet the delivery is forty bucks so if you have two or more i believe that'' s
a. little bit a lot more worth it it comes truly actually really well shipped and also truly packaged and you.
feel truly confident that your product is not mosting likely to be abused or damaged so for 40 dollars.
money well spent but um maybe for one antenna you can'' t justify acquiring one antenna for 80 bucks.
however, for 2 absolutely if you do uh there'' s a web link in the summary of this video or as a number.
one pinned comment you could conserve yourself five percent on that antenna purchase as well as i obtain a small.
teensy small little kickback as a thank you for sending it your method as well so that'' s gon na do it.
for me today people thank you quite for seeing um you understand any concerns remarks problems.
please leave a comment reach out to me on twitter discord telegram email all that great.
stuff otherwise wear'' t neglect to subscribe turn on bell notification like comment all that great.
things i'' m opry ' s and also we ' ll see you guys following time.

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