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good-for-nothing says overpower the summer heat likesitting outside in the 95 degree hot florida sunbathe and installing an antennato the side of your mansion abide sung nerdy buster trash for those of you keeping track athome today’s brew of the working day is lemon basil west coast ipa brewed by spice trading brewery thisis also in my brew quit box and it’s probably one of the worst i’ve had it’s starts off as a nicelemon-limey ipa with some good hoppy bitterness but then the basil exactly overpowers it andi really don’t like my beer prompting me of cooking marinara sauce so that i’d recommendwhat’s going on everyone welcome back to another video about bitcoin cryptocurrency helium miningand all that good nonsense if this is your first time on the channel delight take a moment to considerhitting that subscribe button and turning on the buzzer notification as we post videos weekly andwe’re on current trends of helium quarrying and trying to get ourselves the perfect setup with our twominers so we can start drawing some serious bank we’ve listened we’ve finally mounted on andwe got to our second miner we got it away from the window and we installed our 5.8 rackdbi antenna words are curious today outside on the roof have a look firstly we led some cablingunderneath my in-laws house so that method we can get our lines externally now we are now in beautiful 95 position florida and we have installed our 5.8 dbi outdoors look at that we’re about 10 feetin the air got everything set up with our ground and our lmr4 00 we’re ready tomake some helium ladies and gentlemen so merely to let you guys know and some of youalready know this but we picked up two of these 5.8 dbi fiberglass antennas from rack if you guysare interested and you like the results that you check on my screen today you can purchase thesefrom the link in the description below and you get a five percentage reject we picked these two upwe got the 80 bundle it does come with a hundred dollar bundle which includes a magnetic baseyou’ll see this includes these magnetized footings we didn’t do that since we mounted our antennasoutside and then of course now at this house we’ve got one in the attic which we’re gonna gogod this beer is terrible but i’m gonna drink it anyway we’re gonna go through the month of augustwith our feeler in our attic uh time to see how much more of an improvement we have on thatbetter antenna versus that really fake crappy 10 dbi antenna that we did a video on that’s prettymuch precisely a glorified back scratcher now so let’s pull out our two miners and “were having” seen some muchbetter betters and pretty much exactly what i’ve been wanting to see since i’ve gotten thesetwo miners what i really like is this miner isn’t haven’t done much you can see i’ve only realise. 06 roughly uh helium in the past 24 hours in the past seven days and we really um this is the minorthat we first it’s been almost a week since we put up the 5.8 now and this one’s in the atticso we’ve stimulate half of a helium which is pretty solid uh so we’re still tracking along on thosenumbers but the thing that really i wanted to see was the miners talking back and forth togetherso i’m really really happy that our other miner now witnesses our main miner here at the house thebetter the better results and the better quantities that i’m extremely pleased with is we installedthis yesterday so it’s only been up for 24 hours and i’m really not judging the the smallerprofit still profit on this only 24 hours pull but only in the last 24 hours i’ve had twosignificantly more improved like much better eras you can see here 5.8 dbi and that’s exactly threemeters in the air as you construed in the video i was up on that ladder uh but on the sixth going intothe seventh we were able to mine about a quarter of an hnt and then today we mined a part ofan hnt because now my two miners are going back and forth so time in the last week because wereally don’t want to judge the last seven days because it was that little four dbi antennajust sitting in the window uh but now for the last two days you could see a significantjump because they’re only getting like. 03 then like the honors object zero twobut now in the last two days alone we’ve already drawn in really 0.6 hnt so particularly veryvery terribly highly very happy with that activity since we’ve already installed it we can go down here andwe could see our mining reinforces nope not that one oh we got another one 10 hours anyway we can seeour mining compensations right here of 0.269 genuinely 0.27 and we could see that this was becauseit witnessed a lighthouse splendid red-faced salmon they put out they were the challengerand then my brief taupe fox was the beaconer and then our sour walnut goat received the uhwitnessed that beacon so that’s why we’re very very happy you see it’s at negative. 25 d b muchmuch much better i know that there’s still some office for opportunity and improvement because weare running a 25 foot cable for from the miner to the antenna but that’s strictly because wehave to go down under the house and then we come up the sidewall and then we get that thingabout 10 hoofs in the air putting straight up kind of pointed towards my general environ solike we get that nice lineup and it is sitting at the top of hill so the antenna is pretty muchsticking up with the pinnacle of those ceilings there so i’m very very happy to see those resultsand now hopefully this antenna and this miner will witness the other one back and forth so now ijust need brief taupe fox to put under a lighthouse and then or put out a challenge and then sour walnutgoat will witness that and then the two of them like if i can get both of them gathering in 0.25 helium a era each so that’s half a helium we’d be looking at one helium every two days so threethree and a half helium a week i’d be very very very happy with it i think helium is like 13 right now so if we can do 3.5 a few weeks terms 13 that’s gonna be 45 dollars a week inhelium and that’s exactly what we want to see and then we have to take into considerationthat that was pretty much actually okay all right so this was pretty let’s just bumpit up to three that’s pretty much our investment there and it we are going to roi within a monthif we can get to that three and a half helium a week so we’re really really really excited we’regonna tell these run a few people have noted you know don’t worry about it for the first likeweek it you know takes a little bit of time to fire off and then the payoffs start piling in andthat’s what we really are hoping to see even all things considered with the happening and allthat jazz but now we’re in a position to where our placement’s much better we’re external onan feeler yes this one’s still up in the attic and yes we might reevaluate and mount this oneoutside of my house come september because i’m not descending back up on the top of a house to mountthat little antenna like cornerstone in this florida heat i just mowed my lawn today in this floridaheat and i am dying so then our next pace would be to probably drive out to this area and see ifwe can pinpoint where these helium miners are and help this chap get some helium miners like antennasup on a ceiling and then maybe we can all be a happy family and talk so highly exceedingly very excited to seethat we are now getting into a situation that i’ve been dreaming of when we got the helium minersand that’s going to be our two talking right now one’s talking and one’s listening now i need theother one talking and the other one listening so let’s let’s keep going let’s let’s leave itsome time you guys can stay aria for the updates of course we’ll post them on here soanywho that’s going to do it for me today chaps if you’re watching this far and you haven’tsubscribed satisfy again take a minute to consider hitting the subscribe button turn on the bellnotification since we are do videos once a week and we try to get a stream probably thursdayswe might do that again uh very very excited for that if you need to reach out to me feelfree to contact me on telegram chatter disagreement uh leave a comment below i’ll try torespond as fast as possible but otherwise like statement subscribe all that good stuffimo rate and we’ll see you guys next time hey chaps thanks for poking around to the veryend of the video here’s a couple of extra minutes of the information contained for you merely because i haven’t talkedabout algo as much as i used to but we are still mining algo and we currently have 22.02 algoavailable to withdraw from kudo miner now again we’re not mining algo mining algo we are gettingpaid in algo we are selling our computer hash capability to quarry uh ethereum classic we’re expend ourgtx 1050 ti gpu and we are getting paid we have elected to get paid out in algorand algorand’scurrently sitting at about 83 cents so good-for-nothing more crazy at the moment we’re getting about 17 anda half algo a month merely with this one rinky dink little gpu and now we’re up to a balance of 22.02 which i’m highly very excited and very happy for and it looks like here we are pretty much miningevery single day we mine about half an algo a date so we are putting our computer to work and weare deserving alga symbol now it’s cool on kudo miners some people are talking about ponderous feesand genuinely that’s only if like you would like to get paid in btc and ethereum the only fee thatyou’re going to be paying with algo is the. 001 fee as standard across the algo blockchain sothere’s really no costs and i think that’s the very best decision to go because then you can thentake this algo send it over to your algo official wallet and then you can earn honors really byholding that as well so you can shape your algo deserve algo and then you know what’s the sayingyou you’re successful if you earn money while “youre sleeping” so you’ll be deserving algo while yousleep by making your algo work for more album so don’t think i haven’t forgot about you guysat lovalgo and subscribe to me for algo we are definitely holding we’re emphatically thriving weare definitely still push forward our 10 k uh billfold and we’re obviously still doing other avenuesto earn algo and we’re getting really excited because we’re just two months away from thegovernance protocol and we’re going to be able to see how that changes the remaining balance and maybeeven bumps the price of algo up so that’s it here’s your algo content thanks for watchingthe rest of this video we’ll see you guys soon i’m not kidding this beer is pretty bad theonly other beer that i have not liked this much is billy’s chilis and it time had a really badjalapeno like ale but i don’t know what the big craze is with this lemon basil now everyone’sputting like lemon basil and everything and if it’s your cup of tea it’s just not mine sothat’s that’s all i gotta say like i’m gonna finished yet but this is probably one of the worstbeers that i’ve had i have done in a video so praises


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