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last week we introduced how to make amilitary jungle antenna to improve your profit especially in the wooded fields this is part twoof the topic today we’re going to “ve brought you” a few more knowledge point to help you prepare more hntif you’re brand-new to the channel please subscribe for our new video notifications too for each like wereceive on our videos one dollar will be donated to unicef to help out the children around theworld i want to appreciate all the feedbacks you guys are giving to my videos there’s onecomment i want to mention made by acos lucas this feedback is awesome he has registered another type ofantenna that works the same way with our military jungle antenna which lends more credibility to thisdesign he also mentioned every millimeter problems in lower frequencies if you’re familiar withthe feeler assumption you know that the higher the frequency the lower the wavelength is our antennasare always chipped to the portion of the wavelength to achieve resonance at a specific frequency aswe mentioned last week the fourth wavelength of 915 megahertz is only about 3.2 inches with allthese different adapters and the additional wiring it’s really difficult to measure how long exactlyour radiating portion is so i made some adjustments to a previous design instead of using quarterwavelength i increased the radiating article and reflector to full wavelength for 915 megahertz itwill be 1.07 feet or 32.8 centimeters now adapters will affect the antenna less and it will be easierto shape i will show you how to evaluation and adjust this antenna towards the end of this video and thankyou very much akos lucas for posting this explain this is why i say the hidden network has anawesome community some of you also wondered how do you lean a forest antenna like this up highin a tree i will show you how to do it on a small tree and you can apply the same method to any typeof tree so there are many ways to do this the easy method is to get a ladder and then climb up thereand hang this thing on a tree nonetheless i will show you the hard way um if you don’t have a ladderthere is a way to do this you will need a fasten or something like a fishing force or something heavyso you can throw in the plow and then it will fall back down without going stuck in the treetie this strike with a nylon string and oh yeah don’t forget to wear your seeing shelter in thiscase i’m wearing merely ordinary sunglasses because when you start throwing things in the tree i betyou it’ll make probably many assaults for you to get this thing over the division you really wantto get over and when you’re throwing stuff in the tree uh all these leaves and some other stuffmight naturally fall down and may fall into your eyes so delight wear your gaze armour so whatdo you normally do is you simply propel the nylon clamped on the soil you have the locking one handright and you merely throw it all right so now we got this thing over a chapter and what you needto do is retrieve the lock you will now tie this to the top of the radiator there will be a loopyou can use a 550 core you can use a d-ring or you can use something like a velcro velcro strap andall you need to do is now tie your nylon string on this radiating objective so what we’re now goingto do is we’re now going to lift this antenna up once the feeler has come up to the point you crave the the first thing youneed to do is make the spool and then start securing it around the tree at the end you’re going to need to tiea knot or something but in this case i’m still a leader control and now let’stest and adjust our forest antenna there’s a very important concept i have to mention it’scalled swr it stands for standing beckon fraction it’s a critical factor for antenna qualities it isused to measure how well the disseminate strength signal emitted from a radio in such cases will be from ourminor hotspots it’s traveling through the antenna method to the atmosphere the lowest ratio we canhave is one to one which indicates a close to perfect antenna when the number is higherfor example it’s 2.1 that conveys when the signal is transmitted to your feeler there is aportion of it that’s get wondered back through the transmission line going back to yourhotspot yourself and this supremacy your cancel out your transmit capability here i have a chartfor you on how much transfer power is lost for different swr there are directions you can lowerthis crowd for example you can get a new feeler or if you don’t want to buy a new nintendo youcan use a rf choke you can simply put that on your transmission line close to your antenna thisis a device we are used for our testing today it’s called nano vna i will connect it in thedescription below we chipped this jungle specific for 915 megahertz i will not go into detail howto use device to experiment swr because that can be an entire separate video but i will show you themeasurement here okay as you can see right now our swr is about 2.0 ish or 1.9 so what i’m goingto do here is i’m going to start reeling this the top portion to reduce uh the length of thisantenna to see if it helps lower in the swr okay okay so as you can see right now i wrote the sw i reduced the duration of the antennaand we’re able to achieve a 1.4 ish swr and now i’m wheel it more and itchanges so you really retain reeling the top segment until you find a spot as youcan see we can actually get it to 1.3 or even lower to like a 1.2 so this is agreat this is great as you can see that um even when we make this antenna at afull wavelength it was better wreaks okay great this is a really high quality antennadespite the fact this thing looks really sketchy okay i know what you’re thinking you’reprobably saying let’s test the stock antenna okay let’s do that so i have a rack v2 stockantenna right here it says 902 to 926 megahertz so what we’re going to do is we’rejust going to connect this antenna with the tester okay so it looks like we havea 1.3 swr so which planneds this is a pretty good quality like anything below 1.5 is pretty decentright patently the closer you can get to one the better and our jungle was able to reach thisnumber with no controversies as long as you adjust your feeler segment and likewise um it could actually reach1. 2 so this looks like this stock antenna actually acts a little bit better at a higher frequency itseems like it can reach down really close to 1.120 around 930 megahertz interesting all right guyswe have few more feelers we’re going to research i bought these online so one of them is thelayered hopefully i pronounced that right this is a 5 db antenna omnidirectional8 63 to megahertz and also here we have a proxy cast army directional 10 dbi and it coversfrom seven mega 700 megahertz to 2700 megahertz it is therefore comprises a broad range of frequencies and thenwe have the signal plus fiberglass 10 dbi too 824 to 960 megahertz feeler right here okay let’sjust commencing from the 5.8 uh sorry 5 dbi all right um as you can see you’re going to have to buy somelike adapters like this because this device right here utilizations sma adapter instead of a rpsm adapter iwill associate the adapter in the description below more these are tricky even sometimes like themanufacturers uh when they post uh post them they get it wrong you are eligible to like with these devicesyou can hook them up to the computer and use this uh computer software but in this case i just wantto make sure like you see that they’re actually connected like we’re testing not constructing justmaking numbers up so as you can see that i’m trying to like freeing my hands like not touch theantenna because that will actually change the swr um i’m trying to hold this as continuous as possibleas you can see like it can actually go down to um what i believe is 1.1 ish and actuallyworks at a little bit lower frequency and make sure when you test these antennas youhave them start them standing up vertically okay so this is not bad 1.1 1.2 that’s a really goodquality feeler and retain these swr will change based on what frequency you use and what frequencyyour feeler is sung to so next let’s measure out this proxy direct 10 dbi omnidirectionalit plows from 700 to 2700 megahertz oh all right this is interesting hopefully youcan see trying to release my hand as you can see this antenna actually toils very well it lookslike um i think what it is is there’s is a chip inside of the feeler it actually automobile picks whatis best it aria the antenna itself basically look like it was able to get down to 1.2 at somepoint and it looks like it will work a little bit better at a lower frequency yeah certainly ata lower frequency around 900 it’s it’s almost close to one wow that’s impressive but at915 megahertz it’s about 1.2 1.3 the last antenna we’re going to exam today is going tobe this signal plus 10 dbi 824 to 960 megahertz all right i’m trying to not touchthis antenna itself and let’s see keep it coming horizontal it looks like it use it doesn’twork very well the veer is actually switched from the previous curves we’reseeing it looks a lot like we’re getting a 1.7 ish reading at 915 and also it worksat both a lower and a higher frequency well that’s interesting cool so we know that thisantenna is not adjusted specifically to 915 megahertz nonetheless it drives a little bit better at a higheror a both at a higher and a lower frequency so i do want to remind you that swr is not everythingyou do have to consider the environment you’re in for example if you’re in a wooded orbit that’swhy you use a forest ensuring that ground plane and in some of the other environment youmight be able to get away with one of the antennas i just demo you and also differentdbi organizations give you different dissemination structures it varies based on where you live either in thecity or in your suburbium or rural areas the last thing i want to show you today is a trick to useswr to exam your environment to find out where to put your antenna especially indoor as imentioned earlier when we have signal reflect back either from the feeler itself or from thesurrounding environment the swr increases so as you can see that uh so we’re just in the middleof the chamber uh not close to any opening or anything our swr is about 1.3 and we’re just gonna use thisstock antenna because it’s easy to carry around so i’ve experimented it next to the windowmy window it’s about 1.3 swr and then when i move it towards to a metal bar outside itactually fallen to about 1.1 next to my drywall is about 1.3 close to 1.2 and then i measure inmy bathroom it’s about 1.6 1.7 i apologize for the quality of the video when i experimented it in mycar it was about 1.6 it’s pretty cool right get yourself one of the following options and start your own testinghopefully you have learned something new today again please like and subscribe this is moto techthank you for watching i will see you next time

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