HELIUM MINING IS BACK!!!!! Finally earning rewards again!

boop boop what’s going on everyone welcome toanother monday stream oh no no no no niners we are back we had a little bit of family timeoff we had some friends in town and we are now here back ready to bring videos to you so thisis your first time on the channel please take a moment to consider hitting that subscribe buttonturn on bell notifications as we post videos weekly and of course like the darn stream reallyhelps the algorithm i guess let’s get this out in front of everyone because helium mining is backno it was a terrible week for football kellinava anyhoo uh don’t forget meetup event comingup wednesday 8 p.m paddy wagon irish pub information in the description of this videoif you’re in town totally encourage you to pop by have a beer we’ll bring a laptop we’ll talkabout helium mining we’ll pull up your stuff pretty much like we’re doing with the livestream we’re gonna just be doing in person while we all hang out and have a beer togetherspeaking of beer this is so cool guys this is so cool i’m gonna go full screen for this onecan we do full screen yeah this is so cool this is a beer that one of my subscribers sent me itis 99 problems but a bitcoin ain’t one drink me yeah this is a west coast style ipa 5.6 a b v thisis brood and canned by brothers cascadia cascadia brewing this is coming straight out of washingtonwhich was awesome so thank you very much you know who you are who sent this to me um we’re gonnapop this right open hello from the uk hello coming from oklahoma how’s everyone doing so cheers toyou guys and thank you very much for the beer all right let’s get back to the regular screen so we’re probably going to set up a po box sothat way you guys can totally find some cool beers and send it my way as well very very excitedabout that all right as we uh get going today in this fine evening the last time we we had thisconversation together was monday of last week ah that’s awesome glad you got it yeah man it’sit’s good like over here on the east coast like the big thing right now is hazies and double ipasand like new england style ipas uh great name for a beer yeah i love it and so it’s really niceand refreshing to have a west coast style ipa outside of the you know elysiums and the um stonesthat you know are normal on draft right now so it’s really nice to have those other those theolder you know the ipas that really got me into ipa and craft the craft beer scenewhich was west coast so really love it of course i will do a drink of the day uh on thenext video uh showcasing that as well because not everyone watches these streams so when welast spoke lots have changed lots have changed obviously since we did the last stream we dida stream um we’ve got our aware element nothing going on with that right now we did get intodeeper we are currently mining it took a while to have that set up uh you saw the video on wednesdaywhere i took me four hours to set the damn thing up in like three beers so i was a little tipsand then on top of that it took even longer to get the mining going with the gas fees but we’veaccomplished that i’m finally in a position to where i feel really confident and comfortablewith the information that i’m gonna be giving you guys in the videos so make sure you staytuned for deeper we’re not gonna pull it up on this screen that’s right in front of me that youknow is all around me right here just because i have to connect to a different wi-fi network and idon’t want to drop the stream so that’s why we’re not going to see it on screen here but we didend up staking 21 000 dpr we got them at a cost of between 11 to 12 cents and we are very veryhappy so far i’ve gone down uh from getting one h t per day down to roughly 0.05 let’s hope it’sreally back now so yes so good news we’re going to pull up the seven day chart here actually we pullup a 30 day as well so right here on this chart i know it’s going to be a little blurry but you cansee that i went through a week like a long time we went from september 9th till september the 7ththis september 16th so a full week what’s going on raj how are you brother nerdy i’m flying toflorida for the meet uh my parents allowed me to go i’m 13 could i enter the irish pub um you couldenter um but probably around 10 o’clock i think it switches to like 21 and up um so i mean that’sawesome but yeah you can go there it’s uh they you know i’ll have kids and like dogs and stuff thereevery now and then so yeah definitely but um you know have your dad hang out so that way i got anadult supervising you and you should be good to go my bobcats were earning a total of seven h tper day now i make five what’s going on bobcat so there’s a couple of things as well with thisnew update what’s going on so you can see here that we were doing some really good h t we wereat even to a high point of about 1.51 h t back in august and then we kind of bounced around betweenpoint six five we got one point one eight there and this is the last thirty days point six eightpoint six eight point one seven bounced around and we went a full week with no results these areboth of our minors together this full screen here so then as of the 17th we actually saw somelife and this was one of our minors the other one was still sinking so i actually just did ahard reboot of it uh 0.14 hnt then the next day we’re at 0.47 hnt and then today we are currentlysitting at 0.52 hnt so i’m very very very happy to see that our numbers in the past two days arekind of getting to the average that we’ve seen before which is excellent hey guys make sure youhit that like button i appreciate it this bad boy uh sour walnut this one was we didn’t have anyissues with this one they was just sitting there it wasn’t getting any signal just because thenetwork was in a fuful you can see as the past seven days we have point six two which is reallynice yesterday was a really solid productive day for it this miner never dropped out of sync andi never had to touch it or go into it i just let this one be it was still sending out activitybut most of the activity around this miner isn’t um people don’t have effective mining setupsand external and setups put out so that’s why this one’s not getting a lot of pings but we did geta new witness down here um let’s see what was the witness i think it was so let’s go back to minewe did get a new miner that was put in the area and oblong goldenrod caribou so this person juststarted mining not you well or they turned it back on i guess i don’t know but whatever they did theyjust turned it back on and we got that witness so as long as this bad boy because you see in thepast 30 days made 4.43 as long as this bad boy and mine talk i’m going to be happy with their rightnow it sits offline i still have a one reward scale the earnings got cut in half but my otherhot spots that aren’t bobcat are still making the same yeah there’s actually a topic that came outuh there’s actually a topic that came out about um really trying to combat spoofers and hackersand like overpowered antennas and that also could be something that you’re affected by so then we’regoing to jump over to my my main miner and this is the one that we had the issues with this is theone that we did the video where we showed the logging into it and doing the fast sync whichas soon as we did the fast sync it came out um my boss wants me to change my pto yeah i can dothat um this one was having the issue with the fast sync and so as soon as we did that videothey’re like never mind we don’t do fast sync anymore but you can see in the past 24 hoursthis one’s earnings has gone back to what is expected of it 0.413 and we still haveanother 12 hours well we still got another yeah about 12 hours in the day to geteven more which will make me very happy in the past 24 hours we finally got this badboy back on with today being the biggest numbers we’ve gotten 0.52 which i’m very very happy forand then of course with 30 days you could see that gap right here which was really really reallyreally really really really really good bad really really really bad so we’ve got everythingbouncing back and forth so i’m very happy wish mine would get here missing out on profitsyeah that’s the only problem with the the weight right now like i definitely wanted more um whichis why i looked into other opportunities like uh the aware elements and then of course with oneof my subscribers saying that they didn’t want their deeper deeper mini and if i wanted it andit was unopened and of course i bought it from him he sold it to me at price and uh how longhave bobcat’s been taking a ship i’m going on six weeks now six weeks would be too early bobcatswhen i first purchased the bobcats before may 1st they were shipping at a time frame of 8 to 12weeks after may 1st i think you’re looking at like 12 to 20 weeks or something crazy like upto six months are you gonna be online tonight we shall see i do have to play a lot of catch upwith work uh which is why i’m only gonna try to stream for about an hour so if you guys got minersyou want me to look at like get them in the chats and get them up and going uh any suggestion forme just got set up last week no witnesses yet mean stone puma i’m in florida florida yeah you guysare probably gonna be closer to the 20 week range uh but just keep keep track of the bobcat updatesbecause they will start sending out updates on which uh northport cool they will startsending updates on which batches are going out so you want to make sure that you’ve gotyour batching and everything going good as well been waiting since april for a rack miner ohthat’s rough yeah cause i bought mine on like april 18th or something i bought both of mineon this i bought both of mine on the same day all right so you just got yours setup you haven’t gotten witnesses yet and i’ll text you later but yeah i’ll letyou know i might be out in the field um uh 12 kilometers south of cold bubblegum dalmatianand a couple other lower performers do you think it would be worth adding a hotspot here and aim ahigher dbi in that direction oh look in a second i’m at work yeah i’m technically atwork but i wanted to get the stream done uh i would probably get yourself like where’s yourantenna placement where is it sitting right now um you might be you would probably benefit fromyou know here’s the problem that you’re gonna have and this is the problem that i’m experiencingyou could have the perfect setup with your antenna right here but these people around you i liketo draw i like this back let’s get this back so you yourself could have the perfect setup righthere which you’d be you know blue and ready to go but then this person might be a little littleone in by the window this one might be in by the window window window window window window windowyou know and just not good signal like these miners could not be pumping out the good signal orlike the good antenna placement that we’re hoping for so then you could potentially never hit themand we have that issue here when we i’ll go back to mine to show you the witnesses that we don’thit certain ones now what you could potentially do is take yourself and get a directional and thelink is in the description for the rack wireless store the antennas ship really quick they shipreally really quick which is really really nice um and get yourself to 12 dbi directional get thatup and level and aim it towards down here uh that way just on the off chance that these minersright here have decent setups you’re not going to you might overshoot them a little bit but there’sstill a good chance you could probably ping them but this is where your money is going to be downhere so this is where you want to aim it towards fort myers and you want to you’ll get some stuffback there so hopefully that would assist you on that one uh cold bubble gum dalmatian dalmatianall right we are going to tennessee we’ll be in tennessee next april actually all right soyou’re rocking a 9 dbi 22 meters up in the air your numbers are pretty solid with the exceptionof that bum week that we’ve gotten as well so i’m sure if we go to the seven day chart we’renot going to well that’s not too bad you’ve got one minor pulling in that much but we did have areally really bad week today is not your greatest day i will say that uh elegant olive lion pleasetake a look earnings have been trashed last week or so yes earnings have been trash we know thatthe network was kapoopie um a 9 dbi antenna up maybe maybe try an 8.0 8.0 and your height seemspretty good i mean even with your height even a 5.8 would be pretty solid especially with thatupdate saying that they’re going to redo the power that are going to some of these monsterantennas um but you could potentially try that let’s see what your witnesses are you’re onlyhitting the two nearby you there’s no reason why you couldn’t be hitting these guys up inhere unless you’re overshooting them or anything like that but you should have some good um garbagethere we can even you know with an omnidirectional place correctly there’s no reason why youshouldn’t be hitting any of those all right up next how does a five percent off rack work iwent through the link and there’s no discount um i’m not sure anyone that actually usedthe link did it how did it work or am i just a liar did anyone receive adiscount because i did have a few people saying that they’re not gettinganything when they see it which sucks suboptimal transmit scale that’s new so why areyou suboptimal okay so you are sub optimal because of probably the allowance of miners in this directarea and you can go on to hotspotty to check this which i still owe you guys a video on that uhplease take a look earnings have been trashed in the past week yeah you also did have a bat likeyou should if you were like me have a bad week as well like where the network just went to crap andyour earnings went down i mean you’ve been pretty solid um thank you i will use your link definitelymy new favorite channel great insight and info i’ll let you know how it goes yeah definitely keepup with me join the telegram i don’t really do telegram um you can if you want i’ll i’m on ituh i mounted it on a boathouse oh that oh okay cool yeah that’s why you’re getting a lot of goodacross the river especially if you’re shooting it across the way so that’s not too bad how’s the uhinternet connection like out there everything fine running out there um but yeah join the discordbecause the discord is very very active i believe the discord link should be in the description ofthis as well uh join the discord and there’s a lot of people in there that were you know reallystarting to get moving and churning and there is a nerdy dude discord and we’re all chatting andtalking it’s a good time um and if i don’t respond right away then just definitely leave it at andi’ll get there as fast as i possibly can like this week pretty much from wednesday it is yesterday iwasn’t i was responding here and there like when i would go and take a poop and stuff but i was justlike you know i didn’t want to be rude um but your placement seems pretty good i mean you’re hittingeverything definitely around you which is awesome maybe you have some elf it looks likeyou’re sitting at a wall right here so that’s why you’re not getting anything backbehind you’re not getting the signal over the wall but everything’s fine here your transmit scaleis crap and the only probably reason why would be that i think i did this last stream if you incase anyone missed it so this might be broken up into a few like quadrants right let’s say that’sa quadrant uh red pen let’s say this is a quadrant we’ll do it like this and then we’ll switch thisover to the and let’s say this is a quadrant kind of like a rock skipping on the wall yeahit is like a rock skip in the water so let’s say we’ve got those as quadrants this is just a reallyquick crash course let’s say this blue circle quadrant says you can only have this is budgetedto have 15 sensors right so then obviously we’ve got one two three four five six seven eightnine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seven to eighteen so even though we are350 meters away from all these other sensors this might be budgeted to have 15.Then this one overhere might be budgeted to have 125 and then if we go and count we could probably look at 125 whichi’m willing to bet my bottom dollar that as we get closer into here you’re gonna have a lot more ofthese individuals down here so i have a feeling a lot of these transmit scales are just going tosuck because the goal is to provide this coverage everywhere yeah we haven’t seen a good uh transmitscale yet 0.33 i think has been the highest so it looks like this is a really concentrated areawith a very minimal like transmit scale allocation budget like even this guy’s probably gonna have acrap one yeah yeah so i’m that’s what i’m this one might even have a crappy one yeah that’s kindof my feeling here is that this is already a saturated area and that’s why the rewards are kindof sucking that’s that’s just my my guess right there all right what’s next i tried a no discounti mounted on a boathouse how could i improve south uh wait i have to do curly strawberry ihave a of peppa okay curly strawberry turtle oh and if i fart i’m gonna fart on my uh aware sothere might be flatulence on the stream i really want to see what happens to the chemical level ifi just like just do a little right in the intake so if you don’t like fart humor there’s going tobe a fart joke at some point what am i looking for turtle strawberry turtle strawberry turtleforever oh going to manchester good transmission not not terrible for the past 24 hours let’sgo ahead and get down in here yeah you were in like a pre oh look at you too you were in primolocation man like that’d suck if they add more tr like add more miners there because you are yougot seven in this like territory right here which might be a tall flat um there’s a bigger hex thatcontains all those hexes in portland yeah exactly um past seven days three point seven eight orthree point eight seven that’s not terrible and then the past month did you just get started uhthis one is a yube hello can you check mine curly strawberry i have set up a standard 4 dbi butthe window just got relayed i was thinking lower my dbi thanks um you could probably loweryour dbi just get it away from the window your transmit scale is clear and you are syncedso i don’t have a relay issue here as long as your ports are open which usually a lot of newuh my best friend’s talking about the new dragon ball super manga which was fantastic by the wayum a lot of issues would be with the windows a bouncing you back and forth but if as long asthe green light on your bobcat is like lit up then don’t even worry too much about it souh quick for all the new viewers thank you very much for popping by it’s your first timeon the channel please take a minute to consider subscribing turn on bell notifications as wedo videos weekly we are jumping into the deeper mining network we are uh we have four of our awareelements right here we are talking about helium that has been the biggest draw because that doestake a lot of setup with your antennas and then also consider liking this stream if you’re keepingtrack at home one of my subscribers sent me this beer it is called 99 problems but a bitcoinain’t one this is a west coast style ipa 5.6 abv brewed by brothers cascadia brewing out ofwashington super delicious thank you very much back to the show so we are looking at boop um weare looking at just bought the 5.8 dbi antenna and oh wait i have a miner i have to look at solidxfinity is there red that the radio waves bounce off the water yeah there you go okay thanksvery much it goes back to synced and relayed once in a while thanks love your streams yeah mypleasure eub just make sure you have a green light so you’re good there um well maybe they tookthe discount away i can look to see if maybe there’s another affiliate link i can create thatwill continue to give the five percent discount otherwise if you guys need the antennas just youknow it just supports the channel a little bit so i greatly appreciate it if you do um you knowuse the affiliate link for um i get a little bit of a kickback like usually five bucks for likeevery two hundred dollars which isn’t terrible supports the channel there’s helium andalgorand addresses in the description of the video if you guys want to send a tipand also super chats are greatly appreciated and if you do that with a comment i can skip youto the front of the line and look at your miner so what am i missing next and plus it helps mekeep track because i know i’m missing someone here i know i’m missing someone uh just bought fivepointed 973 cable from rack 32 foot cable to get the antenna in the attic or on the roof is acable too long in your opinion uh with a 5.8 dbi and a 32 foot lmr cable based on how well theirquality is you’re probably looking at a 1.1 to 1.2 let’s say 1.4 be super conservative but i don’tthink you’re gonna get a 1.4 dbi loss so there is an argument to be made which everyone saysabout getting the shortest cable you possibly can which you know i typically agree but i’ve gota 5.8 antenna with a 25 foot cable i’ve got a 1.1 dbi loss and i’m i was getting some solid numbersi just am not in a saturated area with miners so that way we didn’t get a lot going so it’s reallyup to you i know for me personally i didn’t want to put my miner in the attic because it’s gettingreally hot down here in florida and i don’t want to burn the thing out even though we have prettymuch broken even on the cost what do you think about the cables rack is selling compared tousa coax i actually i like usa coax a little bit better um they’re based out of jacksonvilleand they’re a small mom and pop company and yeah i really like the experience on the website a littlebetter than rack all right what’s next there’s bigger hexagons thanks very much arithmatic skychi to check it out have an 8 db i rhyth mick romania are you a vampire oh look at yousuboptimal look at that look at look at that guy all the way out there you’re like bingo [ __ ]scrolling wow you have some nice numbers i’m sure you have a cow chip you probably didn’tget hit in the past week as badly as we did you’re probably just seeing the diminishingreturn right now because of the change in the network to prevent spoofers and hackersand overpowered antennas or anything like that and they’re also dropping the total witnessesi believe you get paid for from 25 to uh 10.Wow romania’s crazy with spots imean look at that 15 in this one here but that’s not bad that’s not too badman 476 dollars worth of helium a month okay all right what are we looking at why isyour account crazy or is it not your account because this person is making 280 dollars a daywhich is bonk or 280 helium a day which is bonkers uh what am i on i’m on the account now 199 000 amonth that is stupid that’s stupid numbers uh wait so guestafon you’re you’re with your rhythmic skycheetah and you’re is that is this your account you have all these no you don’t have all theseare you a spoofer you’re making some money if you’re making 196 000 a month send send a brotherlike 10 helium right now all right what’s next see i’m losing track here uh did anyone notice adrop in h t mining after the last bob get through i went from seven dollars to 15 a day down toone to three well yes there was a lot of issues i will upgrade any comments on oh mygod i’m falling behind you make antennas are those all of yours let me know if those arecustom made intended by me that’s pretty good uh anyone noticed a drop in ancientmining uh can you check out dazzling dazzling fern tuna yes we’re gonna check that outright now dazzling fern tuna transmit scale sucks not really 24 hours look at all those witnessesi love zooming in it looks like you’re holding a bunch of spaghetti before you throw in a potthat’s cool 0.54 seven days one point one three you’re rocking a cents cap with eight dbi up highyou’re getting everyone you just you had that well no that’s this is 30 days didn’t look likeyou had too much of a time 0.54 a day that’s not too bad yeah these aren’t too bad right now nosir so not too bad eight three meters up you’re getting everything you need there’s nothingreally i mean for the fact that you’re out in the middle of like nowhere in new mexico that’snot too bad for getting pretty much everything around you so very very solid oh i fall behindwaiting for my bobcat no it’s an emirate rack oh okay okay yeah that’s what i figuredthen so we just looked at an emirate account and that’s why we saw everything high i don’tget any witnesses what can i do to improve this for my location it’s a bobcat named fancylipstick peacock fancy lipstick peacock am i spelling something wrong here great rusty sardine why am i not getting anythingdid i spell something wrong or am i crashing fancy lipstick peacock we’ll just type it oh let’s get a refresh thoughts on hospitalsbeing a coverage wall actually yeah definitely whisper thanks man you’re welcome you’reabsolutely welcome all right let’s try it again hi i just started two days ago i’ll upgradeoutdoor 8 dbi in about a week any comments on short corn flour yeah let me get this onefirst i make my own antenna set up would you make your antenna as out of there wego now we’re starting to get some stuff or are we let’s try anotherone uh what’s next great great rusty sardine side boob okay that should do it yeah there we go all righti don’t know why peacock’s not pulling up um 5.85 meters up i mean that’s the best you cankind of do um as long as outdoor and external uh let’s see what your numbers are like but i meanyou’re hitting everything seven days 100 bucks a week 37 18 30 days don’t change a thing ignore meuh thoughts on hospitals being coverage wall like what they’re blocking out your signal or you’vegot some issues hi i just started two weeks ago short yeah if you made your antenna set upthat’s pretty good short corn flower lobster gonna go to boston we’re not going to bostonthough we’re going to colorado where great great breweries out there um elevate yourselfif you just started you’re making 0.56 you want to elevate yourself get that 5.8 or the 4.0 orout and up yeah you just started so get that get that out and up and you’ll be pretty good mylocation is sour shadow lizard sour shadow lizard here we go here we go 74 viewers guyshit that like button if you want to see your miner pulled up on screen hit the likebutton hit hit it hit it what are we doing oh sour lizard okay um bobcat you might havehad the same issues we’ve had in the past week or you just got started not bad for just gettingstarted i love how you get the one way out here why do you think bobcats are scam artistsi mean at least they ship them out maybe they’re shaving off rewards um for dbi doyou have your antenna let’s say this is your house we’ll zoom in so you guys get a good picture ofit do you have your antenna backed up against something because i don’t know why you’re notgetting stuff behind there so let’s say that’s your house like this is your house right heredo you have your antenna like sitting right here on a window because you’re not gettinganything going back behind you which is weird uh you gotta go that way that way that way idon’t know why that’s weird it’s in sweden s e can you please try again withfancy yeah i can try again fancy probably now that we uh yeah fancy lipstickpeacock now that we refreshed everything seems good only after they have only afterthe halving uh give people an example of lone wolf situation with same custom madeantennae by me oh i can take a look at that special chili ferret and i will subyeah give me a second we want to get fancy lipstick peacock pulled up there we goall right you’re synced transmit scale not optimal looks like you just got startedbriefly west coast uh 4 dbi 4 meters up yeah you give me a second guys uh let me show thatso i could see it sour welcome to the sour crew um you might have bad placementif you just started and you’re not getting anything in this area there’s noreason why you can’t be getting anything let’s do this there’s no reasonwhy you can’t be getting anything back over here which is weird because you’reonly getting this little guy right here yeah double check your placement make sure you’re notnear any windows or up against a wall or anything that’s going to be blocking you from sending yoursignal out there that’s what i would do all right so there you go fancy with your majiggeryou’re good all right special chili ferret bulgaria trees in the way yeah anything like thatall bobcats have been down for more than they have ever mined little actually yeah michael scott thatis a really good comment i will say i agree with you even though the sake wow great hits great hitsif you just got started in the past 30 days with your sense cap yeah if you just got started withinthe past if like your first day was september 9th mining and you got one point set i mean you’regetting some great hits don’t change a thing you’ve got an 8 dbi i’m sure you’ve got itclear with some clearance you’ll be seeing these witnesses there’s only so many that youcan do um i think someone asked for a lone wolf situation here’s a good here’s a good exampleof a lone wolf nope let’s go either one of these could be lone wolf so this is a great situationof a lone wolf here um what you could be doing because you got this little guy this little guyright here he’s a lone wolf definitely a lone wolf so that’s a good situation of a lone wolf i wouldalways say before that like my situation was kind of lone wolf territory just because i didn’treally have a lot like going around or in my area the fart am i i’m not near my miners i’m uphere okay i you know i thought like this would be like a lone wolf situation because i don’thave any minors like around me in the hexagon but sometimes i feel with the exception ofthese three here because this one’s mine this one’s mine and this is someone that actually ithink watches the channel and did their antenna decently because we bounce off of each other andbounce off each other but i’m not hitting these except one over here so i’m not hitting thoseanymore as well all right we are trying to catch up sour honey i wanted to get the sourbro uh actually raj i said i would do yours oily dragon let’s take a look let’s take a look uh hit that like button whoever sends a superchat with their minor names gonna get their stuff done first just gonna be a beggar umpolite oily dragon right oh you just got yourself started so if you just got startedtwo days ago and you’re already pulling 0.88 not a bad start i would give yourself a week mineis really new clumsy silver.yeah give yourself a week before you have any likes concerns or issuesor start making any improvements that’s what i did even with my crappy little three you know 4.0dbi antenna that came in the box sitting next to my window i gave it like a week beforei changed anything out and then once i did we started seeing some good stuff uh this newupdates cut my earnings in half yeah if you’re spoofing or anything like that you’re gonna seethat um who did i own next sour honey salmon sour honey salmon oh we’re going to canada eh i’ll see you down at the tim hortons catch ahockey match a hoser all right let’s get in there not too bad 12 in the past 30 days onlytwo-month break-even point you’re welcome raj um in the past week you’ve gotten 4.4 80 a weekpretty good your only issue is that you’re at half the rewards just because your transmitscale which to be fair out here in out here in uh canada dia i mean you’re pretty much saturated so luckily you’re not seeing anythingfunky where it’s a lot of uh you have great omnidirectional so you’re getting everythingaround you so i’m happy with that placement uh um bro do you know how long to update antennatype on the map it usually takes about within an hour i just updated the 5.8 butstill showing 1.2 oh you have to manually do it though let’s see if it updated since youmade that comment um and then you have that yeah we’ll talk about him in a second um flaky magenta pigeon i really haven’t watched muchof vosk’s videos anymore he got a little braggy like i got into this stuff but he got alittle too braggy and i’m not a huge fan of it selling the dreams i don’t like selling the dreamslike i like the suffering the pain and suffering the pain and suffering that i went with the deepernetwork i’m gonna try to bring you guys an easy peasy video yeah just you have to do it in theapp and the app you pull up your miner and then at the top will be a little cog for the gearand it’s going to cost you some dc but you’ll get that in rewards easy so you just do it in theapp it usually goes through in the first half hour mine is really new um thankyou you’re welcome how about how should i place my miner wait hang onbro do you have to okay i got yours will you be getting the 12 dbi directional antenna ihaven’t seen any reviews for it yeah i do plan on getting it um to shoot it towards orlandoso we’ll work on that next how should i place my miner it’s just i’ve been like i need togive my portfolio a break because i just keep like reinvesting my earnings you know like intothe into deeper and into it awares and into um next is going to be a bigger gaming pcso i can have a bigger graphics card so i can continue mining algorand on or miningalgorithm on kudo miner um what’s next how should i place my miner in our flat we are on topbut it’s al baton uh in the middle of your flat and as high as you possibly can that’s howyou want to place them amateur vinyl parrot oh you’re in lake mary my dadlives in lake mary actually there i was looking at placing one out there i think i pulled it up on the last video idon’t know why it’s taking a while to pull it up let’s see what else big thanks hey ihope rewards are back gone from 1.7 24 hours down to 0.5 yeah now that it’sback like it’s been two days for me yeah i’m relatively close ronald reagan boulevard oldlike man blah blah like mary boulevard where was i looking at placing mine i think if i’m doingthis right there’s like a walmart uh marketplace down over here like somewhere where’s old lakemary estates yeah there should be like that um walmart marketplace down i think it was righthere i think this yeah i think this was where i was going to be putting my other one itwas like in a neighborhood right as soon as you turn off that’s where i was looking atplacing my other one um all right so you 1.2 dbi is it relatively new is it a baby miner otherwiseif that if those numbers aren’t accurate you need to update your numbers and get yourself maybelike a a 5.0 or a 5.8 and get that up and high and you’ll start getting more returns in thearea around you so big thanks hey blah blah i put my stock stubby antenna on the roof ofmy areas uh too saturated dizzy taupe donkey dizzy tope donkey oh yeah yeah san diego super vosk’s word is worth nothing now oh yeah where wasthat and then you have that vosk a-hole telling everyone that bobcat is the best to be honest it’sbeen nothing but a headache since i ordered the damn thing the problem that i’ve had with all ofhis videos as well yeah super saturated market but he’s still gonna get some returns there prom everytime he shows the footage of his bobcat miner now like he got he got it out of the window well youonly see the bobcat miner sitting on the table and you see the cord like the antenna runningsomewhere else and you can’t mean you like you know darn well he’s not leaving the bobcat minersitting on the dining room table running so sticky baby we don’t like how people are doing atbragging we don’t like yeah like i’m not bragging i’m showing you my results like that’s that’smy thing i went through sweat tears sunburns hot florida sun lots of beer lots of cursing andyelling to get to the point where i’ve made about 20 what i what did i do i put 12 into stakingand i pulled out eight helium to get into deeper to top off the balance that i needed to get tothe 21 000 deeper tokens that i wanted to stake and now i’m sitting at a balance of um 2.5 as oftoday so i mean i haven’t made like stupid crazy money but 2.52 and it looks like helium is downa little bit as well um so i’m not trying to be braggadocious about it or anything but i’m makingwithout this crappy week in between probably about like 10 helium a month which i think i made12 my first one but that was really with not having anything good so as soon as this stuff getsrunning we’re good i’m using a 5.8 dbi antenna on both of my hot spots one is three meters in theair and one is eight meters in the air you know one that’s eight meters in the air is inside myattic uh and i have tall vaulted ceilings and so that’s why it’s really really really tall up thereand then the sour walnut is three meters in the air that’s on top of a manufactured home on a flatlevel uh you’re showing us the dark underbelly of having to try and max out on h t yeah andespecially now hey can you look at prehistoric sepia ladybug 8.0 it’s about 12 feet up idon’t know what i’m doing wrong um prehistoric sepia ladybug 440 all right i was talking aboutvos trying to humble brag oh yeah yeah no i yeah no i know you’re not uh i mean if i retire on youtube i’m gonna bragabout that but i’m not gonna be like look at me try to hack my accounts bro um i don’t thinkyou do anything wrong you’re getting some solid witnesses it’s just you’re in a saturated area uhdid you just get started if you just got started you’re not doing anything wrong first 8.25 giveit a week to start getting like the momentum going but you’re not doing anything wrongthat looks fine 8 dbi maybe your 8 dbi is a little too high i would say normally withthat you would be overshooting these guys but you’re not overshooting them which is great you’re getting all the close ones near youwhich is fine i just don’t know what the rest of your setup is it’s about 12 feet up12 feet isn’t five meters though uh and then you know how long is your cable you’ve got abobcat i wouldn’t really worry too much about um wi-fi or connection because mine’s off a wi-fi i’mstill doing good i want to go remote four miners is it worth it um yeah i mean i don’t think it’stoo bad yet uh with pocket miner if i set my miner up using ethernet cable and a five-point antennawhat would i gain over the 4.0 that comes with the miner you would have a better range i averaged10 h t a day with 15 bobcats that’s awesome like that’s i’m jealous of that so if you bought15 at the price of 500 that’s 7 500 10 at the cost of we’re just going to say it’s that soit’s 7 500 divided by 200 you’re looking at 37 you’re looking at a month and a half like a monthand a week before you break even which is awesome which is why i’m like very happy about theaware elements because now with the tokens being up more they’re what seven dollars uh aday what was it 23 what’s the token at right now um coin gekko uh my cable’s three feet long yeahokay so you’re doing all right you’re doing all right there uh we are looking at planets this iswhat i’m super excited for can you please look at special rainbow sea lion and see what i should doearnings have been low for about one to two weeks remember the earnings have been crap for the pastweek absolutely um so i oh seven dollars and 58 cents a day now absolutely freaking lutely on myawares so excited for that so i’ve got four of those bad boys times four it’s 30 and 33 centsa day in the planet tokens and if i spent 450 uh plus 120 for the four licenses now it’dbe another 160 wouldn’t it be 444 to 440. november 17th is the estimate for my two tocome in that’s not too bad uh so we’re at 610 610 divided by 30.33 a day we’re at like a 20day roi that’s bonkers yo castado how’s going uh on hot spot he’s telling me ihave 52 blocks remaining around you that’s weird can you please look up specialrainbow sea lion and see yup we can look at that hey what’s going on mr pisghettis sorry ididn’t see you sneak in there uh special rainbow sea lion holy [ __ ] i have neverbroken 100 viewers at one time on a stream so thank you very much to each and every oneof you that are here watching the stream now and this is your first time on the channelplease take a moment to consider subscribing and turning on the bell notification as wepost videos weekly and we stream every single monday for the beer of the day so hit thelike as well for the beer of the day this is a beer that was sent to me from a subscriberyou know who you are so thank you very much it is called 99 problems but a bitcoin ain’t onethis is a west coast style ipa it’s 5.6 alcohol by volume it’s coming out of like washingtonwhich is fantastic so cheers to you guys yeah two days ago that amount yeah give it aweek when would the aware start being able to mine planets um probably yeah thank you very muchguys um cheers uh hey having a beer as always yeah the planet should be at the end of uh septemberbeginning of october and um one of my subscribers uh in discord um scott malkinson uh south parkreference or captain diabetes uh posted that they said that you won’t need the planet app and therewill be a new app for aware that will be able to direct the rewards out as well so that’s prettysolid what do we got next how am i looking custom heather peacock bitcoin dumping todaybitcoin’s not dumping it’s just going on sale what do we got custom heather peacock iwanna see your pikachu two peacocks today huh oh god question not h t related with theaware element if i want to change my phone let’s say i want to upgrade my phone do i lose thelicense or something i don’t believe so that’s a good question that we will have to discover asthat time frame comes along but i don’t believe so uh just back up your phone make sure yourphone’s always back up so you can just kind of like start and pop back up from there becauseyou know i’ll be like upgrading to the iphone 13 pro max here shortly because the iphone 12 pro maxantenna has terrible and the touch screen is also one of the worst i’ve dealt with so i want thenext model um but yeah i’m listening while i do door dash work keep up the goods hey man keepup the work glad you’re getting some door dash shifts i never had that much luck uh mr pisghettisome fig wine to get the sea up and after that some ice cold or some cold iced beer um how am ilooking cuz all right so i’m on heather peacock if you just got started you’re looking very wellespecially since you have a lower transmit scale uh and you’re making 0.6 in the last 24 hoursit’s 11 a day and the past 30 days looks like you just got yourself started on september 15thand you’ve made two helium not too bad at all man a stunning snow wise not bad now you justhave to redo the wall oh have a cerveza on me bro thank you very much felipe i absolutelywill cheers to you my friend in fact when we go to halloween horror nights this week um i willget i’m gonna take a picture of that because i would be like yup here’s the beer i will do ashort that way i can remember there we go and i will dedicate that to you so thank you verymuch felipe i really really appreciate that um that was probably the worst spanish everand if you unsubscribe i i i apologize uh basic pig tin let’s take a look uhcuddly coffee owl also i’m also i’m new her up and her transmit skill sucksbut if 30 days not terrible returns i know that we had some issues with bobcat inthe past week so you could have seen a big hit from that just your transmit scale that’s reallyall four dbi two meters in the air if you want to go ballsy you could try to get yourself a5.8 and hit towards you know and you’ll put it up perfectly and then get uh portland sothat is something to consider is doing that um basic tin pig right is that we’re onand then we’re looking at cuddly coffee owl also if you guys are in florida and you’renear me there is a meet-up event this wednesday at 8 pm at paddy wagon irish pub we’re going tobring a laptop we’re going to be looking at helium miners live while we have a beer there is a beeruh wicked weed coastal love ipa that is going to be the nerdy beer of the event where they willbe offering it for a little bit of a discount just because you are there um that was aspecial that was a perfect spanish accent good job it is for real not sarcasm iappreciate it that’s what i i’ve taken a lot of spanish and then working in theme parksand the hospitality industry you know i was a housekeeping manager of pretty much an entirespanish team so you’ll learn it pretty quick what are we waiting on here cuddly coffee owloh did we zoom into it is that cuddly coffee i think we already talked about it what’snext uh here hello would you take a look at mini eggplant beaver yeah that’s an awesome namei mean it’s immature and childish of me to laugh at it because eggplant you know is the emoji thatyou send when you want to talk about an eggplant do i have to refresh this because i definitelywant to take a look at mini eggplant beaver your hot spot identifies as male and femalethat’s funny there we go mini eggplant beaver oh where’s all the spots there we go not bad on thetransmit scale for the area great great spot right there um placement wise8 dbi you might be overshooting a lot um no yours was the tickly coffee one right yeahcuddly coffee owl you might be overshooting a lot with your 8 dbi so a 5.0 or a 5.8 might bea good a good chance as well um everything else looks fine there what’s your 30 day return yeah imean 6 in 30 days not not not terrible but yeah uh best set up for a saturated area depends on yourelevation how high you are and stuff like that uh we need to go back to bring up what was it coffeecuddly owl where were you i already did beaver um sugar great i didn’t have that much beertoday and i’m forgetting stuff oh well uh type it again umcheck out crazy navy dragon yeah stock antenna for a saturated area especiallyif you’re in like a top apartment oh baby william ward with the two dollar super chat any sense anysuggestions 5.8 since cap have it outside yeah what’s your um what’s your miner’s name send meyour miner’s name um 5.8 would be definitely good based on your area though um we are doing quaintcuddly thank you there it is cuddly coffee owl pull it up this time please there we go all rightwe’re on a pa there we go now it’s pulled up 30 days nine helium don’t change a thing uh letme get to that since you hit me with that super chat i’m gonna get that you got a 5.8 the onlyother option that you could potentially consider is aiming yourself towards uh philly so if youwant to get yourself like the 12 dbi or a 10 dbi directional then you could sit thereand potentially aim yourself at philly and get all this but right now with that areawith being so small and not too saturated you’re getting some solid rewards yournext option would just be shooting an omni directional at major cities so considerthat um hey ladybug if i use a 5.8 antenna at 12 feet in the air do you think i will get ab yeah 5.8 are pretty sexy um quaint tortilla quaint tortilla nightingale canwe get another like another uh my like milestone for the channel like can we getthe video to 100 likes like if you guys haven’t hit the like button just yet can we getthe stream to 100 likes like we got 100 viewers which is awesome and i love iti’ve never had that but let’s get like two two milestones in one video hit that likebutton if you haven’t i don’t think we’re gonna go for a third like because the last i thinktwo streams ago someone hit me with like a 20 um super chat i thought that was like the highesti’ve ever done and then someone followed that up with like a 50 and i was like holy [ __ ] but idon’t think i’m gonna get that again that was like by the grace of god and like you knowsuper blessed to have that opportunity all right so looks like you just set upquaint tortilla nightingale um 5.8 9 meters up give yourself a week before you come backlike come back to me on next monday’s show and yeah you got to give yourself a week i’mapproximately 145 meters in the sky 145 in this guy i’m on the 48th floor in the center ofa major city with an 8 dbi you’re overshooting everything howdy from detroit audi um yeah briansusia suico you are overshooting everything um icky inky peacock another peacock icy inky peacock let’s take a look we’re at 78 likes guys 22 moreif you haven’t hit that like button let’s hit it let’s hit it i have to type this correctlyicy inky peacock and cheers to all you guys it’s not pulling up we gotta keep going i’mfalling behind which antenna should i upgrade to my miner is perfect aquamarine uh suico i gotuh suica alright cool i got a lot of high-rises around me all right so brian suica oh pros bythe way i’ll be swapping my antennas tomorrow to stock and wait a week yeah that’s not abad idea uh 80 20 more latest updates yeah latest updates have messed everyone upgrumpy dad from nottingham uk here well cheerio and it’s up and down elevation i havetwo bobcats on the way dry honeysuckle peacock is in my ideal area hey crypto what’s going onbrother all the way from georgia today right um so this is kind of what your area is going tobe at mythical rose ostrich 15 more likes hit that like button hit that like button all right soif you’re gonna be near him oh my goodness uh oh boy you’re in a unique situation um yourbest bet is to overtake the entire island just buy you know 15 and just buildyour whole network um yeah i mean you keep for just being alone here like that’snot bad that’s not too bad for being alone you’re really go you’re going to be riding on a hopewhy isn’t it loading for you that’s mine um you’re going to be wanting to hope thatthis builds up around you otherwise get more are you getting witnesses and stuffno is any of these getting witnesses yeah so you’re getting somewitnesses there so that’s not bad just trying to learn about some heliummining john shirley i’m not far from you lol that’s hilarious um old shamrock mantis kindgreen mandrel won’t load for me his setup recently i’m still near him but i’m over one anda half miles from him suggested dbi kind green mandrel i feel like you put myname there i was like oh shiny going to alabama you’re really he’s relay atthe moment haha take over the whole island yeah okay so we got it back to peacock all rightum oh my god omnidirectional aim toward huntsville or birmingham yeah you want you want a directionaluh what are we looking at icky sticky pinky i see inkyokay wait why are we not getting ah typing in the right spot god uhfirst time watching great content we’ll be super thrilled if you takea look yeah give me a second i see inky peacock oh pembroke pine pembrokepines florida we’re going to florida what do you call an alabama cheerleader team why do you have an address there oh for meto search it okay um a full set of teeth past 30 days 109 4 dbi 2 meters up probably getyours up a little bit higher and do a 5.0 i i i do apologize if i don’t get to yours um there’s a lotcoming through seven more likes and 100 likes it’s crazy um there’s a lot coming through and so i’mkind of getting distracted on each and every one i will sound like a beggar and say that if youdo have a super chat on it i will prioritize you absolutely 110 just that’s because now with youknow over 100 people watching it’s hard for me to keep track of everyone especially with how lateit takes brian callahan um especially with how long it takes it to load and me to get going andgive advice like i want to be able to give advice and take a look at the same time and keep upwith the comments so just think about that you know any super chats are all greatly appreciatedhelp support the channel like comment subscribe but you definitely yourself to the front of a lineconsider it like a universal or a disney fastpass um we are looking at you’re welcome smash thatlike thank you for smashing that like we are looking at decent grape goldfish you want to aimyourself with an omnidirectional yeah no no no no you wanna do that you wanna aim up you wanna aimhit aim towards the city man aim towards new york city middleton get yourself all the way up thereso let’s draw you a little picture 12 dbi omni or 12 dbi directional antenna off of rack shootit way up there what bam what bam there you go that’s what you want to do what’s next so thatone was decent grape goldfish wait you never looked at mine brother william ward let me seeif i can find you in the comments real quick perfect aqua marine perfect aqua marine cappy bara five more likes five more likes fivemore likes there you go pulling yours up now five more likes breaking a hundred we have overa hundred watchers and i’ve never had a hundred likes on a stream yeah lol’s pay to win it’s gottakeep me up i think uh i got 500 install how much do you think i start pulling in i really can’ttell with the pulling in because i can’t like even though you might have perfect setups and behitting stuff around you i really don’t understand the reward structure it looks like you were hituh i did super chat oh yeah you did didn’t you oh yeah you just didn’t okay you didn’t superchat it in like the name of the minor in the super chat you’re right you’re right you’reright you’re right you’re right you are 100 right and then i was like stuck in one when isaw yours come back up you’re 100 right i’m sorry all right so we got oh oh onemore one more like one more like one more one more like one more like one morelike one more like oh super chat there we go thank you very much last chance 4026 there wego all right so to the front of the line with your express pass um this one final answer 5.8 nottoo bad i like what i’m seeing there um first time watcher and smokej we’re going to dallas uh wellsince you’re in dallas if you’re a cowboys fan um just on like the best results you’re gonna getis to unplug your your miner and just like hide it away yeah you don’t you don’t need to be miningwith it you don’t you don’t need to you don’t need to unless you’re not a cowboys fan um 4.0 transmitscale not too bad looks like you also went through the same pain that i went through in the past weekso it’s really hard to judge your 30-day numbers just because of how bad bobcat has screwedus in the past week 106 likes thank you very much everyone i really appreciate that damn damndamn damn that’s phenomenal i really appreciate each and every single one of you guys so yeahso salty smoke j uh last chance 4026 it’s not gonna be the year for the cowboys not dem boyzbut um yeah let’s see what’s gonna happen after it comes back from the bobcat issues it lookslike you went through the same issues that i did um you’re in a pretty solid spot it’s nice thatyou’re like a lone wolf here not lone wolf but you’re alone in this hexagon when you’ve gotsuch crowding around you so how about 10 boys boom 101 likes i appreciate that very mucheveryone fortunately not a cowboys fan all right cool so then keep your miner plugged in make sureyour antenna is nice and straight like nice and high and level and it’s just bouncing out thereif you do want to be nice and ballsy you couldn’t give yourself a whirl of having a 5.0 or a 5.8 aslong as your 4 your 4 dbi isn’t sitting next to a window or a wall or anything like that you shouldbe oh ok what did bobcat do to screw us well they had an issue that happened where people that werein the same like area on the same internet service provider were getting rewards pretty much cut offand invalid witnesses and then the whole network just went stupid like the ota yeah and afterthe update was pushed through a lot of it fell out of sync and they weren’t syncing um and so onand so forth so all right formal fiery copperhead let’s see what we got for you formal fiery copperhead allright we gotta get out of dallas uh old shimmer mantis with 12 dbi it is okay i’ll take a look uhwhat did bobcat do to screw us told you that one already mythical rose ostrich the one you did wasnot mine uh okay well i can take a look at that again um ota jovial honey panther whoa good good[ __ ] here not too bad you’re hitting everything um would you say 8 dbi 30 meters up yeah you’rehitting everything it’s truly a line of sight wow those little piers are that’s crazy it’struly line of sight and it looks like you were looking at everything so you’re doing it you’redoing pretty well there i wouldn’t change a thing just sit back and enjoy collect yourhelium um who did i not who was it mythical mythical rose ostrich and puerto rico puerto rico uh looks like youbobcat as well you had a bad week just like we did same same bad week so i really can’t judgeyour 30-day average but looking at the recovery and that you’re up to the highest so far not toobad seven meter i probably may be considering a 5.8 at that height just because you couldbe overshooting a lot of these guys here you have some pretty solid height butum 8.0 you’re probably overshooting and then you might want to try to buildaround the island a little bit more so anything isn’t synchronous shipping nonesince i’m not involved with syncrobe ota jovio jovio honey panther i’m just chillaxi’m just chilling in decks yep um jovial honey panther jovi honey panther jovial honey panther don’t change a thing anyupdates on shipping from synchrometer nope any news in singapore shipping nope i’ve beenlooking into this i assume all vendors are backed up months yeah all vendors are backed up months uhwhat antenna should i upgrade why would you don’t need to upgrade if you’re pulling 38 helium amonth i wouldn’t change it as i wouldn’t change it at all the bitter basil baboon the better businessbureau and you also had a bad week like we did hey pr next to me that’s awesome did sensecap facesimilar issues like bobcats um i’m not sure i i think the overall network in generalwas pretty bummed as well but yeah you went through like a similar crap week likei did that’s crazy though you’re pulling 0.6 a day let’s see almost two a day that’s thething of beauty gotta run great live stream hey thanks very much john shirley i appreciate it andi hope you have a great day you have a whole bunch though wow let’s look at your account no those arewitnesses let’s take a look at your actual account yeah man i wouldn’t change a thing if you’remaking 46 helium you have two multiple hot spots yeah you’re making some solid numbers iwouldn’t change the thing you’ve got a nice um it looks like you have a nice lockin your area so i wouldn’t do a thing uh what am i next to festive goldenrod frog festive golden rod frog again guys if i can’t getto every single one of you guys i do apologize i’m trying my best um because i want to make sureit looks like you got stuck with an abra issue well actually no it’s 24 hours so not too badum past three days six or past seven days well you do have a [ __ ] yeah it looks like maybenever had some issues when bobcats had issues past 30 days yeah oh yeah thisis the common trend we’re seeing a lot of these miners that we’re lookingup you know i’m not surprised with how many we’re getting this like dip right herelike so looks like a lot of us are kind of same issues interesting um i’m still waiting on myracks but we’ll get them in november not too bad uh let’s build a usvi pr helium networkyeah you guys get together take over uh take over you’re welcome max um good yeahi did get max okay bitter basil baboon again don’t change a thingjust sit back and collect looks like you got some terraneous areas behindyou so you’re not going to get your directionals out but you’ve got some serious numbers as whenyou start seeing all this and you start seeing a 30-day return of like 23 helium there’s noreason to change anything um how do you know how do you know how many hotspots a minerhas all right so look at my account for that so if we go on to the explorer let’s find minereal quick if you want to explore and you pull up a minor you actually want to pull up pullup the miner so i’ve got mine pulled up here and if you go to on the top this little like lookslike a head and shoulders and you just click on the number five super chat thank you very much iappreciate that very very much yes and i looked at your minor already didn’t i because you’rejust chilling yeah yeah yeah yeah cool looked at your mind i appreciate it um but yeah so thenyou click on that little head and shoulders thing mind looking at mine yeah if yeah paste it inthere just give me a second if i can get to it and then it will pull up uh overview activityhotspots validators go to hotspots and then you can see how many are attached to that cheers mani appreciate your work yeah absolutely my pleasure and so it’ll pull up all the hot spots that areattached to that um account um my setup sucks rich cerulean cerulean sparrow okay let’s get thatgoing oh i think this i think this is from who am i pulling up rich cerulean where areyou who are you ah matt larkin i think this is from your neck of the woods this isbrood out near you where is the it’s from the brothers cascadia brewing 99 problemsbut at bitcoin 81.Did it say where it was established in 2017. somewhere it said whereit was canned oh the bottom says doge the moon that’s awesome that’s really cool um all right so 10 dbi 11 meters in the air and you’re notgetting much huh huh please see where i can do better mythical hazel chinchillaplease answer my question asked earlier uh trying to answer all the questions man um as you can see you’ve got a lot of comments going i don’t i don’t even know where to find yourquestion i’ll just be straight up about it yeah yeah that’s where um that’s what i figured wheni pulled up your minor that’s where it is uh over if you want a question answered immediately i’mjust gonna be the beggar and say super chat it and i will answer it but it’s gonna get lost inall the um it’s gonna get lost i don’t think i gave you all your answers yet though where arewe right here um you have a 10 dbi directional are you aiming i don’t i can’t do much withthe the address you gotta give me the miner um check cables i got one with a super shortpin yeah you’re not getting like anything with your 10 dbi definitely check your cables makesure everything’s good bobcats fine make sure your antenna is if it’s a directional make sureit’s level because if it’s not level you could be shooting your signal right into the ground i wentwith hotspot rf data and it didn’t work out um please check mine more than four days my revenueis down around fifty percent yeah a lot of more no wouldn’t this get moving antenna around allright so we’re looking at square menthol cow should i try a 15 dbi antenna to get finlandon blah blah blah my hot spot has witnessed one miner from finland once this rackeda dbi also what white box do you have in the background in the background the whitebox is an um element so all right i’ll try to remember that so square menthol past 30 days5.23 3bi get yourself yeah you want it bigger um you want to try a directional i don’t know why i’m holding this up still youwant to try directionally this way or that way or even try an 8 dbi to maybe cover as much as youcan there all right so to answer emray’s question what was your minor able garnet peacock estonia omnidirectional yeah it could be some of theproblems there now we’re just waiting for this one to pull up right or did it pull up alreadyno it didn’t pull up yet strong pineapple manatee all right miniature tree at bat 40 bi just got mylbc miners in but i’m still waiting on the power supply boo are they still available on gold shelldaily uh hooray all my miners are back to mining again and all i did was wait it out yeah arethey um oh able garnet peacock don’t do a thing when you have numbers like this don’t do athing i’m sure you had a bobcat week like we a lot of us bobcat guys did but you have a reallystrong grab on the surrounding village around you so i wouldn’t i wouldn’t change a thing theredefinitely don’t change a thing um i have an extra power supply but you’re just waiting for yoursto come in i thought about getting an lbc miner uh where am i i did you’re able to think aboutmy hotspot has witnessed one minor from finland yeah if this is you i wouldn’t do a thing also what white box do you have inthe way gotcha i don’t know dazzling all right i probably also have to wrap this up inthe next three minutes because i do have to get back to work so if you guys have any last minutegrabs or anything you want to check i’m sorry i can’t get to everyone um you know the drillsuper chat it and i’ll do it before i log off wow you’ve got some nice clearing over the waterhere just because water is a really good like there’s no obstacles it’s line of sight youshoot it right over 4 dbi 20 meters up in the air you’ve got some great line of sight on everythingso i wouldn’t change a thing it looks like you might have had some issues with your bobcat likewe did in the past week um point two for today not too bad not too bad at all how long will bobcatminers sink out of the box it’s been earning rewards although i still say syncing so far 10witnesses it took me about uh two days to have it synced yes they still have lbc miners and now havehs box miner available ooh i might get the hs one um i definitely might get the hs one just so ican have more mining content but i got the deeper miner going so i’m very happy about that but yeahyou got some good line of sight to everything around you uh but the market is down so you’renot about to sell anything no definitely not now is when you want to buy everything so when i tookprofit on stuff earlier now is when i want to buy everything i ordered my bobcat a week ago when doyou think it will arrive probably not for another 16 weeks i’m going to say 16weeks on that one anita need up need a pine ass that’s awesome uh what do youwork with work that allow you to drink a beer um i am a district manager for a trash collectioncompany so i do a little bit of office work uh when i go to visit other apartment communities andi work at home for a good chunk of the afternoon and then like now i will be going probablyback out around seven or eight o’clock tonight to check on my staff which is why i don’tmind having a quick afternoon office beer so if you ever go to like ashop and you see uh need a penis anytime you go to a shop or anything likethat and you see like a guy sitting there on his laptop drinking a beer it sometimes couldbe me uh what are we gonna look at petite gray moth i just saw it petite gray right there india looks like weare branched out in india now um i bought mine in june all right petitegrey moth there’s nothing you’re really gonna need help on you just don’t have a networkaround you uh yeah you don’t have a network around you it’s hard like that’s just the coldhard facts you’re gonna have to wait until the network builds up around you so you’re in avery similar situation to im your your your dbi is fine your and your location’s fine theproblem is there’s only so much that you can do um there’s only so yeah there’s only so much that youcan do because if you have the perfect antenna set up and placement this guy next to you might notthey might have theirs just sitting inside their window let’s click back on you uh can we pleasewhat about profit after the three million miners go online that are on back order so the profitat the end of the day like there is only so much that can be allocated that helium puts out permonth right like that that is that is a concern i absolutely hear you guys and i i understandbut as long as some of those miners set up their their their positioning and their antennas tobe in a crucial spot to get you witnesses and challenges and beacons you’re still going to reapthose rewards because look at it this way if these so this minor right here on screen petite greymoth they’re not hitting witnesses on this cluster right here they’re not hitting a witness up hereor here or here and i have that same issue with mine so we’ll go into mine and as long as thosepeople are just buying these miners and they’re watching vos coin and buy the miner and put theantenna in their window their signal’s not going to go anywhere so if we’ve got three millionminers that are coming in but really only 250 000 people watch the youtube channels and actuallyspend time mounting these antennas on their roofs and making sure the line of sight gets directand connect back back and forth the percentage of good miners will still remain low while all theother miners out there are going to get a fraction of the pie so it’s like the best way i can put itis imagine that we are all a bunch of people in a sandbox right we’re on we’re on a giant sandboxand the whole goal is all the sand that we can grab and carry is profit and money in our pocketsso if we go into that sandbox and we just sit there go i’m going to grab sand with my hand andwe don’t have bags and we don’t have pockets to put sand in and we don’t have jars and bucketsand cups and all this stuff and like you know to put sand in we’re only gonna be able to walkout of the pit with whatever’s in our hands and whatever we can put in our two pockets right thisis really really long and bad analogy but if we go into that sandbox and we invest ourselves a let’ssay a 5.8 dbi antenna is a shovel and it is a bathtub on wheels a wheelbarrow now obviouslywe’ve done enough to where we can mine ourselves more and put it in there and then if we havelike another guy that also invests himself that’s that’s our neighbor invests himself with a shoveland a wheelbarrow then we could sit there and work together to fill our wheelbarrows quicker togetherand then go dump it and then get back and then fill our wheelbarrows together and then dump andcome back so that’s kind of how you got to look at it so and i think with that analogy i am goingto pop off i really really appreciate everyone that’s here today i’ve never had a stream over100 viewers i’ve never had a stream over 100 likes we stream every monday starting around 1 30 to 2p.m for about an hour or so so make sure you hit that subscribe button we do have our meetup eventvery first time if you’re in the florida area the address and information for paddy wagonirish pub is in the description of the stream if if you have to go out of your way to getdown here i don’t recommend it you’re not gonna get much value out of it other than hanging outand having a beer at one of my um favorite like places to drink beer i will bring my laptop soeverything you see on the stream with us pulling up these miners and stuff we will do in personand there is going to be a beard that will be discounted as well so how can i make itworth it with only two miners in my area uh buy more miners and build up theentire area lots of people are not going to do anything to optimize our setup so thepeople doing well are just going to do better absolutely so and that’s kind of the issue thati’m having here so it looks like on this miner if we go into my sour walnut we got someone in thearea that finally set something up and turn it on so yeah that’s gonna do it for me today guysi really really appreciate it thank you very much for the likes thank you very much for theviews thank you very much for the super chats um sorry i couldn’t answer everyone’s questionsin uh got three bobcats on the water next to the should i fly in from it no and i mean unless youhave extra change to throw away and you don’t care and you want to show up and hang out thenabsolutely but if you’re not like directly in the area then i wouldn’t worry about it sam adamsnew beer is so strong it’s illegal in 15 states oh i have to try that um but yeah uh yo bro how youdoing today i’m good i’m all i’m just about to get off though so i really appreciate everyonespending time with me watching the playback all that stuff uh whole market is down so sadyeah so that’s gonna do it um telegram twitter discord all that stuff if you guys want to jumpon the discord i will still be responding to comments there i won’t be looking up hot spotminers because i do have to get back to work but i really appreciate it like commentsubscribe turn on bell notifications do we have more beer left we do i’m aprius and we’ll see you guys next time oh we didn’t fart in the element today imeant to fart and yell i didn’t have to fart maybe we’ll get it on videolater oh well we’ll see

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