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as the helium network develops bigger some peoplestart recognizing some issues previously i’ve mentioned possible hacking where people couldhave variou hotspots in one room but spoofed locales to appear at different places on themap tactical investing too encompassed this topic in his recent video i will connect the video inthe description below today i’m going to talk about this topic from a different perspective iwill not go into the technological vistum too much because eventually we want to solve the problemnot to have more parties trying to exploit it there are different types of spoofs but ultimatelyall these devices need to be able to talk to each other through radio frequencies since all ofthese devices are also hooked into internet they too have ip homes bind to general geolocations that is why these hackers can only set all of their machines in one little region next toeach other let’s say if you have two manoeuvres in your cellar and you spoof one to be in the usand spoof the other to be in the uk when these devices communicate to each other through indication ofsight radio frequencies because they’re literally right next to each other they both will show anrssi which is the indicator for signal backbone and also a snr that stands for signal to noiseratio it will also say which counseling the signal is coming from this will immediately trigger a redflag because this is just physically impossible for a design in the uk to communicate a machine inthe u.s at 800 to 900 megahertz through a direct line of vision the conceal network also implementedanti-cheating system to prevent this type of hack simple gps spoof is actually really easy todefeat when pokemon depart was really popular and some people didn’t want to go out of the house to catchpokemons or they want to travel to the other side of the earth to catch rare pokemons without flyingthere that type of hack by itself is simply not enough to get around the anti-cheating system inmy previous video some of you have asked about the invalid witness i have a graph for you now soas “youre seeing” on this story the y-axis says rssi which is signal strength all the signal strengthis negative here the closer you get to zero the most powerful the signal is on the horizontal axis wehave snr which is signal to noise fraction and what this represents is that in our sky we alreadyhave all kinds of radio frequencies going around and that is called our interference storey and on top ofthat we will send out our signal and mostly what this tells you is that how well this signalis standing out in your environment patently the higher the better right but in such cases it’s notcompletely true you can have a very weak signal and they just invalid or you can have a okaysignal and you can have a very high snr which technically entails good however sometimes thingsare just more good to be true this is something the dev squad can change so my guess is that theyimplement this as an anti-cheating system because a lot of goes when you have a good signal or okaysignal but your snr is really good that could be the indicator for possible spoofing all right someof you guys with electronic engineering background may say there’s a way around that yes there is away around that that’s when it gets really hard to spot because without physically going to thearea you simply can’t say 100 somebody’s spoofing you can only say there’s a very high chancethey’re hacking as you can see this can be a really big publication fast because there really isn’t agood way to prevent this without collateral injure if there is they would have implemented it alreadysome of you may know that china moves over 50 of the world’s bitcoin mining operations whenthe government started to crack them down these miners started big sell-off which led to thebig dip in the crypto busines it will be the same with concealed structure let’s say some people acquireda large amount of hnt by hacking and one day they decide to sell off what do you think that’s goingto do to the market what do you think what’s going to happen to your hnt it’s simply going to tankthe bottom of the ocean and it will take a while before it comes back up or there is an opportunity never comeback of course all of this can be prevented if the helium squad can figure something outthat’s actually defective because giving people motivations got to go and hunt for these hackerscan only go so far talking about impelling changes and improvements i have recognized this recentlyokay so this is the helium github page hip stands for heating and improvement proposals says heliumis a open source decentralized campaign we have the community come together identifying the issues andthen come up with possible solutions and some of these solutions eventually get implemented andsome of them don’t recently they have identified that there are some issues with the regionalreward so that was actually back in february so due to different government regulations uhfor example in the us we can transmit at 27 dbm which is 0.5 watts actually uh the fcc guidanceis i believe one watt so this is only halfway but in the eu people can only transmit 24 dbm ibelieve this extra typo it should be 14 dbm if you watched my previous video you will know that every3 db difference you either get a 100 advantage or a 50 ability loss there is actually a 20 ages differencebetween 27 dbm versus 14 dbm so the more range you are able to cover the more witness you can getthe more reward you will be able to get honestly it does sounds like it’s not so fair for peoplein the eu virtually you pay the same for your device but you don’t get the same quantity of hmt sothere’s some proposals they’re talking about right and one is just keep the way it is um keepit simple don’t change anything and number two is asserting a proportion ingredient instantly tohotspot during site a certain procedure so my understand is that when we set up our hotspotinitially or when we change location for hotspots it will take in consideration of the geolocationand then based on that they will figure out a magnitude and automatically apply this reinforce skillto the miner itself okay let’s take a pause for a second real quick if we can apply reward scale toour geolocation can we figure out a remuneration proportion for parties in the field where all the hacking isgoing on and also there are talks about capping hotspot channel universally at 14 dbmhonestly i don’t know if that’s a good solution because it may actually slow down expansion ofthe network it may also reduce the coverage of the existing network which may be a step back for thehelium network so as we can see that the status of this trendy is still in discussion if a answer getsimplemented it will affect hospital owners and specially hospital owners in the eu are likelysee a significant change in earnings either up or down based on the new honor approach so ithink this could be some good bulletin for our miners in eu so the last thing i would like to speak about iswhy we’re getting less and less hnt before we is starting if you’ve discover appreciate in this videoso far please subscribe and click like for each like we receive we’ll donate one dollar to unicefto help out the children around the world so this information is also on helium github and whatthis is it devotes us a general notion on what our current reward system is and where it’s moving toultimately as you can see that back in february 2021 as you can see this information was updatedback in february 2021 34.5 of the profit goes to the early investors and also we have 47 percentgoes to proof of coverage witnesses and that’s uh the majority of members of us that are mining heliums with these hotspots the more beacon we win this the more hnt we make and then we have the challengers whichare the ones that’s creating a challenge and sent to you somewhere randomly in the world andthen you have these challenges which are receive this challenge and then send out lighthouses for otherhotspots to win this and also as you can see here data ascribes that’s for the sensors and all theseother marketers they may be using the network and they’re paying for these data credits currentlyit’s about zero percentage and we have the consensus radical that’s taking about four spot seven percentof the entire reward and as you can see recently we removed the consensus group to validators andthe goal is to give six percentage of the entire network’s reward to these validators and there issome very interesting stuff going on now as you can see that the ultimate goal for data credits is32. 5 and that means we will be get most of the wages from data ascribes and for proving coveragewe will only be get twenty one point two four percent and that will not happen overnight it willhappen very slowly so that would be a reason why we’re getting less and less honors the nextthing um the next biggest rationale is that we’re getting more devices in the network there’s onlya certain amount of heating in recollection every month so the more machine “were having” that necessitates the less hntfor each hotspot and also we have the hot i’m having coming up on august 1st 2021 so what whenthat happens all our compensations will be cut in half and however i’m very interested to see that whatthe price will be at that time hopefully hnt will too be adopted by these bigger groceries likecoinbase or block five if we can get more trading volume for hnt the price of hnt might actuallygo up like most of you guys i’m a big fan of the helium network i hope by doing these videos we cangrab enough attention from these main stakeholders and the helium squad so they can prioritize thishacking question and implement the solution as soon as possible again this is moto tech thankyou for watching i will see you next time

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