Helium Mining First 7 Day results – This might shock you!

we have gone through a week of hellsince we’ve gotten our helium miners i don’t want to sound like a bitter berrybut lover has it been a ride stay adjusted nerdy buster nonsense what’s going on everyone welcomeback to another video about bitcoin cryptocurrency algorand and all that good material if this is thefirst time on the direct delight take a moment to consider hitting that agree button turningon the buzzer notification because i try to post one to two videos every week so you can alwaysbe notified and maybe leave a comment so today we are going to be discussing my fuss and trialsand future hopes after 1 week of helium mining with two miners “weve had” them all set upwe had them ready to go we’ve gotten all the troubleshooting we’ve gotten all the portsforwarded we’ve gotten everything to the perfect point that have these bad boysready to go with the exception of our antenna placement so withthat let’s start taking a look at some of the drivel that i’ve been dealing withall week for those of you keeping track at home today’s beer of the working day is hop-skip and laden anipa brewed out of castle rock colorado coming from 105 w drink companionship this is 7.2 percentage booze byvolume it’s an unfiltered ipa not really in that hazy territory because it’s got a terribly hop forwardearthy drinkability to it applauds to you guys all right just to give you guys the numberright away if that’s what you’re looking for we have our miners pulled up on screen here weare the top two and you can see that this one miner i will relinquish this really quick thenetwork is currently down so the miners are resyncing and they’re not currently onlinecurrently mining right now so you’re going to see those yellow lights but we haveour firstly miner right here we’ve got. 24 h and t and then our other child is right hereand that’s at moment 1 4 hnt and that’s going to bring us to a total of. 38 helium in oneweek and at helium’s current price of 12.44 12.44 we are currently sitting at 4.72 centsand recollect we devoted about 500 on each of these on these miners we do have two miners and sowe’re only four dollars into our thousands and thousands of r o i we’ve already been going through and we’ve opened upthe ports we’ve already been going through and we’ve hardwired these why even though they’rewi-fi and wireless we’ve hardwired our my our miners into our ethernet ports andeverything into our ethernet state routers and we’ve got everything all set up take a lookat my setup now here is our current setup i’ve got the bobcat sitting right here and i’ve gotthis four dbi antenna that came stock with it sitting right out the window the problem is ihad to move everything into my master bedroom because that’s where my modem is and my router isright behind me i used missed a direct connection from with ethernet into the bobcat miner butthis applies me between my house and the house now versus in my position we had earlier had a directline of sight out into some open roads among the priorities of a hill so what we’re probably going to do iswe’re going to go this we’re going to introduced it up through the attic and we’re gonna leant it on ourroof with a 20 -foot pole to see if we can start getting some coverage all right so the problemwith some of our coverage right now is we don’t have our feeler outside uh as high as we possiblycan go to try to get line of sight or some kind of connection to these other helium miners andi’m looking at this delineate now and i’ve done some charting between when you purchase the bobcatminer they say that the four dbi feeler that comes stock with it can reach a range of about1 0 miles you know i understand it’s based on placement i’m in a very suburban area i’m at thetop of a hill and where i live and technically i could have direct line of vision from my two minersbecause my other miner that’s in my in-laws house is also sitting relatively a top of mountain if i gotonto the roof of my house i could potentially investigate their community as well and another thing thati’ve been trying to do is i’ve gone through and looked at the interval between the two here andthat’s currently two kilometers it’s about 1.5 miles in total and then from here to hereis about two kilometers “its from” another being and then from here to here we’relooking at about three kilometers as well so that’s still all within a 10 mile assortment and thenwe have these other miners that are all out here that we should theoretically be able to access butwe’re just not get any joinings so we’re going to pull into our minor now and this is myfirst time utilizing the actual helium explorer 2.0 and yes right now it says it’s offline becausethe network is having concerns but looking at the activity i’ve gone a few daylights without even gettinganything i’ve gotten a few challenges you know challenge established challenge composed challengecreated but you can see here the last time this miner payed payoffs was three days ago and thenwe deserved a payoff yesterday so we had a three epoch breach even though we’ve had challenges in therewe have no witnesses whatsoever and if we jump-start down to our second adolescent we’re kind of lookingat the same boat and this one’s made even less so we’re going to pull that one up as wellwe’re going to look at the activity here and we see that as soon as it quantities we had a challenge umwe’ve sent a beacon we’ve sent to beacon we’ve had challenge challenge challenge challenge we haven’thad a mining reward on this one in four dates so i really don’t understand why and the placementof the antenna on this miner is much better than the placement of the feeler on my child uphere because this antenna is sitting in a window ogling immediately out into an open street whereasthis antenna is sitting in between two residences now theoretically when i was looking at the placementof my miners and looking at other people’s miners lies in the fact that i have this small area aroundme i’ve seen miners reaching these intervals but i don’t know what their setup is so we’ve gotthis individual down here who too started mining around the same time i did and they look likethey’ve been pulling in a little bit more so let’s see what their activity looks like as well andagain they’re too down because everything’s down but it looks like they’re getting challengesevery they got two in one day so they got you know two in one day there and then a epoch andthen they look like they’re getting everything every 24 hours do they have a witness they dohave a witness and i’m assuming their witness is their other one that’s in their network aswell and they because they have two inside this grid yeah so breezy and warm are witnessing eachother because they’re both within this octagon not inevitably do you need to be within the octagonto be witnessing because you really want to make sure you’re 350 meters apart but even with themwitnessing each other and i know that i’ve been kind of stalking them their compensations are down lowtheir rewards are 0.5 whereas my wages would be at point one merely because i have multiplehot spots outside of that hexagon and they’re getting their reinforces have because they havetwo within this but they’re at least getting to witness each other a crony of mine daley mintwho’s got another you who’s got a youtube channel he also received two hot spot miners the sameor three hot spot miners the same day that i did but he’s already pluck in like a hundreddollars a day really because his placement i’m not gonna draw it up on my screen because i don’thave his information pulled up on the computer but i did pull it up when i was looking and we werediscussing it and he’s got a beautiful network his gapes more along the lines like this where you seemultiple hotspots crossing numerou hexagons in these areas with a few more that are even closerso his are actually going observers and coming pings uh so let’s just draw out some of this whereif we have people so this person’s got 1.4 in the past 30 dates let’s see what their activity lookslike they say no eyewitness but so that only means they’re probably leaving their antenna insideand it’s not a good smudge let’s check this one let’s see if you get onlookers and stuff nowitnesses as well and then that’s done as well so it looks like maybe a lot of us have terribleplacement on our feelers so what i’m going to be doing here yes i was sold the dream yes i watchedvos coin yes i watch a few other people about helium miners and i see that they’ve all been veryfortunate enough to get into like consensus groups which is going away and they’ve been getting likesome big dollars like to the point where they paid off their investment on their miners threefour five times over in one day so that really did a big draw to get us into helium mining sowhat we’re going to do here going forward to try to hopefully recoup because at the end ofthe day my goal is to get my two miners right here to communicate and talk back and forth thatway what they can get challenges and observers bouncing off of each other and i’m going to belooking into buying some 6 dbi omnidirectional antennae and then i’m going to be running 20 footextension poles on the ceiling of my house and my in-laws house and we’re going to see if that’sgoing to get these guys to connect to each other and we’re going to run that probably within thenext week we’re going to be rank those and going the parts and putting everything up ontop of the ceilings and then we’re going to see if we can get these hot spot miners to get outto these in this area i think even if i zoom up a little bit because all this is still within a 10 mile radius of me we can hopefully perhaps that is our middle part and we can ping off of even thisguy the whole way up now ping off ping off ping off witness witness witness and then have this onewitness witness witness witness witness witness and then we can have this one hopefully get somewitnesses and then maybe we can start going some impetu going with our helium earnings uham well familiar with setting up all that no but everything’s trial and error in this day andage and that’s just the way i like to go and plus the more that i try and the more things that i dothe more content i can bring you guys so it would be really realized if you hit that subscribebutton and turn on bell notifications so that channel you can stay up to date as we go intothis helium hotspot mining now we are also on the outskirts of like i mean we are in florida and welive relatively close to orlando and i do have a few friends in the orlando range i want to see iforlando is a nice spot to have stuff plopped in oh yeah look what i found guys in the middle oforlando 136 h t in 30 eras 109 18 30 epoches humanity that one right there 136 let’s see what that’srunning at times 12.44 so this guy just made 1600 in 30 epoches so obviously you want to be in a nicecondensed metropolitan neighbourhood to get those kind of payoffs versus being way out here in the outskirts justoutside of disney and the tourist industry and you don’t really have a lot going for you somaybe i can look at a couple of my cronies and envision where they live and see if maybe you knowi can pay them you know 50 bucks a few months to introduce a hot spot in their house and let it payingoff for this like perhaps i got someone that lives in this area and we could ping off of all that butthat’s really got to be the dream and especially in this area as long as you’ve got yourself ohlook another hillcrest as long as you’ve got your i represent i’m assuming the four dbi feeler that icome with could hit these because it requires that 10 mile coverage if we get that good line ofsight on it so really there’s hope there but at the end of the day looking at where i am youknow you spend 500 on these miners and then you time if you’re a lone wolf it doesn’t reallylook like you’re going to be get anything enticing right now especially since i’veonly made four dollars in the past few weeks you know so that’s just what it is i don’t knowif you guys have any uh input or anything or if you are helium miners with a similar scenariowhere you’re a lone wolf like me but you set like a being feeler on top of your houseor roof or a beings pole or anything like that leave me a comment below i’d love to discuss likethe machinists of it or you know the functionality of it and everything that you guys did that highway wecan do some trial and error and we are able to perhaps start engendering some h t specially before thehappening that’s coming up so that’s gonna get it on for me today guys thank you very much forwatching uh if you drew it this far subscribe turn on bell notification like note the videoum reach me on telegram schism gab email all those streets i try to respond pretty quickbut otherwise thank you very much for watching like comment subscribe all that good stuffi’m opry’s and we’ll see you guys next time

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