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Intro Helium miner Venlo Helium RAK miner V2 Yields Hotspots Eindhoven Yield Hotspot Velden Good day! My name is Koos Dorssers I am 56 year olds and I live in Venlo-Noord. I am initially Horticultural Engineer. I have done years of research on flowers and on multiply of cultivates. At the end of the 90′ s I switched to the ICT that was very popular at the time. I am then became a system administrator and I have worked in the ICT for about eighteen years. I crave you now inform about a brand-new phenomenon, something very special, something stupendous There is a new wireless network that is currently being realise. It is the fastest growing network ever yes … People only can’t believe it. It’s the Helium network. It’s a wireless structure importance billions will connect manoeuvres or around the world yes they are connected via sensor that connected to other inventions and soon the doorbell a clang energy meter the gas meter the lighting the link of the dog everything gets a sensor is all linked to a structure and that must be in a cheap network my very good range and therefore wi-fi expires wi-fi is actually the door in fike you can’t connect in all device’ that’s just too expensive as a result, one had recently been developed a new system that is call it 5 structure and so not wifi but wi-fi and was radio structure i won’t get too technical anywhere in the world millions of machines now move so-called helium adolescents and these devices actually form the wireless network of helium yes and on that all other inventions billions of devices along communicate and there beautiful disguised the beautiful is people can earn from this because people want have machines in all locations so you can place in your dwelling or in your company and with that you are part of the helium system that’s why we likewise do the people’s system and all this is at the service of the internet of things’ so call it the things the devices’ that will communicate via and are too late yes fantastic progress and you can rely on it benefit I will explain how milk will fall straight to the door this is a site app point hotspot he then goes with you that site then you can merely test the you can check all maneuvers examine all Hotspots as they are called in fact you can see all details of all maneuvers that is a very transparent company I could see there where they talk what they connect to what symbol it is and specially what one deserves per month I goes to show it so go to the site red-hot discern that top there are other locates i like visualize right away I precisely have an overview now of all Hotspots afterlife int the ones they find themselves in the orange ones are those that are reserved that are a request that have yet to arrive be enabled so you are eligible to on a hotspot please click here I click on this one if I remember rightly see it like this zoom in god yes it is a bit thicker that’s that lock sardine wheeled a very beautiful name which has submitted 48 comma 60 and korns yes in a few months in the past month occasions 2020 your median what is now paid from their income we will get the price later that is quite high, but so this is even though the horizontal scale says 20,000 euros yes we can go places there we go to others this is the after me pronounce it zelus or brand-new now and this one has 17 one in coins earns you two are back fresh time from this to this break circles exactly why that’s give this at t she only payed six shillin korns but good like who so far put down a casket that uses a little power 5 wat you settled that cupboard on your sins at they go as high as possible to be well prepared have and thereby earn this fund passively for free I immediately tell you how you get to sleep click here to see here the chiny recollect she has 6.9 I had a very nice one soon detected it so huge amount of your psyche this one performed 37 coins is really a colony of the 2016 these forces 40 th degree previously had it but I only had one of 71 I genuinely can’t right now this only 2 so why does one have more than the others so depends on the locale of the reach where it says the maneuver likewise utilizes a roof antenna ie you can realize special pontanus copper that greater series so that is the have to let cost then is from 100 euros may yes epoch 10 the rising on back now off to send in the other 4.2 this must-see has even orchestrated 84 silvers in the past month unknown is unprecedented likely he likewise connected our design de digits or gather assembled that gives it such a high yield without being able to simply it’s going out I will give the locate tie under me here and including information on my website u can you probe all that is this information yourself this is king market cap we can look at the price of helium and now top privilege we sounds helium and rap that now twenty dollar views and see here the diagram of the price development of off maartensdijk sprinkles rise as since that the entire network exclusive likewise rises 16 that there is a lot of positive story about helium punt com the company behind this hello there is also more information john the link of below you can set our teeth marketplaces websites where you can convert it to time money rather say barnes there are tech makes are also many more others shape deed of changes myself celebrate labour of corina’s was dutch exchange and I find it very easy to use I will the link to from likewise some time will in our video me 2020, the business magazine forbes has gathered a top 20 of the most interesting internet of things startups and they very nice article anyway about the boarding school or barrels about the growth of it worth learn I have a Dutch translation on their websites and you see here that helium and exclusively find out is just called a very interesting van other thing starred up it is about network for transfer for it thwarts data communication would later become major investors at and point that about long phi so a kind of brand-new pilar snapback pi radio signal and that’s a nice promotional video of helium future itself you are eligible to do that on picture my website and settled obligations join of also under my locate to the region I hope you subscribe he go to my website i specimen they look up a lot of information you can time entreaty a person outpourings is button you will come to this page below is your my seek if you sounds there you will come right on this sheet sheet that are contributing to see my mention is here I am your coach superintendent now and as soon as you are registered then you log in and then you go to you and gather time app there is a mini and you can request a hotspot then click on who channel-surf hotspot and there you can your items enter your address if that ra’s is already occupied then you will have a different location need to form them for monday i hope they realize that is a one time thing as soon as it is just we are ready you can no longer request Hotspots or home and you can no longer use this realise so build along enjoy along benefit from it is a one-time event you don’t get a chance like this very often thanks for watching this video “i m hoping you” dance on conclude a flaw specially the website for more information

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