Helium Miner Antenna upgrade results! 10 dbi external antenna HNT mined – SHOCKING NUMBERS

no elegant or fun introduction today we.
just intend to solve down to the meat and potatoes of our arise from putting.
our 10 dbi antenna up in our attic room as well as just to begin the brainstorming on just how we can.
improve as well as see much better outcomes stay tuned unpopular dude things what'' s taking place everybody welcome.
to another video concerning bitcoin cryptocurrency all that excellent things genuine fast for those of you.
keeping track at residence like i claimed we'' re actually simply intending to dive right into the outcomes of.
our arrangement so we'' re refraining from doing anything crazy or elegant yet we'' re drinking a sam adams summer season.
ale constantly an excellent excellent beer to consume constantly a group pleaser constantly excellent for this moment of year.
joys to you people this is your very first time on the channel please take a moment to take into consideration.
subscribing switching on the bell alert as we post regular content videos on points like.
helium as well as algorand and also other mining chances and if not uh leave a comment leave a like all.
that great things currently let'' s jump right into what we have actually done allow'' s do a fast refresher of our. arrangement as well as let ' s chat regarding several of the trial and error and also the chances to get as much helium.
incentives as we perhaps can and also we'' re going to reveal our outcomes from putting our antenna up in the.
attic room at you find out about 25 feet high so allow'' s do a quick refresher course here and also reveal you individuals what we. performed in instance you missed it in the last video clip in the last video that we uploaded we did a fast little.
clip of our arrangement as well as we have our antenna up in our attic room concerning 25 feet high keeping up a 25 yar.
or 25 foot cable back down right into the garage to our bobcat miner which is linked to the internet.
via wi-fi currently we were having some problems with our we were having some concerns with our wi-fi yet we.
got every one of that dealt with and also our warm place on monday we had all of the wiring to our residence.
redone we had a brand-new modem placed in we found some flayed wires that were potentially ruining.
the signal for the internet coming in and also coming out however ever before given that we had actually that switched out we.
have actually been up an operational one hundred percent of the time so i'' m not fretted about the wi-fi uh versus.
ethernet debate anymore we have not gone down ports are opened up fixed ips are assigned and also.
we have actually remained in the environment-friendly on our box the whole time which has been very really great yet the antenna.
that we have up in the attic room is as you can see in the image here we have it wonderful and also high a pair.
points that i'' m thinking of i could take a look at having a little adapter that expands the antenna around. away from the wood plank simply to get every little thing else around because right now i really feel that maybe.
with this being pushed up versus the wood plank it'' s possibly enclosing uh perhaps about.
90 to 100 anywhere in between 90 to 180 degrees of prospective signal simply from this pole of you know.
the timber slab alone so possibly if we expand this out maybe another like 2 feet just to obtain it.
away from this set post we can then open that range since i'' m not truly as well concerned with.
the plywood or the ceiling shingles disrupting signal like if this was down inside your house.
the antenna that we do have is is it is this web page yep so this is the antenna that we bought you.
can see last purchase dungeon july 9th of 2021 10 dbi exterior for low raw gateway 915 megahertz.
antenna omnidirectional fiberglass as well as 10 blah blah blah blah blah blah if you individuals have this.
antenna let'' s draw it back up here if you have this antenna and you have some success or.
anything like that please leave a comment listed below to allow me recognize how you'' re doing when i. originally made the purchase it just had two testimonials with 5 star rankings now it appears like.
it'' s got 3 reviews with a one celebrity score i put on'' t feel i '
m in a position simply yet to give. it a reasonable and precise score even if when we see a check out the results here we still look.
at that guy i talk really quickly we are type of in that single wolf area so i put on'' t feel it ' s. reasonable to provide this an evaluation right now again if you have this antenna please allow me understand in the. remarks below and afterwards we have this uh low loss ultra reduced loss i really feel that ' s just buzzword salad.
right there ultra low loss antenna coax wire um running its 25 footer ranging from the garage up.
right into the attic to attach that also so let'' s have a look at the results here we are this.
is my small top right here and afterwards certainly i'' ve got my other minor down below this.
is the small that we'' ll be concentrating on following week yet this is the small that we are concentrating on.
currently our existing seven-day outcomes are 0.392 our existing 24-hour outcomes are nada zilch.
none and then over a 30-day spread we'' re at.63 so the big issue right here is this last seven days.
and also if you recognize we'' ve had this opting for concerning july first would certainly be the we obtained yeah we participated.
july 1st and also it took around a day to get synced as much as the network and after that we had some time off.
in between since the helium network went down and also bobcats took forever to sync up however you can.
see here for those very first one 2 three four five so 5 days that first week that we had.
the setup we had a total of about it'' s 0.19 0.24 in helium revenues and after that.
because we installed that antenna we'' ve had a total amount of because we installed.
it on a few days ago 0.07 0.04 so 0.11 we'' ve quite much doubled that number are the.
outcomes impressive no the reason i assume is because right currently we truly are in a not.
as well booming location you can see this is my one location we'' ve got these men method up right here then.
we'' ve obtained my own right here and after that we'' ve obtained a pair throughout here so i really wear ' t wish to rest. there and also surrender on the antenna till i set up a new one on my in-laws home which has just.
gotten 0.52 hnt in the past thirty day and afterwards if those two antennas don'' t talk
backward and forward. then i assume we may be seeing some concerns there now i will state in the previous 7 days i think.
it was yesterday we'' re gon na most likely to the task i will state i am proud to reveal that this.
antenna we simply sent a sign we'' re not getting any type of hits we created an obstacle however we.
simply sent out a beacon so ideally obtain some hits there established a sign previously 12 hours earlier.
we didn'' t obtain any kind of hits 22 hours ago we sent to beacon didn'' t get any hits so we sanctuary ' t actually.
obtained any type of mining incentives in the previous 24 hours but the most significant benefit we obtained i'' m really. delighted to reveal is that we did witness a sign to ensure that'' s a huge action in the right direction.
we experienced the sign that was sent right out here as well as look exactly how much that goes so this guy'' s. most likely obtained some monster antenna when i looked at this specific they have a uh oh my gosh this.
man'' s obtained 73.53 uh so pet hazelnut goldfish it'' s also it ' s despite having it being rallied so i looked. at this individual ' s uh antenna and he ' s got a 5.8 dbi antenna resting at 30 meters and also he has actually been.
seeing some serious numbers just in his lat as well as the incentives allow'' s enter into stats here real. fast in the last uh 24 hr he'' s gained 2.1 helium in the last week he'' s gained 11 helium.
that'' s over 100 and also in the last 30 days 73 helium so that'' s over 730 bucks in one month with his.
configuration so he'' s obtained a really good arrangement however the ethical of the story is that we observed him completely.
out here i imply he had one more opportunity to get witness there to ensure that is a positive check in my.
book and if you agree with that being a positive sign too please allow me understand like ideally.
that begins getting the circulation in so we'' re gon na return to that witness transaction and also you.
can see when we observed that that 15 witness you understand sign that was sent out we got.
0.22 hnt for that so if we can obtain ourselves in a repeat circumstance where we'' re able to see. those and witness as well as have our stuff witnessed as well the hnt is going to fly in so i was really extremely. happy with that outcome uh yet on the whole we sanctuary'' t seen anything else in the past 24 hours given that after that.
so like i claimed i don'' t desire to give this a down and also out possibly the antennas crap it may be crap.
you know i wish to make certain i maintain my my hopes really high this might be a bad antenna it'' s it ' s. cheap it was it was 50 dollars and also you can see right now it'' s presently unavailable so there'' s various other. people available getting it however it could the price may be the problem so really what i'' m going to. be attempting to do with prior to i go out and you recognize surrender on it or obtain a new antenna is i'' ve got my. 2nd miner which we are going to after that examine out this miner is presently being in a house that.
is entirely it'' s got light weight aluminum sides it'' s resting behind a home window it'' s a 4 dbi antenna
from. the supply bobcat so i understand that this antenna has great deals of whole lots of restrictions and great deals of points.
destroying it and also it'' s not getting signal so over the course of the week we are going to be. running this antenna to obtain on top of that um section on top of that house this.
one'' s going to be full-blown exterior and also we'' re going to place a little more cash.
right into the pieces that we purchase so up initially we are going to get this proxy cast i didn'' t. want the 10 dbi one i desired the 8 dbi one or possibly we ' ll attempt this one no we don ' t desire. that one we want the 8 dbi one hold on allow ' s go proxy actors dbi we ' ll simply you know screw.
everything up and a great deal of commenters have been speaking about um 5.8 been doing really well.
six factor or 6.0 dbi has actually been doing actually well however at the end of the day i saw a proxy actors.
antenna i guess that'' s the only option um perhaps i might consider that one a try since that one'' s
got. better comments and also whatever um or i wear'' t understand yet i get that simply tossed me off i was looking.
at an 8 dbi one recently but i likewise did see a pair of video clips where they were using this 10 dbi.
one and also this'' s got 71 rankings with a 4 celebrity 4.1 out of 5.

2nd miner

So this set'' s a great deal more solid.'as well as maybe that ' s exactly what we need and afterwards since we are going to be running the cable. still a little long from the first spot of the hotspot router we'' re going to update.
the high quality of the antenna initially we got our antenna it was a 25 or i'' m sorry it was a 20.
antenna for 25 feet which is 7.65 meters so we are mosting likely to after that double the price as well as we'' re going. to buy this wire which a great deal of comments claimed i need an lmr 400 cable television right the.
better control as well as the reduced loss of the signal and also we'' re going to hopefully see if that antenna.
which wire will fuse and also be far better as well as if they are then what we might wind up doing.
is if we obtain this one here we might then switch this one and also place this set in my attic room because this.
one may be a much better high quality antenna and also then put the other one that i'' ve currently acquired over my.
in-laws to type of truly get that strong base we intend to see if this antenna is the issue or if.
it'' s simply my area due to the fact that once again we remain in that only wolf territory currently if you'' ve made it this.
much in the video i did intend to look something up and i couldn'' t bear in mind exactly just how i got. there but i desired to look this up as well as see if you guys can aid me comprehend this. let ' s go right here if you men can help me understand what i'' m taking a look at i intend to most likely to.
my activity allow'' s take a look right here short taupe it ' s not the purchase details was under the.
experiencing i wear'' t remember specifically where i'saw what i ' m looking for let ' s
see um no we ' re not. doing that i ' m refraining from doing that we intended to consider the yeah again i still going through. stats i think it was under statistics not checklist was it under list let ' s see. it was i wished to take a look at like my audio sound and everything witnesses next all best so.
that'' s my landmark i need to get that'' s the only point i have not had any type of witnesses um it was.
under task wasn'' t it let ' s go under task we wish to most likely to the witness sign deal.
there it is right here all right so this this and also this sign that we witnessed was 22 kilometers away.
and it'' s revealing here that my audio noise proportion or whatever that means is minus 5 db and after that.
my rssi is unfavorable 121 dbm so if you individuals can provide me some much better understanding on exactly what that.
ways and also what that means for that 10 dbi antenna i significantly value it so it'' s claiming my snr is.
-5 db to make sure that i'' m thinking that that cable television that we'' re adding right into the attic room and also the plywood.
and the ceiling tiles or the roofing system shingles are creating that effect to primarily we''
re. obtaining a minus 5 loss which if that'' s the case that ' s not dreadful i mean it'' s. terrible because i intend to obtain all these other miners going but at the end of the day it you.
recognize we'' re after that simply at 5 db being pumped up or dbi being pumped out there versus like the.
four stocks that feature it so i believe that is improvement and also where we'' re going and also maybe if we. get that much better cable television we'' ll see a smaller negative number here so please make certain to leave me a.
talk about that once again this is all experimentation i'' m attempting to obtain everything set up and also as the.
helium network expands and also maybe more people around us start getting helium miners and if i obtain some.
good numbers that pop off i can begin looking at maybe getting a helium miner over right here i obtained.
to make some close friends over because community as well as put one over there as well as we can obtain going however.
as of now you understand we did obtain that witness so i'' m very extremely urged that we''
re. doing something right it'' s been a i mean other individuals have actually certainly had better and solid weeks.
than we have but this makes me really feel really well and we are doing something right so with any luck.
we can continue this pattern and also maintain pressing so that'' s gon na do it for me individuals thanks quite.
for seeing if you have any remarks questions concerns please do not hesitate to leave a remark.
connect to me on telegram twitter dissonance um all that things must be in the web link of the.
the summary all those web links must remain in the summary of this video otherwise please.
take a moment to consider subscribing turn on the bell notification like the video all that excellent.
stuff imo prius as well as we'' ll see you individuals next time.

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