Helium Malaysia – Sesi Penerangan 1 (Helium HNT)

Assalamu alaikum. The So, I don’t have and cellular data that for nonsense like this. a great deal. Every day, we connect to the internet but it’s not just parties from parking rhythms to parcels. Even these damn scooters, All these things should connect to the internet even a do well , not the dog but it’s collar. Seems like this little guy’s lost. Luckily, it’s got a smart color but that’s smart.Color isn’t so smart-alecky without the inner cellular data proposes is gonna be expensive. It’s not like John could just log into this cafe’s WiFi real quick. Hey, I like your puppy. It’s not my puppy. I’m simply use him to demonstrate a place. What’s your point? Glad you asked. Wouldn’t it see impression for all of these things to have their own internet? a system that works just for them so they can always keep connected anywhere, anytime. That’s the kind of future I want to live in and guess what? We can with Helium Hotspot, sugar, Who’s that? I’m the future. It’s the future. The Helium Hotspot. Kind of wireless machine whatever it is you and your community can create a network for the internet of things.So, like a Wifi router? No, it’s one side. It reaches 200 seasons far but why would I what are you introduced this in your mansion? I’m glad you asked. Well, you’re helping to power a better future for the city you live in building a community of connectivity, making all sorts of things possible that aren’t today like helping you find lost things, connecting to things that can tell you when your food’s expired. You’ve been powering sensors that assistance spy wildfires. So, beings in there can stay safe. What else? Isn’t that enough? The entire thing about build a better future for your children and your children’s children. We don’t have children. for people who care about that sort of thing. You get reinforced. Helium tokens a cryptocurrency as a thank you for build the network and enabling designs to connect. So, any more questions? Yeah, who’s dog is this? Yes. See when the internet of things gets better, everything gets better Even finding your dog, that’s yours. you. Come here, buddy. Oh, expressed appreciation for. It’s the Helium Hotspot. You’re helping to create a more connected future. What’s helium So glad you queried. Every day, we connect to the internet but it’s not just parties. So, what else connects to the internet? I’m glad you requested. Okay. Helium. Scara les Garibouti merci c’est trs quoi qui teste Okay c’est Okay? Five G’s honey. So, the apostle.

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