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hello to all people and welcome back to a brand-new video as you are I hope well today we will go to talk really we will be applied to introduce what is the novelty precisely on video a great and immense big-hearted bulletin that has led them wherever it is to have and get the possibility of to be able to use accurately as a service and as availability the 5 g is a new technology and 5 g undoubtedly is one of the best technologies available today as regards the internet and ilium apparently lastly decides to implement it with its devices we will first of all actually be seen to what extent the’ they did what happened and what exactly the next steps of their pirio activity foresee, regardless if you missed it I leave you all the links to my videos that I did previously in the specific characteristics undoubtedly I will too make a small of the wears in this video is as always to start I ask you to be able to describe to the path made a nice like on the video and to comment anyway with any Issues and questions identifies in the middle of irium well first of all let’s move to the computer ok here we are and precisely we are on the central sheet of ilium the network powered by irium parties that is a big project from which to start a small wireless revolution so to be able to allow everyone to be able to use their own connect as I have already said if you are lost let’s give what is you me what relates to the enemies are my old-time videos I leave you in the description in short you can also ask me questions been identified in the comments I will be very happy you have to answer but what interests us today go to see precisely the technology of 5 g then we click on their home page on the 5 g button let’s see exactly what comes to what this new revolution are doing with their manoeuvre eco everyone others positive that they will come accurately if we sounds from this page cda 5g is coming in collaboration with freed om fi that it would be precisely this manoeuvre here and it is also a company that accurately induces this design il lume happy to announce the work of its second 5g wireless network for the most part visual items we have to go and click on the link this below of the blog let’s go to clicking on the blog will bring us back to a blog sheet that should be in English as already mentioned in other videos let’s translate it into Italian anyway to be able to be faster you can explain better what I need 2 the path to 5 g we founded yesterday in 2013 that mission to represent the world countries a more connected home through the world and pervasive wireless structure we decided to be able to concentrate all our initial tries are an open source wireless etiquette lorand one created specifically for sensor manoeuvres aid exactly what we networks laurent what ios devices are we give you a very practical example who owns an iphone already knows what it is a device helps and how it manipulates thanks to the function of the search and find photos in fact the finder to my iphone basically what it does is relies on other iPhones that are in the area to be able to reveal your ego and that is your device then your phone the same thing in a much larger way and meghni on a large scale do these boards essentially through these devices that are machines with feelers give the possibility to these devices to be able to give coverage that can be a coverage that is given by radio frequencies thanks to the antenna that they organize but above all to be able to connect the connection that they cause precise through the 5 g and through a quid and all the other specifications you will be able to connect to this network tomorrow the devices what are the aids ios devices are in practice electric cars are electric scooters are these maybe even household maneuvers as they can eg even the refrigerators microwave ovens above all what is basically accessible with a technology is called today the network in fact also known as the people network because therefore their plan is to create a low-cost network available for everyone is active with over 28,000 hot spot in over 3,800 municipalities around the world there are also other 200,000 hotspots in back prescribe what are these 200,000 hot spots tim burke line-up “re all the” dictates in the world that have been made to date undoubtedly there are many more than 200,000 because there are so many requests but let’s say what they wrote here on the blog is partially revised let’s say that at this time we should be around 300,000 according to the latest news beginnings that have themselves secreted from a thriving ecosystem of op spot creators that are soon implementing the current delirium is on track to become a bigger and more r rapid growth with a strong forecast of over 600,000 hot spot in the next 18 months so their calculate which is the region that another 600,000 of these devices will be installed in the world in the next eight months there are questions plainly regarding these devices are pros and cons the pros however both as we have already said is the fact that you have a big chance of being able to get a mailing both from the device itself and from the function of the device itself but likewise from the simple future operation that can be done accurately tall machines that connect to your own connection then the connection that you through your coverage will provide is the best part of the accelerated expansion and almost all guide from what from the community all over the world so all the people in the world are efficiently ordering are precisely these 200 thousand hot spots tim burke succession and then thanks to them the network will likewise expand this is doing st Obviously, to date we witness an integrated part of designs available on the place that the human intention to make available for all the people in the world to date are five suppliers that accurately give the possibility of being able to use this new technology is fundamentally technology but there they will be as they themselves have already said about the brand-new inventions that will make it possible to speed up accurately these systems of these systems let’s go to the law the division that stubby the path towards 5 g on April 14 their local communities of rome elected to overcome hype 27 that pave the way in a network to become the first system and 5 gb will be seen by buyers in the world in fact it will be the 5g “thats really not” of we do this of the specimen say no medium and sizable companies such as vodafone tim wind and quant’ other but if my own I was there myself than my home connection and through these radio frequencies to be able to provide parties this is a technology this 5g lilium 5g will be precisely the second main wireless network supported by king of you me if you have a phone that supports 5g it is like an iphone samsung galaxy you will soon be able to connect via meat hot spot from parties you were able to receive the 5 gb from your own neighbor so you will not need instance let’s put it very simply what they want to do is that one day nobody genuinely needs to have to pay a lot of fund in subscriptions with these phone companies but I could just go around and connect to the various commercials that are in any case both for your own city and to be able to actually take advantage of this 5 gen in fact 5 g is one of the most important technologies of this decade it is a geopolitical question an infrastructural weapons scoot everyone in the world demands and needs of the fastest connection to the internet, in fact, 5 g to date is the technology that absolutely to guarantees you the best connection and the maximum speed you can get but constructing a 5g network is extremely difficult in fact telecommunication in general is difficult in many ways it shares countless countless similarities that structure construction to crimes helpful precise the 5 g will need of many more terminals than the current extraction in fact in order to actually be and implement their plan these small infrastructures that today already exist in the world will never be enough, let’s take an example on Rome there will be 30 40 inventions will never be enough to be able to do the project that they have in mind then when he does while he was keen to answer when we will have the possibility of having 5g hot spots from helium to help set accurately from the intellectual property rights 27 and step up the pace of the launch of the 5 g lilium we working in collaboration with frida a fei which would be precisely this company here that produces this maneuver is a corporation d i connectivity developing 5g open root manoeuvres speculate a movie made announced the presale waiting list of their inaugural manoeuvre ridolfi gateway a connectivity manoeuvre that couples forty 5g and is compatible with the ilium network these gateways can be considered the first generation of 5 gt hotspots talking about lucidity programme all those who have bought a maneuver like bob cat meyer to date like the book and anything else will not actually be able to participate in this type of 5g revolution this attention could maybe be implemented at a later time as maybe an upgrade by the same patently we do not know what we know, nonetheless, that surely this will be the first type of machines that will be ready part of the 5g hot spot revolution, most likely it is also a method to allow all of the people that already does not device having to buy back another design and then maybe put in circulation some more machines within the world to be able to create this system we said precise it is not be available everywhere this network five laps in fact you see it 5g will be available exclusively in selected metropolis in the united states to start so it will start from the united states as it is already starting well for the first time in a game from the united states and then it will arrive in other cities and other countries in fact to start it will use the linux foundation magma project as well as the open rs nutrient range ensemble that was made available by the former isi in January 2020 we undoubtedly was hoped that from 5g will soon expand to other countries and cover a variety of spectrum bandings as early as next year most likely this four hands from google but they are already expecting from next year so once from 2022 to be able expand to more cities, however, is the possibility of being able to admit this area of five g and therefore too and to fix these new impunity 5 designs uncovered, in fact with the claim motivation simulate in place the opportunities presented by the inam system are interminable we have come a long way in a very short period of time with the launch not only of one but now of two different types of networks wireless and there are no ratifies that this movement slows down in the short term to weeds of all this would have been possible without the support of us “whos been” precise believed in the home project are obviously very happy with all this but we are much more so because this here it means that the project is solid it is not a defraud assignment and that above all this project will go on for a really long long long time and that many companies are actually focusing their sees on this system and on their acces of wanting to revolutionize internet networks, that is you just think of the fact that we don’t say perhap the whole world but we set all the big ones whoever lives in one big city no longer needed to have to pay a telephone operator to be able to do in order to have internet because you time need 5 g maybe from these places it will be a much cheaper connection pass me the word without an economic world-wide that are able to meet us maybe a little the three freest ones a bit like when it was the riad coup when it arrived in Italy all the other telephone companies have drastically lowered their prices because there it arrived on the market with an unbeatable price that even today very few firms actually manage to compete have I had to create sub-brands of the sub companies to be able to compete with those costs well guys I thank you in which this video opens in the realize I hope it was informative that it was simply a cognitive video to be able to make known this project that is continuing to progress and go on, the first gross will be talked about a lot in the coming months The delivery of the inventions should be around August September as long as there are no delays on the part of the company accurately that supply the devices themselves I actually is hoped that the government will take off wholly too because in taking off the project itself will likewise embellish the crypto currency it is therefore will not it is a monetary admonition but places great importance too for the opportunity to perhaps not so much better buy presentations of but too to be able to invest something in this Christ because it has prodigious absolutely monstrous potential thanks as ever having seen this video I remind you to be able to write to the net channel not beautiful and announce video mention if you too like this project if you are already inside and if you have seen the interrogation I did with giorgio to consider how much you actually earn polito hello to all people and we will see you in a next video yes interpret bye-bye bye

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