helium hnt 挖矿(集群)奖励机制及收益提升要点【新手必看】(2)

Well, this video is my second video. In this video, we want to talk about the mechanism of the preferential compensation for the helium mining machine collection, which is a principle of how the helium mining machine gets the reward. The main purpose of this issue is that after watching my video, newbies can quickly and easily understand the profit mechanism of the helium mining machine. My own mining machine and this optimized route are of certain reference significance. Now I will start with this. In fact, the network document of the official website of Helium has already said it in more detail. It is convenient for everyone to understand because the document is written in English and carried from English. In some lieu, what he said is not without stealing and no intelligences. I feel that it is said, so I am myself. The following content is also my own understanding.It is inevitable that there is something wrong. The locate is for your reference anyway. I have already said in the last video that the helium mining machine network is a base station network based on blockchain technology. Each mining machine is a base station. There is essentially no difference between the mobile phone’s wireless station and the central computer room, while the helium mining machine’s depot is decentralized exerting blockchain engineering. That to tell you, the helium network is a base station and a base station without a central server. The clusters of base stations are equal to each other. The clusters of base stations manage themselves. Let me firstly talk about how the helium base station gather imparts fierce combats, that is, the management of mining machines or the main reasoning of mining machine employment and getting hnt remunerations. The part is that many quarrying machines are connected to a certain number of mining machines that are relatively close to each other on the Internet at the same time, which will structure a cluster.This block will choose model representatives with better structure coverage and better coverage to honor. So why is this? One of the reasonings is because the unified cornerstone consignment, for example, our mobile phone records that it is all money and is to build conservatories. The places are all evaluated and calculated, and all the helium mining machines are free mining machines, and they are all free mining machines. Its more free and informal. Well, we cant reward all the mining machines, right? He must select the mining machine collections that encounter the base station standards. If the low-quality mining machine knots are not acquired, “theres no way” to get good payoffs. The process of rewarding high-quality assembles is to reward the knot representatives one is a single anti-single-channel mining machine. He opts not the selected quarrying machine, but the selection of flooded assemble. After selecting a good assemble Reward member states the assemble. The core conditions for the optimization of the mining machine knot here are two: one is a good network.We talked about the second is to cover a good network. What does it mean to be good? A good system means that the miner can quickly and stably sell signals to other miners on the industrial network. The signals of other miners can also be easily perceived. This is called a good system and good coverage means that the coverage area must be large enough. The bigger the better, right? The job party wants you to build a network. He unquestionably said he hopes that the more networks you construct, the better, right? The bigger the coverage, “the worlds biggest” the coverage. Because the coverage area of a single mechanism is limited, the gather must be used o secure a larger coverage. The simplest and crudest programme is Increase the number of mining machines because the scope is limited. If you want to expand the scope, you must increase the number of mining machines. In a rational layout of space, you can expand coverage. One is the network and the other is good coverage. These two are contributions to the helium network. The bigger the block, the more the compensation. It should be noted here that the goal of helium is to select a high-quality mining machine cluster and then reward the members of the cluster.He does not mean to find a high-quality mining machine. It is better to cooperate with each other in the collection. He honors the collection. He selects the collection and then compensations state members of the cluster. Therefore, if your mining machine wishes to good income, you must first have a good network, and then you must also be a certain As a member organization participating in a collection you have a good network is only one aspect and then you too have to be a member of a cluster.A member of this assemble if everyone has very good network conditions like you, it is half common. You must be a member of the knot, right or you Build a collection by yourself as the boss of the gather. The input of all the miners in the cluster is yours. The minimum number of miners that can form a collection is two miners. Suppose you merely have two miners and you have two miners. Forming that big group to witness each other, your income is definitely not as good as that of the group composed of ten and dozens of mining machines. Why is it because your coverage is not as good as b? The coverage of the machine family is wrong. It must be bigger than you. His coverage is better than you. I bought a mining machine and said to buy one I said what do you buy one for I said is there any other machine around you he said there is no them in this place and he is the only one I said no so what do you buy it and he said to try it out If the effect is good, buy a few more and then I will tell him that there is no way to measure one.If you dont understand the working mechanism of the helium mining machine, such a problem will occur. Whats the use of buying one for a daylight, right? A computer cannot form a collection. It can only generate income from point-to-point challenges, and the challenge income is simply hard work. The reward is negligible. Later, I will talk about why the income of the challenger is the lowest.Next, I will talk about the helium block. How to choose a good quality mining machine cluster, who are they? This selection mechanism is what kind of mechanism everyone known about each Every helium mining machine will play three capacities: one is the challenger, the other is the challenged, and the third is the witness. Every mining machine can play these three roles, but the time is different, right? The process is like this. In an ideal district Suppose miner a located in Nanjing, China sends out a challenge signal at 8: 00 in the morning. This challenge message pass through various sub-networks and finally enrolls the industrial network for dissemination.Many miners receive this challenge signal, including one located in Chicago, USA. Therefore, these miners, like the miners who received these challenge signals, will send a callback signal to the miner a. The upshot is that the miner a is the first to receive the acknowledgement signal from the miner b, which is the signal of which miner in Chicago. Miner a challenged miner b successfully because other receipt signals “re not” moved a little faster as b, so a received the receipt signal from b firstly, so this result was formed.Therefore, the block considers that it is successful to fight a challenge and crusaded b and successfully opposed a to gain the challenger’s income. At this time, he can already get the income. He challenges b successfully. B’s return structure can get the challenge income as long as it contacts the miner a and is recorded by the block. At this time, the challenger and the challenger b have accepted the challenge of the challenger a. The challenge is good and the challenger b will use the mining machine feeler. Note that this is the mining machine Tianyuan that moves through the mining machine antenna , not the Internet. It exhales electromagnetic waves to the surrounding space, which is what we say in the document.The miners are cd e respectively, and they have received the sex mark of b, so the three miners of cd e send a callback signal to miner b through the Internet. At that time, miner b was been demonstrated by three miners in cde, and miner b got the benefit of being challenged. cde got the benefit of witness The income is the best b is the second a is the lowest Why is this order because helium likes high-quality coverage bcde a knot of four miners is effective network coverage so demonstrate higher wages in this process challenge and do not participate Prove the effective coverage of the knot “youre in”, so the lowest income is always a hard reward , not the mainstream reinforce of helium, so everyone pay attention to everyone, so if you buy a block and going to be home, you will find that the challenge income is the easiest challenge income is the most because of it The most simple condition to achieve is to assume that a should not receive any acknowledgment signal at the start, then the new challenges neglected, there will be no display on your machine, and there will be no display on your machine.If “youre ever” challenged, you will not issue a sex assessment, which is a challenge failure. b transmit b If what is sent b transmit a receipt signal had not been able to already received, will not send out the sexuality line, must not send the sex mark, must not send the sex mark, there is indeed no witnesses, so if the challenge is successful, then it must be empty If the interval between the convey battery signal is too far, the mining machine cannot receive it. If the interval is too close, it will be judged as invalid witness. If the important distance is too close, it will be judged as invalid witness, and the profit will not be obtained.Another situation is that a mining machine receives it. The electromagnetic target is not received by the challenger within the validity period when it is sent back If you don’t receive a signal, you time do all kinds of articles on the antenna. It is unwise to have a friend tell me that it is not necessarily that you can do commodities on the antenna, but you must first rule out that it is not your structure that has a problem. Well, if your network is good, you still can’t witness it, then you can consider whether there is a problem with the layout of the antenna. A friend told me that he said that his two mining machines were ten meters apart and could not witness it.He said yes. It’s the antenna problem, so he wants to build the antenna. He wants to ask how the feeler can be used. I said this thing, “youre thinking”, you are judging because it is because of the feeler, the possibilities offered by the equipment itself having a problem is very small. If there is no problem with the antenna If the distance is ten rhythms, he is sure that as long as the electromagnetic frequency is communicated, he can definitely receive it, but if you receive the fornication observe, it does not mean that you will witness the success.Success is the first part of the two parts. You receive the sex commemorate and the second part, you move it back. If people receive it, it is counted as if you have witnessed success, right? You merely received the beacon and you did not send the beacon or the challenged machine that was not sent and did not send. If you evidence unsuccessful, you intuitively feel that it is your machine. In fact, he received it. He received it. It’s just that your home network is not particularly smooth. Your receipt signal is not received. It is no problem. In fact, it is the easiest, because the spread of the challenge information with the network will be accepted by many machines, and you will ever receive a acknowledgment signal, so the likelihood of successful challenge is much higher than that of being called into question and watched, and its income is also the least because it is the most It’s easy, right? I’m talking about this wordy today. Anyway, I don’t know if everyone can understand it. I’m just saying this thing is for beginners.After you know this mechanism, right? After you know this mechanism, it will likewise change your organization. Okay, this, this, this is to optimize your part management for you. I think it will be helpful to you, right? You can’t even know the working mechanism of this and say that I will buy a mining machine and try it out. There is no other mining machine around. Your home is within a radius of 50 kilometers and a radius of 100 kilometers. There is no mining machine. You buy a mining machine and go home and try it. You cant try anything, right? bye now.

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