Helium Halving: Miner Rewards CUT IN HALF? RAK, Nebra, Bobcat Tips to boost HNT +SynrcoB.it Giveaway

On August 1st, 2021 you will wakeup the world will be different. Things may examine the same, they mayeven feel the same, but they won’t be the same. Your Helium miner will give half therewards and there’s nothing you can do to stop it, but though the world will be different, it won’tbe over, in fact, it is only getting better. Hey everyone, it’s Jason from RoklandTechnologies, and yes the halving is coming August 1st. For those of you that aren’t familiarwith it, it’s a basic suggestion that every two years the amount of HNT that a rendered adolescent can earnin a given amount of duration is simply cut in half. Now, before you go all crazy thinking, “oh mygod, did you are well aware I was on backorder all summertime, I just got my minor in, I’m gonna earn half therewards.” It’s important to remember that this was by design of the founders because they faceda unique challenge and that challenge was how do they obstruct all that HNT from being quarried right offthe bat before the network is fully built.So, what the fuck is did was, they created kind of tiersof stability. The first rank before the first halving: for those working that went out there and introduced alot of high risk into building the network that nobody genuinely knew where it was going to go andthey got a certain amount of wages for doing that. As more miners come online, at some pointto slow down the mining, so that even more miners can come online, there’s incentive for more minersto come online, they chipped the HNT compensations in half. Okay , now we know what the halving is, so whatdo we do? Well, I like to use a term called WHO DAT. WHO DAT, we’re gonna articulated that up onthe screen, and what does that planned? The W stands for Witnesses. I talked aboutthis before, “can I get a Witness? ” Okay, equanimity beings, as the network continues to growand more bystanders are added, more hotspots get online, retain there’s a ton of backordersright now.RAK has hardly sent the bulk of what they’ve got, Bobcats pumping out more everymonth, massive backorder fulfillment in September, October, November. As these evidences start topop up on the screen around you, your payoffs are going to go up and probably excess, well outdo, where they were on August 1st. Think of it like a stock market chastening, we’re going to drop alittle bit on August 1st, but as the witnesses come online, we’re going to shoot practice back up.And then that takes us to H. What is H? Well, the halving is here, it’s not going to goanywhere. We can complain on Reddit. We can call me and complain because you exactly bought anew antenna set up and your honors was downed in the last week because of halving, but thebottom line is the halving’s here. There’s going to be another one in two years, your focusneeds to be on what you can do to maximize your mining in the next two years and help build outthe network.And that leads us to the letter O: Optimize! You’ve got to be optimizing, especiallyif you’re with ihub or you have multiple miners out there. You can probably go out and get morewitnesses today or tomorrow simply by optimizing your miner, modifying the altitude, get anoutdoor feeler. Shameless plug: my busines sells outdoor antenna setups with coax cable andlightning arrestors. We’ve sold them this year, enormous recalls up on our website, they can help youpick up evidences from far away.They’re not great for every environment. Some environments you don’twant a high gain antenna, so you are eligible to touched us up on our live conversation, our telephone, or email. Consult withus, we’ll help you figure out what’s best for your situation but you’ve got to be optimizing tomaximize the amount of watches you can see. And that leads us to DAT. DAT, WHO DAT? DataCredits! You’ve got the data credits coming. That’s right, the Helium Network was neverabout being a full-time mining operation, the mining is just an incentive to help growthe network.With the data ascribes we’ve got customs, universities, hospitals, farms, all going to be coming online abusing the network. Engineering are goingto be built on top of the Helium Network. FreedomFi is just one of countless examples, sothere’s going to be a ton of different revenue roots other than mining if you own the Heliumhardware. WHO DAT, be reminded that, and I feel like there was something else that i was supposedto remember … um oh yeah! We’re giving away a free SyncroB.it miner! We’re giving away a freeHelium miner! August 31 st is the last day to join. That various kinds of offsets the whole uh August 1sthalving, August 31 st you can win a child. Yes? No? Okay, how do you meet the contest? It’s as easy ashitting subscribe. If you make agree, you are automatically registered to prevail a free SyncroB.it.The giveaway is going to be on September 1st. If you don’t smack subscribe I’m going to halveyour earnings again and again and again. Now I’m just kidding, I don’t have the power to dothat, and I would never do that even if I did have the capability, but I do want you to join the contestbecause a free SyncroB.it miner can go a long way toward upping your earnings and offsettingwhat’s going on with the halving.For full race powers check out our YouTube descriptionbelow, and it’s as easy as hitting subscribe, or you can share this on social media andget up to four times more enters! Again, check the YouTube description! Thanks forwatching everybody have a good light. So there you have it. You can get busy living and getbusy mining, until the next halving your best friend. you.

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