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hello to all chaps and welcome back to my canal and discern the background precisely i’m in the kitchen i ‘m in rome i’m here at the quality regarding pasco to celebrate together my parents and nothing we stayed at home and everything else and so i proposed that I have prepared the possibility of making a video of course for you for the channel and to be able to bring a very interesting news on the other hand I hope that your tour your Easter will resound good commodity that “youve had” snack to no end but the originality of which I wanted to talk about today is called el in silver maybe some of you have never heard of this type of crypto currency but know what this cryptocurrency is depopulating a good deal in america in england in some countries of india and how much’ other and is starting to take hold also in Italy in fact there is a telegram group that I will leave you then below in the description where you can just enter and be able to do precisely is here to attend other users in this latest mailing of this mausoleum money in fact that today’s video concerns the possibility of being able to delete this crypt which is called el youm coin but precisely what is the link in coin is essentially a grave currency accurately which was born very recently of the kind of which, nonetheless, the great novelty of this topple grave is the fact that its network is the first in the world and the only one up to now to take advantage of a peer to peer engineering but therefore wireless it is absolutely crazy and it is innovative because the possibility of being able to connect with other users through this wireless structure favors the possibility of being able to increase their demining earnings as if they were practically in an enormous and gargantuan paul mining all together though before going on and please explain how it works what it is and how it can be done for this never in let me ever as ever say I can solicit and the channel is interested in the topics of position a delightful like on the video and observation with fears and questions and above all I like this time I underlined the fact it because the more parties see this video, the more parties could be interested in the topic enter to mine with ilium coin this is a fundamental part but now I will also explain why there must be numerous people to be able to do this mining so what is the iunco in him a silver place is the crypt currency that it squanders precisely as I have said so far the wireless peer to peer structure and how this network clearly operates this network succeeds that you through special inventions that are provided to you that you can buy or you can rent through vapour mining to other corporations to essentially use these devices to be able to mine to be able to pump from your mining more machines you will have available in your locality then more hours more love of wireles s they will be interconnected and connected to each other the higher the addition the little wireless systems it will have in or around you and the lower the high gain construe well how it use and I too tell you how to buy these here first of all you have to go to a quality com that is an illum website where there is all the explanation of how to enter not to be registered and how to actually participate in this network as I said earlier in this site we will have a mini map of hot spot where there are precisely these repeaters where accurately there are the people who have restrained maneuvers that have rented designs themes of the companies that can and who do mining between these wireless designs through these wireless designs and predominate the in silver apparently as I said before is it is much more developed in america rather than in italy too because in america, nonetheless, there have been a lot of p rhymes it with a second much more than us is coming now so give this new technology this new possibility and I can assure you that this type of technology like wireless mining was actually depopulating in America because, however, there is a high I earn because I say it has a mining power basically which is that given by my machine that I go to buy through the site it requires it and it is sent home once this maneuver if you are the only one in your let’s say in your sphere that a this possibility, among other things, always through the delineate you find on yoox.com you can actually see how many other hot spots there are in your area and other parties were also using the same technology and get an idea and above all thanks to the telegram group that you I said at the beginning of the video you can agree with the people of boys and girls likewise because they are also the boys who do it in Italy for p oter precisely to create your network because as I said earlier more parties are around you with the same device or as similar designs that do the same mining point the more you will earn more daniela but likewise to this because from the maneuver when you quarrying aftermath receive 100 percent of your mining earnings so if you have me in 10 you receive 10 “its not” that anything is stolen “its not” that the mother firm takes something even because you buy the arcade mining device it does not affected if instead you rent it then use it through cloud mining there are fellowships that are organizing in this sense in that case to start it could be observes because there are no entry overheads because the device payments from 250 to 350 euros this obviously their rate varies according to the use we are internal use of the external which too varies according to the computing power g these devices but before arrive in fact interpreted the very best all how many maneuvers how they wreak and anything else we want to say because it is very important to create this system of structures between numerous people is an example there are several now at this moment unfortunately the site when I am registering the site and from a mini i ca n’t see the hot spots hot spots i can’t say how much they are actually producing and the various however it is miners during the 24 hours during the month during the year in fact that site gives you the possibility to know how much the others but they are producing in this order in this order in the 24 hours in the current month and in the year the part of the year undoubtedly is considered from when it starts to the month in which you are so it is no longer a full year but in all such cases it has been more or less idea is a measure of how much these parties actually are doing so I repeat if you are more people quarrying in your circumvent which does not necessarily imply having more maneuvers having dispositions.To appointment it does not generating any benefit that is if you buy 56 10 machines you will certainly not have the same benefit of having people who never have anyway I have not tried it because I have never registered nor anything came I’m talking about because a group accurately the working group on telegraphs that I told you and that I will leave you as already said in the description they asked me to be able to talk about it to be able to spread the voice precise because thanks to the network and too to the people they are already inside but also you who can and who will want maybe enter to be able to do this type of wireless mining capability and actually deserve a lot what is the advantage of course of doing this first of all you is not need a video placard nor personal computers precisely the invention that they require you this machine they support as I said before at different expenses it has a minimum cost of 250 euros to a maximum cost of 350 and as I “ve told you” it varies according to the power of calculation of the maneuver itself but also of the anpi firmnes of effectiveness this obviously necessitates every idea every device has a range of action those from inside the house have obviously less wander of war those from outside that can be organized or on os antennas or retailers in yours in your range they clearly have a much wider range and a much higher computing power this which signifies having a wider range allows you to be able to connect and connect more parties now ricotta allows you to be connected immediately to connect more beings to your system and in prototypes that both you and them can deserve so much better from what they were actually doing at that time because the computing depots certainly do not simply wait exploiting the boats so that they have the device but are sold in a small part between you and the other machines so if you, for example, never today 10 and other studios in rome in ten if you are in the same network and therefore if you are close and therefore your maneuvers are connected on that day you will have never been born 12 thanks to another manoeuvre and the other exhibition contributed 12 thanks to you this obviously the more you understand that more manoeuvres are accessible are close to the same area and “the worlds largest” the giving ability and the greater the profit will be your potential to enjoy this thing here so as we said in order to actually do this type of mining you can take two directions the first lane is to buy the device through the site order them wait for it to come at random because mounting it by following the instructions entered the e lance.com page and has begun to do spot mining the second method instead what I said before is that of cloud mining that there are firms that do “its also” unionizing in Italy that give you the likelihood and availability of being able to use their inventions and s i have bought a fleck com since yesterday or maybe their machines that they used in collaboration with to be able to actually mine this silver because in my opinion this highway is not so convenient, first of all it is not convenient because at the moment to determine this coin eighty percent will go to the company will remain 20 percent so in the sense that you will have a very small slice of the demo of the extraction sleeves that going to see originate the headquarters another reason why in my opinion it is not convenient because today at the level of mining like cables the entryway of a so as an investment is very low equated if we must be considered a video card or including it has a processor which sort is certainly providing the same amount that apparently gives you this possibility of re a coin that is 350 euros to buy a design that does everything next following precise the terminals and downloading it and lay it on your computer you understand that it constitutes no smell to go and undertake a shadow quarrying very or throw fund aside if you don’t have any at the moment placed the money aside in the time it recruits as soon as possible know that the silver at the beginning of 2021 many drives around 3 dollars now it is worth more than 16 dollars obviously the cost like all of them crypto coins and fluctuates rises and descends in weight in the short and long term but the interesting thing is that it is continuing to rise is continuing to grow it is a currency to only have to pay attention to also because it has not yet been has been boastings there is still a lot of forces to be having to extract the street is a quarter the capacity of re a silver good-for-nothing surely time this but as mentioned this network and you are crying so much so is growing if you are interested in wanting to get into this maybe in this world lost domain let me know in the comments because I will be happy perhaps I can help you with a video as maybe a better reason on a topic that is not clear to you and us girls and guys of the video basically ends here I hope as always that this video is at all useful to you that it has been of help to you in being able to understand that you can know this new technology and no chaps I as always expressed appreciation for for being had at this point of the video that I ask as always to subscribe to the channel and he is interested in these topics to lean a neat like on the bigi and to comment remember mind I like it because so more parties see it is really maybe there is someone who does not know this moment “ve never” interested in wanting to become part of this we give this peer to peer wireless structure network and we as ever told you in a next video accurately Friday bye people good day see you

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