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China is well on the way mining on the moon and destroy could thus world achieve a protrusion which would then become difficult to seek for other nations And at the moment everything becomes according to plan and well one province in the china will probably overtake the west soon and it is one of the most important as is the location. Now welcome the sounds and science fiction In China the west is running at the moment in many the run up and quite a few in the leave programme, the alarm bell ringing only the German robot manufacturer kuka was supported by a Chinese Firm bought and if you offered in the app from 1 store around the segway bought and now the leading manufacturer in this area are one realizes simply Chinese In the truest sense of the word, all explains are in Chinese or nearly I’ve been thinking if you do not soon should learn Chinese path or pottery takes macrocosm an increasingly important role and should not be forgetting that there is a totalitarian state is they are for such a leader in the fields of electric cars renewable energies, and perhaps soon in Nuclear Fusion Because it is at the moment really in the Chinese aerospace reviewed the chinese were 2016 was the first in which a hydrogen plasma locating with a temperature of 50 million stages for more than one minute that is accurate for 102 seconds maintaining a small but significant step in the nuclear fusion in their experiment, or about superconducting tokamak reactor is short-lived they demand in this record soon Tenfold beat china is incidentally anita the fusion reactor involved of the moment in southern france In Qatar soon built the ideal fuel for nuclear fusion but would helium 3 and there are on the earth merely 15 tons for a total on the moon while it is at least a million that’s why now become active China what few know five years ago have a chinese rover sold on the moon by 2020 to follow their target the mining of helium-3 on the two other missions moon train The second probe will then practise in again return to earth yet this thing is hypothetical and the degradation of these huge amounts Helium-3 is not easy because it is evenly distributed throughout the lunar dust but who is able to develop a technique for debasing Which would discontinue this on the most important resource for man even if this is perhaps the century self-restraint new then I’ll prevent you up to date now of course if you will not miss a video on this and all other the then pushes me Right now one abo assimilate and not forget one to give the bell because only then you will always be informed if there is a brand-new video so here So here it goes on with people like on the moon move the plans namely the European Space Agency esa look at it on if you wished to know, and otherwise to be can remain


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