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Do you see this router? This is a helium router. And in this video I’m going to try to make money with this thing. Good news, because the router productions pretty well. In the last 24 hours, I’ve parent $4. In the 50 periods that my router was live … … I deserved about an amount of … And earning that money, that is desperately needed. Because precisely perhaps, by accident … … my hum in this video are broken down. Why is that thing so crooked? What is he doing? Oh, shit! So, thank you for watching this video where I waste 50 days……making money by mining helium. But first an explanation … … because which is what is helium quarrying? I don’t need to tell you that the world around us … … is getting more and more digital. And is not simply we, the person or persons, are connected with each other … … via the internet, but also the things around us. Think of traffic light, shared scooters, refrigerators, automobiles and so on. And all these things, they need a tie-in … … to the internet. And we call that connection IoT, or Internet of Things. And providing that connection … … can be done by you and mewith a special router. And if we do, we get a reinforced for it. And that’s what we call: Helium mining. Uh, you can compare it a bit with Airbnb … … but instead of you registering your room … … you furnish an internet joining. By the way, if you like this, don’t forget to subscribe … … and like this video. I situated a lot of timeinto these videos … … so I is actually appreciate it.Let’s start! But first we need to buy such a router. And that is quite difficult. There are at present various companiesthat volunteer such a router … … and instantly from car manufacturers it expenditure about … … between 400 and 600 dollars. Exclusively one problem, because they are sold out everywhere. And even on Marktplaats they are sold for 2, 3… … and sometimes as much as 4 double. After hours of scouring the internet … … I finally managed to buy a router. It costed $683. And on top of that I too had to pay 111 euros in import duties.But a few months later, he was finally delivered. Because I wanted to earn money as quickly as possible … … I connected the router right away. One thing is imperative for the amount of revenue … … and that is the positioningof the router. For speciman, it has to hang as high as possible to be able to contact … … with other routers as far as is possible. It was still Christmas when I was shooting this video … … so I visualized I’d merely hang that thing high up on my Christmas tree. We have already received some coin, namely 0.018 helium. And that equates to 69 pennies right now. Well, I’ll keep an eye on it. I’m going to do some more research. I’m going to see what I can do better and then I hope … … that we can earn more. Because that is the intention. I only have to earn that thing back. The next light I wascompletely outraged … … because the router had descended out of my Christmas tree. To specify this I bought an extension cord … … and moved the router even closer to the window to make sure … … that the positioning was a bit better.I’ve already collected $2.44 in the last 24 hours today. So it seems that it is now working and too hangs in the redres posture. Yeah , now it’s just a matterof impeding an eye on this … … and going rich while sleeping. And why would I do that here in the Netherlands … … if I can just go to Portugal? Good news, because the router, it manipulates pretty well. In the last 24 hours I have raised $4.62. So while I’m here in Portugal I can just experience … … the money I get from the helium miner. Yes, another day and that symbolizes brand-new income … … for my helium miner. The miner has done quite well in the last 24 hours. I parent $3.95. Yes, can I buy a sandwich again today here in Portugal. I don’t have internet, so I can’t see how much … … I’ve accumulated in the last 24 hourswith the helium miner. I’ve been back in the Netherlands for a while now … … and despite my router compiling money every day … … I’m not completely satisfied with it hitherto. Because if I compare my reactions with other routers … … in my region, I give much less. I predict on the internet that this could be due to the positioning … … and that my router might be too low.To assessment this I decided to changethe location of my router … … to that of two friends … … who live much higher than me. Hello. – Hello. I have arrived at my two friends. Hi, I’m Martijn. Hi, I’m Christiaan. And they live in a very nice flat in Groningen. And to show how large-hearted and how high we are … … I’m going to fly my monotone here first, out of the window. Can I guys? Is that possible? Yes. Yes , no problem. Ulala. That is exciting. Why is he so crooked? Why is that thing so crooked? What is it doing? Oh shit! Oh no. F* ck. Yes, it’s totally cracked. I knew I shouldn’t do this. It’s’ infringe ‘. I don’t think it’s supposedto be like that. Maybe we should just turn it off and on.Oh, he’s … Look, he’s fixed again. Ducttape so … … here’s some WD40, and it’s back. Yes , no, this is really shitty. This is something that sucks. How is this possible? Yeah, I’m just not good enough. But you can just click this in. Look, it’s fixed again. Is it cultivating again, Martijn? Yes, this does work. Look, the lighting still drives. Front lamp, rear lamp. What a consume! In this video I’ll demonstrate you how much I can make … … with internet mining. The expenditure for this video was 400 euros for a brand-new droning. But I’m still going to continue with this video … … because we still have this thingthat we need to hang up. Well, the point is, guys, where … Do you need power extremely? Yes, I need ability … – There’s an outlet. Simply below in the area. – Yes, that’s fine. something like that? – Yes. After we gave the router in a delightful plaza … … and we payed another 10 dollars to change the orientation … … it was finally up and running again. And now just wait. We are now a few weeks further. And meanwhile, my router has been live their lives about 50 days.And I’m going to take you with me for the research results. In those 50 epoches that my router was live … … I made about 48.27 euros. Well , now I likewise had to pay 9.30 euros … … because I changedthe locating of my router … … from my house to your best friend’ mansion. So if I hadn’t done that, I would have earned 57.57 euros. Well , now this is of course a very nice amount … … but if I’m very honest I’m not very happy with this. Because when I look at other routers in my region … … I see that those other routers are parent a lot more money.I’m not sure if it’s just me…..whether I did the lays wrong or perhaps the site. Or maybe it’s this specific router. What I do know is that I paid about 712 euros…..for this router. And then I expect it toearn just as well…..or maybe better than other routers in my area. I checked on Marktplaats that my specific router…..was sold for about 1000 euros. So I made the decision to articulated this router on Marktplaats…..and still walk away withabout 300 euros in revenue. Well, if you find this video amusing and interesting…..then I hope you willsubscribe to my channel…..and leave a like on this video. Hope to see you soon in the next video. Bye Bye !.

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