Die BESTE SD-KARTE 🗂️ für deinen Helium Hotspot | “Disk-Error” beheben

Hello and welcome! Whether it’s RAK MNTD or Sensecap, numerous hotspots are currently increasingly struggling withSD card questions. In this video I prove you how and where you can get help .[ Intro] The RAK and MNTD hotspots have had anincreasing number of defaults in recent weeks and as a result many complaints on the RAKDiscord. One of my hotspots was also offline for a whole 3 daytimes. The SD card seems to be one of the main causes offailures at RAK. To find outif your SD card is affected by an RAK or MNTD, you need to connect to your hotspot via Bluetooth andthen lead a diagnostic with the “Hotspot Utility” app. If a “Disk Error”is displayed there, I get changed the SD card. At Sensecap, very, one or the other hashad to struggle with SD card difficulties. For both makes, I havelinked the official troubleshooting instructions from the two producers below in the videodescription. It likewise cannot be ruled out that other manufacturers might also have problemswith their SD card, since regrettably the best and most durablecards are often not installed in the helium hotspots. In order not to have any SD card questions in the long term, I recommend the “SanDisk MAX ENDURANCE” or the “Samsung Pro Endurance”.You can find the links to both placards in the video description below. The advantage of these cardsis that they were stirred for employments that – like our hotspots – are alwaysactive. Therefore they are extremely sturdy and the mmn. Best choice for helium hotspots.And that’s not just my view, RAK also recommendsHigh Endurance SD cards on their website. I hope I was able to help you a bit with this. If that’s the case and you liked this video, I would be very happy about a subscriptionand a like. Until the next video, bye-bye !.

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